A Bitter Recognition And A Brilliant Alternative

A Bitter RecognitionI’m giving you lessons about what I could discover after continuing Carl Jung’s research, and showing you that God produces your dreams. My work is scientific and religious, since I prove God’s existence into practice. The unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung is God’s mind.

I also prove the satanic origin of our conscience, and the fact that we are demons with a tiny human conscience. This is the unpleasant part of my discoveries. God’s existence is a blessing, but Satan’s existence is a tragedy.

The biggest part of our brain and psyche belongs to our anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience. The anti-conscience is in fact Satan. Our satanic anti-conscience controls our behavior when we are violent, immoral, cruel, and indifferent.

We have to eliminate our absurd and evil nature through consciousness, so that we may stop being barbarous monsters. We don’t think that we are cruel, but the truth is that we cannot evaluate our insensitivity. The horrors of our world prove that we are insane, but we are so absurd that we disregard the terror around us, and we keep looking for happiness in parallel with terror.

We believe that happiness is based on material pleasures. We believe that we are not responsible for the poverty that tortures the biggest part of the world population, including those who don’t live in absolute misery. We believe that our indifference is a logical reaction because we justify our cruelty with absurd assumptions based on selfishness and greed.

My shocking discoveries prove that we are so indifferent to the human suffering because we insane from birth. This is why we cannot understand our own absurdity, and this is why we need God’s guidance.

We have to obey the divine guidance in dreams and in our religion because we will never understand how to escape the traps of our satanic anti-conscience alone. Without God’s help, we will never find peace.

We have inherited too much absurdity and evilness. We are unable to understand what is better for us. We make many mistakes. We indispensably need superior guidance.

Even though the comprehension that we are so absurd and evil is sad, and the admission of our demoniac nature is a bitter recognition, the fact that we could finally discover the satanic origin or our conscience represents the end of our suffering. Now we know why we must obey the divine guidance. So, now we won’t have the indifferent attitude of the past.

This is the end of the original sin. Now we can understand why we must respect God’s will, and not our own will.

I could discover everything I’m showing you only because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance, even against my will. I understood the depth of my ignorance and the depth of my absurdity and I accepted obeying the divine guidance without objections, even though I confess that I complained and I hated this guidance.

I was selfish and lazy. I didn’t want to be a hero. I obeyed the divine guidance against my will because I understood that my attitude was wrong and God was always right, even when I couldn’t understand His wisdom.

I understood that I was a demon. I saw all the absurdity I had inherited and I understood why I was so cold that I couldn’t cry. I realized that I needed help in order to recuperate my human sensitivity. I had no doubt that God knew what I had to do, even when I hated my suffering.

Anyone could be in my place. I was lucky because I could save my conscience and escape schizophrenia, even though obeying the divine guidance was very hard for a lazy creature like me. God made me work and He made me suffer. He gave me a very heavy cross, telling me that I deserved it because I would cause numerous destructions with my cruel behavior.

This fact was true, and I could verify it in my daily life. I fell in love with a married man, who was my husband’s best customer. God showed me my own absurdity in order to prevent a tragedy, and make me stay far away from the man I was in love with. I had no doubt that I really deserved a heavy cross because I understood that I was a terrible sinner.

God showed me that I had to accept my heavy cross with gratitude, and keep obeying His guidance like a soldier because I was absurd and immoral. If I wouldn’t obey His guidance, I wouldn’t escape eternal hell.

God told me that I had betrayed Him because I abandoned Him. He was giving me the chance to save my sanity because He was showing mercy to my victims. I would cause numerous catastrophes. God showed me the truth in order to convince me to carry the heavy cross I really deserved, and this way, save my sanity.

I had no doubt that God was right. I precisely obeyed the divine guidance because I was afraid of craziness, and I could see that I was in a very dangerous situation.

My discoveries are God’s gifts to the world. I was simply obeying the guidance I had, many times without even understanding why, and most of the time disagreeing with my suffering. God didn’t care about my suffering at all. He told me that I was so cruel and evil that I really deserved suffering forever. However, my suffering would have a limited duration. I had to pass through a long process of transformation, and attain sanctity, but then I would stop being punished for being cruel because I would become an angel.

Sanctity… I didn’t even know the real meaning of this word. God’s intention seemed to be absurd to my eyes. A lazy and selfish creature like couldn’t attain sanctity.

God showed me that I had to stop being lazy and selfish. This was the solution for this problem.

By obeying the divine guidance, I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience. This was a very dangerous experience. I don’t know how I could survive the unbearable attacks of my anti-conscience when I could discover its existence. The anti-conscience generates the symptoms of craziness, which are dizziness, fainting, panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations. I had to suddenly bear all these symptoms, while praying, and working in a store in the center of Athens that always had many customers and visitors.

I verified into practice that an average person cannot bear these attacks. I could save my sanity and learn how to fight the absurdity of the anti-conscience because I was obedient. I did exactly what the divine unconscious mind was showing me, even against my will.

My will had no importance at all. I wanted to stop living, but I had to be a hero. There was no alternative for me.

