Understanding Your Psychological System And Finding The Right Psychotherapy

Dream TherapyFinding convincing scientific explanations for revelations I found in dreams was a difficult matter for me. I had many problems in 1988, when I became a scientist. First of all, the scientific community is divided in two different philosophical assumptions about the meaning of various scientific discoveries.

Some scientists believe that God is not necessary. Other scientists believe that God’s existence can be proved through many ways.

I followed those who believed in God’s existence because their work seemed to be more valid, and it really was. I found many scientific explanations for various mysteries, but this was not enough. I had to do a lot more in order to convince the world that God is alive and speaks in dreams. God works like a psychotherapist because we need help in order to find sound mental health.

By precisely obeying the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and is in fact God’s mind I had a clear image of my psychological system and the psychological system of everyone else. This is why I could help many people through dream translation.

The meaning of dreams is revealing. All dreamers understand that they have superior information in dreams when they translate their dreams according to the scientific method because the knowledge they acquire is special.

For example, thanks to the meaning of your dreams you may discover that you are very intelligent, but you are lazy and you are not using your capacities. Your own dreams will give you all the explanations you need.

You will understand what made you have this indifferent attitude to your extraordinary capacities. Then, you will learn how to develop the parts of your personality that have extraordinary talents, but never had the chance to appear on the conscious surface because they were suffocated by the violent parts of your personality.

You will be able to understand what determines your behavior and how to have a positive attitude in all situations, after understanding your mistakes. Your dreams talk about your life, your mental health, and your behavior.

Your dreams also give you information about the outside world. You can practically read people’s minds if you will study the psychological types discovered by Carl Jung and relate this knowledge to the information you have in dreams.

I made a summary of the psychological types and their neuroses in the ebook Craziness Prevention, showing you the continuation of Carl Jung’s research thanks to my research. My work is a complementation of his work. I precisely followed his steps, completing the missing end.

I could complete Jung’s research and discover a lot more because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams, especially after verifying that the unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung is God’s mind. This is a scientific and religious truth. I had to complete the mental health treatment everyone must follow through dream therapy, and prove to the world that God is the dream producer.

I also had to prove to the world that we must obey the divine guidance with humbleness and gratitude because we are under-developed primates. We live in order to abandon our violent animal nature and discover the power of goodness.

Understanding the dream language represents a new beginning. You have dreams about crucial matters that have a decisive impact on your life.

Your dreams reflect what is hurting your psyche and why. You learn how to heal your wounds through knowledge and understanding. This comprehension helps you accept all life challenges with courage and determination.

You stop feeling a victim of the unfair world, understanding that the world is cruel because most people are controlled by their primitive conscience, the anti-conscience, which didn’t evolve with time. On the other hand, you have inherited an anti-conscience too. You accept the fact that you really are a victim of the world and of the absurd and evil content you inherit into your anti-conscience because you can think.

A conscience must understand what is bad. However, this knowledge is dangerous. If a conscience starts preferring what is bad and having traumatic experiences, it will end up on craziness and terror. This was what happened with the anti-conscience, our primitive conscience that didn’t evolve with time. The anti-conscience is very violent because it is a self-destructive conscience, which pretends to be smart.

The fact that you have inherited an anti-conscience transforms you into a victim of your wild side. You are the human being concentrated into your human conscience. You want to be a good person and find authentic happiness in life.

However, your wild side disagrees with the sensible and sensitive conclusions of your human side. Your wild side makes you desire to possess what will bring frustrations and deceptions to you life. Its real intention is to destroy your capacity to think logically and control your behavior, but your anti-conscience pretends to be yourself. It makes you believe that its absurd thoughts are ‘your own’ smart thoughts.

You are a victim of your anti-conscience, which keeps bothering your evolution and imposing absurd thoughts to your conscience. You also are a victim of the crazy world ruled by terror, violence, and financial power.

This is a sad situation, but you have to open your eyes and protect yourself, exactly because you are in a dangerous position. The global indifference to our mental health doesn’t mean that you must be indifferent to your mental health, does it?

