A Revolutionary Natural Treatment For Mental Illnesses And Their Prevention

Wild Conscience I could complete Carl Jung’s complex and dangerous research into the unknown region of the human psyche because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams. My achievements prove that I was guided by a superior mind. An ignorant and young woman like me would never be able to understand the meaning of dreams and the functioning of the human brain better than Carl Jung without special support.

I believe you agree with this statement. An ignorant and young woman couldn’t continue a psychiatrist’s complex research based on suppositions.

I had information and clear guidance in dreams and signs of my reality. I was an excellent student and an extremely obedient patient because I understood that I was in a dangerous position. By translating the meaning of dreams according to the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung I verified that I had a direct communication with God.

I simply obeyed the guidance I had, many times without understanding why I had to do many things because I was ignorant. I trusted the divine wisdom. I recognized that God’s wisdom was based on sanctity. I understood that I was safe.

You cannot have this safety when you trust ignorant human doctors. I understood that I had the privilege to decipher God’s words and find salvation, even though I didn’t deserve it because I was a terrible sinner. I also was an aggressive atheist during my adolescence.

I saw that God didn’t abandon me, even though I had abandoned Him. I was more than grateful for being saved from craziness and terror. I didn’t doubt that I would have a tragic end without the divine psychotherapy in dreams. I understood that I was evil and absurd.

My obedience is the result of the vast vision I had. I had the privilege to find answers for questions that Jung couldn’t answer.

My example proves that you can achieve the impossible by obeying the divine guidance like me. I was not better than you. On the contrary; I was neurotic and I would surely become schizophrenic like my father. I had inherited strong absurd tendencies. I don’t think you can be in a worse position than mine when I was young and I understood the severity of my mental illness. I understood that I had to be serious if I wanted to save my sanity.

I didn’t want to end up schizophrenic like my father or psychotic like my adored friend Arnold, who put and end to his own life. I was obedient because I knew that mental illnesses are invincible and I was afraid of my own absurdity.

By obeying the unconscious guidance I learned how to fight the absurdity of my anti-conscience. This achievement was very important because I could understand the meaning of life and death. I verified that our mental health defines our destiny.

The anti-conscience is our wild conscience. It is absurd and evil, and it remains in a primitive condition.

I had to fight the anti-conscience’s attacks, which are the unbearable symptoms of craziness. This way I understood that we can win the fight against the absurdity imposed by our anti-conscience by offering resistance to its attacks.

This is a revolutionary natural treatment for severe mental illnesses. Dream therapy helps you stop having the unbearable symptoms caused by your anti-conscience in a short period of time. You learn how to show resistance and beat your anti-conscience. You also learn how to eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience forever through consciousness.

Now you know how mental illnesses are formed and how they can be completely eliminated. The vision given by dream translation helps you understand your psychological system.

All mental illnesses are caused by your anti-conscience, which is your primitive conscience. It didn’t evolve with time. It is idiotic and self-destructive.

The anti-conscience thinks like a prehistoric man, but this is not visible because it pretends to be smart. All mental illnesses are caused by the absurd thoughts and feelings imposed by the anti-conscience when it manages to control your human conscience.

Dream therapy also is an excellent method of craziness prevention, but most people ignore how absurd they are. Everyone can easily become neurotic, and then, acquire a severe mental illness that will torture them for life. Most people care about dream therapy only when they already have many psychological problems and unbearable symptoms.

You should be prudent and prevent craziness. The craziness you have inherited into your anti-conscience can invade your human conscience at any time, depending on the situations you will face. There is invincible craziness into your anti-conscience.

This is a content you have inherited because you can think. A conscience must be able to see what is good and what is bad. However, the fact that you can see what is bad makes you accept its existence without offering resistance to what is bad.

Your anti-conscience misleads your conscience because it presents what is bad as if it was an advantageous way to do what you want. So, you tend to prefer what is bad, while thinking that it will be better for you.

This is a false impression. What is bad always becomes worse.

You never know what can happen to you and how you will react. You have to build a wise personality before making costly mistakes and facing unexpected situations.

I hope you will understand the danger you are exposed to, so that you may protect your mental stability and learn how to develop all your capacities. You must be serious.

The world is inconsequential and doesn’t care about your mental health. Everyone in our world is a marketer. Marketers don’t care about what is better for you. You have to follow the divine guidance and find safe solutions, without believing in the lies of the world. This way you will protect your mental stability and your happiness.

The world tells you that everything is simple, forcing you to feed your ego, so that you may buy many products. The world doesn’t want to see you smartening up. The world sells you what your evil side wants to buy.

You have to open your eyes and understand that your mental health is an important matter. Everything in your life depends on your mental health.

I was forced to follow dream therapy because my neurosis already had the characteristics of schizophrenia, but besides being in this difficult position, I’m lucky because I learned how to eliminate my satanic anti-conscience. This is an advantage that cannot be compared to anything else.

When you get rid of your anti-conscience, you get rid of your worst enemy. Your anti-conscience steals your brain power, besides causing serious problems to your mental health and to your daily life. When you eliminate your anti-conscience you eliminate all the absurdity and the evilness you have inherited.

Many people thanked me for this privilege because they found relief in the dream messages. God helps everyone eliminate their anti-conscience through consciousness. Everyone becomes more intelligent and sensitive. Everyone’s life becomes better.

