Curing A Mental Illness Based On Dreams And Religion

Curing A Mental Illness You will be able to understand the relationship between your dreams and your religion depending on your psychological condition and your religiosity. If you are mentally ill you have many nightmares and you are not religious. You will have to follow dream therapy for a certain period of time before being able to recognize God’s wisdom and sanctity.

God is the dream producer. The unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung is God’s mind.

Jung couldn’t understand the real importance of his discovery. He was a beginner.

I found his work ready and I precisely followed his steps. I could understand that God was very important and should be respected. I could recognize God’s sanctity thanks to my literary talent and thanks to my education in a Catholic school, even though I was neurotic.

I was obeying the guidance of the wise unconscious mind in my dreams even before understanding the religious aspect of the meaning of dreams. The unconscious mind was a mysterious organ to my eyes. I didn’t think that it could be God’s mind.

I became an atheist when I was a teen after suffering from a tragic car accident and losing a friend. After six years of atheism, I simply admitted the possibility of God’s existence when I was almost 22-years-old, two months before getting married.

I didn’t have real faith. I simply stopped being an atheist after understanding that perhaps God existed, but I couldn’t understand His decisions because I was ignorant. I believed that if God existed our world wouldn’t be so horrible. We wouldn’t have to deal with what is bad.

However, when I became a young adult I understood that I didn’t know the meaning of life and I didn’t know the meaning of death. I was so ignorant that I was unable to be sure of God’s inexistence. So, I admitted His existence.

I could understand the relationship between dreams and religion in the end of 1988, while I was seriously studying the meaning of dreams since 1984. I had studied the meaning of dreams before, in 1979, when I was 18-years-old because my mother and I had a nightmare the same night, when I was ready to travel to California from Sao Paulo. We had a nightmare about the same topic the same night. We woke up in the middle of the night and we talked about our nightmares. I was intrigued with this coincidence.

I couldn’t find answers when I was a teen. In 1984 I read many other methods of dream interpretation from various psychologists. I decided to precisely follow only Carl Jung’s method in 1986, when I made an immense progress. I verified into practice that his method was the right one.

I could understand what was happening to me. The unconscious mind explained all my mistakes in my dreams. I understood why I always was depressed and angry. Carl Jung’s work helped me find peace. This happened because Jung respected the unconscious mind, even though he was not completely obedient. His psychology was based on the unconscious guidance.

I was extremely obedient when I understood that God was sending me information and guidance in dreams. Jung believed that the unconscious mind was merely a good counselor, while it is God’s mind. I had to disagree with his conclusion. God is not only a counselor. God is a wise and superior entity. We must obey the divine guidance with gratitude.

When I understood the religious aspect of the meaning of dreams I was surprised. I couldn’t see this aspect during four years of studies. I was too far from God.

I became very religious after finding proof of God’s existence thanks to the wisdom contained in the dream messages, and thanks to the translation of the symbolic meaning of my literary book according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. I wrote this literary book during my atheism, after the car accident. This book was showing me my absurdity and the absurdity of the world, but I couldn’t translate its symbolic meaning before becoming 27-years-old, in 1988.

All personages of the story were important dream symbols. The translation of the double symbolic meaning of this book proved that God was the real writer of the story I had written with my own hands, but not based on my own thoughts. I had written it based on the magical inspiration I was receiving from the unconscious mind.

I had many important signs of God’s existence when I was able to accurately translate the meaning of dreams. I had many vivid dreams. I was impressed with the dream power, especially with the dream predictions. The confirmations I had in my daily life were undoubtable.

I believed I was a dream expert in 1988, but I was only in the beginning of my research. I had to discover a lot more.

After understanding that God was trying to save me from craziness through my literature, which was clearly predicting that I would become schizophrenic in the future, I had no doubt of God’s existence. I saw that God was alive. He was the real author of my literary book.

God made me write this book after whispering in my mind the words I should write, with the intention to open my eyes. I had to understand that my ideas were absurd, and pay attention to my feelings. This comprehension was a true revelation for me.

God’s existence is a very important fact, and the alternative to have a direct communication with God thanks to the dream messages is the best alternative we could have. The meaning of dreams is as important as our daily lives.

All dreams contain very important messages, which work like psychotherapy for our conscience. This is a scientific and religious truth that will put an end to the barbarous modern civilization, and mark the beginning of a new civilization based on wisdom and goodness.

The cultivation of goodness cures all mental illnesses. However, we ignore the real meaning of goodness because we have inherited a satanic anti-conscience. The anti-conscience influences our thoughts and behavior. We have to eliminate our anti-conscience through consciousness, so that we may stop being violent, indifferent, and insensitive.

Thanks to the dream messages we become wise, peaceful, sensitive, and friendly. We can understand the importance of our spiritual reality.

The existence of God proves that we have a spirit. Everything we have learned in our religion is true.

