Why Should You Follow My Example?

FollowingCarl Jung was lucky because he could study in a University and he was a recognized psychiatrist and psychologist. He managed to discover the real meaning of the symbolic dream language and the supernatural power of dreams, even though he didn’t pay special attention to the fact that God produces our dreams. He used God’s wisdom to cure his patients, without having a religious attitude.

Jung had discovered before me that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind, but he didn’t believe that he should obey the divine guidance. He considered God only as a good counselor for his conscience, and he concluded that our conscience must decide what to do, after analyzing God’s advice.

My position was totally different. I was very young and ignorant. I also was neurotic, and a young mother. I had to be with my baby all the time. I understood that I needed psychological help, and I was very afraid of craziness because my father was schizophrenic. However, I couldn’t go anywhere, I had financial problems with the baby because I had to stop working with my husband, and many other problems because my mother-in-law had died when I was pregnant, and my old father-in-law was living with my husband and me.

Besides all these problems, my young cousin Efi had died in an accident three days before my mother-in-law passed away. Two deaths in the family, the fact that I was responsible for my son’s life, and my depression and anger made me desire to stop living. However, I had to be strong. I was not only responsible for my own life. I was responsible for my child’s life.

Dream interpretation was the ideal solution for me because I could interpret my dreams at home, without having to go anywhere. I gradually bought all books Carl Jung had written. I seriously studied his method, after verifying that all the other methods of dream interpretation were a waste of time.

I was a very good student. This was my salvation. I don’t know what would have happened to me without the unconscious guidance in dreams. I understood that I was crazy because I had many absurd and repetitive thoughts that I couldn’t stop even when I tried to. I used to become angry for insignificant reasons, and I was depressed all the time. I needed help.

This was the beginning of my very long path. I managed to continue Carl Jung’s research by obeying the divine guidance in dreams. I could easily recognize that I was ignorant and unable to decide what was better for me. I could also perceive the unconscious sanctity, which Jung couldn’t understand. So, I concluded that I had to precisely obey the divine guidance instead of doing what my idiotic and ignorant conscience would decide.

I obeyed God’s guidance like a soldier because I was afraid of craziness. Besides having a schizophrenic father, one of my best friends became psychotic and committed suicide when he was 26-years-old. His case showed me that anyone can lose their conscience forever. I would never have imagined that Arnold could have this tragic end when we were teens.

He seemed to be one of the most balanced boys in our gang, and his family was extraordinary. His parents and his two sisters were true angels. Arnold was lucky because he had such family.

I understood that if even someone like him could become psychotic, anyone could have this bitter destiny at a certain point of their lives. Craziness was a very dangerous matter.

I was extremely obedient, but the truth is that even though in the beginning I had the behavior of an angel, after some time I started complaining and writing down many blasphemies against God and His intention to put an end to craziness and terror on earth. I never disobeyed God’s guidance in any moment, but God had to bear my revolt. I hated the necessity to be so obedient, and I hated God’s guidance. God made me suffer.

However, I always remembered that I was absurd, and God was wise and saintly. I always was wrong, and God always was right. I didn’t forget this basic truth.

Many times, even when I was exploding and writing the worst blasphemies I could think of, I was predicting that I would regret this reaction and beg God’s forgiveness again. God was my victim. He had to bear my explosions of anger, while He was saving me from craziness and terror.

It was very hard to obey the divine guidance, but I had no alternative. I clearly understood that my case was difficult. I didn’t want to be like my father, or end up like my friend Arnold.

In the beginning I believed that my mission was to help humanity find sound mental health through dream translation, since I could better understand the meaning of dreams and the unconscious guidance. I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience, our wild conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our conscience. I also learned how to fight the absurdity of the anti-conscience by obeying the divine guidance in dreams.

I cured many people through dream therapy since 1990. So, I believed that my work was scientific.

Some people told me that I don’t present scientific evidence for my statements. Even though I do so in my ebooks and in many of my articles, everyone can simply verify into practice that God is the dream producer by translating the meaning of their dreams according to the scientific method, or by submitting their dreams for professional dream translation.

In order to learn the dream language you have to learn all the details and rules of this language, the same way you study any foreign language. The dream language is complicated in the beginning because it follows a different logic; the unconscious logic, which is based on sanctity. It becomes simpler when you get used with the unconscious logic. Now that my dynamic method of instant translation from images into words is ready, everything is easier for you.

Therefore, anyone can verify that God really speaks in dreams after mastering the dream language. I don’t need to give more proof if anyone can experience this truth and verify that God is the dream producer by themselves. Everyone can also learn the meaning of their dreams by submitting their dreams for professional dream translation and verify this truth even without studying the dream language.

