How To Be Admired By Everyone Even After Making Many Mistakes

MistakesDid you make many mistakes in life? Are you ashamed of your actions? Are you blocked by what happened in the past?

There is a bright solution for you. Now you can breathe again.

You are not really responsible for making mistakes and sins. The real reason why you make mistakes and you are a sinner always is the intervention of your anti-conscience into your conscious mind. Your anti-conscience is your absurd and evil primitive conscience. It didn’t evolve with time because it refuses to change its behavior. It has a self-destructive and satanic nature.

You cannot be considered responsible for your actions when you are controlled by your absurd and evil anti-conscience because it is a primitive conscience. You are not a conscious human being when you are controlled by your anti-conscience, even though this is not visible to the outside world.

Now, you may conclude that if this is true, we cannot consider anyone responsible for anything. Yes, this is a fact. We cannot blame anyone for being absurd and evil because human beings inherit absurdity and evilness from birth. Everyone must be absolved.

Of course, you have a certain responsibility when you accept what is bad, and this is why you are judged by God based on your goodness. You are responsible for your initial acceptance of what was bad.

However, you cannot be considered responsible for making serious mistakes. When your human conscience is alive you have to condemn what is bad. When your anti-conscience destroys your conscience because you accepted what was bad, you act like an idiotic rational animal.

The fact that you are a rational animal doesn’t mean that you are intelligent enough. On the other hand, you must develop your sensitivity if you want to be a balanced person. Intelligence without sensitivity cannot help you understand your reality.

You will be able to better understand this truth thanks to the precious meaning of dreams.

Through dream translation you enter into direct contact with God. You understand everything about your mental health, your life, your future, and a lot more. You verify that you are not responsible for your actions because you can see your anti-conscience into your brain and psyche. The unconscious mind sends you numerous dreams reflecting your anti-conscience’s hidden intentions.

You understand when you are controlled by your anti-conscience, and you learn how to stop being controlled or influenced by your absurd and evil anti-conscience.

Your anti-conscience is a terrible demon, totally different from you. You are the human being concentrated into your tiny human conscience. You are not responsible for the existence of your anti-conscience.

You wouldn’t make mistakes if you hadn’t inherited this absurd and evil primitive conscience. However, you need this absurd conscience because without it you wouldn’t be able to think, feel, sense, and perceive the abstract side of your reality.

The solution for you is the transformation of your anti-conscience into human content by obeying God’s guidance in your own dreams. You will stop making mistakes and never again regret having done something. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you made, even if you have committed horrible crimes. Your absolution is obvious only because you had no conditions to fight absurdity.

God knows that you are not able to win your satanic anti-conscience without His help.

However, only if you will recognize your mistakes and you will truly desire to correct all mistakes is your absolution possible. Otherwise, you will be judged like a sinner. You cannot be forgiven without asking for forgiveness.

God knows how to make miracles. You don’t have to worry about how you will correct your mistakes. God tells you how. The difficult part is to actually do everything you have to, so that you may correct your mistakes. Or better saying, the difficult part begins with the acceptance of your inferiority.

You have to accept the position of a sinner, and desire to change your behavior and begin a new life. You cannot protect your ego. This is very hard when you are proud of yourself and you have an important social position. You cannot accept being humiliated to the point of having to admit that you made costly mistakes and sins, and declare that you regret having done what you did.

God is revolted with the human race exactly because we prefer to suffer (and generate suffering) than to recognize the truth and humbly admit our faults. We don’t have the courage to admit we made mistakes, and we don’t have the courage to do anything to correct these mistakes. We prefer to hide our guilt.

We have no courage to demoralize our ego. However, we must admit the truth in order to eliminate our absurdity. We cannot hide the truth and evolve. We have to admit the bitter truth and then, begin a new life, without our evil self.

If you want to follow an evolutionary process and attain higher levels of knowledge you have to find peace after separating yourself from your evil side. You have to admit your mistakes, without being a hypocrite.

God created you, the human being who loves goodness and happiness because He needs your help in order to eliminate your evil side through consciousness. You have to obey God’s guidance in your dreams and in your religion, so that you may get rid of your evil enemy, and begin a new life without having this monster constantly bothering you.

In order to do so, you cannot have the behavior of a thief. You must have the behavior of a balanced human being who is able to recognize your mistakes, without having the selfish and absurd attitude of someone who cannot be in an inferior position. You have to be humble and respect the truth.

Respecting the truth can be painful when you have to admit that you made many costly mistakes that cannot be corrected now because time is irreversible. You may need to confess that you made these mistakes to someone else, besides having to admit the truth before the unconscious mind.

Perhaps you have to act like a hero. This is very hard, but it is your salvation. Acting like a hero is quite painful in the beginning, but it gives you big relief in the end.

When you make mistakes you are in an inferior position, even if you don’t admit the truth. However, when you have the courage to admit the truth, you attain a superior position thanks to your sincerity.

