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DreamsIn the 20th century we were excited with our scientific and technological progress. We believed that we could find solutions for all problems. The existence of God was not necessary. There was a scientific explanation for everything.

Now that we are in the beginning of the 21st century we are disappointed with our failures. Our wars and crimes, besides numerous other horrors keep showing us that we are unable to find peace and happiness. Our scientific and technological progress didn’t help us solve the basic problems of life.

We verified that we cannot find all the explanations we need. Even though some scientists insist on ignoring the facts, other scientists understood that we have to admit the existence of God. Many phenomena cannot be explained without this admission. For example, the great variety of animal and vegetable species existent in our planet couldn’t have appeared by chance, even if our planet was older. The fact that our planet is only four billions and a half old transforms the possibility of the appearance of so many different species by chance into a ridiculous myth.

This is why this is the right historical time for the comprehension that we are absurd. The fact that exactly now I’m showing to the world my conclusions and my discoveries after precisely obeying the divine guidance in dreams is not a coincidence. Since I was obeying the guidance I had, my discoveries are not really mine. All the knowledge I’m transmitting to the world was given to me.

I was simply executing God’s plan. I was very obedient because I was afraid of my own absurdity and I understood the great danger I was dealing with.

I was saved from schizophrenia, I discovered the existence of the satanic anti-conscience, I learned how to cure all mental illnesses through dream therapy, and I simplified and clarified the complicated, obscure, and time consuming method of dream discovered by Carl Jung.

Only because I was extremely obedient could I discover the existence of the anti-conscience and survive after being attacked by the unbearable symptoms of craziness, which are generated by the anti-conscience when it manages to destroy a big portion of our human conscience.

The accurate translation of the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method proves to the world that God speaks in dreams, giving us information and guidance. God is an excellent doctor and teacher.

We need guidance because we are in fact under-developed primates. Our tiny human conscience must be developed, so that we may eliminate our anti-conscience through consciousness. This is how we will stop being violent.

The dream messages are based on wisdom and sanctity. God speaks in a symbolic form.

You will be able to verify that you can really trust dream predictions and all the information you have in dreams thanks to your daily reality. Your dreams and your life are connected. God proves the veracity of the dream messages thanks to the facts and events of your daily life.

Through dream translation based on the scientific method you have trustful information about your reality and about your psychological system. You are transformed into a wise human being thanks to this information.

Carl Jung didn’t obey the unconscious mind that produces our dreams, even after discovering that the unconscious mind was God’s mind. He believed that a human being should make his/her decisions based on his own conscience.

I had to disagree with this conclusion. Since God is the dream producer, this means that all human beings must obey the divine guidance instead of doing what their conscience desires.

The obedience to God’s guidance is part of our religious education. We obey the divine guidance because we recognize that God is wise and perfect. All religions have this characteristic because they were created by the same God.

God is respected as a superior entity by all religions. Every religion teaches us a part of our complex spiritual reality. This is why there are many similarities in all religions of the world.

Carl Jung was a scientist. He talked about religion and he admired the Tao, but he didn’t have the behavior of a humble human being who could recognize the superiority of the divine wisdom.

I could recognize the religious importance of God’s existence and the importance of the alternative to understand God’s words in dreams. I could also recognize that I was a terrible sinner. I concluded that everyone had to obey the divine guidance, and this was what I did.

I had numerous reasons to be obedient. I was prepared to be very obedient thanks to my biographical details and thanks to my literary talent. I was afraid of craziness. I saw how invincible a mental illness was because my father was schizophrenic, one of my best friends became psychotic and put an end to his own life, and one of my uncles became hysteric after having a big deception in life.

I knew that mental illnesses were invincible even before becoming a dream expert. When I was able to continue Carl Jung’s research through dream interpretation I could verify that only God knows how to cure all mental illnesses because they really are invincible. The anti-conscience is too powerful.

Everyone must agree with the necessity to obey the divine guidance. Most people hate to be obedient because they are influenced by their anti-conscience. I was one of them, but I understood that it would be wiser to obey the divine wisdom instead of doing what I had the intention to, based on my own conscience.

I had verified that I was ignorant and absurd thanks to the translation of the meaning of my dreams, and thanks to the translation of the symbolic meaning of my literary work. On the other hand, I had studied the psychological types discovered by Carl Jung and their neuroses, observing that his descriptions were exactly reflecting the behavior of those who were around me, and my own behavior.