Dream translation according to the scientific method marks the end of the modern civilization and the beginning of a new historical time, which will be characterized by wisdom and goodness. Now the world can directly understand God’s words. The complex dream language is not a mystery.

This alternative will change your life. The possibility to have a direct communication with God will help you feel protected. This power will give you motivation and enthusiasm.

You will understand the meaning of your life. Everything that is obscure and incomprehensible will become clear and comprehensible to your eyes. You will stop being as ignorant as those who live in your historical time, believing in the lies of the hypocritical world.

You will be guided like me. How could an ignorant and mentally ill person like me learn how to cure invincible mental illnesses through dream translation since 1990? This achievement was not my initial goal. I only wanted to solve my own psychological problems.

God made me work and continue Carl Jung’s research. This is why today I’m in a superior position and I can help everyone through dream translation. I also teach everyone everything I know.

My success is the result of God’s psychotherapy. I was simply obeying orders, even when I completely disagreed with the guidance I had. I was intelligent enough to understand my own ignorance and the superiority of the divine wisdom.

I could mention numerous other examples, but I cannot write anything about other people’s lives. I’m only allowed to use my case as an example for studies to give you practical lessons based on my personal problems. I don’t mind showing to the world all my mistakes and sins.

This is necessary because my example shows you what you will learn when you will translate the meaning of your dreams. God shows you your mistakes in your dreams. You learn what is negative and how to eliminate what is negative from your brain and psyche. This first step is indispensable because you make numerous mistakes.

How can you become a wise human being if you keep making mistakes? You have to definitively stop making mistakes and do only what will be positive for you.

You will pass through a process of psychological transformation and spiritual purification. After eliminating the negative characteristics of your personality, you will learn how to think and act based on wisdom and sanctity.

You live in order to abandon your wild nature and attain higher levels of knowledge. Through dream translation you learn how to achieve this goal. In other words, you learn how to be a special person who will always say the right words, and always have the right behavior.

There is a right behavior for every circumstance and you will be able to understand this fact. You will be able to see what exists behind the apparent reality. This vision is a guarantee that you will always do what is best for you and for your community. You will never make mistakes. You always will act based on wisdom and goodness.

God transforms you into a perfect human being, and He gives you important missions. You become superior and then, you help God save the world. This is God’s plan. God wants to transform you into a brilliant hero.

The vision you will have when you will understand the human nature and the world around you will help you predict the future. Your dreams will help you improve your memory and remember all life lessons. You will also learn how to find solutions by linking all the information you will have at your disposal. In a few words, you will open the third eye and have more information about everything that is important for you.

Through dream translation you have access to another dimension. When you pass through this process of transformation and you get rid of your absurd animal nature, you are able to understand the difference between what is good or bad.

You also are guided by God in your dreams. You are not alone. You don’t act based on your personal conclusions.

You may be very intelligent, but your personal conclusions are based on ignorance and theories. God already knows what will happen in the future, how you can avoid future problems, and a lot more. When you will have God’s guidance in your life, you will understand that this is a big advantage. The best advantage you could have, especially because God is your judge.

You should be afraid of God instead of being indifferent to His existence. If you are intelligent you will surely prefer to pay attention to the divine guidance and do what will be better for you, instead of wasting time with dangerous attempts based on your suppositions.

You will become a brilliant person. God wants to transform you into a sensitive genius. After getting rid of your anti-conscience you will feel relieved because your conscience will be clean. This is a precious advantage that most people cannot have because they don’t pay attention to the meaning of their dreams and they don’t learn the scientific method of dream interpretation.

You should be intelligent and take advantage of my discoveries and simplifications. I transformed the complicated and confusing method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung into a fast and clear method of instant translation based on exchanging dream images with words that you can understand.

After discovering the existence of the anti-conscience I could see everything that Jung ignored. This vision helped me complete his method and simplify everything.

Your dreams explain the meaning of your religion. You should respect your religion because it works like spiritual purification. Your dreams help you purify your spirit the same way, since they help you eliminate the negative characteristics of your personality. This is how you will become a brilliant person.

God defines your mental health, showing you that your sanity depends on your goodness. You will be mentally healthy when you will be sensitive and you will show compassion to your enemies.

God helps you eliminate your anger and your violent reactions. You become a wise and sensitive human being who always knows how to behave. You have many other lessons that help you understand the meaning of life, and the meaning of death. Your existence is an important matter.

My scientific research confirms that everything we learn in our religion is true. All religions reveal a part of our complex spiritual reality. All religions teach us that there is life after death.

Most people don’t care about the meaning of death, but the meaning of death is immediately connected to the meaning of life and to our mental health.

You should be prudent and pass through a process of spiritual purification and psychological transformation by following the divine guidance in your dreams and in your religion. You need all the help you can have.

The importance of your mental health will be visible when you will eliminate your wild conscience and think only like a conscious human being. It will also be decisive when your spirit will abandon your body.

You should be open-minded and understand that by learning the meaning of life and death you will prevent your premature death. You will also really understand the meaning of life. You will verify that your mental health defines your destiny because you live in order to transform your anti-conscience into human content. Everything depends on this matter.

You will stop wasting your time and suffering without understanding why. Your life will be a safe experience of self-development and mind empowerment. You will learn how to find peace, love, and happiness. You will also immensely help the world thanks to your brilliant example and your extraordinary work.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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