The divine unconscious mind gives you many explanations about everything. You understand that everyone is so far from wisdom and perfection that you have to be tolerant if you want to be realistic. You cannot expect too much from imperfect human beings. We are idiotic under-developed primates with a tiny human conscience that must be developed.

The same way you must forgive others, you must forgive yourself because you are far from perfection. You also have to ask for forgiveness not only to God, but also to those you hurt with your actions. This is hard, but it is indispensable if you want to have a clean conscience.

You can be absolved and begin a new life if you will follow the divine guidance in your dreams. You will forgive yourself and the world will forgive you too. You will become another person.

Your transformation will give motivation to everyone around you, even if you are old. Your age has no importance. You can begin a new life at any time.

Your new life will be the life of a wise and sensitive human being who understands the importance of goodness. This new life will help you forget your sad past and all your traumatic experiences. You have the right to begin again after recognizing your mistakes.

I was very lucky because I was saved from craziness and terror when I was young, before making costly mistakes that would surely make me lose my mind. I already had made many mistakes, but everything could be even worse for me. I was saved thanks to the divine guidance in dreams, before making a terrible mistake that would completely destroy my already partially destroyed human conscience.

However, I had to keep working very hard in order to save others. My mission didn’t finish when I found sound mental health myself. I helped many young and old people the same way. Everyone has a moment of enlightenment. For some people it happens early, but for most people it takes time.

If you will be able to understand the importance of your psychological and spiritual transformation, you will find salvation and you will also help the world. Your past, your age, your intelligence, and many other details you consider important, are not important at all. What really matters is the comprehension of the truth and your desire to become a better person now.

The unconscious mind speaks through many ways thanks to the symbolic dream language. You can translate everything according to the symbolic dream language and have information about you reality and about the future; even without sleeping and dreaming. You have to start studying the dream language by translating your dreams, and then use this knowledge to translate the meaning of the objects, facts, and events of your daily reality.

Your gradual process of evolution will help you slowly attain a better, more complex, and advanced state. Your attitude is very important for your well-being. When you learn many things you ignore, you have another attitude. You stop becoming angry for reasons that make ignorant people have an aggressive behavior.

You have another vision. You are not limited by the false knowledge of your historical time. You are sensitive. You feel other people’s pain. You are connected with your reality.

God wants to help you attain spiritual perfection, so that you may find authentic happiness and eternal wisdom. You can become a true genius and use all of your brain power. You have numerous capacities and talents that you are not using because they remain in an atrophied condition.

Instead of protecting your ridiculous ego and hiding the truth, you must show courage and admit your mistakes. You cannot evolve if you are sneaky and cowardly.

You should admit all your mistakes and desire to correct your mistakes however you will be able to. God will help you achieve this goal. You only have to be humble and obedient. After admitting your mistakes and changing your behavior, you will become a brilliant person. You will be admired for being a hero.

You must have the courage to admit your mistakes without caring about your ego’s position, so that you may become a superior person. The initial steps are very difficult because you are proud of yourself and you love your ridiculous and demanding ego. You have no courage to admit anything.

This happens because you are an under-developed primate. You are basically lazy, indifferent, and selfish. Your natural attitude is the attitude of an idiotic rational animal.

You have to overcome your tendency to protect your absurd ego and disregard the truth. You can be helped if you will adopt a different philosophy of life. God helps you look at your reality with different eyes.

I will give you an example from my own life. Even though I didn’t make mistakes that could make me afraid of being judged by others, many times I had to accept being humiliated in order to defend the truth.

The worst humiliation of all happened in a meeting with the Catholic bishop of Athens, in 1992. I had to talk with him about my discoveries because this was part of my mission. I had to tell him that God was revolted with the members of the Catholic Church because they were not helping Him put an end to terror on Earth.

This experience was very difficult, especially because the bishop was aggressive and rude with me when I called him, trying to fix a meeting. He told me that he didn’t have time to meet me, but I could be briefly attended on Friday, because this was the day when the bishop cared about public matters.

Fortunately, he was civilized and didn’t hit me. However, he clearly showed me the way out when I told him that God is disgusted with the hypocrisy of those who should represent Him on Earth, because they are very far from sanctity.

I hated this meeting. I knew what would happen…

The bishop treated me as if I was a beggar. He simply wanted to get rid of my presence.

However, this visit was very important for God. I could mention numerous similar situations. I was offended and humiliated by many Catholic priests, who hated my unpleasant discoveries. I had to show great courage and accept being offended numerous times, without caring about my ego’s position.

God insisted on making me talk with these priests during more than ten years, even though I hated this obligation. This experience helped me completely eliminate my dangerous ego and learn how to accept being offended without showing revolt. I had to pass through a long process of transformation because I was too insensitive. God makes many combinations.

Your mission is probably not as difficult as mine. You only have to show courage once or twice in your life.

Nothing will happen to you if your ego will be in an inferior position. Your ego is only an idol. You should have the courage to defend the truth without caring about your ego’s desires. This is how you will escape craziness, evolve, and become a hero.

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