Jung had concluded that we should make our decisions based on our own conscience even after verifying that all psychological types tend to become neurotic, because he believed that the human conscience was stronger than it really is.

He believed that our tiny human conscience was able to decide what we should do because he didn’t know how absurd our conscience really is, and how much our conscience is influenced or controlled by our anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is our second conscience, which thinks like a demon. Whenever we are influenced or controlled by our absurd and evil anti-conscience we do absurd things. We make serious mistakes.

Carl Jung’s conscience was strong and his anti-conscience was weak. He believed that human beings could be reasonable and find happiness. I had a strong conscience when I was a child, but my conscience started being destroyed by my even stronger anti-conscience when I became a teen. My personality completely changed.

When I started studying Jung’s lessons I was a neurotic young adult, who was desperately looking for psychotherapy. I also was a young mother. I was scared with my responsibility.

I saw that our conscience is absurd and that we make many costly mistakes. I couldn’t agree with Jung’s conclusion because I could see how dangerous absurdity was. I saw into practice that we make many mistakes when we follow the behavior of our one-sided psychological type. As a victim of the absurd content I had inherited, I could see that there was too much craziness in the human brain.

Our conscience is under-developed. This means that we are idiotic. We make many mistakes because we don’t have a global vision of our reality. I understood this truth in the end of 1988, when I was 27-years-old. I didn’t trust the human conscience like Carl Jung.

I couldn’t see the anti-conscience in the beginning of my research, but I could recognize God’s wisdom and sanctity in the dream messages. After verifying that all psychological types tend to become neurotic, I concluded that we have to obey the divine guidance in order to escape neurosis.

I could discover the anti-conscience after obeying the divine guidance in dreams for one year. I started studying dream interpretation since 1984, when I was pregnant, but in the beginning I was not obeying the guidance I had because I couldn’t understand the meaning of dreams. I was writing down my dreams without understanding their meaning, and looking for the right method of dream interpretation.

When I became a dream expert by following Carl Jung’s method, and I could discover the anti-conscience (in the beginning of 1989) I understood that we believe in many misconceptions about the content of the human brain. The absurdity and the evilness we have inherited into our anti-conscience is the real reason for the formation of mental illnesses within our conscience.

The elimination of the anti-conscience through dream therapy is an indispensable process. Everyone needs this relief because the anti-conscience causes numerous problems to our psychological system and to our lives.

The unconscious psychotherapy is based on the transformation of the anti-conscience into human content, thanks to the obedience of the dreamer’s conscience to the divine guidance in dreams. This means that the dreamer must cooperate with his unconscious doctor.

The unconscious treatment is based on showing hidden truths to the dreamer, and helping him change his behavior. All psychological problems are generated by the influence of the anti-conscience.

The fact that I could discover this truth because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance is God’s gift to the world. An ignorant and young woman like me would never be able to discover the existence of a wild conscience, which works in parallel with our human conscience. This discovery proves that I really was obeying superior guidance. I had no conditions to understand the functioning of the human brain with the knowledge I had.

God gave me this knowledge, so that I could transmit it to the world. Anyone could be in my place. My research and my discoveries are not mine. I was simply obeying the guidance I had in dreams. Otherwise, I would never be able to cure invincible mental illnesses. God cures everyone. I cure my patients by explaining what their unconscious doctor is showing them in their dreams. My position always is the position of an obedient person. I obey the divine guidance, and I teach my patients who to do the same.

Now that I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience because I was guided by God in my dreams, and now that I managed to simplify the process of psychotherapy you have to follow by translating the meaning of your dreams, you can have a direct communication with God and become a perfect human being. Today learning the dream language is not the adventure it was for me in the beginning of my arduous and long research. I simplified everything for you.

You will find sound mental health, peace, love, and happiness. You will also help the world. The process of psychotherapy you will follow through dream therapy is a process of mind development and spiritual purification.

Your dreams are based on an ancient wisdom. This wisdom saves you from mistakes and regret. You may believe that your personality and your life are totally different from everyone else’s personality and life, but there are numerous similarities in numerous life biographies. Your behavior is predetermined by our psychological type. You tend to repeat the common mistakes of the human race.

You have to get rid of the negative content you have inherited and find protection from the evilness of the world. This is how you will prevent neurosis and find sound mental health. You can also be cured through dream translation if you already are neurotic.