I have already given you so many free lessons of dream interpretation that you already are able to translate a few parts of your dreams based on these lessons. This way you can verify that this method works. Every dream image you are able to translate already gives you precious information about your mental condition or about your future.

All dreams work like psychotherapy and spiritual purification. Anyone can easily verify that the wisdom contained in the dream messages doesn’t come from our ignorant minds. God gives us superior guidance.

We depend on God’s guidance because we are in fact demons who possess a tiny human conscience that must be developed. The bitter truth is that we are so far from balance that God’s attempt to help us find sound mental health is predestined to fail. Our demoniac nature doesn’t let us fight the absurdity and the evilness imposed by our anti-conscience.

We are absurd from birth and we tend to become neurotic with time. The horrors of our world and the indifference of our population to these horrors prove our satanic nature more than my explanations.

Everyone can better understand their satanic anti-conscience through dream translation. The unconscious mind shows us what our anti-conscience is trying to do.

I was in a horrible position when I started following dream therapy because I was a terrible demon. This is why I couldn’t find peace. My anti-conscience was too powerful. Only a miracle could help me keep my conscience alive.

This is why God made a miracle and I was able to better understand the meaning of dreams, after precisely following Carl Jung’s lessons. I don’t know how I could understand Jung’s complicated, time consuming, and obscure method of dream interpretation. In the beginning I was writing down my dreams in various dream journals without understanding anything. The comprehension of the mysterious meaning of the dream language seemed to be impossible to be attained for me.

God gave me an extraordinary literary talent. When I became a dream expert and I translated the symbolic meaning of my literary work I understood that I was a prophet. There was another meaning behind my words. God was speaking through dream symbols in my story. He gave me the magical inspiration that made me write words of wisdom from the time I was a child.

I always was proud of my literary talent. However, when I was able to translate the meaning of dreams, the symbolic meaning of literary words, and even the symbolic meaning of my daily reality, I understood that this talent was not really mine. God was the real artist behind my words.

God did many things not only in order to help me eliminate my dangerous anti-conscience, as well as in order to help me become a humble and patient human being. I was too demanding and impatient. I had to learn how to be humble.

I hated this necessity. I hated to be in an inferior position. I hated all the lessons I had. I didn’t want to be a saint.

However, I kept precisely obeying the divine guidance because I had recognized my vast ignorance. God was very patient with me. At a certain point I understood the value of sanctity and I truly desired to become a good person instead of being the monster I used to be.

You should follow my example because you are far from balance, even if you believe that you are a reasonable person, and even if your parents are not mentally ill. You have inherited absurdity and evilness into the biggest part of your brain and psyche, and your tiny human conscience must be developed through consciousness. You must understand your mistakes, and you also have to understand the meaning of real goodness.

You need the scientific method of dream interpretation to understand God’s words in your dreams, and you need God’s guidance because you are as unable to decide what is best of you as I was when I was a young mother. God knows a lot more than you do, even if you are old.

I understood that my mission was not only scientific, like Carl Jung’s mission. My real mission was more complicated and difficult.

I have to prove God’s existence to the indifferent world. God chose me for this mission and He prepared me through many ways to be able to carry on this difficult mission because I was strong. God needed my work and my example to give practical lessons to the world. This is why He accepted to bear my violent reactions, while I didn’t deserve to be saved.

I was in fact very lucky because I could escape schizophrenia and become a doctor, even though I had to bear suffering in order to change my behavior. Today I’m grateful for my sacrifices and my obedience to the divine guidance, but it was very hard to transform my personality. I don’t know how God managed to make me change.

I didn’t believe that this was possible. If you knew me when I was young, you wouldn’t believe that someone like me could ever learn how to be humble and how to respect other people’s feelings. I was arrogant, selfish, and lazy.

When I started curing other people through dream translation I verified into practice that I was not the only one who had to indispensably pass through a process of psychological transformation. My case was very common. Most people have a tragic life biography, and unbearable psychological problems.

Since human beings are in fact demons with an under-developed human conscience, this means that we are predetermined to become mentally ill during our lives. We have to fight the absurdity we have inherited. Our chances to escape severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia and psychosis are quite limited.

Most people are neurotic, but they ignore this fact. Some people’s neurosis is turned into worse mental illnesses, or it becomes a chronic mental disorder.

Neurosis is killing our depressed population, but we give different definitions to our absurdity. We don’t want to pay attention to the truth.

This is why my difficult mission is in fact only in the beginning. After studying the meaning of dreams and curing so many people for two decades, I still have to convince the materialistic and atheistic world to obey the divine guidance in dreams. I don’t know when I will finish my work.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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