The Global Ignorance About The Importance Of Dreams

DreamMany people still ignore how important the meaning of dreams really is because there are too many impostors pretending to be able to decipher the dream messages. The global ignorance about the importance of dreams is the result of numerous distortions based on suppositions.

When I was looking for the meaning of dreams (in 1984 when the internet didn’t exist yet, and I was 23-years-old) I read numerous books written by various famous psychologists. I was confused. I didn’t know who was saying the truth. I believed that I would never find it out.

I was persistent because I was a young mother and I couldn’t go anywhere without my baby. I had to stay at home all the time and go out always with the baby. Nothing was simple for me. I also had many other problems because exactly when I was pregnant, I lost a young cousin in a train accident, and my adored mother-in-law. She died three days after my cousin, because of a stroke.

I had to give my support to my husband’s family, and to my mother’s family, while I was a young mother who had no idea about how to raise a child. I kept reading many books about this matter in order to learn how to be a good mother, but many details were not explained.

I had to find a solution for my psychological problems by reading scientific books. This was what I could do in the situation I was. Fortunately, I was a good student. I managed to understand that only Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation could be applied to all types of dreams. In 1986 I precisely followed Jung’s method, writing down all my dreams in a dream journal; not only the intriguing dreams. Some dreams seemed to be reproductions of daily facts, but they had a certain importance too.

Since then, my progress was tremendous. If I knew this fact, I would have written all my dreams from the beginning of 1984, when many vivid dreams made me care about this matter. My work and the story of my life prove to the world that Carl Jung really managed to discover the meaning of the mysterious dream language. He is the only one the world must respect and recognize as the scientist who managed to discover the symbolic meaning of the dream language without distorting this meaning with his suppositions.

Jung’s method helps everyone understand the wise messages of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and works like a natural doctor. I prove that his dream theories are real discoveries because I was cured from a severe neurosis before becoming schizophrenic thanks to his method of dream interpretation. I could also learn how to become a psychiatrist and psychologist myself and cure many people. I could understand the precious divine messages in dreams thanks to Carl Jung’s method, which later I managed to simplify.

This method of dream interpretation is special. The world must recognize this truth.

Even more special is the divine guidance in dreams. This is a miraculous truth.

I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance after recognizing the unconscious wisdom and sanctity, and after recognizing the depth of my ignorance. Carl Jung was not obedient. He believed that the unconscious mind was a good counselor but that we should make our decisions based on our conscience. I disagreed with him, declaring that we are ignorant and absurd, while the unconscious mind is God’s mind. God is wise and saintly. God can be trusted.

I concluded that we should be afraid of our own conscience and its ignorance.

Carl Jung couldn’t evaluate the importance of his discoveries with the knowledge he had. After continuing his research based on his method, I managed to discover a lot more because God is a very generous teacher. Only because God really is a special teacher could an ignorant and young creature like me understand the meaning of the complex dream language, and the complex functioning of the human brain.

My case proves to the world into practice how powerful the meaning of dreams really is, and the real importance of the dream messages. My students and patients prove the same truth with their example. I was amazed with the cures I could carry on through dream translation because I helped everyone understand the divine messages in dreams.

God cures my patients with the dream messages. I’m merely a doctor helper and a dream translator. Without the information given in dreams, I cannot help someone find sound mental health. My knowledge is limited. Only God knows everything about everyone.

The meaning of dreams is extremely important and must be respected by the ignorant world. Everyone must learn the real meaning of the dream messages, so that everyone may understand God’s words.

God can solve all problems, but He is demanding. Through dream translation you will verify the depth of your absurdity, and the depth of the absurdity of the world. You will stop being superficial.

In order to understand the meaning of dreams you have to study the dream language the same way you study any foreign language. Learning the dream language is similar to learning another language made only by words, with the difference that the dream language is made by images.

You have to verify the power of the dream messages by translating the meaning of your own dreams. This is how you will be able to evaluate the effect of this method.

If you don’t have time for studies, you can submit your dreams for professional dream translation. You can also do both. You can submit a few dreams for translation and solve your basic problems the fastest possible, and also study the dream language. This way, you will be able to translate your dreams yourself without depending on a dream translator. Now that I simplified Carl Jung’s method, you can easily learn the dream language and the dream logic.

When you will translate the meaning of your own dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation you will verify into practice that your dreams are not produced by your ignorant mind. Your dreams don’t reflect your fears and emotions. The real meaning of dreams is not defined by the dreamer, or by the various dream interpreters who interpret dreams based on their opinion. The meaning of dreams is defined by the dream producer.

The dream language is a specific language that you have to learn once in your life. Then, you will have this knowledge forever. You will be able to immediately exchange dream images with words that you can understand. You will be able to easily translate your dreams, or other people’s dreams.

This means that you will have additional and helpful information about everything. You will also be able to understand the symbolic meaning of your daily reality by translating the meaning of important signs like dreams, without sleeping and dreaming. This information will help you understand your reality and predict the future.

