A New Vision Thanks To The Meaning Of Dreams

New VisionCarl Jung’s research and discoveries opened a new horizon for humanity. Only his method of dream interpretation accurately translates the meaning given to the dream images by the dream producer; the divine unconscious mind. However, his method is so complicated, obscure, and time consuming that only a few souls could precisely follow his steps.

I’m not exaggerating. Many people could understand Jung’s psychology, but only a few people in the world could really understand his complicated method of dream interpretation. The fact that I had to cure many people into practice for two decades before being able to simplify his method of dream interpretation proves its complexity.

There are so many impostors declaring that they are able to interpret the meaning of dreams, and there are so many people who despise the meaning of dreams because they believe that it is ridiculous to look for meaning in the disorganized dream images, that proving to the world that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is the only one everyone must follow is a very difficult matter.

The truth is that Jung’s method is complex because the meaning of dreams is complex.

It was very hard for me to simplify all the complexity existent in his method of dream interpretation, even though this method is extraordinary and really helps the dreamer understand God’s words in dreams. Carl Jung didn’t have a religious attitude because he was a scientist. I completed his research by following his method of dream interpretation and obeying the unconscious guidance in dreams.

I had a religious attitude after discovering the sanctity of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams because I was a terrible sinner who was saved from craziness and terror thanks to the divine guidance.

Today you can easily understand the dream language and understand God’s words, but this doesn’t mean that you can easily transform your wild side into human content. Your wild conscience is stronger than your tiny human conscience. You are lucky because thanks to my simplifications you can have a direct communication with God and eliminate your wild side the fastest possible, even though this is a difficult mission.

You have inherited craziness into the biggest part of your brain, which belongs to your anti-conscience. Your anti-conscience is your primitive self. You ignore its existence, but it is alive into your brain and psyche.

Your primitive conscience makes you follow its idiotic and absurd thoughts, after invading your conscience. You cannot imagine that the thoughts that pass through your mind don’t belong to your human conscience. However, many of these thoughts come from your anti-conscience. Your anti-conscience invades your human conscience with absurd thoughts all the time; especially when you are revolted or sad.

Your anti-conscience is a demon. It is a wild killer like a shark. Its reasoning system was distorted by terror. This means that you have inherited a primitive enemy into your brain and psyche. This enemy is part of yourself, but your ego cannot control its movements. It works independently of your human conscience.

You have to learn how to eliminate your anti-conscience by following God’s guidance in dreams. This is necessary for the maintenance of your mental stability, but you will have numerous advantages thanks to your psychological and spiritual transformation. You will learn how to be a perfect human being and attain wisdom. You will also find love and happiness in life.

You will help the world thanks to your existence. Everyone will imitate your noble example.

You will have a new vision. You will stop believing in illusions. You will understand how to achieve your goals based on real future predictions, thanks to the unconscious lessons.

You will verify the relationship existent between your dreams and your daily reality, besides understanding your psychological system. You will have numerous explanations in your own dreams.

Your dreams have multiple dimensions. They help you predict the future and change the future development of your reality based on your actions. You always verify that the unconscious predictions were true.

Even when you don’t see happening exactly what you had predicted, you understand that you were protected thanks to a dream prediction that didn’t show you the entire truth because you wouldn’t be able to understand everything. You may have a partial future prediction because there are many things that you are unable to understand before living and facing various situations into practice. However, you always are protected; even with the partial vision you have.

Your reality is complex. This is why your dreams are complex. Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is complicated because when you translate the meaning of dreams you have to pay attention to numerous details and relate this information to the psychological system of the dreamers and their life biographies. In order to simplify this complication I had to translate numerous dreams for many people until I could understand what was really important in the unconscious messages.

Everything in a dream is important, but when you start translating the meaning of dreams you have to learn the basic translation, which gives you a general comprehension of the meaning of the dream.

When you will read your translations and relate this dream to previous dreams you will better understand the unconscious messages. When you will relate this information to the issues you are facing in your daily life you will understand how to improve your life and prepare positive future situations.

Everything always depends on your behavior. You can change your destiny depending on your attitude. If you will precisely obey the divine guidance in dreams you will surely follow a positive destiny and become a brilliant person.

You always verify that the dream predictions are true because they fit your daily reality, explaining many related factors. Many people cannot believe that our dreams have meaning because they couldn’t learn the real meaning of the complex dream language.

Your dreams contain many types of future predictions, even when their main intention is not to predict the future. For example, one dreamer understands that his main problem is to control his anger. Another dreamer understands that her main problem is to stop having relationships with the wrong person.

Every dreamer dreams about future situations that can threaten their mental stability. This way, they learn how to prevent a mental illness.

They predict what could happen to them before facing various dangerous situations. In the end, they manage to avoid these situations, so the prediction doesn’t become true. The dream predictions would become true if the dreamer wouldn’t pay attention to the unconscious warnings.

