The Last Days Of Materialism And Atheism

imagesCAN3YS8UWhen I understood that I had to become a psychologist and psychiatrist and cure invincible mental illnesses through dream translation, I believed that God’s plan was deficient. I should already be a psychologist or a psychiatrist, and then discover the power of dreams like Carl Jung.

Who would trust me?

The real doctor is God, the dream producer, but most people don’t believe in God. Most people don’t know that God is the dream producer.

Most people don’t believe that dreams are important. They don’t trust the dream messages.

Even when they believe that dreams could be somehow important, they think that perhaps we may understand our emotions and fears by analyzing our dreams, but this is only a vague help.

They don’t think that dreams can be translated in a specific way and that their meaning doesn’t depend on the opinion of the dreamer. They don’t know that the dream language is a language made only by images, with a very specific meaning, which is given by the dream producer; the divine unconscious mind.

Most people despise the meaning of dreams. They don’t know that only Carl Jung could discover the real meaning of the dream images because he looked for the meaning of dreams like an archeologist who was looking for the meaning of an ancient language. This is why he didn’t distort the meaning of dreams with his personal opinion.

I believed that I should be a psychiatrist like Jung, since I had to continue his research. Everything already was too complicated for me. I had to overcome many difficulties in my journey. If I already was a doctor, this fact would facilitate the acceptance of the world.

I couldn’t agree with God’s plan. I had to execute this plan because I was precisely obeying the divine guidance, but this doesn’t mean that I agreed with God’s decisions. I knew that God was wiser than me, but according to my point of view, this plan should be totally different.

However, I couldn’t argue. I was ignorant. I knew this basic truth. I was ignorant, too young, idiotic, and neurotic.

How could someone like me judge God’s decisions?

And, did I know how to put an end to craziness and terror on earth?

This was God’s intention with His plan. I was part of this plan, like many other people. I had to work for God, after being miraculously saved from schizophrenia through dream translation, before becoming schizophrenic like my father.

I believed that I had to continue Carl Jung’s research in order to help everyone find sound mental health through dream translation. Yes, this was part of God’s plan. However, this was only one part of my mission.

My real mission was complex. This is why I had to be a literature writer who became a scientist. I had to be a poet and a philosopher, and only then, become a scientist. I had to relate science to religion, and prove God’s existence to the atheistic and materialistic world.

God’s plan was difficult and long. I had to face many strange situations, many problems, and many humiliations.

I simply hated God’s plan. It was based on my suffering. I always had to bear suffering in order to do what was necessary. Everything was painful.

However, I knew that God’s plan couldn’t be simple because human beings are demons. God was trying to achieve the impossible.

His intention to transform demons into sensitive human beings was predestined to fail. I couldn’t agree with this project. I believed that God had to forget this matter and simply abandon the human race.

I didn’t think that there was a solution for us. We really were terrible demons. We would never agree with God.

However, I had to prove God’s existence to the materialistic and atheistic world.

How could I make God change His plan?

My blood had no importance at all because I was a terrible demon. I didn’t deserve salvation. I deserved suffering in eternal hell. I was miraculously saved because God needed someone’s help. He chose me because I was strong.

I always had to face failure, humiliations, offences, intrigues, and attacks. I always had to be impotent, and in an inferior position.

I super hated God’s plan!

However, I was obedient because I understood that I was crazy, and I recognized God’s sanctity.

Who was I? I knew nothing.

On the other hand, only through suffering could I become sensitive, calm, and humble, instead of being cruel, impatient, and demanding. There was no alternative for me.

I could theoretically understand that God’s plan was wise, besides totally disagreeing with this plan because it was based on my suffering.

I was insensitive and cruel. I couldn’t cry. I theoretically understood that I deserved suffering, but I couldn’t really agree with this necessity. On the other hand, God exaggerated. He expected too much from me.

I obeyed the divine guidance complaining, but also trying to be a hero. Sometimes I was a hero. Other times, I was a monster.

