The Difference Between Sound Mental Health And Absurdity

AbsurdityMost people believe that we are basically balanced, but a few human beings have psychological problems, which sometimes can be solved, even though sometimes we are unable to understand how to cure a mental illness. This is a false impression that my research and discoveries are gradually eliminating.

After continuing Carl Jung’s research I had a shocking surprise that demoralizes the entire human race. I could discover that we are basically absurd from birth.

Carl Jung had discovered that we tend to become neurotic with time, but he was not as afraid of this discovery as I was when I could finally understand its importance. He was in the comfortable position of a named psychiatrist, recognized by the world. I was in the uncomfortable position of a neurotic patient who was desperately looking for peace and happiness.

I had read Jung’s life biography. He had a peaceful life, even though he had to deal with invincible mental illnesses because he became a doctor. My life was a thriller, and I was mentally ill myself. My father was schizophrenic and my mother was false and materialistic. I didn’t want to be like my parents, who were always fighting for some reason.

When I became a young adult and I started studying Jung’s lessons, I observed that he was exactly describing my case. I verified that I really was crazy by studying his lessons. The way that I, the patient looked at the truths that he, the psychiatrist could discover, was totally different.

I was shocked for verifying that I had a neurotic behavior. I understood why I had made so many mistakes in life. I simply made the mistakes made by those who belonged to my psychological type. There was nothing original in my life.

When I read Jung’s definitions about the psychological types and I understood why my behavior was so strange, and why I always was angry and unsatisfied, I understood that I was a victim of my own absurdity. I was suffering very much because of the mistakes I had made, but I couldn’t understand why I was so angry. I believed that I should be happy with my decisions, while these decisions were completely based on my thoughts.

I had no feelings. I didn’t pay attention to my heart because my heart was frozen. I was sick, but I didn’t know how that I was mentally ill and totally disconnected with the external reality. Carl Jung’s lessons helped me understand my neurosis, and understand the meaning of dreams.

Then, I verified that I was not the only one who was neurotic; on the contrary. Most people are neurotic in our crazy world, but they ignore this truth.

I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance in dreams, after verifying the sanctity of the unconscious mind, which Jung couldn’t perceive because he was a scientist. I was a literature writer. My poetry helped me maintain a contact with the meaning of sensitivity, even though my heart was frozen and I was basically insensitive and cruel.

My education in a Catholic school also helped me learn the meaning of sanctity. So, I could recognize the superiority of the unconscious wisdom, while I was discovering my own absurdity and the absurdity that characterizes all psychological types.

In other words, I discovered that God produces our dreams to save us from craziness, while I was discovering that everyone is crazy. Only saints can be considered mentally healthy human beings. Everyone else is absurd.

We rarely manage to escape neurosis. Neurosis is a complex mental illness, which usually is the beginning of worst mental illnesses. It represents the initial invasion of the person’s anti-conscience into their conscience.

The anti-conscience is our wild conscience, which has satanic characteristics and tries to destroy our human conscience and control our behavior. Sometimes the destructive process of someone’s conscience by the anti-conscience is slow, other times it is fast. Sometimes someone’s absurdity is visible; other times it is imperceptible for years.

Many times this absurdity is visible only to those who belong to the person’s family, but not to the world. Absurdity is a complex topic never properly defined by the ignorant and hypocritical world.

Human beings are natural actors. We can hide our absurdity, and we can pretend to be reasonable in numerous circumstances. However, if someone could observe and analyze our behavior in all moments of our lives and also read our minds, they would surely conclude that we are absurd. We merely pretend to be reasonable in our social environment, but we show our absurdity to those who depend on us.

We are able to work normally, and we are also able to deal with life’s challenges even when we are controlled by our absurd anti-conscience. However, we are absurd in our private moments, especially with those who are afraid of our actions.

We cannot understand our own absurdity because our abnormal behavior is justified by the misconceptions of the hypocritical world. We don’t know the real difference existent between what is right or wrong. We believe in false definitions, without looking for the truth.

As a matter of fact, we hate the truth. We like to distort our reality with our lies, and we like to believe in the lies of the world.