A dream prediction shows you what can happen to you in the future in order to help you avoid facing what would be negative for you by correcting your behavior. This means that your behavior defines the life situations you will face.

Everything in our planet is related to our behavior because our planet is a place of transformation.

All mental illnesses are generated by our anti-conscience and the unpleasant and dangerous situations we face when we accept its absurd suggestions. Therefore, the unconscious mind shows to all dreamers how they can avoid the negative situations that put their mental stability in danger. They must change their behavior, so that they may avoid facing what would be bad for them.

God cannot protect sinners. God protects those who respect His guidance.

The accurate translation of the meaning of dreams has a psychological dimension, and also an existential dimension. Every dream describes what can happen to the dreamer depending on the logical manipulations of their anti-conscience, and also depending on the life situations they may face. The unconscious mind shows to all dreamers the life situations that are part of their reality and can put their mental stability in danger. They can avoid facing these situations by changing their attitude.

The dreamer who must control his anger will have many dreams about the violent parts of his personality. The dreamer who must stop having dangerous relationships with the wrong partner will have many dreams about various false ‘perfect matches’, and they will be compared with her real perfect match.

Therefore the dreamer who must control his anger will predict many situations that can make him have violent reactions. Then, he will learn how to avoid having these reactions. By avoiding these reactions, the dreamer is able to avoid facing dangerous situations.

This means that he learns his life lessons thanks to the unconscious warnings in his dreams, and stops making mistakes. He doesn’t need to be punished by a negative situation for repeating the same mistake.

He is able to avoid future problems by being obedient to the unconscious guidance in his dreams. He learns how to forgive his enemies, without showing anger. Thus, he doesn’t need to face a situation that would generate anger and only then, try to control his anger in order to learn this lesson. He learned his lesson thanks to dream translation, before facing a dangerous situation.

The same happens with the dreamer who understands that she must find her real perfect match instead of having relationships with the wrong partner. She doesn’t need to have bitter life experiences to understand this lesson if she will obey the unconscious guidance in her dreams.

Nothing is simple, but everything becomes simpler when you have the divine guidance in your own dreams, showing you many things you ignore. This precious knowledge protects your sanity, and helps you evolve.

You abandon your violent animal nature. You discover many talents you were not using. You become so intelligent that you immediately find solutions for all problems. You become so sensitive that everyone feels safe with you.

This is more than an advantage. When you meet God you understand the real meaning of life. You understand the meaning of your religion.

I was surprised when I verified that the unconscious mind was God’s mind. In the beginning I believed that the unconscious mind was a natural organ. I was ignorant and I didn’t have real faith, even though I had admitted the possibility of God’s existence after passing through six years of atheism when I was a teen.

My literary talent helped me perceive the sanctity of the unconscious mind, even though I was so indifferent and cold, and even though I was a terrible sinner, very far from sanctity. I was also helped by the fact that I had studied for twelve years in a Catholic school with Silesian nuns; even during my atheism. I suffered from a tragic car accident when I was 15-years-old, and since then I lost my faith. Even though I started believing in God’s existence again when I became twenty two years old, my faith was weak.

Only when I learned the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung could I realize that God speaks in dreams. It happened in 1988, when I was 27-years-old. However, I had to cure many people through dream therapy for two decades before publishing my discoveries and solutions (in 2007).

If I had all the knowledge you can easily have today thanks to my discoveries and solutions, I wouldn’t spend all my life pursuing this precious knowledge. You are lucky because you can easily learn what Carl Jung knew, and also what I know after translating numerous dreams and curing many people from mental illnesses (and even physical diseases) thanks to this knowledge.

This alternative will surely help you improve your personality, your life, and your future. You will also help the world. This alternative is God’s gift to humanity. I could discover everything I’m teaching you because I precisely obeyed God’s guidance in dreams, after precisely obeying Carl Jung’s lessons. Without the divine guidance I wouldn’t be able to understand anything.

You can have the same advantages I had thanks to the translation of the meaning of dreams, and many other advantages, depending on your capacities. You can become an inventor or a professor. By following God’s guidance you will surely become a superior human being. You will able to achieve goals you would never believe you could achieve.

Do you believe that a young and neurotic literature writer like me had any chance to become a psychiatrist and psychologist, and someday cure mental illnesses that today’s doctors are not able to cure?

As a matter of fact, I was despised and even offended many times because nobody could believe that I was able to cure invincible mental illnesses when I was in the beginning of my long journey. Everyone was surprised with the positive results of their dream therapy.

The real doctor is God, the dream producer.

This is why dream therapy is always effective for everyone. I’m only a dream translator and a helper. God knows everything about everyone. You don’t need my professional translations if you will learn the dream language. Your doctor is not me.

You can simply study the dream language thanks to my dynamic method of instant translation from images into words, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. You will have this knowledge for life, and you will understand the divine guidance in all dreams.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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