New Conclusions And Thoughts Thanks To Dream Translation

ConclusionsMost people don’t believe that dreams are important. There are numerous distortions about the meaning of dreams everywhere. This is why it is very hard for me to prove to the world that our dreams contain precious messages.

I had to accept my difficult destiny after discovering that our dreams are produced by God, and after discovering the satanic origin of the human conscience. I couldn’t refuse to cure many people through dream therapy only because the world ignores the power of this treatment.

I had to work very hard without payment. Many times I had to go to my patients’ house and help them like a nun besides translating their dreams by phone. In the beginning I also had to bear everyone’s doubts. Nobody could believe that they would be cured thanks to the translation of the meaning of their dreams. They accepted my help because they were desperate and they didn’t know what to do.

Everyone became very interested on the meaning of their dreams after my first translations. They started caring so much about their meaning that they started remembering all their dreams.

The more you will care about your dreams, better you will remember all their details. You will also remember more dreams. You have around five dreams every night. In order to remember all your dreams you have to concentrate your attention on the meaning of your dreams when you wake up, and you have to write down all your dreams in a dream journal. Every dream is important.

In the beginning of my long research I was an insignificant woman who was continuing Carl Jung’s research, without scientific recognition. My research was based on my obedience to the divine guidance in dreams.

I knew that dream translation was a powerful alternative because it creates a bridge between God and the human being. I understood that I had the moral obligation to learn more about this matter and simplify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

I had to help everyone use this precious knowledge. Everyone needs the divine guidance.

However, there were many obstacles in my path. Everything was very difficult. Everything was dangerous. I had to deal with invincible mental illnesses.

Besides all these difficulties, my work is not only scientific like Carl Jung’s work. I have to relate science to religion and prove God’s existence to the materialistic and atheistic world.

I’m in fact a prophet because I can translate God’s words in dreams, and show to the world what God thinks about us and our world. I teach you how to understand the divine guidance in dreams. You can have the privilege to directly talk to God thanks to the dream messages like me.

When I told to the members of the clergy that I discovered a way to understand God’s words thanks to dream translation, I was humiliated. I also had to bear the offenses of various scientists, who despised my research and my discoveries. They didn’t believe that an ignorant woman like me could possibly discover how to cure all mental illnesses.

God chose me for this mission because I deserved suffering in eternal hell. I was saved from eternal hell because I was enlightened by the divine wisdom thanks to the dream messages.

God showed me that I was cruel, selfish, demanding, and impatient. I had to learn how to be humble. My cross was so heavy that only an athlete would bear it. I understood the real meaning of Jesus’ crucifixion.

If you are not Catholic, you can relate this part to your own religion. A heavy cross is a very difficult, dangerous, and painful mission.

Everything in God’s plan is based on numerous combinations. The fact that I studied in a Catholic school during twelve years also was very important for my comprehension.

I could continue Carl Jung’s research because I was strong enough to fight the absurdity of the anti-conscience and win this fight. I was very strong because I was too evil. I was the ideal person to work for God after transforming my personality. This is why I had to precisely obey the divine guidance in dreams.

I could help God prove His existence to the world with my example. I had to convince the world had everyone should imitate my example, and obey the divine guidance like me.

I recognized that I had to change my behavior, and I really deserved to be offended. I humiliated many people when I was young. I had the behavior of a dictator. I also was a terrible sinner, ready to accept adultery. God clearly showed me why I deserved eternal hell.

I understood my position. I should be grateful because I had the chance to preserve my mental health and my dignity.

This was the beginning of my very long process of transformation. I verified into practice the relationship existent between dreams and real facts, since all dreams are produced by God.

Everything that belongs to your reality is reflected in your dreams. Dream predictions are powerful and trustful predictions that help you avoid what is bad.

I was extremely obedient because I understood that I was absurd and evil. I was afraid of what I found into my brain and psyche. I trusted the divine guidance in dreams, without doubting for a second that I really was talking with God. The messages I had explained the meaning of many facts in my life.

I verified that our dreams work like a surgical operation in our brain and psyche. God is an extraordinary doctor.

Everyone will study the scientific method of dream interpretation in the future, when it will become popular. Many people already are reaping the benefits of this knowledge, but I still have to convince the biggest part of the world that our dreams are produced by God.

The dream language is not my property. Everyone can use this method in their lives and in their work. God’s words are helpful for everyone, and everyone can become a dream translator.

My work facilitates the comprehension of the dream language and it simplifies the psychological process of transformation that the dreamer must follow. Everyone can learn how to translate the meaning of their dreams and the meaning of everyone else’s dreams as well.

The dream language is specific. By learning its rules, you will understand the dream logic. The dream logic is based on wisdom and sanctity.

God is perfect and He demands perfection from you. God doesn’t accept your indifference to what is bad. You have to understand this fact.

God is not a human being who shows understanding before certain mistakes. God makes you stop making mistakes.

In order to understand the meaning of dreams you must have God’s judgment in mind, and respect the dream logic. The rules of the dream logic are based on compassion and justice.

You will verify that your dreams are as important as your daily life because they reflect your mental condition, they predict your future, and they help you transform your personality. A dream image reflects many things at the same time, and it always is connected to your daily reality. The information you have in dreams helps you deal with the difficult aspects of your life. You become more intelligent and sensitive.

God is very generous, but He demands perfection. He doesn’t accept our absurd and evil nature. Since we have inherited a satanic anti-conscience into the biggest part of our brain and psyche, this means that we are very, very far from perfection. This is why we believe that God exaggerates when He gives us a heavy cross.

God gives us heavy crosses because we deserve suffering. We have to stop thinking and acting like demons.

The human conscience works based on one psychological function and a half, and it is influenced by the evilness and the absurdity of the anti-conscience. This is why the barbarous modern civilization is as absurd as the previous civilizations of our tragic history.

The satanic origin of the human conscience explains why our behavior is characterized by cruelty and hypocrisy. Now that we know this truth we have to analyze our thoughts and our world in a different way. We have to stop accepting violence.

Violence is everywhere. Our world is ruled by violence and terror. There are many desperate people in our cruel world. Now we have to stop agreeing with violence and indifference.

Most movies, cartoons, and comics are about heroes who use violence to win their fights. This means that we teach our children how to be violent. Numerous readers like horror stories and thrillers. This type of ‘literature’ is entertaining our indifferent and cruel population.

Our behavior is absurd in many ways. We have to see this truth.

We have to stop creating wars and committing crimes. We have to put an end to poverty and to all suicide attempts.

Even though we don’t think that we are evil ‘only because’ we are selfish, the truth is that we are not able to understand how insensitive we are. God always is depressed because of our behavior. He knows that we are cruel and indifferent monsters.

This is a tragic truth, but we have to understand it. We have to understand what is bad and eliminate what is bad from our brain and psyche. We also have to eliminate what is bad from our world.

The comprehension of the tragic truth will put an end to craziness and terror. After verifying how absurd and evil we are, we will stop having the behavior imposed by our evil nature. This is why we need this vision.

Now we have to think like angels. We have to understand the importance of goodness. Instead of following the erroneous mindset of the barbarous modern civilization, we have to follow the divine wisdom.

We have to help our children find peaceful solutions for their problems. We have to stop being hypocritical, and save the poor.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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