God’s plan was really perfect. I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience exactly after meeting my husband’s best customer and falling in love with him. I had to fight the absurdity of my anti-conscience exactly at that period of time because this was the only way to make me obey the divine guidance instead of betraying my husband.

In other words, I was on the edge of the cliff, but God saved me the last minute. I should be grateful because I found salvation, instead of complaining because I had to bear my suffering in order to do what God was showing me.

God seemed to believe that I had supernatural powers, but I was only an average person. According to my own judgment His expectations from me were more than absurd. God demanded from me things that no one had the courage to do. I obeyed God’s guidance complaining and disagreeing with my suffering, but obeying because only God knew what was right.

This was my salvation. At a certain point, I stopped complaining, even though I still had to be a hero. Being a hero was better than being schizophrenic. I understood that I really had to be grateful for my cross. This cross was my salvation from eternal hell.

My story proves that God finally managed to show the bitter truth about the satanic origin of our conscience to a human being. He used my case and my example to give this lesson to the world.

God was trying to show us the truth through many ways. This is why He created many different religions. Each religion shows us one aspect of our complex spiritual reality. Now that the real meaning of the dream language was discovered by Carl Jung, and now that I simplified his method, we can have more information and guidance in dreams.

The fact that we can clearly understand God’s guidance means that we can finally solve all our problems by obeying the divine guidance. The scientific method of dream interpretation opens a new horizon for humanity. Everyone can have a direct communication with God; a personal communication through dream messages. This is an experience that you must have.

My work proves that Jung’s dream theories were real discoveries, and that God was the real hero in my story.

In the beginning I believed that it was silly to be in an inferior position and bear many humiliations, while I could show everyone that I was more intelligent than them. God made me understand that only by being in an inferior position could I understand the truth about those who were around me. When I was arrogant, demanding, and snobbish, I couldn’t see the dark side of my reality.

You can verify by yourself that the unconscious mind will show you in your dreams truths that only God knows. You will also have proof of God’s existence in your daily life. You will have many dreams with future predictions, and you will have many confirmations that these predictions were true. Dream translation according to the scientific method is the only method of future prediction you can absolutely trust. All the other methods are based on suppositions and cannot be trusted, even if they seem to be successful in a few aspects.

Your dreams and your life are closely connected. The divine unconscious mind shows you many things you ignore about yourself and the world. You are able to predict the future, and you can also change the future development of your reality thanks to your wise attitude.

You usually appear in your dreams because you represent your ego. Your ego must control your behavior. However, your anti-conscience constantly manages to take the place of your ego. It tries to destroy your human conscience and permanently control your behavior.

Most dreams show you how your ego reacts before your anti-conscience’s attacks. You must learn how to get rid of your absurd anti-conscience, so that you may have the chance to use all of your brain power. This is indispensable for your own safety.

You have to get rid of your anti-conscience if you want to preserve your sanity and stop being a victim of your primitive conscience.

Your process of transformation depends on your goodness. You will stop being a demon when you will become a sensitive human being, who will always show compassion for the human pain. You will eliminate your demoniac nature when you will become a good person.

The solution for all human problems is the cultivation of goodness in our hearts. Goodness and sound mental health are synonyms.

However, since we have a demoniac nature, we like what is bad. We are selfish and lazy. We don’t want to stop being violent.

This is why God sends us many dreams, which have a therapeutical effect. They help us understand our reality, even when we cannot understand their meaning. When we write down our dreams, we make more progress.

When we translate the meaning of our dreams according to the scientific method, we understand what is happening into our brain and psyche, and we also have information about the world. At this point, we are able to clearly understand the real importance of the dream messages.

God is a very patient doctor because He knows that we are too absurd. He repeats many times the same lessons because He knows that we tend to repeat the same mistakes numerous times. This is why we have many dreams about the same problems.

We are idiotic. We forget to think about the consequences of our actions. We repeat the same mistakes because we are slaves of our habits. We don’t take many things into consideration.

Only God can be so patient and repeat so many times the same lessons, through numerous different ways. God is not only a doctor. God is also an artist. This is why our dreams mark our psyche in a significant way. Dreams have a magical influence in our psyche.

We need many lessons because our human conscience is idiotic, since it is under-developed, and we are constantly influenced by our satanic anti-conscience, which is more idiotic than our conscience, but intelligent enough to prepare numerous logical traps for our conscience.

We believe that a conscience is able to discern what is morally correct or not because we are used with the organized functioning of our human conscience. However, our absurd and idiotic anti-conscience thinks like a violent animal.

The disorganized functioning of the anti-conscience is quite organized in numerous aspects because the repetition of the same actions and the same effects helped the anti-conscience learn how to follow a series of reactions in order to spread terror everywhere. Each series of reactions becomes a behavioral pattern.

Therefore, the anti-conscience follows an organized plan of destruction, even though it is basically disorganized. It follows many behavioral patterns, which are instincts, and work automatically.

The anti-conscience is an idiotic and self-destructive conscience that can think logically, but its reasoning is idiotic. It doesn’t try to evolve and attain higher levels of knowledge. It remains in a primitive condition because it is lazy and it doesn’t want to learn anything. It learns only what it considers indispensable.