After mastering the dream language you will have a direct contact with God and solve all your problems based on safe guidance. God doesn’t make tests. He knows what you need in order to find balance and how you can solve your psychological problems, your daily problems, and the unexpected problems of your life.

However, God is not your slave. God helps you entirely free of charge by sending you numerous dreams with information and guidance, but you have to become a wise and sensitive human being.

God helps you find sound mental health and have all the conditions you need for your evolution as a human being, but you have to change your behavior. You have to study, analyze, and remember all the details that compose your reality. You have to become more intelligent by solving a series of problems, until you will find all the solutions you need.

You have to use your capacities. God is a doctor and a teacher. A teacher helps the student understand how to find the right answer, but without clearly showing it. A teacher helps the student use his mind and discover the right answer by himself.

This is how you have information in dreams. Your dreams give you many clues, which are like incomplete sentences. You have to complete the sentences with your conclusions.

Other times, God is very clear and He tells you exactly what to do because you are making a very big mistake and you have to immediately stop making it. You have to be humble, and accept God’s criticism.

Sometimes this is very difficult. I remember that when I was in the beginning of my long path, many dreams irritated me. After translating their meaning I understood that I was absurd.

I hated these translations. It was very unpleasant to understand that I was wrong because I was absurd. I used to blame everyone else around me for the existence of all the problems that affected me. However, the unconscious mind was showing me that I was the wrong one.

This unpleasant comprehension helped me understand that I had to stop becoming angry for insignificant reasons. I understood that independently of the fact that somebody else could have made a mistake, I shouldn’t become angry for this reason. I had to understand that human beings are imperfect.

I didn’t think this way when I was young. I was demanding and impatient. This is why many dreams irritated me in the beginning of my psychotherapy.

Only later could I accept the unconscious criticism without becoming angry for understanding that I was wrong. I got used with this truth. I understood that the unconscious mind was showing me my mistakes with the intention to help me stop making these mistakes.

Translating the meaning of dreams is a process of self-discovery with many unpleasant revelations. Your dreams reflect what is negative, so that you may avoid what is bad, and find sound mental health.

God is a sincere critic. He doesn’t want to please your ego. God always is very sad because you have inherited a satanic anti-conscience, and because of the existence of craziness and terror on earth. You have to understand the seriousness of the dream messages.

All dreams work like surgical operations that are trying to cure your psyche and enlighten your brain. You need special psychotherapy in order to eliminate your absurd and evil animal nature.

You will verify the importance of your dreams when you will be able to avoid a negative outcome thanks to a dream warning, or when you will manage to achieve a difficult goal thanks to the unconscious lessons. If you merely read my articles, you won’t make any progress.

This knowledge is not theoretical. You must actually translate your dreams based on the scientific method, and you have to really obey the unconscious guidance if you want to verify the benefits of this knowledge.

Those who affirm that dreams have no meaning don’t know that only Carl Jung’s method is serious and that only my simplifications and clarifications help you clearly understand the dream language. They look at the meaning of dreams based on what they have heard from the hypocritical and ignorant world.

Whoever trusts the scientific translations verifies the superiority of the dream messages. There is no comparison between the interpretations of ignorant dream interpreters who define the meaning of dreams based on their suppositions and the scientific translations, which respect the meaning given to the dream images by the dream producer.

The meaning of the dream symbols was defined by Carl Jung. I discovered the meaning of more symbols by comparing numerous dreams, always based on Jung’s method.

The scientific translations reveal truths that the world ignores. God’s words are meaningful. They touch the dreamer’s heart.

Many people made important decisions based on what they could understand about the meaning of their dreams in the long human history. Now that Carl Jung managed to discover the mysterious meaning of dreams and give us numerous scientific explanations, we have an advantage that our ancestors couldn’t have. Now that I simplified Jung’s complicated and confusing method, everyone can have precise and clear guidance by immediately translating the meaning of their dreams, which is another big advantage that Jung’s students didn’t have.

Carl Jung’s method is complicated, vague, obscure, and incomplete. Only heroes manage to precisely follow his steps.

I transformed this difficult and time consuming method into a method that even a child can learn. My dynamic simplifications are based on exchanging dream images with words, independently of the dream story when we look at the dream based on our conscience. I teach you how to analyze the dream images based on the dream logic.

You will verify that all dream images are very well-organized. They are not confused like they seem to be when you look at them based on the logic followed by your ignorant conscience.

When you translate the meaning of dreams you not only exchange images with words, but you look at the images based on another reasoning system, and not based on the reasoning system you usually follow. This is another detail you must learn, but I clearly show you the dream logic. You will get used with it. The dream language is a foreign language that must be translated in a different level of consciousness.

This complication prevents most people from understanding the meaning of dreams. Without knowing the dream logic, you cannot understand the relationship existent between the dream images. They seem to be disorganized and unrelated when you look at them based on the logic of your conscience.

Only when you relate the dream images based on the divine logic, can you understand the dream messages. This happened because God doesn’t think like you. You have to understand how to follow God’s thoughts.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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