Discovering What Really Matters In Life

What MattersI have already clearly showed you that you must transform your personality by following the wise guidance of the divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams and proves God’s existence. This obligation defines the meaning of your life.

I could discover everything I’m teaching you because I was precisely obeying God’s guidance in dreams.

My own merit is only my obedience. I’m simply narrating what happened to me and how I could discover what really matters for us while we are alive because I obeyed the unconscious mind like a soldier. I understood that this was my salvation, even though I had to accept carrying a very heavy cross and pass through numerous crucifixions.

When I saw all the absurdity and the evilness contained into my anti-conscience I concluded that I was very dangerous. I would surely provoke many destructions with my anger. I understood I really had to be extremely obedient because I was too violent. I would never be able to find peace.

The fact that I could calm down and stop being selfish and demanding is a miracle. God gave me scientific knowledge to help me understand the severity of my mental illness. I had to accept being obedient and tame my satanic anti-conscience.

I was very afraid of craziness. I didn’t want to become schizophrenic like my father, or psychotic like my adored friend Arnold. I knew that craziness was invincible.

You must be very careful like me. You never know what could happen to you, since you have inherited absurdity and evilness into the biggest part of your brain and psyche.

As I have already showed you numerous times, your tiny human conscience is one-sided because it works based on only one psychological function and a half, and you have inherited absurdity and evilness into your anti-conscience, which remains in a primitive condition. Therefore, you are far from sound mental health. This is an obvious truth you must recognize, so that you may take action and find sound mental health without wasting time.

Your dreams are your salvation. God shows you everything you have to do in order to eliminate your wild nature and become a wise and sensitive human being. This is how you will find authentic happiness in life.

God helps you find your perfect match and have a happy family. God helps you find peace and satisfaction in life.

You only have to obey the guidance you have in dreams. Sometimes this is not easy, but if you are not making serious mistakes it won’t be difficult for you. In case you are making mistakes you may delay to solve your problems, but you will be cured through dream therapy in less than one year of psychotherapy.

Most people solve their basic psychological problems in around eight moths of psychotherapy. Everything depends on everyone’s case, their life biography, and their personality traces. However, everyone is cured for sure because God is a perfect doctor. This is a big advantage you never have when you trust ignorant and hypocritical human beings who are mainly controlled by their anti-conscience, which is their wild, violent, and immoral conscience.

Only God knows how to cure invincible mental illnesses because they really are invincible. Since my father was schizophrenic, I knew from the beginning of my life that crazy people cannot be cured. They will never learn how to have a reasonable social behavior. Later I verified this bitter truth when one of my best friends at the time I was a teen became psychotic. Nobody could ever imagine that an intelligent and kind person like Arnold could someday lose his mind and his identity. He became idiotic. His words didn’t make sense. His case was a shock for me.

Arnold seemed to be one of my most balanced friends. His family was excellent. His parents and his two sisters were very kind. He was lucky because he had this wonderful family.

However, he suddenly lost his mind after coming back from a trip to Europe from Brazil. I’m Brazilian. I grew up in Sao Paulo, a big city like New York. I had a beautiful gang when I was a teen. We still are like brothers and sisters. Arnold’s shocking case marked our gang with deep pain. Nobody could ever suppose that a kind and reasonable young man like him could someday become psychotic and commit suicide after five years of treatment with a psychiatrist, who was not able to help him in any way.

I have cured many people with severe or simple mental illnesses through dream therapy since 1990. I can cure those who suffer from schizophrenia and psychosis since then, but I was far from knowledge when I was young. I could only partially cure my father a few years before his death. God helped me cure him through many ways, especially thanks to his nurse and her family, and thanks to the help of many other Brazilian friends, while I was living in Greece and visiting my father whenever I could travel to Brazil again. My son followed me in a few trips when he became a teen.

My father’s case was impossible to deal with. He was unbearable. He was always finding ways to be upset for some reason and cause problems to everyone around him. He had many other defects. I had to be very patient with him. First of all, he believed that he knew everything. On the other hand, everyone was suspicious for him. He didn’t trust his own shadow.

However, even someone like him could be partially cured thanks to the divine guidance to me, who was his daughter and his doctor, even without his cooperation. He was difficult. He never simply agreed with anything. He would always find reasons to disagree with the simplest ideas and plans.

I have always verified that the unconscious psychotherapy makes miracles, even without the cooperation of the patient because God sends us information about other people’s psychological problems in our own dreams.

When we have the patients’ cooperation, their psychotherapy is much easier, even when it takes more than one year of psychotherapy because the patient must solve many problems or because he or she cannot devote all his time to his psychotherapy, what means that he must go slowly, and so on. There are numerous different cases.

What really matters is that everyone is cured for sure from any mental illness, everyone becomes more intelligent, and everyone feels better thanks to the divine guidance in dreams.

You can submit your dreams for translation and also learn the dream language, without depending on a dream translator. The best option is to do both. You can gradually learn the dream language, but solve your basic problems now by submitting your dreams for professional translation. Your psychotherapy will help you better understand the dream language because you will have practical lessons and you will observe their value in your daily life.

Later you will keep translating your dreams yourself. The unconscious psychotherapy has a limited duration, but you must follow an evolutionary process, besides eliminating the absurdity and the evilness you have inherited. After becoming mentally healthy, you have to attain higher levels of knowledge.

You should translate the meaning of your dreams forever and always have God’s guidance enlightening your way.

