Curing A Mental Illness With Safety

DreamMany people cannot trust the meaning of their dreams and believe that they can be completely cured from any mental illness through dream translation. However, everyone should in fact be afraid of the human ignorance, and not afraid of the unconscious wisdom.

God is the dream producer. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind. This is a very important scientific and religious truth, but Carl Jung, the brilliant scientist who discovered this truth thanks to his extraordinary method of dream interpretation, was not able to understand the religious importance of his discovery.

I had to continue his research because I was a literature writer since 7-years-old. The unconscious mind gives us artistic talents and religious inclinations. My extraordinary literary talent helped me perceive the hypocrisy that prevails in our crazy world.

The world works based on violence, terror, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed. This is a commercial and unfair world ruled by financial power, while poverty kills the biggest part of the population, which is divided in many different levels. Nobody cares about those who have no chances to survive.

A few privileged people have the necessary conditions for their survival, and a lot more. They indifferently care about their own position, without feeling responsible for those who don’t have basic conditions of life.

Our absurd and cruel world is not a place where we can be mentally health and find happiness. We have to correct many mistakes. This basic truth couldn’t be perceived by most people because we believe in illusions, we are under-developed primates, and we have inherited an absurd and evil wild conscience, the anti-conscience.

God tried to show me this truth since my childhood, especially thanks to my literary talent and my privileged position in Brazil, a country where many poor people were starving, while a small percentage of the population had many privileges. I was prepared to discover the satanic origin of the human conscience (when I became 28-years-old) since my childhood in Sao Paulo, a very big city with many beggars.

My parents were Greek and they made money. I grew up like a princess in a place where many people were poor. My literary talent and my religiosity when I was a child helped me gradually understand the absurdity and the evilness of the human conscience. I observed into practice the absurdity of the existence of poverty on Earth.

I was very religious when I was a child. I studied in a Catholic school with Silesian nuns since 6-years-old until 17-years-old and a half.

However, when I was 15-years-old I lost my faith after suffering from a tragic car accident, and I started writing a literary book with the intention to put an end to poverty on Earth. This book was totally inspired by the unconscious mind. The translation of the symbolism contained in the story I was narrating in this book according to the scientific method of dream interpretation reflects two important symbolic meanings. They are not visible when we interpret the story narrated based on its literary meaning.

I started caring about dream interpretation because when I became a young adult I had many psychological problems. My father was schizophrenic and I understood that my behavior looked like his behavior in many ways. I didn’t want to have the same tragic end.

I became a dream expert a little bit before facing the most dangerous experience of my life. God saved me from hell by showing me the truth about the human nature, and the severity of my mental illness. This is why I accepted to precisely obey the divine guidance and fight craziness like a hero.

Everything was part of God’s plan for the salvation of humanity from craziness and terror. Many other people are part of this plan; I’m not the only one. You can be part of this plan too if you will precisely obey the divine guidance in your dreams. God needs your cooperation, and you need His guidance.

This is a very long plan. God is trying to transform our satanic anti-conscience into a human conscience during uncountable years, without being able to tame this demon. He needs our participation. We must help God transform our absurd and evil nature into human nature, so that we may be transformed into perfect human beings. We have to attain sanctity in order to be mentally healthy.

This is the solution for all human problems, but attaining sanctity is a very difficult matter for creatures who have an under-developed conscience and a huge anti-conscience like us. This is why God works like a psychotherapist. God produces dreams that can save us from the anti-conscience’s traps if we pay attention to the guidance we have.

God showed me the truth about the human nature through poetry when I was a child and a teen. All my poems were inspired by the unconscious mind. Even though I was helped this way, I couldn’t understand the real meaning of my poems. The scientific knowledge I acquired thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams helped me understand the mysterious meaning of my literary works.

Then, I could clearly understand the difference between God’s wisdom and the false knowledge of the world. The world is commercial and cruel. The world is indifferent to poverty, wars, and crimes. The world uses psychological tricks to manipulate the ignorant population and make everyone purchase things they don’t really need.