The anti-conscience imposes its absurd thoughts to our conscience with the intention to destroy our human conscience and take its place. It cannot understand many things, but it is intelligent enough to confuse our conscience with its absurd suggestions. Its intention is to destroy our capacity to think logically through craziness.

All its suggestions are absurd. If we will accept following these suggestions we will end up on despair. In this situation, our anti-conscience will easily manage to kill our human conscience by generating a mental illness within our conscience, and gradually destroying our reasoning system.

Our anti-conscience is a self-destructive monster, but we cannot understand this truth from the beginning. Thus, when we are influenced or controlled by our anti-conscience we act like animals, without understanding this fact. We believe that we still are the same conscious human beings we were before the invasion of our absurd anti-conscience into our conscious field, but this is not true.

We are controlled by our anti-conscience when we accept its absurd ideas. The anti-conscience takes the place of our human conscience. In other words, we think like a prehistoric man.

Now that you have this knowledge, you can understand why you must follow dream therapy. This is a necessity, even if you don’t believe you have psychological problems.

You cannot understand that the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience are idiotic because they have a logical appearance. The anti-conscience is a sneaky and tricky actor. It pretends to like what will destroy your conscience.

Since the anti-conscience can think, it pretends to be your human conscience. The anti-conscience is a betrayer; a false actor that takes your place and pretends to be yourself.

Your human conscience is constantly invaded by our anti-conscience because you easily accept what is bad. You believe that what is bad is more convenient for you in numerous situations. When you accept what is bad, your anti-conscience invades your conscience even more. It destroys your capacity to discern what is good or bad.

The anti-conscience imposes craziness to your conscience, while it pretends to help your conscience find smart solutions for your problems. You don’t understand that your thoughts are not really yours. You believe that you are following ‘your own’ thoughts; in other words, the thoughts of your human conscience. However, you are in fact following the idiotic thoughts of your anti-conscience, which seem to be logical.

An absurd and evil conscience doesn’t think logically. It only seems to understand what is logical or illogical.

The anti-conscience is your second conscience, which pretends to be logical, but is in fact absurd and evil. When you accept its suggestions, you accept Satan’s suggestions, without understanding what you are doing. You believe that these are your own ideas, but these ideas don’t come from your human conscience.

How can you recognize the absurd thoughts that invade your conscience and escape your anti-conscience’s traps? Only by following the divine guidance in dreams. Only God can help you fight and eliminate your wild conscience.

Now that I simplified the dream language after continuing Carl Jung’s research you can easily learn the dream language. You will learn how to translate your own dreams and everyone’s dreams as well.

You also have to do what the unconscious mind shows you in your dreams, so that you may stop making mistakes. If you want to evolve you cannot keep making mistakes. You have to learn how to do only what is positive for you.

Your psychotherapy depends on your cooperation. You understand what you have to do thanks to the guidance you have in your dreams. Then, you have to do what your doctor is showing you. If you are indifferent to the unconscious guidance, you cannot save your sanity and evolve.

God is a very patient doctor, but you must help Him save your mental health. Your cooperation is indispensable because your human conscience must become more intelligent, and your heart must become more sensitive. Your conscience must become stronger, and your anti-conscience weaker. You have to transform the wild reactions of your anti-conscience into peaceful human reactions.

Your mental health depends on your obedience to your divine doctor. If you are disobedient you cannot be cured. You have to follow the process that God is showing you, without acting based on your imagination.

You are too ignorant and too far from balance to be able to understand how to deal with your powerful anti-conscience, which occupies the biggest part of your brain. You should obey the divine guidance because if you won’t cooperate with your doctor, you won’t get rid of the tyranny of your anti-conscience. Satan is a terrible enemy.

You have to admit the truth, and understand your inferiority. You have to recognize your incapacity to discern what is right or wrong.

You will learn how to really understand the difference between right or wrong based on divine wisdom, and not based on the lies of the hypocritical world. The knowledge you will discover in your own dreams will help you understand the meaning of life.

You live in order to pass through a process of transformation, and stop thinking like a primate. You may believe you are intelligent, but your intelligence is limited. Your anti-conscience steals all of your brain power. Your anti-conscience bothers your evolution and threatens your mental stability. It doesn’t let you become the brilliant person you can be.

When you will eliminate what is bad from your brain and psyche, you will become a genius. Your intelligence and your sensitivity must be developed at the same time. Otherwise, you won’t find balance.

Your sanity depends on your goodness. However, you don’t know the real meaning of goodness. You tend to prefer what is bad because of your wild nature and because of the impositions of the world. This is why you need help. God is very generous and sends you numerous dreams with precious messages that help you in all ways; exactly because He knows that you need help.

You will be able to attain higher levels of knowledge and help the world thanks to your work, and thanks to your brilliant example. God will transform you into a wise and sensitive hero. You will be a savior.

Thus, the admission of the truth has a positive side that gives you courage. You will be rewarded. God is demanding, but He transforms you into an extraordinary person. You will be forever grateful for your psychological and spiritual transformation.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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