Every religion teaches us a part of our complex spiritual reality. Some religions help us understand the importance of accepting our suffering in order to become sensitive. Other religions help us understand the joy existent in perfection and sanctity. There are many variations, which compose the complex truth. Everything presented by every religion is true. Everything can be compared and related when we know the symbolic meaning of the religious symbols based on the dream language.

The dream language is God’s symbolic language. God speaks through images and scenes in our dreams, in artistic works, in religious documents, in philosophical speculations, and in our daily lives.

Everything has a symbolic meaning based on the dream language. You have to begin by learning how to translate the meaning of your dreams. I simplified and clarified Carl Jung’s method after completing the missing parts.

After learning how to translate the meaning of your dreams and everyone else’s dreams as well, you will be able to translate the symbolic meaning of artistic creations, religious documents, and so on. You will also be able to translate the symbolic meaning of the facts and events of your daily life. This means that you will have more information about everything without sleeping and dreaming.

For example, when I wrote my literary book “The Philanthropic Beggar” after the tragic car accident I could see only its literary meaning. This book showed me that there are many complications and impossibilities in our lives. I understood that there was no way to solve all human problems based on rationalism. However, I didn’t know how all problems could be solved. I couldn’t find solutions. This book showed me that everything was impossible because of hatred. There was no love in the human hearts.

When I was able to translate the double symbolic meaning of the beggar’s story, six years later, I had more information about many other aspects. I understood that my mental illness was a global phenomenon. I was not an exception.

Human beings are not really human. We have inherited a satanic anti-conscience. This is why we are violent and cruel. After discovering the existence of the anti-conscience I could better translate the double symbolic meaning of my literary book. I understood that the unconscious mind was showing me that there was no meaning on trying to solve all human problems because there are no solutions. Human beings are absurd from birth.

We are basically illogical, even though we are rational animals. We follow an absurd logic, which seems to contain valid criteria, while it is based on absurdity. We are unable to understand the difference between what is good or bad in numerous situations. We repeat many times the same mistakes. We don’t learn anything with our deceptions. Some people do, but this is not what usually happens.

Only God can help the human race find solutions. We are unable to find peace and happiness based on our absurd ideas and unreal suppositions.

This comprehension is painful. The truth is disappointing and bitter. Wish we were more intelligent and sensitive. However, the fact that we can become more intelligent and sensitive through dream translation is a magical alternative.

We have dreams whenever we sleep. God never stops being generous. We always have information and safe guidance in our own dreams.

The dream language opens new horizons. Your contact with God is your chance to abandon your animal nature and discover the wisdom, the sensitivity, and the goodness your human conscience can have. When you eliminate your absurd and evil anti-conscience through dream translation you pass through a process of consciousness. This method helps you use all of your brain power.

You can see what exists behind the apparent reality, and behind everyone’s social mask. You are not misled by false impressions.

Your existence stops being insignificant. You become a very important person only because you are wiser than most people. This alternative will completely change your life. You will know the meaning of various facts and events. You will open the third eye.

Everything in our world has a symbolic meaning, the same way that everything in a dream has a symbolic meaning. God speaks through many ways. You can read His words everywhere if you know the dream language.

If you are religious, you will soon have dreams about various truths expressed by your own religion. You will understand the relationship between the unconscious psychotherapy in dreams and your religion. If you are an atheist or if you don’t have faith, you have to pass through psychotherapy for a while before you will be able to understand the spiritual dimension of dreams.

First of all you have to understand the myths imposed by your historical time and discover the truth about your reality. After understanding the truth, you will have another mindset.

While you are ignorant you care about insignificant matters. You are absorbed by your daily life. When you open the third eye through dream translation you understand that everything in your life has many meanings. You are able to predict the future and understand how you must behave in order to have positive results in all situations.

Your future depends on your behavior. As a matter of fact, almost everything in the world is related to your behavior. When you will understand this fact you will discover the meaning of life. You will have then the alternative to change your life thanks to dream translation. Since your behavior defines your life, you can change your destiny by changing your behavior.

If you will have the right behavior, you will be able to avoid what could be negative for you. By translating the meaning of your dreams and obeying the divine guidance you always will have the behavior of a wise human being. You will stop making mistakes because you will be guided by God in your dreams, and you will transform your personality.

You will have many advantages, but the beginning is hard. The process of transformation you have to pass through is based on changing your behavior. If you are used with changes and you get easily adapted to new situations you won’t find this part difficult, but most people hate behavioral changes. If you are like most people, the beginning will be hard but you will have numerous advantages in the end.

The same happens if you will become really religious and precisely follow your religion. In the beginning you will feel uncomfortable and disconnected with your reality, but if you will insist on going to the Church and praying, or doing another practice that is part of your religion, you will start feeling that you are with God. This feeling will be a compensation for your persistence. You will understand the importance of your cooperation if you want to understand the meaning of unexplained phenomena.

You will have many explanations about your religion in your dreams when you will attain this level. Everything is connected. Your religion, your dreams, and your life belong to the same reality.