I will help you evaluate the therapeutical effect of dream translation by answering three questions:

1. How are you helped by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method?

God knows how your brain works and how you can absorb the information you have depending on which psychological function was better developed in your brain and psyche, and depending on your attitude in life. Your attitude reflects the way you interpret our reality.

If you belong to an introverted psychological type you relate everything to your personal opinion. If you belong to an extroverted psychological type you don’t have a personal opinion about anything. You simply follow the opinion of the world.

You must have an introverted and extroverted attitude at the same time if you want to be balanced. Only God knows how you can understand your reality based on the psychological functions that are working in your conscience. God also knows what happened to you in the past and what will happen in the future.

This is why God knows how to help you understand your mistakes and change your behavior through dream messages.

You are safe when you trust the divine unconscious mind. The dream images follow another reasoning system, but they manage to give you exactly the explanations you need.

2. Why do you have long and strange adventures in dreams?

Dreams are complex scenes that give information and guidance to all dreamers. Many times dreams work like alarms because they have a protective function. Nightmares and bad dreams are serious warnings that must be respected. Otherwise the dreamers will be controlled by their anti-conscience and stop being human.

A mental illness is formed with the destruction of your conscience and your incapacity to think logically. Therefore, God shows in your dreams many details that must be taken into consideration, so that you may avoid falling into the logical traps of your anti-conscience. Complicated and vivid dream scenes with many dangerous adventures are trying to alarm you and prevent a severe mental illness.

The unconscious mind tries to make you pay attention to your dreams and to your psychological reality by sending you many dreams that will cause curiosity about their meaning. This is how you will care about transforming your personality and avoiding all problems.

While you are indifferent to this matter, you never take action. You are an apathetic victim of your anti-conscience, which keeps destroying your conscience with time.

3. How are you cured from a mental illness or how can you prevent a mental illness through dream translation?

By understanding in which points your anti-conscience is influencing your decisions you stop doing what works against your mental health. God shows you how to solve all problems in a wise and sensitive manner and how to purify your spirit.

This means that besides eliminating your psychological problems, you change your life for the better and you attain spiritual perfection. You also have God’s protection, what helps you prepare favorable future conditions for you. This is an advantage that has no price.

You only have to desire to be a good person and obey the divine guidance. You will surely become mentally healthy and wise. This is simple for those who are not as far from sound mental health like the mentally ill.

If you already are mentally ill you need dream therapy more than anyone else, even though your treatment will be longer. It can take even three years or more if your problem is serious, but at a certain point you will become strong, self-confident and independent. You will keep translating your dreams because you have information about everything in your dreams, but you won’t depend on your psychotherapy forever.

You must care about becoming a better person and attaining spiritual perfection not only because this will be better for you and it will be a big relief for God, but also because your absurd and evil anti-conscience can destroy your life. You never know how your anti-conscience will manage to cause problems to your psychological system and to your daily life. You must eliminate your wild side for your own safety.

What matters in life is the elimination of all the negative characteristics of your personality. Your psychological and spiritual transformation defines your destiny. Everything depends on this transformation.

You have to be intelligent and understand that of course obeying God’s guidance is a big advantage, even when you have to accept suffering. If you will disobey the divine wisdom, you will fall into the traps of your satanic anti-conscience. You will suffer because of your mistakes and their consequences.

I advise you to prefer suffering to improve your personality and your life until you will become a perfect human being. You will become a superior person. Your suffering will end when you won’t need to be corrected.

You will verify that the real causes for all your problems are related to the influence of your anti-conscience into your conscious mind. Since you live in order to eliminate your satanic wild conscience, everything that happens to you in life is related to this necessity. Eliminating your anti-conscience should be the most important matter of your life.

Your life has a very specific meaning. You are not free to do whatever you may desire as you probably believe if you are following the erroneous mindset of the atheistic and materialistic modern civilization.

Stop following the lies and illusions of the hypocritical world. You have the moral obligation to become a better person. This is the reason why you are alive.

If you will ignore this obligation, you will never find peace. You should follow my example and the example of many other people who found all the solutions they needed in their own dreams. They became self-confident and strong, they found happiness, and they are now helping others.

What do you prefer?

You cannot avoid suffering if you are imperfect and you live in a cruel world, where many dangers are constantly threatening your peace of mind. I’m giving you all these lessons to help you understand how you can surely find sound mental health and eliminate the possibility to lose your mind someday.

You should accept suffering in order to tame your anti-conscience and become a calm, wise, peaceful, sensitive, humble, sincere, and generous human being. You will have many advantages in life and after death.

If you will follow the erroneous mindset of the current civilization you will be indifferent and selfish. You will believe that you have to be violent to defend yourself. You will be unfair and dishonest. You will make many mistakes and never find authentic happiness in life.

When your spirit will abandon your body and the material world won’t have any meaning for you, you will have the bitter destiny of all the indifferent sinners who disobey God’s guidance, and deserve His punishments.

You have no choice, while you believe you are free to decide what to do in life. If you won’t decide to precisely obey God’s guidance while you are alive, you will regret disagreeing with this obligation.

If you are controlled by your anti-conscience, you act like a demon. If you act like a demon, God must punish your spirit for being evil.

Perhaps you don’t understand the real difference between goodness and evilness, and you don’t feel you are so far from sound mental health. Perhaps you don’t even believe in God’s existence, even though I’m showing you that God produces your dreams.

You should be serious and care about the information I’m giving you, without trusting your suppositions. My lessons are not based on my personal opinion. I had to study and work very hard for years and years, always obeying the unconscious guidance in all situations in order to help you with this knowledge today.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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