Abnormal Psychology and Mental Health Explained

Abnormal PsychologyThe mysterious nature of mental disorders and the chaotic condition generated by craziness could be explained thanks to my research. I continued Carl Jung’s research without accepting ignorance at a certain point like he did. I had to confront the anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience and generates mental disorders within our conscience.

Before being able to discover the existence of the anti-conscience I had undoubtable proof of God’s existence and of the fact that I could really trust the information I had in dreams. Many confirmations in my daily life helped me completely trust the divine guidance in the dream messages.

Thanks to my obedience to the wise guidance I had, I could discover that absurdity is generated by the evil desires of the anti-conscience, which is violent and immoral. I also discovered that sound mental health is based on wisdom and goodness. As a matter of fact, in order to be really mentally healthy, we have to attain sanctity.

Sanctity seems to be an impossible goal for average human beings. Even the members of various Churches don’t try to achieve this goal. There are only a few examples of real saints in the human history.

We don’t think that mental health depends on goodness because we are indifferent and absurd from birth. We have to develop our human conscience during our lives. Sound mental health depends on goodness because goodness guarantees the preservation of peace and justice in all situations.

We believe that finding out what should be considered to be fair is a difficult matter because we are hypocritical and selfish. We are used with the craziness of our world, which is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed. Thus, we believe that we cannot find real justice anywhere, and that nothing is right or wrong. Everything depends on our point of view.

We have many erroneous ideas and we make many erroneous conclusions.

By translating the meaning of your dreams you will understand God’s justice, which is based on sanctity and wisdom. You will discern what is right or wrong in all situations, and you will understand why. The knowledge you find in dreams is not based on human suppositions.

God makes you become the perfect human being you can be, even if you disagree with this necessity.

You are indifferent to your evolution. You don’t want to be perfect. You even believe that everyone must accept your imperfections because nobody is perfect.

God doesn’t agree with your absurd ideas. You must have a serious attitude, and accept following a process of transformation. You should truly desire to be perfect because you can become a superior human being. Your laziness is a big obstacle for your evolution.

You have to actually attain spiritual perfection if you want to be a mentally healthy person and find peace. This is not optional. If you will be indifferent to this necessity, you will suffer because of the consequences of your mistakes.

You have the impression that someone can be mentally healthy besides having many emotionally unstable reactions, while this is not true. All abnormalities reflect psychological problems. Good mental health depends on balance, sensitivity, and understanding.

You have to tame the violent reactions of your wild nature and become a peaceful, calm, sincere, generous, and reasonable person. You must preserve peace in all situations. This is not possible if you are contaminated by anger whenever you are offended, or whenever something is not the way you desire.

The same way, you have to stop being selfish. Otherwise, your ego will follow the absurd ideas of your dangerous anti-conscience.

You are used with the materialistic mindset of the current civilization, which doesn’t consider many abnormal reactions as clear indications of mental illness. This is why you passively accept the absurdity of your social environment, and you have violent reactions when you are a victim of the unfair world.

You don’t think that you have the obligation to correct anything. You only want to defend yourself.

If our world wasn’t totally absurd, we wouldn’t teach violence to our children. Their heroes would be saints, and not violent monsters like now. Everyone would have the necessary for their survival. We would put an end to poverty and immorality.

We wouldn’t create movies and books about horror stories. We would be afraid of terror.

However, we live in a commercial world that produces what people want to buy. Nobody cares about correcting the world and educating our population.

A few people impose their selfish desires to the world because they hold the global economy in their hands. Everyone else cares about making money and surviving, without having the intention to interfere with the functioning of the world.

A few heroes sometimes try to change the world, but nobody manages to put an end to terror, violence, poverty, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference, and many other horrors.

God opens your eyes. You start paying attention to everything that is negative in the world, and you correct what is wrong with your work and your example. God transforms you into a saintly hero who saves the world from misery thanks to your brilliant example.

