God’s Powerful Guidance In Dreams

SensitivityYour transformation into a wise human being depends on your sensitivity, and not on your intelligence. The materialistic and atheistic modern civilization disregards this truth, but you must pay attention to this revelation. Could you ever imagine that your feelings are more important than your thoughts?

I used to belong to the introverted psychological type based on thoughts. I always believed that our thoughts were most important than anything else. Our thoughts seemed to be what could differentiate rational animals from irrational ones.

If you will think logically, of course you will conclude that our thoughts really are the most complex and superior capacity we have at our disposal. I used to love thinking. I also was proud of my intelligence, even though I gradually became idiotic after suffering from a tragic car accident when I was a teen. After the accident I became neurotic, but I didn’t know this fact. I still believed that I was as intelligent as I used to be when I was a child even when I became an adult.

Since I was an excellent literature writer (as many people had recognized multiple times, I had received many prizes, etc.) I believed that I was very intelligent, without recognizing many signs that indicated how far I was from the truth. I was ignorant and indifferent, and I believed in numerous illusions.

I was surprised when I could understand that our sensitivity is more important than our intelligence thanks to the unconscious messages in dreams. The divine unconscious mind that produces works like a psychotherapist because we have to fight Satan. In other words, we have to fight the absurdity and the evilness we have inherited into our wild conscience, the terrible anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics and proves Satan’s existence.

Our conscience has a satanic origin because what is bad was born before goodness could be discovered by God.

The anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within our conscience and numerous problems in our daily lives. It is constantly trying to destroy our tiny human conscience and control our behavior.

God created our human conscience, by developing one of our psychological functions (from the four we have at our disposal) based on human characteristics, and half-developing another psychological function. We have to develop the two and a half psychological functions that belong to our anti-conscience based on human characteristics by following God’s guidance in dreams and in our religion.

All religions teach us similar lessons because they were created by the same God, who also created numerous animal and vegetable species and numerous other differences in our planet, in order to teach us the meaning of goodness.

This is the entire truth about our mental condition, and about the meaning of our lives. We live in order to eliminate our anti-conscience through consciousness, by understanding the meaning of goodness, the importance of compassion, and the importance of forgiveness.

In a few words, what is really important for you is not if you will be able to discover many things thanks to your intelligence, but if you will be able to cry when someone else is suffering, and if you will help this person. God pays attention to your tears, to your generosity, to your sincerity, and to your humbleness.

If you are a famous genius able to make fantastic calculations you may deserve congratulations in this aspect of your life, but you don’t deserve a place in heaven. You are very far from spiritual perfection.

God is very generous. He gives you many extraordinary capacities, but the cruel world and your indifference to what is bad annulate God’s gifts, facilitating the destruction of your conscience by your absurd and evil anti-conscience.

You have to pay attention to the human pain, and always be a peaceful and sensitive human being, without imitating the bad examples of the world. You have to be different.

You will develop your conscience and use all of your brain power by developing your intelligence and your sensitivity through dream translation. You will deeply understand the importance of forgiveness and compassion.

God gave me an extraordinary literary talent because I needed help in order to become somehow sensitive. I was too cruel. I became totally insensitive after the accident because I was controlled by my anti-conscience. This accident helped me understand that I had to stop being proud of my intelligence and my beauty because I could suddenly lose everything.

I stopped caring about the fact that I was attractive after the accident, but I didn’t stop believing that I was intelligent. I didn’t stop loving my thoughts because I was a rational type. Only thanks to dream translation could I clearly understand the difference between being intelligent, and being sensitive.

Fortunately, I was also helped by my literary talent. All my poems and stories were inspired by the divine unconscious mind, which also gives us artistic talents. My poetry helped me maintain my sensitivity, even though I was too insensitive and disconnected with the outside world. My poems helped me understand the importance of goodness and compassion, even though I was indifferent and cruel.

When I became a dream expert and I could understand the symbolic meaning of the poetic literary language, I could discover the meaning of many dream symbols that Carl Jung couldn’t explain. Then, I understood why our brain power depends on our sensitivity and not on our intelligence.

Even an ignorant person can be mentally healthy if they cultivate goodness in their heart. However, those who are very intelligent but are insensitive are in fact mentally ill.

Everyone is insensitive in our world. I was not an exception. This means that most people are mentally ill, even if they ignore this truth.

I didn’t know I was neurotic when I was a teen. Only when I became a young adult, and I became a mother, could I understand that I had to pay attention to my behavior because there were many negative signs in my behavior that denounced absurdity. I also had many strange thoughts, and insisting repetitive thoughts. This is why I looked for psychotherapy through dream translation.

Most people don’t know that they are neurotic or depressed. They believe that this is how everyone feels and thus, they conclude that this is ‘normal’. If you will define what is normal based on most people’s behavior, you may believe that something abnormal is normal only because everyone has the same abnormal reactions.

We are basically mentally ill from birth because we inherit absurdity and evilness into the biggest part of our brain. Our tiny conscience is insignificant before our huge anti-conscience. We tend to become more mentally ill with time and with the deceptions of life because our anti-conscience has the chance to impose its evil ideas to our conscience when we are revolted and sad.

Most people in our world are mentally ill, but they don’t have time or money to pay attention to their mental health, unless they are forced to. Even when they look for help, they find theories and suppositions that are very far from the truth.

Everyone must understand the importance of sensitivity and goodness, but this is not a simple matter for violent and indifferent creatures like us. This is why God creates numerous dreams with information and powerful guidance, trying to help our human conscience escape our anti-conscience’s traps and evolve.

Now that you have this vision, you can understand why sensitivity is so important for you. You must care about the beauty of your actions, the beauty of your spirit, and the beauty of your life. You cannot be indifferent to what is bad and simply close your eyes to what belongs to your environment, even if you are not immediately affected by its negative effect.

You must have a clean conscience. Never accept what is immoral and dishonest; in any circumstance.

However, there are many other temptations not well-defined behind the camouflage of the hypocritical world. Your anti-conscience uses the same camouflage in your mind. You indispensably need God’s guidance if you want to stop making costly mistakes and understand your reality.

God will make you stop running and pay attention to numerous details. You will verify that there are many details you don’t pay attention to. These details give you information about your reality.

The same way that a detective pays attention to numerous details when he tries to discover a mysterious murderer, you will pay attention to numerous details in order to protect yourself from other people’s bad intentions. You will learn meaning revealing details in everyone’s personality that will help you predict their reactions beforehand.

You will also feel everyone’s pain. You will pay attention to their suffering in life. This is why you will always show compassion to everyone.

The lessons you have when you translate the meaning of your dreams help you develop your intelligence and your sensitivity at the same time. Your intelligence is very important too. Your brain power cannot be limited by one psychological function and a half.

However, you tend to like your psychological type and your main psychological function. You don’t want to learn how to develop the psychological functions you are not consciously using. You are lazy and you have many absurd tendencies. This is why God provides you with free and safe psychotherapy in your own dreams.

Your psychological and spiritual transformation is a process of mind empowerment that also works as spiritual evolution. Gods makes many combinations, transforming everything at the same time.

Your life also changes, as you become a better person. You learn how to find your perfect match, how to make good friends, and how to achieve many other goals. There are no limits. You have safe guidance about everything in your own dreams for life, even though you become wise yourself. God’s guidance always is precious and necessary, even when you are wise.

As a matter of fact, when you become wiser you better understand the value of God’s safe guidance. Sometimes God gives you clear answers. Other times, He makes you think because you have to discover solutions by yourself and become more intelligent. However, you are helped with many clues that show you the way. You don’t look for solutions in the wrong places.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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