The information you have in dream messages helps you understand many aspects of your reality. This knowledge helps you gradually start seeing what exists behind the apparent image of your reality. You see the truth behind everyone’s social mask, and you are able to read their minds.

The knowledge you have thanks to the translation of the meaning of your dreams helps you become a better person, and transform your daily reality. This alternative gives you the chance to understand what is happening into your brain and psyche, and what determines your behavior. You also understand what determines other people’s behavior.

This means that after mastering the dream language you will have many advantages, besides being able to eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience, which is the most important of all.

Your dreams usually give you information about you ego, and this is why you are present in most dream scenes. Your ego is the center of your human conscience and controls your behavior when your human conscience is strong.

However, when your anti-conscience invades your conscience with its absurd thoughts and you start following them, your ego stops controlling your behavior. The negative parts of your personality start controlling your behavior, while your ego becomes a passive observer.

Your conscience should determine your behavior, but your anti-conscience is constantly trying to bother your evolution and destroy your conscience. Dreams where you are in the back sit of a car or next to the driver indicate that another part of your personality is driving your life. The car in dreams represents your life. The part of your personality that is driving your life usually belongs to your anti-conscience.

This information indicates that you are constantly controlled by your anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is your absurd and evil conscience, which thinks like a demon. It is a primitive conscience that makes your ego accept what is bad with the intention to destroy your conscience with the deceptions you will have.

You are divided in two parts. Your tiny human conscience is only a part of yourself. Your huge anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of your brain and psyche. You have to obey the divine guidance in your dreams in order to transform your anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience. While your anti-conscience works against your conscience, it is your worst enemy.

Taming your anti-conscience is like taming a wild animal. Your anti-conscience is the part of your brain that generates anger, and many other wild reactions. You have to learn how to eliminate your anger by showing compassion to your enemies. This means that you have to understand the importance of goodness. You have to be sorry for those who are controlled by their anti-conscience, instead of hating them because they are evil.

This philosophy of life will help you stop having the violent and selfish behavior imposed by your anti-conscience. However, in order to be able to follow this philosophy of life you have to pass through psychotherapy. Only by agreeing with this idea and desiring to be peaceful and calm, you won’t manage to tame your wild conscience.

You have to indispensably pass through a process of transformation through dream translation. God is a very patient doctor who sends you detailed information about your behavior and the outside world in your dreams. You have many lessons about the mistakes you tend to repeat, until you will understand why you have to stop making these mistakes.

Convincing you that you have to be peaceful is a difficult matter. You are superficially peaceful only if you are not in a difficult situation. You are unable to forgive your enemies. You believe you should be violent with those who are violent with you. God works hard giving you many explanations in dreams to help you understand why you must prefer to be peaceful and calm, instead of being selfish and violent.

God is very patient and persistent. You are gradually convinced that you should really desire to be a good person instead of being cruel, indifferent, and selfish. Forgiving your enemies because of their inferiority is better than hating them. Their evilness is part of their anti-conscience, which replaced their ego. You should be sorry for those who are controlled by their primitive anti-conscience.

The world makes you believe that you have to be violent to defend yourself, but violence is not a protection. Violence is destruction.

Only goodness can save you from suffering. You must learn how to cultivate goodness in your heart.

The cultivation of real goodness is a difficult matter in the beginning of your psychotherapy because you are used with the materialistic mindset of your historical time, and you have inherited absurdity and evilness into your anti-conscience. Your goodness is false, even when you try to be a good person. Real goodness is based on compassion. Compassion is based on sensitivity and wisdom.

You tend to believe that goodness is silly while evilness is smart because you follow the mindset of the absurd modern civilization, but this is a false impression. You cannot really understand this truth without eliminating your wild tendencies. This knowledge cannot be theoretical. You have to truly understand that goodness is your salvation from craziness and terror, without believing that you have advantages in life when you are evil.

You have to pass though a process of consciousness by translating the meaning of your dreams, so that you may really understand the importance of goodness in your daily life. This is a gradual process of transformation that cannot happen without your cooperation. You have to become more intelligent and sensitive, so that you may use all of your brain power.

You will verify that the concepts of the barbarous modern civilization really are absurd, and you will clearly understand why. The hypocritical world cannot help anyone find perfect mental health. Only God can help everyone find sound mental health, and transform the cruel world into a peaceful world without poverty, violence, and terror.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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