Fighting Hypocrisy and Attaining Perfection

Wild AnimalsAfter discovering the satanic origin of the human conscience I understood the meaning of many Biblical narrations. “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity”. We try to do many things while we are alive, but nothing is really valuable in the material world. What really matters is our spiritual evolution.

However, we cannot understand this concept. We are ignorant, and we have inherited evil tendencies.

God created many different religions to help us tame our wild nature and learn how to be peaceful. God worked hard creating our beautiful but dangerous planet with the intention to transform the absurd and evil nature of our satanic anti-conscience into human content. Our anti-conscience is our primitive, violent, immoral, and cruel conscience, which didn’t evolve with time because it doesn’t accept behavioral changes.

God created numerous wild animals in order to reflect the wild nature we have inherited in irrational animals. Only an artist could create so many different and complex species. These species could never have appeared by chance, even if our planet was older. The immense variety of animal species existent on our planet couldn’t be the result of disorganized chance; especially because all animals follow specific behavioral programs that allow their survival in a dangerous environment where they have many natural enemies.

All animals know how to survive from the beginning of their existence. They know how to behave even when they are kept isolated, and they cannot imitate the behavior of the other members that belong to the same species. This truth was observed by the biologist and ethologist Konrad Lorenz and many of the biologists he had mentioned in his research.

We can observe the same extraordinary variety in plants. God created our planet, which is four billions and a half old with all these animal and vegetable species with the intention to cure the absurdity we have inherited into the biggest part of our brain. Our planet was created by an artist, a doctor, and a priest.

God works hard producing numerous dreams with precious messages for our human conscience to help our human conscience win the fight against our anti-conscience. However, the meaning of dreams was distorted by so many impostors – who defined the meaning of dreams based on suppositions, that today nobody believes that dreams can be taken seriously.

My work proves that only Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation must be taken seriously. His method accurately transcribes God’s words in dreams.

His method is complicated, time consuming, and obscure, but I simplified it for you. My work clarifies all the obscure and vague points in Jung’s work, proving that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind.

After discovering the existence of our anti-conscience, I could completely understand the meaning of dreams, since I could see the content of the unknown region of the human brain and psyche. I could analyze the functioning of the anti-conscience and fight its absurdity. I verified into practice that it is an invincible enemy.

Only by precisely following God’s guidance can we escape the logical traps of our anti-conscience. Otherwise, we will accept its evil and absurd thoughts, without understanding the absurdity contained in these thoughts.

The world works based on everyone’s anti-conscience because the anti-conscience easily manages to destroy everyone’s human conscience. This is why our world is ruled by terror, but camouflaged by hypocrisy.

This means that if you will believe in the lies of the hypocritical world, you will lose your human conscience. You will be controlled by our primitive conscience, which thinks like a prehistoric man. However, this is not visible. The anti-conscience pretends to be your conscience, and not an invader.

Now, think about the severity of this fact. This means that you cannot trust our own thoughts. Many of these thoughts are not really yours. They come from your wild conscience, which is idiotic and thinks like a prehistoric man.

I could discover this bitter truth because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams and signs of my reality, which I could interpret like dreams. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to perceive the difference between the anti-conscience’s thoughts and the thoughts of the human conscience.

In order to perceive this difference you have to translate your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. You will have a direct contact with God. You will verify this truth when God will show you all your mistakes and sins in your own dreams.

First of all, you have to get used with the symbolic dream language. My dynamic method helps you immediately translate dream images into words. This is Carl Jung’s method, which I simplified after completing the end. My dynamic method is totally based on his discoveries. The scientific method of dream interpretation is also based on my discoveries, but while I was precisely following Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. I simply simplified and clarified his complicated method.

Through dream translation you will have many explanations about the influence of your anti-conscience in your mind and behavior. Then, you will eliminate your anti-conscience by developing your human conscience thanks to your obedience to the divine guidance.

However, God is demanding. He demands spiritual perfection. You have to understand your position.

You are a terrible sinner, even if you believe you are a good person. You are very, very far from spiritual perfection because you belong to the human race and you have inherited a satanic anti-conscience.

God is disgusted with our absurd and evil nature.

Human beings believe that God forgives everything because He understands our imperfections, but this is very far from the truth. God doesn’t close His eyes before our mistakes; on the contrary. God knows that we are demons with a tiny human conscience. He can see everything.

We can see only the content of our human conscience because the anti-conscience was separated from our human conscience by God. If we could see the content of our anti-conscience we would know that we are demons, and we would never try to become really human.

God lets us believe that we are human, hoping that we will someday really become human, but this miracle rarely happens.

