The Absence Of Honesty And Sincerity In The Human Behavior

SincerityYou may believe you are a good person, but the truth is that you can be considered to be really honest and sincere only if you have attained sanctity and spiritual perfection. Since you belong to the human race, you have inherited absurdity and evilness into the biggest part of your brain and psyche. Sincerity and honesty don’t characterize your behavior.

Sincerity is the admission of the truth as it is. However, the truth usually is very ugly. Nobody has the courage to admit the bitter truth as it is. Honesty is the quality of being fair and truthful in all situations, even when someone must admit their faults, or give to someone else what they could keep for themselves.

Since we have inherited absurdity and evilness, we have a natural tendency to hide the truth from others. We are false actors who are always so far from the truth that we don’t even know what is real or not.

Our reasoning system is complex. We think about many things at the same time, even when our mind seems to be focused on one thought. We always are in a self-defensive position, trying to give a good impression to our social environment.

Therefore, we hide our real opinion. Whenever we perceive that we can be exposed if someone will learn or understand something we don’t want to reveal to the world, we do everything we can to hide this unpleasant truth. We may even agree with something totally absurd we would surely disapprove in a normal situation, only because we are trying to hide a bitter truth. We know will be blamed by those who are around us. We don’t want to be condemned for any reason.

Our behavior is absurd in numerous aspects, but we don’t understand our absurdity. When we don’t want to talk about a bitter truth, we pretend we are silly and we don’t understand what someone else is trying to understand. We talk about something else, trying to change the course of the conversation.

For example, I just answered the message I received from one of my online patients. I translate dreams for the public because many people don’t have time to study the dream language, or they have urgent problems. After translating the dreamer’s dreams, we exchange many email messages. The dreamer writes down his/her comments about my translations, and makes me questions.

Then, I send my answer. Sometimes the dreamer has more questions, or we talk about certain details of the dream or certain problems of their daily lives, which were reflected in the dream. So, we have a conversation through email messages.

The dreamer I just mentioned started submitting her dreams for translation because the meaning of dreams always was of her interest and she had read many of my articles. She didn’t seem to have any psychological problem. She was only very interested in the meaning of dreams. She even bought my ebooks and she started studying the dream language and comparing her previous studies about the meaning of dreams with my lessons, which are totally different from the lessons she had before.

She submitted two dreams for translation because they were vivid dreams and she wanted to know their meaning before studying my lessons. Both dreams were positive because she is a very good person. I had the chance to translate beautiful dreams that were reflecting the dreamer’s extraordinary personality.

I told her that I was impressed. I usually find many psychological problems and mistakes in everyone’s dreams. Only a few people have positive dreams from the beginning of the dream therapy.

However, one month later she submitted a recurring dream because she was curious about its meaning, and she couldn’t translate it. She didn’t even have time to finish reading my ebooks because she works all day.

Her recurring dream had a negative meaning. Recurring dreams reflect procrastination. I told her that I could see that there was a psychological problem or perhaps another kind of problem in her life, even though she had a strong human conscience.

I advised her to submit a few dreams for translation. This way, I would understand which mistake she was making, and how se could prevent future problems.

A few days later, this dreamer submitted a negative dream for professional translation. Thus, I saw that she had a serious psychological problem, even though she was a good person and she was quite balanced and sensitive.

This dreamer has a very strong human conscience, but she is making a certain mistake. I told her that I needed more information from the divine unconscious mind in order to understand her problem.

I had related the four dreams she had submitted to her life biography and I could understand many aspects about her psychological system, but I was only in the beginning of my research. I couldn’t decipher the mystery yet.

This dreamer was so kind and intelligent that she didn’t seem to be someone who was making mistakes in life. Her first dreams showed me that she was an admirable person. I couldn’t see which mistake she was making, even though I started thinking and supposing many things. I told her that I needed more dreams in order to understand her problem.

Of course, I won’t tell you this dreamer’s problem or publish her dreams because my translations are private, but I’m mentioning her case to give you a practical lesson. She submitted another dream for translation, which was quite revealing. It clearly showed her that she is making a serious mistake in a certain area of her life, and she must finally stop making this mistake.