Our hypocritical world is so insensitive and absurd that all the knowledge we have is false. Only a few human beings can be considered exceptions to this rule. Carl Jung surely was one of them, but many of his conclusions were insensitive because he was a scientist. This is why he couldn’t perceive the sanctity of the unconscious mind and the evilness of the human conscience.

Our hypocrisy makes us accept what is bad without considering what is bad as if it was something negative. We give different definitions to our insanity. We hide our irresponsibility with excuses. We don’t want to see what is bad.

I could understand how really insensitive we are when I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience and I started observing various details that denounce our demoniac nature. The truth is that there are more than too many details that denounce our absurdity and evilness because we are influenced or controlled by our anti-conscience most of the time. However, we are unable to recognize these details because we are used with the selfish and indifferent mindset of the world.

God couldn’t explain to a psychiatrist or to a psychologist that the cure for all mental illnesses is based on the cultivation of real goodness. This is why he had the idea to show the truth to a literature writer through poems and stories, and then, help this writer find more information in science, in order to complete her research.

There are many reasons that justify the necessity to show the truth about the satanic origin of the human conscience to someone else, who wouldn’t be a scientist, but the main reason why God had to show this truth to a literature writer is the fact that the symbolic literary language is similar to the symbolic dream language.

On the other hand, when we translate the symbolic meaning of the literary language based on the dream language, we discover the existence of a different meaning behind the literary words. This second meaning is the meaning directly given by God to His creations. God is the real writer. Those who write inspired by the unconscious mind rewrite what their magical inspiration whispers in their mind.

By giving me an extraordinary literary talent, God found a way to help me understand the depth of the human absurdity and evilness, while trusting His wisdom. In parallel with the human absurdity I also had information about the brilliant essence existent in all human beings. I knew that we can find salvation.

God’s existence was a very important matter for me, especially after the six years of my atheism, after the terrible car accident. When I read a book about a symposium with many different scientists from various fields and they declared that we must admit God’s existence if we want to explain what cannot be explained with the knowledge we have, I started caring about science. I read many scientific books about many different subjects, besides studying Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation.

I was very excited with the scientific knowledge I had. I felt I was born to be a scientist, but I didn’t know I had this talent.

However, my enthusiasm disappeared when I discovered that we have no information about the functioning of the human brain and everything concerning our mental health is based on theories.

I understood how lucky I was because I was following the wise guidance of the unconscious mind in dreams, and finding sound mental health instead of trusting the ignorant doctors of my historical time. This was a true privilege, while I started following dream therapy because at that time I was a young mother and I had to be with my baby all the time.

I didn’t have money for a treatment. I had many other problems because I also lost my young cousin and my mother-in-law. They had died in the same week of June, when I was in the sixth moth of my pregnancy. I was always angry and depressed. I don’t know what would happen to me without the unconscious guidance.

I found sound mental health and I also became a psychiatrist and psychologist. I cured many people through dream therapy into practice.

Only thanks to the divine guidance in dreams could I learn how to eliminate invincible mental illnesses. After having basic notion about the depth of the human absurdity, I was able to simplify Carl Jung’s complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation, while translating many people’s dreams very fast because they had no time for complications.

I verified that the depth of the human absurdity is disappointing and scaring. A human being cannot deal with this absurdity without superior guidance.

Carl Jung believed that the human conscience should be respected as a leader, but this was an erroneous conclusion. Since our conscience is one-sided and under-developed, and since we tend to become neurotic with time, this means that our conscience cannot be trusted. Our conscience must be developed through consciousness because we are idiotic.

Thus, we have to follow a series of steps for the development of our conscience, what means that we have to transform our absurd and evil anti-conscience into human conscience. Only God knows how to help us eliminate our dangerous anti-conscience. This is why we have to obey the divine guidance in dreams and in our religion.

Instead of believing in suppositions that are very far from the truth, you should follow the unconscious guidance in your own dreams, and find the solutions you need with safety. God is the only doctor you can absolutely trust.