God is tired with the human race. This is why He is punishing us with more incurable diseases.

We are punished by God because we are indifferent and cruel, and tortured by our anti-conscience, which keeps trying to destroy our human conscience through craziness. We are the poor human beings concentrated into our tiny human conscience. We want to be good, we want to find love and happiness, but our wild nature is stronger than us. This is why we end up on terror and despair.

Some people manage to escape this tragic end because they are protected for a certain period of time, but nobody knows when they will have to face their anti-conscience. Everything depends on various life situations.

The existence of the anti-conscience means that we are in fact demons with a tiny human conscience. Everyone is the human being concentrated into their tiny human conscience, but also the demon that occupies the biggest part of their brain and psyche.

Our conscience is constantly invaded by our anti-conscience because we easily accept what is bad. We behave like our anti-conscience because we like to be violent and selfish. We believe that this is more advantageous for us, without paying attention to the unethical methods we agree with. We have the intention to achieve our absurd goals no matter what.

We don’t pay attention to all the details of our objective reality. We don’t care about justice or other people’s rights. We insist on our absurd plans, and he try to hide (or justify) our absurdity through numerous ways.

This is why we accept hypocrisy as if it was a logical attitude. We like to be actors, without understanding the negative effect of falsity.

We believe that we have to protect ourselves from the world, and this is true, since everyone in our world can be dangerous. This is why we have a self-defensive attitude and we pretend to be kind with everyone even when we wish we could be rude.

However, this self-protection becomes a tool of manipulation. We are hypocritical in all situations, and for multiple reasons. We don’t even know how to behave without being false.

The negative effect of hypocrisy is very dangerous. If we are false, we are far from the truth.

We are false actors, but we swear we are saying the truth. We never admit our falsity. Sometimes, not even to ourselves. We don’t know how to be sincere.

Therefore, we are unable to understand the importance of sincerity.

When we are sincere we are with the truth. The truth can be ugly, but it always is better than lies. Lies are very dangerous because they are based on our imagination and on our suppositions. Only the truth can save us from absurdity.

If we hide the truth, or we distort the truth with a few lies or omissions, even when we don’t completely lie, we are accepting absurdity the same way.

Whenever we accept what is absurd, our anti-conscience manages to destroy another portion of our conscience. Our absurd decisions work against our human conscience.

Lying is an absurd attitude. Accepting falsity and hypocrisy is an absurd decision. The anti-conscience works like poison, destroying our conscience with its absurd thoughts because it easily manages to convince our conscience that we must be hypocritical actors. It makes us accept the absurdity of hypocrisy as if it was ‘necessary’.

When we accept the absurd thoughts of our anti-conscience, we agree with Satan. We believe that Satan is intelligent because we don’t know that it is an idiotic and self-destructive primitive conscience, since it thinks like a prehistoric man. Its thoughts are based on a violent and immoral reasoning system.

This means that when we accept following absurd thoughts that we don’t consider absurd because we believe that hypocrisy is a logical attitude, we accept following idiotic thoughts. These thoughts will destroy our capacity to think logically.

Having an anti-conscience that destroys our conscience with its absurdity is a dangerous matter. We have to admit the bitter truth and eliminate our wild tendencies through dream therapy.

You should have this truth in mind, because you need God’s guidance in your dreams. Of course, you want to be a human being. You want to be mentally healthy and achieve spiritual perfection. You want to find love, peace, and happiness.

Therefore, you have to eliminate your wild tendencies by following the divine guidance in your own dreams. You will eliminate your anti-conscience by eliminating your wild and evil tendencies. This process will help you become more intelligent and sensitive.

You will verify that you won’t be able to eliminate the hypocrisy that characterizes your own behavior, even if you believe you are a sincere person. This is a difficult process. You are used with your wild nature and you don’t believe you will be more successful in life if you will be sincere and honest in all circumstances. You will insist on believing that dishonesty sometimes is necessary.

You cannot simply abandon your hypocritical philosophy of life because you believe that this philosophy works like self-protection, without understanding that you are not protected if you are a liar. When you are an actor you are exposed to numerous dangers. You can be discovered, or you can be obliged to do many dishonest things in order to hide your lies.

You don’t understand that only if you will be sincere can you avoid being in a dangerous position. You believe that you will be completely exposed if you will be sincere. You want to hide your personal opinion.

The truth is that when you are sincere you are exposed to the outside world because you don’t hide the way you think and feel. However, this doesn’t mean that you are completely exposed. Only because you define your position, this doesn’t mean that you expose all your thoughts to the world. This means that you are not a hypocritical liar who pretends to agree with what you disagree. Your sincerity protects you from getting involved in dangerous situations and from falling into dangerous traps.

