Dream Interpretation – Spiders in Dreams – An Example of Synchronicity

418451523_7e8f3bcfb6_mA spider in dreams represents a hidden danger that the dreamer cannot see. He or she is not doing something that cannot be postponed, and must be done immediately for his own safety, or for the safety of his reputation.

However big the spider is, will be the size of the danger. If you see a small spider, the danger you are not seeing is not so dangerous. However, if you see a big spider in a dream, this means that you are in great danger, and if you don’t do something drastic to save your life or your reputation, you’ll pass through a lot of suffering, and very much regret not having done something to prevent so much pain, or so many problems.

If you see many spiders in a dream, this means that there are many very important actions you must take, otherwise you’ll see yourself in sad situations.

You may be making a serious mistake, without paying attention to what you are doing.

Or, you could be ignoring a serious obligation, something that is basic for your good reputation as a responsible human being.

Once I saw a black spider in a dream that was quite big for being considered an insect, but was not so big, in comparison with the biggest size a spider can be.

When I woke up I saw in my bedroom a spider that was the same size as the one in my dream. I was in Brazil, in a friend’s house in Sao Paulo. These houses so near the street usually attract many strange and big sized insects.

When there is a coincidence with the dream you saw and what happens to you in your waking life, this means that you are observing the phenomenon of synchronicity, as Carl Jung defined it.

There was something very important that I was not doing, something that could be very bad, especially because the spider was so black. The black color indicates acceptance of what is bad. So, the black spider represents the acceptance of inertia, instead of taking action and doing something that is indispensable.

In the beginning I couldn’t find out what I was not doing… but later I understood my mistake.

I had visited the father of an orphaned teen, who had married a second wife, and had abandoned the two children he had with his first wife, who had died. He lived in another city near Sao Paulo (Valinhos) and I had to go there, talk with him and his new wife.

However, they didn’t care for this poor teen who was feeling rejected, and nothing was done.

Then I asked his god-mother to pay for his treatment with a psychologist, since I understood that he had serious psychological problems.

She agreed, and I thought that everything was arranged, feeling grateful because at least his god-mother cared for this abandoned teen, who lived with his grandmother.

However, I had forgotten to convince the teen to accept having treatment with a psychologist… This was also indispensable, because he offered resistance against it.

I talked with him for a while, and he accepted psychotherapy at the end.

If I had travelled back to Greece without convincing him, I would not have helped him in any way, after all my efforts.

Fortunately, the warning I had with the spider in my dream, and the confirmation of the importance of this symbol with the appearance of a real spider in my bedroom (synchronicity) prevented me from being so foolish, and leave without completing my mission.



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