Most people are inconsequential. Depression, anxiety, neurosis and numerous other mental illnesses are torturing the biggest part of the world population.

Everything is camouflaged by indifference and superficiality. Those who are protected are totally indifferent to what happens with those who have no rights because they live on misery. Those who are able to keep their conscience alive besides being influenced by their anti-conscience consider those who are affected by the absurdity they have inherited as if they were the only absurd individuals of the world.

The truth is that our absurdity is vast. In order to stop being absurd we must follow psychotherapy through dream translation. Everyone needs this treatment. The human absurdity must be tamed and cured.

We must be ashamed of our world because it is characterized by terror, wars, crimes, violence, immorality, poverty, indifference, cruelty, and greed.

Only when our world will be characterized by wisdom and goodness will humanity will find sound mental health. Without goodness there is no peace. We depend on peace in order to be reasonable and sensitive. Without peace we are violent.

God teaches us in our dreams how we can completely eliminate our anger and all the wild tendencies we have inherited. Sound mental health depends on goodness, what means that the human race is very far from sound mental health.

Goodness is necessary for numerous reasons. Without compassion, we will never forgive our enemies. The behavior we must have in order to be mentally healthy is totally different from the indifferent and cruel behavior imposed by the materialistic, atheistic, and commercial world.

You should have this truth in mind and follow your own path of personal development through dream translation, without imitating the bad examples of the world. Your mission in life is to become a better person and find authentic happiness. You are not alive in order to waste your time with your temporary existence in the material world.

You are alive in order to pass through a process of transformation and stop having negative reactions. This process is indispensable. You have to stop being lazy and use all your capacities.

You tend to have the indifferent behavior imposed by your anti-conscience. You don’t want to evolve. You only want to follow your routine and do what you are used to, without caring about anything else. You don’t mind being a slave to your habits because you feel comfortable when you repeat the same actions and you simply have the same behavior you always do.

This is why you need psychotherapy. You have to consciously understand why you have to abandon the wild mindset of your anti-conscience, which prevails in the world.

Most people lose their human conscience when they become adults, or they lose some consciousness. This means that most people are influenced or controlled by their anti-conscience in numerous situations. You have to be loyal to your moral principles in order to keep your human conscience alive.

This is not a simple matter because you insist on preferring a behavioral pattern based on violence, which is imposed by the selfish and cruel world. You don’t even understand when you are violent or not because you are insensitive.

Through dream translation you learn how to be sensitive and respect other people’s feelings. You start understanding many things you couldn’t notice before. You perceive the existence of a secret psychological reality behind all social masks.

You stop admiring the human intelligence, understanding the limitations of the human knowledge. This bitter recognition helps you understand your own ignorance and have a humble attitude. You learn how to be glad for being humble instead of being proud of yourself and distant, like most people in the cruel world.

The unconscious psychotherapy in dreams transforms you into a superior person, who has a superior vision. Your words and your actions are based on wisdom and sensitivity. This is why you are humble. A superior person always is humble. Pride and self-admiration are absurd reactions.

There are numerous common reactions that are not considered to be absurd by the ignorant world, but their absurdity is a fact that can easily be analyzed and comprehended; especially if we will relate this knowledge to the existence of a wild conscience in our brain.

God shows you the bitter truth about your primitive conscience, which is characterized by violent animal reactions. This knowledge protects you from your anti-conscience, helping you eliminate your absurd and evil wild conscience through consciousness. This means that you understand the meaning of your actions and you learn how to control your behavior.

Most people have the impression that they are able to control their behavior, but this is true only under normal circumstances. Everyone needs psychotherapy.

Thanks to my obedience to the divine guidance in dreams I could discover that we must learn how to be peaceful because we are absurd from birth. I have already given you many scientific explanations, but the best explanations come from the unconscious mind in your own dreams. You have to understand your own psychological system and learn how to use all your capacities after taming your animal nature.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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