You don’t need to agree with the hypocrisy of the world to protect yourself from everyone’s judgment. You can have your point of view and your personal attitude before all life challenges. Your originality won’t bring your enemies. You will simply define your position.

If you will be false, you will have many enemies. When you are false, you attract false people.

Everything that happens to you depends on your own behavior, on your thoughts, and on your actions. If you are hypocritical, everyone around you will be hypocritical like you. You will permanently be an actor, surrounded by many actors.

Do you want to be in such position?

When you are sincere you have more chances to meet those who tend to be sincere than those who are false, even though most human beings are hypocritical and false in numerous ways.

If you will deeply analyze the human behavior you will verify that there are many layers of hypocrisy in our behavioral system. You have to translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method if you want to completely understand the human behavior. Besides analyzing your own behavior, you will analyze everyone else’s behavior as well.

The unconscious mind transforms you into a doctor. After following dream therapy and finding sound mental health, you can help others. The real doctor is God, the dream producer. You can become a doctor helper, and help your relatives and friends. You can also help many people as a professional dream translator if you have the desire to do so. I teach you how to become a perfect dream translator. This knowledge will immensely help you in your daily life, in your work, and in your relationships.

First of all you have to transform yourself into a wise and peaceful human being by obeying the divine guidance. You cannot help others if you are violent and hypocritical. You have to be reasonable, sincere, and sensitive. Then, you will help everyone with your wisdom.

Now that you know the bitter truth about the satanic origin of the human conscience and the power of the dream messages, you should respect the importance of dreams. Your safety is more important than anything else, but besides eliminating a terrible enemy when you follow dream therapy, you also have the chance to use all of your brain power.

You have to focus your attention on the importance of being guided by God instead of doing what your idiotic conscience may decide, while you are also influenced by your even more idiotic anti-conscience.

Obeying the divine guidance is a safe option, even when you will have to accept suffering because you have to correct your mistakes. You have to change your behavior, stop being violent, stop being immoral, stop being hypocritical, and stop being indifferent. You have to become a calm, morally correct, sincere, sensitive, and kind human being.

You have to automatically forgive your enemies without desiring revenge. You have to show compassion for everyone. You have to bring peace to the world and show wise behavior in all circumstances.

God transforms you into an angel and hero. Your mental health is guaranteed by your sensitivity and wisdom.

Your sincerity and your generosity will save the world from misery. Your brilliant example will help everyone respect the divine guidance like you. This is your destiny when you obey the divine guidance in your dreams and in your religion.

God prepares a plan for you. If you will obey His guidance, you will triumph over life’s challenges and save the world thanks to your work and your very convincing example. You should prefer obeying the divine guidance in dreams and become a hero. This advantage will save your life, and it will be more meaningful for you after your death.

I know you care only about how you will live your life on earth. You don’t care about your spirit. You don’t even believe you have a spirit. Perhaps you don’t even believe in God.

I advise you to be more careful and pay attention to my lessons. They are not based on my suppositions. I’m teaching you what I could learn thanks to dream translation.

You should read my articles many times. You will observe that the information I’m giving you couldn’t come from my ignorant mind. You will better understand this truth when you will systematically translate your own dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation.

I worked very hard simplifying the dream language for you during two difficult decades, without having any recognition or compensation for my work. I was working for God. I owed Him so much because He had the patience to transform a monster like me into a human being, that I will never be able to pay Him back. Without God’s guidance I would become schizophrenic like my father, and I would be false like my mother. My transformation is a miracle.

You are very lucky because God made me simplify the dream language and the process of psychotherapy you have to follow until you will completely eliminate your anti-conscience and purify your spirit. I could follow this process based on Carl Jung’s complex and vague explanations. I had to overcome numerous obstacles.

Thanks to my work, my students are learning the dream language with the same facility they learn any foreign language. You should be one of them before your anti-conscience will case serious damages to your conscience. I can also translate your dreams for you and help you find the solutions you need without wasting time. When you will verify the power of dreams, you will study the dream language, so that you may have this knowledge forever.

Many people use dream translation to solve their problems, but they don’t keep translating the meaning of dreams. Other people are more intelligent. They understand that this precious knowledge always is helpful and always must be respected. They also understand that they have to attain spiritual perfection.

Your dreams contain God’s words. God is not only a psychotherapist who works without payment. God is your father. He created your tiny human conscience, the same way He created your environment.

Without God, you would be only a wild primate. You wouldn’t understand the difference between morality and immorality. You wouldn’t understand the meaning of justice. You would be an absurd rational animal; worse than all irrational animals.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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