In the beginning this may seem to be strange for you as it was for me, but you will understand that this connection is very meaningful. You will have explanations for all mysteries. This knowledge will complete the image of the world to your eyes.

You will stop being ignorant, even though you will always ignore many things, and always learn more. You won’t be immersed in vast ignorance like most people. You will be able to discern what is bad behind the global hypocrisy. You will understand the human absurdity, and you will help the world find sound mental health with your work and your example.

The hypocritical world works based on violence, immorality, greed, and manipulation. Corruptions, conspiracies, and crimes are very common. Our violent and subjective laws are based on financial power and decided by those who hold the global economy in their hands. There is no justice on earth. This is why poverty tortures the biggest part of the world population; not only those who are starving, but also those who depend on a miserable salary.

The world tries to get rid of those who are considered to be crazy and violent by putting them in asylums and prisons. Our psychiatrists don’t have the patience to provide psychotherapy to those who lost their human conscience. This is why they simply destroy their personality and their immune system with their dangerous medications, which transform their patients into inoffensive vegetables.

‘Inoffensive’ because they stop being violent thanks to these medications. However, their psychological system is completely destroyed. They never recuperate their human conscience. Today’s psychiatry is not able to cure a mental illness.

Only God knows how to help a person recuperate their human conscience after the destructions caused by their anti-conscience. God is the best psychiatrist we could find.

Ignorant human beings will never be able to deal with all the craziness and the evilness existent into our anti-conscience. Everyone must respect and obey the divine guidance in dreams because God makes miracles. The resurrection of the human conscience after being completely destroyed by the person’s anti-conscience is a miracle.

You must be prudent and prevent severe mental illnesses; especially if you believe that you are not in danger. You must protect your children. The prevention of severe mental illnesses will soon be part of the world’s regulations because God will soon govern our world.

Now that we are able to recognize our incapacity to fight mental illnesses and our incapacity to find peace, we will simply recognize our ignorance, and our absurdity. We will obey the divine guidance because we will understand that this guidance really is wise and will save us from craziness and terror. This guidance will also transform us into superior human beings.

Everyone will surely prefer obeying God’s guidance instead of suffering without knowing what to do. God is an excellent doctor, who also cures physical diseases. Everyone will prefer the divine treatment in dreams instead of trusting dangerous methods based on suppositions.

The scientific method of dream interpretation is in fact God’s gift to the world. Only because I was precisely obeying the divine guidance, could I simplify everything for you. I had no intention to become a doctor or to continue Carl Jung’s research. Everything was part of God’s plan, which I simply obeyed, even against my will.

I could understand that God always was right because He is saintly and wise. I knew that I always was wrong when I disagreed with His wise plan. I was ignorant. I had this fact in mind.

I knew that I was lazy. I knew that I didn’t want to be a hero, but God had the intention to make me be the hero I could be. Whenever I disagreed with God’s plan this was because I would have to pass through difficult challenges. However, this was what God needed from me.

Since I was so strong, I was able to face difficult challenges. So, God was expecting from me what I could do. I always believed that God was exaggerating and demanding too much from me, but I always saw that I was able to do everything I had to do. Thus, God was not exaggerating. I was lazy, and I didn’t want to do all the work I had to do in order to be the hero I could be.

I had the moral obligation to be a hero. God wouldn’t teach so much about the meaning of dreams and help me discover the anti-conscience only because He wanted to save me from schizophrenia. I would be another lost soul in the crazy world without the divine guidance in dreams. I didn’t deserve my treatment.

I was lucky because I was in the position of a scientist who could learn the truth about the severity of my mental condition, and protect my mental health from worst problems. I had the obligation to cure those who didn’t have the chance to learn everything I could learn because I became a dream expert. I could help the world find sound mental health through dream translation like me.

This is why God made me actually cure many people through dream translation during two decades before publishing my ebooks online. My work couldn’t be theoretical.

I had all these aspects in mind during my long and difficult research, and while I was dealing with the absurdity of the world. I understood my responsibility.

I had to be a hero in a world ruled by terror and violence where everyone needs psychotherapy, but most people don’t admit this fact. I had to accept my unpleasant and dangerous position, and disagree with the methods used by today’s psychiatrists.

I had to show to the world that the unconscious psychotherapy in dreams is the only one we can trust. Everyone had to be able to verify that the scientific method of dream interpretation is a blessing. The divine guidance in dreams is more than helpful.

All psychiatrists and all doctors in general terms had to learn how to translate the meaning of dreams in order to have precious information about their patients in their own dreams, and in their patients’ dreams. The unconscious mind gives us information and guidance about how to cure physical diseases, besides curing mental illnesses.

All priests and nuns, and all members of all religions had to study the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method. This way they would be able to talk with God through dream messages. Everyone needed this knowledge.

This is why I worked very hard, facing all challenges with courage and determination. I knew that God was right. I surely had to transmit all the knowledge I found to the world. Today this knowledge is not as complicated as it used to be before my discoveries and simplifications. Everyone can understand the symbolic dream language, independently of their educational level.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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