God’s Words In Dreams And The Lies Of The World

God's WordsThe scientific method of dream interpretation is based on Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams and their healing power. My work completes his research, showing you the religious importance of many scientific truths.

The existence of God is a very important fact, even though the materialistic and atheistic mindset of the current civilization doesn’t recognize this truth.

The wisdom contained in the dream messages proves that the dream images are not produced by chance. They contain precious guidance, which can only come from a superior mind. The ignorant human mind wouldn’t be able to produce a meaningful collection of dream images while we sleep without knowing the dream language.

When you will learn how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method you will verify that all dream images contain important information for your conscience. These messages work like psychotherapy because they help you eliminate the negative characteristics of your personality.

Dream translation according to the scientific method is a process of psychological transformation because you understand why you have certain reactions and how to control your behavior, without being controlled by instinctive behavioral patterns.

Most of your reactions are triggered by behavioral patterns; they are not the result of your conscious decisions.

Through dream translation you will learn how to tame the wild behavior imposed by your anti-conscience. This is why you will be able to show wise behavior in all circumstances.

When you will tame your wild self, your human conscience will become stronger than your absurd and evil anti-conscience. Your sensitivity will help you have a reasonable behavior in all situations because you will understand how other people feel, and you will forgive their mistakes.

When you disobey the divine guidance, you follow your satanic anti-conscience. You disrespect others because you are selfish and unfair. Your behavior is violent and cold.

You have to gradually eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness by translating the meaning of your dreams, so that you may always have a sensible and sensitive behavior. This is an indispensable process not only because this way you will become a mentally healthy individual, but because you have to purify your spirit. In order to do so, you need a clear mind.

The new revelations found in dreams are identical to the old revelations found in various religious documents, with the difference that now we have many scientific explanations. Now we can understand why we have the tendency to do what is bad, since we know that we have inherited a wild conscience, which is absurd, violent, and evil.

The anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within our conscience by imposing absurd thoughts to our conscience.

Now that you know this truth, you can understand why you must study the dream language and obey the divine guidance in dreams. Now you can understand why you should desire to attain sanctity and spiritual perfection instead of believing in the erroneous concepts of the absurd modern civilization, which is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed.

All religions were created by the same God to help you pass through a process of spiritual purification. There are many explanations about the similarities and the differences existent in all religions, but this is a complex topic.

I understood the explanations for many similarities and differences after having this information, but I would have to give you numerous explanations about religious mysteries that cannot be scientifically proved according to the narrow-minded concepts of the scientific community of our historical time. You wouldn’t be able to confirm the veracity of this information.

God gives you information about the meaning of death in dreams, which is a continuation of the meaning of life. You cannot verify if this information is true before dying, but you can verify that the information you have about your daily life in your dreams is real. Therefore, you can conclude that you can trust God’s wisdom.

You will be surprised when you will verify by yourself that everything you had predicted in a dream really happened the way you had predicted it. This is an experience you must have by yourself.

You will be able to avoid bad consequences thanks to the warnings you will have in your own dreams. This alternative will help you open the third eye.

I could write pages and pages about all the predictions I had in dreams, which I verified that were really predicting many things I couldn’t suppose. However, my narration wouldn’t help you understand the importance of predicting the future. You must have this experience into practice in order to really evaluate its efficiency.

Dream predictions are not like the predictions of the false world. They contain God’s warnings. These predictions help you avoid what is bad. You understand how to prepare positive results in the future thanks to your wise behavior.

Dream translation opens new horizons for you, independently of your educational level or your intelligence. The divine unconscious mind transforms you into a very intelligent and sensitive individual.

I was intelligent when I was a child, but after facing a tragic car accident when I became 15-years-old and losing the friend who was next to me in the car, I had to deal with a severe neurosis. After the neurosis, I became idiotic, and this is why I made many silly mistakes.

Therefore, I was not really intelligent when I started following Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. It happened only when I became 23-years-old and I was a young mother.

If you knew me at that time, you wouldn’t believe that I would be able to continue Carl Jung’s complicated and dangerous research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation. I managed to develop my intelligence because I was obeying the unconscious guidance.

You can become a superior person and achieve superior goals, even if you don’t have special talents. You have many extraordinary capacities that you are not using because they belong to your anti-conscience. When the brain power used by your wild conscience will become conscious and belong to your conscience, you will become very intelligent and sensitive.

Goodness is more important than intelligence, but all human beings are very far from real goodness. Our goodness is false because we are selfish and hypocritical actors.

You need the divine guidance in your dreams in order to learn the meaning of real goodness. Alone you will never understand the difference between falsity and sincerity.

The lessons I’m giving you are totally different from the lessons of the hypocritical world. The world makes you believe that you should be selfish and feed your ego. The world shows you that you should be indifferent to other people’s pain and care about having material pleasures.

The world shows you that you can change your live and become very powerful if you will make a lot of money. The world is indifferent to the meaning of life and to the meaning of death.

The global economy is in the hands of marketers. This is why materialism prevails in the world. Marketers are manipulative actors who have the intention to sell their products. They don’t care if you really need their products or not.

Everyone is a marketer in our historical time. Only for this reason, you cannot trust anyone; but there many other reasons you should take into consideration.

The world is totally indifferent to your mental health. If you will become mentally ill, you will become a vegetable. You will be manipulated, locked, and annulated.

You are free to believe in the illusions imposed by the hypocritical world and take risks. You are free to listen to your anti-conscience’s suggestions and prefer what is bad.

However, your freedom is very dangerous.

If you will desire to do whatever your ignorant conscience may decide, your anti-conscience will take advantage of your lack of seriousness and impose its absurd thoughts to your conscience. You will make tragic mistakes. Later, you won’t be able to correct anything, and you will be imprisoned in a labyrinth.

Obeying the divine guidance can be hard, but nothing is worse than becoming mentally ill and being unable to find peace. Severe mental illnesses are unbearable.

There are many other dangers threatening your peace of mind. You should pay attention to the divine guidance in your dreams, and develop your human conscience.

Your destiny depends on your behavior. Your goodness will save you, but only if you will learn the meaning of real goodness. If you will follow the lies of the hypocritical world you won’t make efforts to become a better person. Your goodness will be superficial.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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