The Philosophical Importance Of Art

LiteratureWhen I was 7-years-old I read a poem for the first time. I felt I found what I was looking for, even though I didn’t know that I was looking for a poem. It was exactly what I wanted to read. Immediately after reading it, I wrote a poem myself, imitating the poem I had read.

I was an artist since 3-years-old, when I started making wonderful designs. When I learned how to write I preferred literature.

I was anxiously waiting for the chance to learn how to read and write since 5-years-old, but at my time we had to be 7 in order to learn the meaning of the letters that compose the alphabet. My parents worked all day. Nobody had time to give me private lessons. I had to wait for the right age and learn how to read and write at school.

My literary talent was observed by everyone when I became 8-years-old, since I had many notebooks with my poems. I was an artist during my childhood and adolescence.

However, when I was a teen my parents got divorced and I lost the luxurious life I had when they were together. Then, my friends and I had a tragic car accident. I lost the friend who was next to me in the car. I became a revolted atheist.

When I was almost 18-years-old I had to abandon my adored country and live in Europe, where the weather is cold and most people are proud of their cultural background. My Greek roots didn’t help me better understand the complicated Greek language. I had many difficulties in the beginning of my new life, far from my nest.

In Greece I got married, I became a mother, and I had many psychological problems. Fortunately I learned Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation and I could find sound mental health. To my surprise, I could also continue Jung’s research and better understand the dream language, especially after relating it to the symbolism contained in my literary work.

In the end, I could discover the origin of all mental illnesses and how we can prevent mental illnesses by precisely obeying the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and is in fact God’s mind, as Carl Jung himself had admitted, even though he was not completely obedient.

I had to become a doctor and cure many people from mental illnesses and various psychological problems through dream translation. I stopped caring for art because I didn’t have time or inspiration for it. I always was busy with serious problems that needed urgent solutions.

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to become a psychiatrist only by reading many books. Mental illnesses are invincible diseases that today’s doctors cannot cure. When I cure a mental illness, the real doctor is God, the dream producer. I’m a doctor helper. The bitter truth is that we inherit absurdity and evilness into the biggest part of our brain, which belongs to our wild conscience, the terrible anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is a demon, which generates mental illnesses within our conscience, by imposing its absurd thoughts.

The fight between your human conscience and your anti-conscience is the fight between good and evil. Your human conscience was created by God, and this is why it has human characteristics. You must be the human being created by God into your human conscience, and not the demon your conscience came from. God transformed a part of your anti-conscience into human conscience to help you become a true human being.

The anti-conscience is your primitive conscience. You cannot get rid of it. You have to transform it into human conscience by obeying the divine guidance. In other words, you have to learn how to be a good person in all situations.

Therefore, when you fight a mental illness you fight a demon, which keeps trying to induce your ego to prefer what is bad. The Greek word ‘diabolos’, which means ‘devil’ comes from the verb ‘diabalo’, which means ‘I induce’. This is exactly what happens with the devil existent into your wild conscience. The devil keeps inducing your human conscience to be bad, while pretending that this will be advantageous for you.

You are used to be careful with other people’s wickedness, and not with your own. However, the truth is that you have to be careful with your evil thoughts. They don’t belong to your human conscience. Many other thoughts that don’t seem to be evil are sent by your anti-conscience the same way.

I learned how to deal with the absurdity imposed by the anti-conscience and how to help others. The unconscious guidance in dreams always shows to all dreamers that many negative parts of their personality belong to their anti-conscience.

The unconscious psychotherapy is based on the elimination of everything that is bad from your brain and psyche. You gradually purify your psyche. As a result, your mind becomes clear, you have a better memory, and you become a self-confident person.

The anti-conscience is your evil self, but you ignore this wild content. You have to follow the divine guidance in dreams in order to eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness.