I related her fifth dream to her recurring dream, which was a clear indication that she must do something she keeps postponing, or correct a mistake she keeps repeating. I related this information to her life biography and to her negative dreams. This way, I could clearly understand the mistake she was making and the way it was affecting her life.

So, in my next email message I explained everything to the dreamer and I told her that this was a serious mistake. She had to solve a certain problem because it would generate bad consequences if it would remain unsolved.

She replied to my message discussing my translations and telling me that she wouldn’t translate the dream the way I did based on the knowledge she had before, but she was starting to understand my method (which is derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation).

She didn’t say a word about the problem that her last dream was clearly reflecting, even though her last dream was showing her that she had to finally solve a serious problem she kept avoiding.

She reacted as if the translation of this dream was positive and she didn’t have anything to worry about. Instead of answering my questions and analyzing the problem reflected in her dream, she talked about my translations and the dream symbols.

This dreamer is a well-educated, good-hearted, and intelligent mature woman. However, she is not paying attention to her mistake because she doesn’t think that it should be considered to be a mistake.

Someone is taking advantage of her goodness, but she wants to protect this person. I cannot tell you who this person is, why the dreamer wants to protect them, or in which way this person is taking advantage of the dreamer’s goodness, but you don’t need to learn these details in order to understand the dreamer’s absurdity.

This example helps you perceive how hidden someone’s absurdity can be. The dreamer of this example is a reasonable and generous person, but she is acting like a child in one aspect of her life.

You may believe that this detail is not really important, but it is not a detail. What this dreamer doesn’t consider to be a mistake is a serious mistake that will surely generate unbearable situations in the future. Right now this is not clearly visible in her daily life, but the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind. God can predict the future. This is why He sent a serious dream warning to this dreamer, who doesn’t want to stop being immature in one point of her life.

Even though this dreamer could understand the translation of the meaning of her dreams, she is not reacting the way she should have reacted, since the unconscious mind was clearly showing her why she is making a serious mistake. This dreamer had an absurd reaction because she showed apathy before a serious problem, instead of trying to understand how she could solve this problem and stop suffering.

She preferred to ignore the problem, and keep making the same mistake. She didn’t want to face the truth.

If a person who seems to be so reasonable and sensitive has an absurd reaction when she faces a problem that she has no courage to solve, you can imagine how many absurd reactions those who are mentally unstable have.

The dreamer of my example had a common reaction. Many people try to ignore the problems they don’t have the courage to solve because they will have to suffer in order to solve these problems.

This is an idiotic reaction, but they cannot understand their absurdity. If they are having problems and making mistakes, this means that they are suffering. So, it would be wiser to suffer in order to definitively solve their problems. This way they would stop suffering after solving them.

If they keep ignoring their problems and they keep avoiding the suffering of having to face their reality and find a solution, they will keep suffering because of these problems, and what is even worse, they will become mentally ill. The problems they will keep facing will cause so many damages to their psychological system and to their lives that they will be unable to deal with the invasion of the absurd thoughts sent by their anti-conscience.

These people seem to be unable to understand their mistakes not because they are not intelligent or because they cannot see what is wrong in their lives (even if they have only a partial vision of the root cause of their problems), but because they don’t want to admit their mistakes. They prefer believing that perhaps something will miraculously help them somehow, even though they know that this is an illusion. This is why they don’t want to analyze their problems and their mistakes. Thus, they talk about something else whenever someone mentions the problems they are neglecting.

The absence of sincerity is as harmful as the dishonesty expressed by big distortions of the truth or blatant lies. I could give you numerous similar examples, only by analyzing the behavior of those who are considered to be ‘normal’ people.

In order to escape the labyrinth of craziness and the tragic consequences of absurdity, you must learn how to eliminate the absurd tendencies you have inherited. The absurdity existent in your behavior is invisible to your eyes, even if you are able to recognize your imperfections.

You should study my dynamic method of instant translation from images into words, or submit your dreams for professional dream translation. The divine unconscious mind will show you what you have to do in order to stop being a victim of your wild side, and a victim of the crazy world.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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