Defining Good Mental Health

Good Mental HealthYour sensitivity is more important for your mental health than your intelligence. Your goodness defines your destiny, while you believe that you are free to decide what to do in life. There is no freedom on earth.

There are too many limitations for your development as a conscious human being in the world. You cannot talk about freedom if you depend on so many variables.

You obviously want to have the freedom to decide what to do in life. However, the truth is that you should obey the divine guidance. Obedience is safer than freedom. Freedom is in fact very dangerous.

We had the freedom to transform our world into a living hell ruled by terror, but camouflaged by hypocrisy. We had the freedom to kill many people and cause numerous destructions with our bombs. We had the freedom to verify how really vast and dangerous our ignorance is, since we had to face the tragic consequences of our insanity.

We saw the results of our freedom to decide what to do in life, while we are limited by numerous conditions and impositions. We had the freedom to transform our world into a place where everyone is suffering for numerous reasons.

After so many failures, we can finally understand that we are unable to find peace and happiness. This is an important historical time.

As a meaningful coincidence (that of course, didn’t happen by chance) exactly now I’m proving to the world that God exists and speaks in dreams. I also prove the satanic origin of the human conscience.

In a historical time characterized by materialism and atheism (besides being characterized by false religiosity) my work proves to the world that human beings are not really human. We are in fact demons with a tiny human conscience. This is why we are unable to find peace.

We will never find happiness without peace. We depend on God’s guidance in order to find sound mental health, peace, and happiness because we are absurd, violent, and evil.

My work gives a new definition to good mental health. The fact that only now I could prove the truths I’m revealing to the world thanks to the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung is not a coincidence without meaning. The existence of the internet is another coincidence that didn’t happen by chance exactly now that my work is ready. This is the perfect historical time for the comprehension of the global insanity.

God prepared a long plan with the intention to teach us the truth about our mental condition. Only now this plan could finally have the first positive results, after billions of years of failure and despair.

God was trying to show us the truth in our religion. All religions help us fight absurdity and evilness. However, we don’t respect our religion.

We are basically absurd and insensitive. We need the divine guidance in order to stop being indifferent to the human pain, but we don’t want to accept obeying the divine guidance. Good mental health depends on wisdom, and real wisdom depends on goodness. Without God’s guidance we will never be able to understand the meaning of goodness. We are very far from this comprehension. The terror that rules our world camouflaged by hypocrisy and indifference, proves this truth more than anything else.

If you will compare the meaning of good mental health with what is happening in your reality, you will obviously understand that everyone is very far from sound mental health. The world is a living hell where justice is only a game based on financial power. This is an unfair world, where many people don’t have the basic life conditions for their development. Those who could help them are totally indifferent to their destiny because they are cruel and selfish.

Nobody feels responsible for the horrors that happen to someone else. Nobody believes that they should stop spending money with themselves and help others, who are starving. Everyone believes that they need many things and they cannot pay for other people’s lives. They already are paying taxes. This is the human answer to the drama of those who live on poverty…

You have to be able to see this truth behind the apparent reality and analyze the human absurdity in all manners, so that you may escape craziness. You need God’s guidance in your dreams so that you may eliminate the wild tendencies you have inherited.

You will realize how many times you think and act like a demon, while you believe that you are a ‘normal’ person. God shows you the big difference existent between sincerity and hypocrisy. You understand why you should be humble and peaceful instead of being violent and demanding.

Good mental health is based on wisdom and goodness. The lies of the world make you believe that you are free and good mental health is simple, but as I showed you from the beginning of this article, your freedom is false because you are limited by numerous conditions, and you can easily be manipulated by your anti-conscience. Your anti-conscience is your second conscience, which is working in parallel with your human conscience, or invades your conscience.

Obedience to the divine guidance is the solution for everyone, but nobody accepts obeying this guidance because it is uncomfortable and painful. God is not sympathetic. God seems to be cruel with us. However, the truth is that we are demons, and we are cruel. We have to accept suffering instead of putting our selfish plans into practice. God doesn’t accept our laziness and our indifference.

We are punished with physical diseases whenever our anti-conscience manages to invade our conscience because we accepted what was bad. Other times, we are not punished this way. We face traumatic experiences in our daily lives.

God must punish all human beings because we are not really human. We are so indifferent and cruel that even when we are punished, we keep making the same mistakes, without learning our lessons.

You must have a dialogue with God through dream messages and understand the meaning of life and the meaning of death, so that you may avoid repeating the mistakes of your ancestors. God is a doctor, a priest, a philosopher, and an artist. He speaks through images showing you your mistakes while you are influenced by your anti-conscience. God also shows you what you have to do in order to become more intelligent and sensitive. Your dreams work like psychotherapy, mind empowerment, and spiritual purification.

You have to follow the route that will help you find many new alternatives and evolve. You have to avoid repeating the common mistakes of the human race, and find peace and happiness.

There are many things that you cannot see or understand. You will have a new vision after translating the meaning of your dreams and having God’s lessons. You will pay attention to everything, especially to the minimum details that denounce absurdity.

The crazy world is unable to define good mental health the same way the world is unable to eliminate all mental illnesses. Only God can make this miracle. This is the right historical time for the comprehension of this truth, after so many years of poverty and violence in the human history.

You have to be able to understand the human cruelty, and learn how to be sensitive. Good mental health depends on your capacity to understand other people’s pain and on your capacity to show compassion to your enemies.

If you believe that most people are sensible and only a few people are mentally ill, I must tell you that numerous mental illnesses are not diagnosed, and the truth is that we are mentally ill from birth. We simply become more mentally ill with time. The impression that we are reasonable is false.

All human beings are actors. We pretend to be reasonable, but we are absurd. Our absurdity is visible in our private moments, and only with those who depend on us for some reason. We know when we must pretend to be reasonable and understand many things we usually despise.

If you believe that the fact that we can be good actors proves that we are intelligent enough to understand many things, this is because you don’t know how dangerous and absurd falsity is. Everything you have learned from the hypocritical world is a lie. There is always a manipulative and financial intention behind every word.

You will never understand the meaning of good mental health if you will follow the lies of the hypocritical world. You must be prudent and pay attention to your dreams.

God and Satan are not mythological creatures. Your anti-conscience is Satan. You have to eliminate your satanic anti-conscience by understanding the meaning of real goodness.

This is a very difficult matter for you because your anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of your brain and psyche, and because it pretends to be yourself. It causes mental illnesses by imposing its absurd thoughts and feelings to your conscience. It also steals all of your brain power, besides ruining your life.

You have to be only the human being concentrated into your tiny human conscience, and develop your conscience during your life. You can have a brilliant future if you will obey the divine guidance in your dreams instead of imitating the bad examples of the world. If you will be obedient, you will transform your anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience and evolve without limits.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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