When you attain sanctity you don’t accept the hypocrisy of the cruel world. You know the importance of goodness. You are not misled by false impressions.

Your psychological and spiritual transformation helps you always have a balanced attitude. You don’t cause wars. You preserve peace in your environment thanks to your wisdom and your goodness.

Mental health depends on peace. The fact that you have inherited an anti-conscience, which keeps trying to destroy your human conscience means that you have to learn how to find peace by being sensitive. You cannot accept the violence and the immorality of your wild conscience.

When I give you lessons about your mental health I separate my explanations. However, everything is working at the same time in your brain and psyche.

You are not able to perceive the existence of your anti-conscience. You have to follow psychotherapy by translating the meaning of your own dreams in order to understand the meaning of this truth.

If you are not translating the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method, you cannot understand the influence of your anti-conscience. This knowledge cannot be theoretical.

By reading my articles you have a partial vision. You have to write down all your dreams in a dream journal and translate the meaning of your dreams based on my lessons. This is how you will be able to identify the various signs that indicate the invasion of your anti-conscience’s absurd thoughts into your human conscience.

You will protect your mental stability by sending these thoughts away. Your resistance will bother the invasion of your anti-conscience into the conscious field.

After a certain period of time you will stop being bothered by absurd thoughts. This means that you will get rid of your worst enemy, and finally start using all of your brain power.

You will become a sensitive human being who will really make a difference. You will be characterized by sound mental health and goodness.

This is why you will do many things to correct and improve the world. You will be successful and strong. Your work will save many people.

At this point you will verify that everything in our planet is related to our mental health, and you will understand the advantages you can have thanks to this knowledge. You have information about many issues if you know the symbolic dream language even in your daily life, without sleeping and dreaming.

The dream language is everywhere and gives you information all the time because it is God’s language. After continuing Carl Jung’s research and discovering the anti-conscience, I could completely understand the meaning of all dreams without complications. Jung couldn’t see the anti-conscience because he stopped his research, accepting ignorance from that point and on.

Now you know everything that was obscure for Carl Jung, and a lot more. My research and discoveries give you the chance to evolve thanks to the free psychotherapy you receive in your dreams. You only have to learn the dream language once in your life.

You can also submit your dreams for translation and have private lessons of dream translation. Now everything is very simple for you. You have a privilege that your ancestors couldn’t have because my work wasn’t ready.

The fact that you can have a communication with God through dream messages is an alternative that will completely change your life. God’s words help you understand what you cannot see. You will learn what is essential in life.

Now you have the chance to be the brilliant human being you can be without spending a fortune, and without going anywhere. If you will learn the dream language yourself you don’t need professional translations. Even if you will regularly submit your dreams for professional dream translation like many people do, you will find the most inexpensive and safe online treatment you could have.

You cannot find a safe treatment for mental disorders anywhere. This happens not only because of the human ignorance in this field, but because mental disorders are invincible. Only God knows how to help you fight a mental disorder and recuperate your human conscience.

I had the personality of a dictator when I understood my absurdity. I accepted to precisely obey the divine guidance exactly because I understood how many mistakes I would make with all the absurdity that characterized my mind and my behavior.

My obedience to the divine guidance was a sacrifice, but I understood that I should be grateful for being guided. I saw that instead of desiring to be powerful and give orders, I should be afraid of my ideas.

God helped me learn how to be humble. In the beginning I hated this necessity. I always had a superior social position. I didn’t think that humbleness could be part of the human behavior in our competitive world.

Since I had the behavior of a dictator, you can understand how I felt when I had to accept God’s conditions. However, I didn’t forget that I was ignorant and absurd, and I had to be cured. You should imitate my example because your obedience to the divine guidance will surely save you.

God helped me find sound mental health and cure mental illnesses that today’s psychiatry cannot cure. This alternative is saving many people who had many traumatic experiences before finding dream therapy based on the scientific method.

The divine guidance in dreams is a solution for all problems. You can trust God’s wisdom.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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