Other methods don’t give you any guarantee. You become dependent of a psychological treatment forever, or you depend on medications that destroy your immune system, without eliminating all the absurdity that keeps torturing your conscience.

You have to realize how far from wisdom humanity really is, and thank God because He shows you the truth in your own dreams. God is trying to help you become more sensitive. What is really important for you is your transformation into a superior human being. You will guarantee your mental stability if you will learn how to attain spiritual perfection. This is the right treatment.

The absurdity we have inherited into our anti-conscience is invincible. We are too absurd and evil. We cannot understand how absurd we really are.

God made me study the depth of terror so that I could understand how to cure schizophrenia. When I saw the absurdity of terror and when I understood how the anti-conscience manages to destroy our human conscience and transform human beings into demons, I understood that I was dealing with what was beyond human capacities.

I concluded that curing a mental illness was impossible. There was no salvation for the human race.

However, God’s existence is a true miracle. Since God exists, all mental illnesses can be eliminated, but we have to precisely obey the divine guidance in dreams and in our religion. This is the only way to surely eliminate our satanic anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our conscience.

The anti-conscience is a dangerous demon that works independently of our tiny human conscience. It is our primitive personality, our evil and idiotic conscience. The anti-conscience didn’t evolve with time because it refuses to change its behavior. It keeps trying to destroy our human conscience with the intention to control our behavior.

Eliminating the anti-conscience is very difficult. I have told you many times that thanks to my discoveries you can easily translate the meaning of dreams, but I didn’t say that you can easily eliminate your anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is a terrible enemy.

Many patients who clearly understand the unconscious messages thanks to the scientific method of dream interpretation repeat the same mistakes again after a certain period of time because the anti-conscience is insistent and powerful. This is why the divine unconscious mind repeats the same messages multiple times, and in many different ways.

We tend to repeat the same mistakes even after logically understanding that we are making mistakes because we are slaves of our absurd tendencies. We have to fight these tendencies, which work automatically. This is very hard.

Only God has enough patience to fight the insistent and powerful anti-conscience, but He needs our cooperation. This is why He gave us a human conscience.

However, our conscience prefers what is bad and becomes a victim of the demon. This is why God cannot put an end to craziness and terror.

When you translate the meaning of your dreams you understand the hidden truth you cannot see when you are awake because you are blinded by the camouflage of everyone’s anti-conscience in the crazy world.

You can also see your own absurdity. You may believe that the unconscious mind is exaggerating. You don’t think you are so absurd.

However, as you analyze all the characteristics of your personality, you gradually discover the abnormal reactions you tend to consider ‘normal’ reactions in certain situations, while they are automatic self-defensive reactions that work based on violent behavioral patterns.

The bitter truth is that the transformation of your personality is a difficult matter because you are too imperfect and you have inherited too much absurdity and evilness into your brain and psyche. However, there is salvation because God is wise and saintly. God knows how to help you eliminate your anti-conscience.

This means that you have to be serious and stop believing in illusions. You have to pass through a process of transformation without avoiding this necessity.

I know that you prefer to believe in the lies of the hypocritical world because what I’m showing you is quite unpleasant, but if you want to save your mental health and your life, you must be grateful for the information I’m giving you.

By closing your eyes to the unpleasant truth you won’t have an intelligent attitude. You have to open your eyes and seriously pay attention to the dangers that are threatening your mental stability and your happiness.

You cannot overcome your psychological problems by yourself. You need superior guidance.

God is everyone’s private doctor. God examines every case with attention and dedication, analyzing all the details of your personality and life.

If you don’t have time for studies I can translate your dreams for you, but I’m sure you will desire to have this knowledge (like all my patients) after seeing how really precious dream translation is. You need this knowledge because you need God’s guidance all your life, even though you won’t depend on God to make your decisions.

You will become wise yourself because you will develop your intelligence and sensitivity. You will simply have more information about the future and many other matters in your dreams. This information will be an additional help.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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