The Organization Of The Dream Images

A ChallengeDreams are incomprehensible when we look at them based on our conscience. Our conscience is ignorant and idiotic because it is one-sided. It works based on one psychological function and a half instead of using the four psychological functions we have at our disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

We have inherited a wild conscience that occupies the biggest part of our brain and psyche; the anti-conscience, which tries to destroy our conscience through absurdity. On the other hand, our world is a living hell camouflaged by hypocrisy and ruled by those who have financial power and use violence to impose their decisions.

What we believe to be good or reasonable is in fact bad and absurd. We don’t know the difference between what is good or bad because we believe in the lies of the world, besides being ignorant and under-developed.

This is why we cannot understand the dream logic. For example, many people have nightmares. They become irritated because they cannot peacefully sleep. However, nightmares are important alarms. Those who are tormented by nightmares must open their eyes and stop making serious mistakes.

Nightmares and bad dreams reflect mental illnesses and negative future consequences. They are showing you that you have to urgently stop making mistakes and save your life, your mental health, and your peace of mind. You cannot keep having an indifferent attitude.

I remember that when I was a young adult I had many nightmares. I got married to the wrong person. My husband told me many times that I used to talk out loud during my sleep. I had many vivid dreams.

I remember that I had many dreams about suddenly falling down, which were predicting serious deceptions in the future. I had to understand that my marriage was a mistake before being shocked for suddenly understanding that my husband was a liar. He was taking advantage of my goodness and my ignorance, since Greece was a foreign country for me, even though my parents are Greek and I have many Greek relatives.

I helped my husband very much in the factory we had together. He knew that I was intelligent and sincere and he was manipulating me.

I was intelligent, but not as much as I used to be when I was a child. After facing a tragic car accident when I was a teen, I became neurotic and I started acting like an idiot. This is why I decided to get married to a man I didn’t really love. He didn’t love me too. He only wanted to have my support in life. He was in fact a boy who was looking for a mother, and not a wife.

This marriage couldn’t work, but when I understood that my marriage was a mistake I was pregnant. I also had many other problems because my young cousin Efi died and my mother-in-law died three days after her, exactly when I was in the sixth month of my pregnancy. My husband’s personality completely changed. He lost his sense of humor and he became aggressive. He always was complaining about everything.

My dreams at that period of time were trying to show me that I would have a big deception when I would understand how wrong I was for getting married to the wrong person. Fortunately, at that time I started seriously caring about finding psychotherapy through dream translation, and I discovered that only Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation worked for all types of dreams.

I could mention many similar examples. Many people have dreams about falling down and suddenly getting to the bottom. Some people believe that they are fine and they have no reason to be alarmed by a nightmare, but they ignore many things.

The organization of the dream images follows the dream logic, and it is based on what is happening with the dreamer’s mental health. The dream logic is based on sanctity. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind. Therefore, our dreams are organized based on the truth concerning our mental condition, and based on God’s judgment.

God can see the influence of the anti-conscience in our conscience. God knows how the future will be unfolded. This is why the dream messages contain an incomprehensible wisdom for our under-developed conscience.

We have to get used with God’s justice, which is based on goodness. Goodness is based on compassion, but also on the elimination of what is bad. God doesn’t agree with your negligence and with our conformism. We have to truly transform the negative characteristics of our personality into positive ones.

God doesn’t accept negotiations. We have to really transform our absurd and evil tendencies into positive reactions, without accepting what is bad in any circumstance.

This is very difficult in the beginning, since we are natural actors and we instinctively believe we have to protect our ego. We wear a social mask that hides our real thoughts from the world. We prefer to close our eyes to what is unfair because we don’t want to have the trouble to correct anything. We are very absurd in many ways, but we don’t understand our absurdity, or we understand that we have absurd desires, but we hide our intentions from the world.

This means that we have contrasting reactions and beliefs and we don’t want to admit our mistakes. This is why we don’t want to accept the truth about our satanic nature.

On the other hand, we don’t want to change our behavior and stop being violent. We prefer to ignore the truth and indifferently insist on making the same mistakes.

Now that you have this vision you can understand that all dreams follow a logical sequence, but this sequence cannot be perceived by our conscience because of our absurdity.

There is a logical organization between the dream images when you know the meaning of the dream symbols and you follow the dream logic, which is based on sanctity and wisdom. In order to understand this organization you have to learn the dream language the same way you learn any foreign language.

The dream language is made only by images. Now all images can be automatically translated into comprehensible words. I managed to discover the meaning of many dream symbols that Carl Jung ignored and I could better understand the dream logic. My simplifications facilitate your studies, helping you easily understand God’s words in dreams.

For example, if you will have a dream about a river and a bridge, but instead of using the bridge to go to the other side you will enter in the river and swim as if you had no way to cross the river, you may believe that this dream makes no sense. This is something you wouldn’t do in your daily life. You would simply use the bridge to go to the other side.

However, this dream is well-organized and it makes sense when you follow the dream logic and the meaning of the dream symbols. This dream is showing you that you are too materialistic and you don’t accept the challenge you have to face.

Water in big quantity represents materialism. The water of the river represents your materialism.

The water of the sea has a different meaning because it represents craziness, but the water of the river reflects your situation. You are immersed in materialism and you don’t believe in the existence of a spiritual reality. This means that you don’t understand that by facing your satanic anti-conscience you will start eliminating what is bad.