When I had published my ebook Craziness Prevention (in 2007) many people didn’t like this title, telling me that it was offensive. Nobody liked the idea to be considered crazy because nobody knew that we are crazy from birth and we must prevent worst craziness. This is how we will be able to learn how to be mentally healthy.

Since I could discover this truth, I had to publish a book showing to the world how to prevent craziness and terror. I didn’t include the word ‘terror’ in the title, but this is the real meaning of my work.

I learned how to prevent and how to eliminate craziness and terror by obeying the divine guidance. Most people don’t understand the meaning of preventing craziness because they don’t know that we already are crazy from birth, what means that we must follow psychotherapy if we want to avoid having psychological problems and facing tragedies in life. Only a few privileged individuals manage to escape neurosis, even though they still are absurd because they are far from perfection.

Carl Jung could discover that all human beings tend to become neurotic with time, but he didn’t know the real importance of this discovery. After discovering the existence of the anti-conscience I could understand why we tend to become neurotic, and what we have to do in order to eliminate the root cause of our problems.

Our absurd and evil anti-conscience tries to generate tragedies in our daily lives with the intention to generate a terrible mental illness within our conscience, and destroy our capacity to think logically. When we are desperate, we accept the absurd thoughts sent by the anti-conscience without criticism. Then, we make many mistakes. When we have to face their consequences, we end up on despair. In this situation, our anti-conscience has the chance to completely destroy our conscience, and forever control our behavior.

When we prevent craziness, we prevent tragic life experiences that generate craziness.

Since everyone inherits an absurd and evil anti-conscience, which is constantly trying to destroy our human conscience, everyone can be a victim of this destruction. The bitter truth is that most mental illnesses are not diagnosed, especially because our schizophrenic world leaders are very powerful. They dictate what the world can learn, and they distort everything to their advantage.

There is no justice and no sincerity anywhere.

I would have to write numerous pages in order to describe the absurdity that characterizes the human behavior. I have already talked about this matter in many articles. We are too far from balance.

I will summarize everything in a few words for you, so that you may understand the essential. The biggest difference existent between sound mental health and absurdity is based on the existence or the absence of sensitivity. A mentally healthy person is sensitive, but a mentally ill individual is insensitive.

Most people are as insensitive as I was when I was a young adult and I was looking for psychotherapy through dream translation. Indifference to the human pain is a clear indication of insensitivity and cruelty. The biggest part of our population is characterized by indifference, what means that most people are disconnected with their external reality.

Our apathy before craziness and terror proves that we have a satanic nature. This is why we are indifferent to other people’s pain. Otherwise, we would suffer whenever we would observe someone else suffering, and we would do everything we could in order to help them stop suffering. We wouldn’t be able to forget their pain.

Many people are starving in our world, and even those who are not starving are facing a terrible battle in order to survive, but nobody cares about those who have no basic life conditions. Our indifference is responsible for the preservation of craziness and terror on Earth.

The fact what we disregard other people’s pain and we keep looking for happiness in parallel with the terror we observe in our world reflects our absurdity. However, we don’t understand how sick we are. We don’t believe we are cruel ‘only because’ we do nothing to save the poor.

We don’t think we are responsible for their problems and we don’t think we should care about saving others. We don’t think we should waste our time trying to help others instead of enjoying our lives the best way we can. We help others only when this practice seems to be advantageous for us.

Therefore, we don’t want to pay attention to the truth. We don’t want to recognize our absurdity. We prefer our insensitivity.

We believe that our indifference is a neutral attitude. We don’t think we are cruel ‘only because’ we are selfish. We believe that selfishness is part of the human nature, and we don’t want to change our behavior.

Since we are natural actors and we are absurd from birth, we want to hide our absurdity. We never admit our mistakes. We don’t want to be sincere.

This situation transforms the comprehension of the real meaning of absurdity into something that is beyond our capacities. How can we understand the meaning of absurdity if we defend our absurdity as if it was based on logical conclusions? We simply pretend that we want to be reasonable, but we don’t want to stop secretly having a neurotic behavior. We think that our behavior is self-defensive and normal.

This is why only by logically analyzing the meaning of absurdity, we don’t stop being absurd. We need psychotherapy.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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