I was afraid of my evil nature. I didn’t know I was so evil, but I clearly saw this truth. This is why I never abandoned God, even when He made me face unbearable situations.

I knew I deserved to be in the position of someone who was unfairly treated. I deserved to be humiliated because I had humiliated many people. I was too impatient and demanding. I really was a monster. I knew that God’s plan was fair. God knew the meaning of justice better than me.

I would never find peace without God’s painful psychotherapy. I couldn’t trust my absurd ideas.

Today I’m more than grateful for God’s psychotherapy. Today I believe that God’s plan is a blessing.

Today I’m proud because I can prove God’s existence. I’m not afraid of the world.

Today I know that even if I was a named psychiatrist or psychologist, I would have to face the same unbeatable and unfair competition I’m facing now. It doesn’t matter. There are only problems everywhere. Everything is difficult and dangerous.

There is no justice on earth. Violence and financial power govern our world.

Since we are basically demons with a tiny human conscience, we act like primates. There are so many problems in our world that we feel discouraged when we seriously think about all the horrors we have to deal with.

We have to humbly recognize that we need God’s guidance. We will never find peace based on our ideas and theories.

The materialism that characterizes our world works against the development of our human conscience. We are induced to care only about material pleasures, without paying attention to our spiritual evolution.

Everyone must be able to understand God’s words in dreams in order to understand the meaning of life and the importance of their spiritual evolution.

We don’t live in order to have material pleasures, but this is what we seek. Everyone must understand that we must care about our spiritual health more than anything else.

The atheism that characterizes our world is another barrier that doesn’t let us understand the truth. There are also many atheists who pretend to believe in God, besides those who clearly declare their atheism. Even those who supposedly represent God on earth are terrible demons.

Everyone acts as if God’s existence was not important. We don’t want to verify if God exists or not. We don’t want to think about what could happen to us after death. We like to believe in illusions. We like our suppositions.

We believe that our theories are smart. We believe that our scientific discoveries are extraordinary, without paying attention to all the dangers that are threatening our peace of mind. We believe that someday we will find ways to solve all problems, even though we never organize our actions and we are totally indifferent to the destiny of humanity.

This happens because we have inherited evilness and absurdity into our wild conscience. We are mentally ill from birth. We need psychotherapy without a doubt.

We depend on superior guidance, the same way that a baby depends on adults. We have to recognize this truth. Otherwise, we will never find salvation.

Our salvation depends on our recognition that we really are imperfect, and we really make many mistakes. We have to admit the truth, so that we may stop making mistakes, and so that we may become more sensitive and intelligent by following God’s wisdom.

We will never become better based on our suppositions. We need directions. We need numerous instructions from a safe source of information.

Only God can be trusted. We must be afraid of human beings.

Even though we are supposedly human beings, we are more demoniac than human. Our tiny human conscience must be developed based on goodness and wisdom. We must learn how to be sensitive. Sensitivity is more important than intelligence. Compassion is more important than anything else.

We will never put an end to all wars if we won’t learn how to show compassion to our enemies.

This is not a supposition. This was what I could learn because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance, even though I was selfish and lazy. I had to change my behavior.

Finding sound mental health depends on finding peace. Finding peace depends on being able to always show compassion to all human beings, even if they are monsters.

Now that I could discover the existence of our satanic anti-conscience, everything will completely change in our world. The days we are living now are the last days of materialism and atheism on earth. Thanks to the vision I could give to the world because God showed me the truth about the human nature, now we know that our material reality is not as important as our spiritual reality.

I predict the end of materialism and atheism on earth, and also the end of craziness, terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, cruelty, indifference, and greed.

Now that everyone can easily understand God’s words in dreams, since I completed, simplified, and clarified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, a new historical time will put an end to the barbarous modern civilization.

This historical time will be based on peace, goodness, and wisdom because God will govern the world. Everyone will accept obeying God’s guidance with gratitude. Everyone will prefer suffering in order to attain sanctity, than suffering in eternal hell.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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