Mental Health Issues And The Safe Unconscious Treatment

Mental Health IssuesIf you are dealing with mental health issues that have a negative impact on your life, you are forced to look for solutions. I had this problem when I was young. At that time I couldn’t go anywhere because I was a mother and I had to be with my baby all the time. In the situation I was, I started studying many books about psychology, especially those related to the interpretation of dreams. I had many vivid and intriguing dreams.

To my surprise, when I decided to precisely follow only Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation and write down all my dreams in a dream journal (and not only the most impressive ones) I managed to understand the wise guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. I understood all my mistakes, my husband’s mistakes, and a lot more.

By translating the meaning of my dreams and the symbolic meaning of my literary work according to Carl Jung’s method I was able to find sound mental health and have a sensible and sensitive behavior. I always was extremely obedient to the divine guidance in dreams because I saw into practice the effectiveness of this method.

I became a mental health therapist in 1990, after seriously studying the meaning of dreams from the beginning of 1984, when I became pregnant. I started translating dreams for many people and helping them overcome their mental illnesses.

The dream messages help everyone find sound mental health. Today you can easily learn the dream language thanks to my simplifications.

You will have this knowledge forever, helping you in all ways. You can also submit your dreams for professional translation and faster solve your psychological problems, besides studying the dream language. You need this precious knowledge because it will help you forever.

I wouldn’t dedicate my life to dream interpretation according to the scientific method discovered by Carl Jung if it wasn’t really special. I wouldn’t work so hard for two decades to transform his obscure and time consuming method into a clear and fast method of instant translation from images into words if it wasn’t valid.

My research was long and complex. I used to visit my patients at home and provide them with free psychotherapy through dream translation. I knew their family. I was with them like a friend in many moments of their lives. I helped them in all ways. This is why I could understand many details about the mentally ill that average psychologists and psychiatrists ignore.

The divine unconscious mind helped me understand that I had to teach the world how to translate the meaning of dreams based on Carl Jung’s method, but in a simpler way. His method is the only one that helps you understand God’s words in dreams, but it is so confusing and complicated that it has no practical value.

In the beginning I felt like someone who was silently studying a certain language for years, and suddenly had to publicly speak it. I had to immediately translate everyone’s dreams after listening to them. I had no time to read the dream, and many times I had to translate dreams by phone because I couldn’t visit my patients everyday.

If I would follow Carl Jung’s method as it was, I would have to think a lot after reading the dream many times, and after reading the life biography of the dreamer and learning the issues they were facing in their daily lives. Then, I would have to write my translations, and tell them the meaning of their dream three days later.

I couldn’t have this luxury. Everybody had too many other problems besides the psychological ones, and they had no time for psychotherapy. I had to be objective and practical.

I also was forced to simplify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation because besides having to help so many people without payment, I still had to take care of my son and participate of the activities in his school, work in my store, and do many other things.

I felt that God was demanding too much from me, but since I had to pass through a profound process of transformation, I couldn’t complain. I had to attain sanctity because this would be true salvation for me, and because God needed my example in order to convince the world that everyone must attain sanctity.

I had to obey the divine guidance, independently of my personal opinion. I logically understood that attaining sanctity was a good intention, but it didn’t seem to be possible. I was lazy, indifferent, and selfish.

My goodness with all the people I was helping through dream translation helped me become more sensitive, but in the beginning I didn’t feel I could attain sanctity even if I would have the behavior of a saint during one century.

Fortunately, I could recognize the depth of my ignorance and I always was very obedient. I was impressed with the knowledge I found.

After many attempts, I managed to simplify the dream language and the process of transformation that all dreamers must follow. After helping many people deal with tragic situations, I became an angel.

However, God didn’t believe I was a saint, even when I started feeling like one. In the end I stopped doubting that I could attain sanctity, and I concentrated my attention on proving this fact.