I dedicated my life to dream translation after verifying how effective the unconscious psychotherapy is in all cases. I saw that everyone suffers very much because they are victims of their anti-conscience, and how much everyone needs the unconscious psychotherapy. This is safe psychotherapy that gives you relief, peace, and wisdom.

Our human conscience wants to be good. However, it is easily misled by our anti-conscience, which pretends to be smarter and have better solutions for all problems.

I learned how to discern the logical traps of the anti-conscience, but average people ignore the existence of the anti-conscience. They are not able to understand that their thoughts don’t belong to their human conscience when their anti-conscience’s absurd thoughts invade their conscience, pretending to be logical.

You will observe this ironic truth when you will be able to discern the anti-conscience’s thoughts thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams. Most people ignore the existence of a hidden enemy into their own brain.

Our anti-conscience works like a ‘smart’ second conscience that is in fact idiotic and self-destructive. Everyone must learn how to eliminate their dangerous anti-conscience through consciousness by following dream therapy.

I had to abandon my artistic creations and deal with the most serious problem of the human race: our mental health. I had to show to the world that mental illnesses are impossible to deal with. Only God knows how to help our conscience escape our anti-conscience’s traps. The impositions of the demon seem to be ideal solutions for problems we cannot solve.

This is why so many people have chasing dreams. The parts of their personality that belong to their anti-conscience are constantly chasing their conscience. In other words, these violent parts of their personality are constantly trying to make their conscience follow their violent thoughts, which don’t seem to be absurd in the beginning.

Absurdity seems to be a complex topic, but when you learn how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method, you are able to clearly perceive what is logical or illogical in any situation. Absurdity is generated by evilness. When you are able to understand the unconscious language in dreams you learn how to perceive every evil intention behind any thought.

The scientific method of dream interpretation helps you understand all bad intentions not only in your own thoughts, but also in other people’s thoughts. Unfortunately, bad intentions characterize the human nature, since we have inherited an absurd and evil wild conscience.

As human beings who prefer to defend goodness and happiness instead of accepting the violence and the cruelty of our evil side, we have to consciously prefer to be honest. However, falsity, hypocrisy, corruptions, crimes, and psychological manipulation characterize the human behavior.

You have to be prudent and offer resistance to your wild tendencies. You have to pass through a process of transformation, trying to attain spiritual perfection and sanctity.

The world follows the mindset imposed by everyone’s anti-conscience. You have to be different, and understand the power of goodness.

My artistic talent was very important during my arduous research and my heroic battle against the absurdity of the anti-conscience, and the absurdity of the world. The philosophical criticism contained in my poetry helped me understand the absurdity existent in illogical thoughts that seem to be logical.

My artistic talent also helped me complete my work, even though it was long and very hard. A real artist doesn’t abandon an artistic creation until its completion. As an artist, I treated my scientific research the same way I treated my artistic creations. They had to be completed, and they had to be perfect.

On the other hand, a writer is a psychologist who describes the inner thoughts and feelings of his/her personages. Literature helps an author pay attention to details, and transform simple daily events into special moments thanks to the emphasis given to the simplest moments of life.

Most importantly, a literature writer is more sensitive than average people. The truth is that this sensitivity is based on reasoning and not on real feelings, but it doesn’t stop being the capacity to understand the importance of an abstract reality besides the material reality.

The importance of art in my life helped me understand the importance of goodness. This is why I had to be a literature writer first of all, and only later become a scientist.

These explanations show you the preparation I had in order to be able to continue Carl Jung’s research. I was prepared by God in order to precisely obey the divine guidance in dreams after understanding that God is the dream producer. My obedience was not the result of my own conclusions. Everything in my life helped me have the behavior I should have.

I was an artist who could understand the importance of perfection, and I was a philosopher who could recognize the importance of wisdom. This is why I precisely obeyed the divine guidance when I found God’s words in dreams.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t bear this situation. I was selfish, impatient, and demanding. I used to give orders. I was not someone who seemed to be able to obey someone else. My psychological transformation was a true miracle.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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