You don’t understand the importance of your spiritual purification because you are materialistic and you don’t care about your spirit. You believe you have to care only about living well.

You don’t believe that your life has a deeper meaning, and you don’t believe in life after death. You don’t want to face your dangerous animal nature and recognize that you need the divine guidance because you don’t want to believe in God’s existence.

You have to stop being materialistic. The material world is misleading. Your spiritual evolution is more important than the material satisfaction you pursue.

The river in dreams represents a challenge. You have to cross a bridge and meet your anti-conscience at the other side of the river. This meeting is decisive. You must have the courage to face your absurd and evil anti-conscience, so that you may stop believing in illusions.

This is a sad and dangerous meeting. You will confirm the existence of a tragic truth.

However, the meeting with your anti-conscience is an important part of your process of transformation through dream translation. You must face your animal nature and recognize that you are absurd, after seeing your anti-conscience with your own eyes.

Since you avoided crossing the bridge and you preferred to swim in the river, this means that you were afraid of this recognition. The fear to verify that you were a primate paralyzed your ego. You had this reaction because you are proud of yourself and you like to show off. You preferred your materialism. This is why you didn’t have the courage to face the truth (cross the bridge), and recognize your absurd and evil nature.

The word ‘river’ in a dream represents an entire story because it is an important dream symbol. In the dream language, one word is not translated into another word, but in various sentences. The word ‘river’ in a dream is the story of the challenge that the dreamer must face. All dreamers must meet their anti-conscience at the other side because they must verify the existence of their anti-conscience without a doubt. This verification is indispensable because they must be serious, after understand their absurdity.

They must recognize their absurdity, and stop making costly mistakes. This is why the recognition of the truth is necessary.

While the dreamers have a superficial notion about the meaning of the anti-conscience they don’t take their process of transformation seriously enough. They tend to disobey the divine guidance, even if they theoretically agree with the divine wisdom.

All dreamers must face their wild side and understand that they are animals. They have to understand that they are not reasonable. This is a painful experience.

However, this experience helps all dreamers stop believing in illusions and understand the truth about their mental condition. The verification of the existence of the anti-conscience is a heroic trip of self-discovery that every dreamer must make.

You should show courage and face the truth, without avoiding the challenge represented by the river in your dreams. When you will verify the existence of your anti-conscience you will learn how to identify the absurd thoughts sent by your anti-conscience to your conscience, and you will stop following them.

Through dream translation you verify how far from perfection you are, so that you may understand everything you have to do in order to attain spiritual perfection. This is a process of consciousness.

By analyzing the meaning of your dreams, you are able to read God’s words and become more intelligent. You also become more sensitive. Your intelligence and your sensitivity help you eliminate the negative characteristics of your personality and develop the positive ones.

When you will understand the dream logic and you will learn the meaning of the most important dream symbols, you will learn how to build a self-confident personality and act based on goodness and wisdom.

While the ignorant and hypocritical world shows you that you are smart when you are bad, you must realize that only goodness and wisdom can help you find peace, love, sound mental health, and happiness.

Most people are controlled or influenced by their absurd and evil anti-conscience. This is why they prefer what is bad, while they pretend to be good. They believe in a false happiness based on selfishness.

God teaches you how to discover the power and the safety of real goodness. You understand that what is bad always is negative. You stop believing that you can have advantages when you are dishonest. You learn how to always do what is positive, so that you may really prepare a positive future for yourself and your family.

The dream logic tries to help you become more sensitive. God’s logic is based on sensitivity.

God believes that your dignity is more important than your financial power in a living hell ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed. God believes that you must always have the behavior of a saint.

God believes that you have to stop defending yourself through violence whenever someone does something against you. You have to preserve peace in your environment, without protecting your ego.

God’s conclusions are totally different from your personal opinion. God is a demanding judge, and His conclusions are based on wisdom.

God’s sanctity cannot be perceived by demons. If we are controlled by our satanic anti-conscience this means that we think and act like demons. Our human conscience stops working. This is why we don’t agree with God.

We cannot agree with the necessity to be peaceful when someone else is violent with us. We hate the idea of having to forgive our enemies. We prefer to be violent and get revenge.

You have to understand God’s superiority and His wisdom in order to understand the meaning of your dreams, and the meaning of your life. God gives you infinite lessons in dreams. You will verify God’s generosity when you will master the dream language.

You have to be humble. Don’t disagree with the necessity to become more intelligent and sensitive. You are not perfect. On the contrary, you have inherited absurdity and evilness into your anti-conscience, and your deficient human conscience must be developed.

Even if you are considered a very intelligent person, the bitter truth is that your intelligence is not enough. You have to develop your human conscience in order to become more intelligent and sensitive. You are not using the biggest part of your brain and psyche because it belongs to your wild side.

This discovery is sad, but the fact that you can completely develop your human conscience through dream translation is a brilliant solution. You can use all of your brain power and become a genius. God sends you psychotherapeutical dreams everyday. You have information and guidance that help you escape the traps of your anti-conscience and evolve. You also have information about the future and about other people around you. This information is real and can be trusted.

You should agree with God’s logic and with His sensitivity. You must defend peace and wisdom in order to put an end to violence and terror. Your personal process of transformation has a global importance because after following dream therapy you will stop being insignificant. Your personality and your work will change our history.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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