God couldn’t believe that a monster like me could attain sanctity. He told me that this should be my purpose, but He didn’t trust me. I was too cruel, selfish, and lazy before following dream therapy. God never was completely happy with my behavior.

This was how He managed to convince me to desire to be a hero, while in the beginning I had no courage to do anything. I could see that what I had to do was more than difficult.

God made me become the hero I could be because I had this potential, even though I didn’t have such intention. He reminded me the literary book I had written when I was a teen because I wanted to put an end to hunger on earth. He asked me why I had abandoned my mission.

I stopped caring about putting an end to poverty after verifying that this was impossible. I became a selfish and indifferent creature.

Therefore, I had to recuperate my human sensitivity by helping many people solve their problems. I was a good student, I was intelligent, and I had learned the dream language and the complex functioning of the human brain.

I wouldn’t think this way by myself. My research and my discoveries are based on my obedience to the guidance I had. I was a theoretical philosopher. I could write beautiful words about the human misery and the human capacities, but I had no intention to become a real hero. This was God’s idea.

Today I’m giving you lessons about your mental health and showing you truths that the world ignores. The knowledge I’m giving you doesn’t come from my ignorant mind. I’m showing you everything I could learn thanks to the unconscious wisdom.

Through dream translation you will clearly understand that all mental disorders and unbearable symptoms are generated by your anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience, and remains in a primitive condition. Your anti-conscience is your evil self.

You cannot read the thoughts of your anti-conscience, while your anti-conscience can read your thoughts. It can also send absurd thoughts to your conscience. All mental disorders are caused by absurd thoughts that invade your human conscience with the intention to mislead your ego, and destroy your capacity to think logically.

The mental health issues you are dealing with will be completely eliminated in a short period of time if you will precisely follow the guidance of the unconscious mind like I did. This is a guaranteed method of psychotherapy because the unconscious mind is God’s mind and never makes mistakes. Many other people have verified this truth by following my dynamic method, derived from Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation.

Carl Jung discovered the most important part. I precisely followed his guidance. Then, I precisely obeyed the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams, after verifying the unconscious wisdom and sanctity.

I teach you what I could learn by obeying the divine guidance.

You should have in mind that since you are constantly influenced by your anti-conscience, you tend to be disobedient. It’s not a simple matter to be obedient like me.

Even though you have the right guidance in your dreams, you are not a good patient because you are used with your mistakes, and you hate behavioral changes.

I obeyed the divine guidance against my will numerous times. I can even tell you that I always obeyed the divine guidance against my will. I had no intention to become a hero. However, now that I managed to completely change my behavior and acquire total consciousness, I’m glad I was forced to become a hero due to unexpected circumstances.

If you want to make progress, you should understand that you make many mistakes and you must be corrected. You have to do what is positive for you, without insisting on your personal opinion.

God works like a private psychotherapist. He produces numerous dreams with important messages that help you understand all your mistakes, and the mistakes of the world. He patiently repeats many times the same lessons, in many different ways.

You have to begin by understanding what is bad, false, and dangerous, so that you may learn what is really good and safe. Understanding what is negative is necessary. You have to eliminate all the negative aspects of your life, instead of being indifferent to what is working against you.

Through dream translation you will begin a new life. You will understand how to separate the thoughts of your human conscience from the thoughts of your anti-conscience. At the same time, you will eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness.

This means that you will understand when you are influenced by your anti-conscience and you will gradually transform your anti-conscience into human content. You will be able to tame your wild tendencies and always control your mind and your behavior.

Since you know that you have inherited an absurd and evil anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within your conscience, you know how all mental disorders are formed. This is not a mystery anymore.

The anti-conscience is idiotic and self-destructive. All its thoughts will lead you to the labyrinth of craziness. You have to be very careful and obey your unconscious doctor, so that you may escape all the logical traps prepared by your anti-conscience.

The unconscious mind gives you numerous lessons in dreams, showing you how to stop being misled by your anti-conscience. You have to avoid the anti-conscience’s traps and develop your human conscience. This is how you will become mentally healthy.

Understanding the meaning of dreams and how mental illnesses are formed are simple matters today, but understanding the traps prepared by your anti-conscience is hard, especially if your anti-conscience already managed to destroy a big portion of your conscience.

Mental health issues clearly reflect the frequent invasion of your anti-conscience’s absurd thoughts into your human conscience.

Absurdity is a chaotic condition. When you deal with the absurdity you have inherited you feel you are dealing with something that cannot be controlled.

In the beginning the invasion of the anti-conscience happens with thoughts, but as it manages to destroy a big portion of your conscience, its attacks are stronger. The anti-conscience is able to cause unbearable symptoms like panic attacks, blackouts, oral and visual distortions, dizziness, and hallucinations.

You don’t know how strong your anti-conscience really is. The invasion of absurd thoughts sent by your anti-conscience can have tragic consequences.

The biggest part of the world population is mentally ill, even if their mental illness was not diagnosed. You should be prudent and follow dream therapy even before having psychological problems. Most people care about dream therapy when they already are neurotic, schizophrenic, psychotic, or they suffer from bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and so on.

You should follow dream therapy before being in such position. If you are dealing with mental health issues, don’t disregard the first alarming signs.

Only if you will obey the divine guidance can you control your behavior, even if your anti-conscience already managed to destroy a big portion of your conscience. If you already are mentally ill, your obedience is more than indispensable.

I had to discover everything you can easily learn by reading my ebooks and articles, after working hard for two decades. My research seemed to never end. I had to find answers, for numerous questions.

Today you can easily understand the meaning of dreams and the unconscious psychotherapy. You only have to follow the guidance you have. Wish I had this facility when I was young…

My work clarified everything for. You should have a positive attitude and accept the uncomfortable beginning with confidence. In a while you will feel much better.

Your doctor knows how to help you find sound mental health. You are safe when you trust the unconscious sanctity.

After the initial difficulties you will get adapted to the unconscious criticism, since you will verify the value of being able to understand your mistakes. You will have the behavior of a good student and patient.

This means that you will do what will help you evolve, without complaining because you have to change your plans, and without being offended because the unconscious mind keeps showing you that you make many mistakes.

You must be able to recognize the superiority of the divine guidance, without insisting on your points of view. You are ignorant and the bitter truth is that you are mentally ill from birth only because you have inherited an anti-conscience.

Many people don’t like to verify that they make numerous mistakes in all fields, but this is indispensable. Instead of becoming irritated for discovering that you make a series of mistakes, you should be grateful for understanding this truth. Only this way will you stop making all these mistakes, and you will learn how to have a wise behavior.

The unconscious treatment works because the unconscious mind is patient and generous. You have so many lessons and explanations that at a certain point you start changing your behavior. The unconscious mind gradually convinces your ego that you should do what will be better for you.

You become a better person, and you like to have a perfect behavior. You stop listening to the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience, and you stop following the ideas of the selfish, violent, immoral, atheistic, and materialistic modern civilization.

God shows you that there is a spiritual reality, which is more important than the material one. Your life stops being focused on your routine. It becomes an enlightening experience.

You stop doing everything mechanically, and you pay attention to what you are doing. You always relate your philosophical speculations to the guidance you have in dreams. This is a powerful alternative.

You understand that you have the privilege to surpass the limited knowledge of your historical time thanks to the information you have in dreams.

At this point you also understand the importance of your religion. You should believe in your religion because all religions help you find salvation, since they were created by the same God. Every religion teaches us a part of our complex spiritual reality. All contradictions are explained when we have a global vision of the truth.

Human beings distorted the meaning of all religions with adaptations, but if you will ignore the human distortions and precisely respect your religion, it will give you spiritual support. All religions help you transform your anti-conscience into human content.

God’s guidance in your dreams and in your religion will help you deal with the invisible absurdity imposed by your evil self. You will stop suffering, and find peace.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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