Finding Solutions Thanks To The Unconscious Wisdom

A Higher Level of KnowledgeAll ancient civilizations that truly believed in God’s existence and had concluded that our dreams are sent by God had discovered the truth about the importance of the meaning of dreams. However, the barbarous civilizations that dominated the world replaced their discoveries with misleading information. The ancient wisdom was not transmitted to the new generations.

Carl Jung had discovered this truth after realizing that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams possesses undoubtable wisdom, but he didn’t have a religious attitude. I could perceive the sanctity of the unconscious mind because I was a literature writer who used to write poems and stories inspired by the unconscious mind, which also gives us artistic talents. I also had studied during twelve years in a Catholic school with Silesian nuns.

I concluded that we have to obey the divine guidance in dreams because we are ignorant and our tiny conscience is one-sided and under-developed; especially after seriously studying the psychological types discovered by Carl Jung and their neuroses.

This conclusion helped me discover the existence of the anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience. The anti-conscience has satanic characteristics and generates mental illnesses within our conscience.

While our ignorant scientists make many observations and try to understand our reality based on the knowledge accumulated by humanity, God already knows everything and simply shows you the truth in your dreams. All dreams contain trustful information. You understand the origin of every problem and how it can be solved.

Today’s scientists make many observations and tests. Then, they make conclusions based on their suppositions about what they could observe. They believe that their suppositions are justified by scientific evidence, but the truth is that their ignorance is so vast that they are unable to understand the essential.

All scientists were unable to perceive the evilness of the human nature, the same way that Carl Jung was unable to perceive the unconscious sanctity because all scientists are cold and indifferent to the human pain. They make calculations and find answers, after observing numerous details, but without feeling the human pain.

For example, a scientist will pay attention to the quality of an artificial arm used by someone who lost his arm, instead of feeling sorry for this person because they lost their real arm. Scientists care about analyzing a phenomenon without having personal feelings before their observations. This is why they don’t have enough sensitivity in order to perceive many important details that can be understood only when we look at our reality from a different point of view.

On the other hand, we cannot trust the knowledge given by the hypocritical world.

We believe that today we have real knowledge, while in the past our ancestors couldn’t have as much information about their reality as we do today. However, the knowledge transmitted to the world is filtered based on what the world leaders believe we should learn. The world leaders are not the politicians, but the big companies that hold the global economy in their hands.

There is competition everywhere. Numerous distortions of the truth and numerous lies are presented to the world as if they could be trusted, while they are based on empty words. The knowledge we believe we have cannot give us a true image of our reality.

On the other hand, we cannot understand our reality because we are under-developed primates. We have a huge wild conscience that must be eliminated and a tiny human conscience that must be developed if we want to be considered intelligent and sensitive. Numerous obstacles prevent us from having real knowledge.

The divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams never makes mistakes. You are cured thanks to the divine wisdom, and not thanks to the personal conclusions of an ignorant human being. I can help you understand the meaning of dreams very fast and immediately find the answers you need because I’m a professional dream translator, but I’m not necessary if you will learn how to translate the meaning of dreams yourself.

Only God is necessary because He is your doctor. You can learn my dynamic method (derived from Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation) and have God’s guidance helping you in all ways. When you will finish your basic psychotherapy you will develop your intelligence and your sensitivity even more. You will use all of your brain power.

All psychologists and psychiatrists need this knowledge more than anyone else. They will be able to really help their patients thanks to the unconscious wisdom. All doctors will be more than relieved by this extraordinary alternative when they will understand its power. The unconscious mind also cures physical diseases, besides giving us many explanations about their origin.

Every individual needs this knowledge. It doesn’t depend on intelligence or education. I simplified everything so much that you only need to learn the meaning of the most important dream symbols and the dream logic. You will clearly understand the meaning of dreams. This alternative will help you have a direct communication with God.

God’s psychotherapy is simple because God uses also your religion to give you important lessons in dreams. If you are an atheist you will find real proof of God’s existence and truly believe in God’s wisdom.

By translating the meaning of your dreams and understanding what determines your behavior, you also understand the origin of all human sins and how to purify your spirit. You are enlightened in every aspect. You have answers for all questions. God’s treatment opens your mind and helps you find real solutions for all problems.

For example, if you constant have dreams about having to travel by plane, but the flight is cancelled or another problem prevents you from flying, this means that you are unable to attain higher levels of knowledge because you cannot abandon your old ideas and your erroneous conclusions.

This is a common problem observed in many people’s dream therapy. Most people have dreams about problematic situations in the airport and the impossibility to finally fly by plane as they intended to. Other people have frequent dreams about flying by plane, but they have to change their route and land in another place, there is an emergency and the plane cannot normally land, or the flight is so unstable and uncomfortable that all passengers are afraid they might suddenly fall down.

These dreams indicate the incapacity of the dreamers to finally abandon their old concepts. They don’t accept following the unconscious wisdom. They insist on believing in their misconceptions, without wanting to recognize that they are based on erroneous conclusions, or they cannot realize that these misconceptions are the result of traumatic experiences.

This insistence is usually observed in psychological types which main psychological function is based on sensations, feelings, or intuition. They are unable to logically think and understand that their thoughts are based on false knowledge. On the other hand, they ignore that numerous absurd thoughts are sent by their anti-conscience to their conscience all the time.

However, those who belong to extroverted or introverted psychological types based on thoughts can have dreams about not being able to fly by plane or having problematic flights the same way, because they insist on their opinion, besides being able to think logically. The psychological types based on thoughts don’t admit their mistakes. They believe that they are more intelligent than everyone else.

The same way, they don’t accept the unconscious criticism. They cannot abandon their old ideas and agree with the unconscious mind.

Therefore, all psychological types repeat the same mistake because we are afraid to abandon the false knowledge of our ignorant conscience. This is indispensable if we want to acquire real knowledge based on the truth as it is. We cannot understand what is real if we keep believing in lies.

If you will have a dream about not being able to fly by plane or about a problematic flight, you will understand that you are having a negative attitude and this is why you cannot evolve and learn a lot more. God shows you in a simple way what is happening into your brain and psyche, and the reason why you cannot attain a higher level of knowledge.

The symbolic dream language has the main intention to help you develop your sensitivity. Dreams about not being able to fly by plane indicate that you believe that you are intelligent and you know what is real. You don’t want to abandon your old ideas because you believe that they are right.

However, this is a big mistake. Your conscience is deficient because you don’t use your four psychological functions at the same time (thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition). Your knowledge is false and you are unable to think, feel, sense, and understand from where your reality comes from at the same time.

You also have an introverted or extroverted attitude. If you belong to an introverted psychological type you tend to be antisocial and you care more about your own opinion than about the world’s opinion. If you belong to an extroverted psychological type you are materialistic and you simply follow the opinion of the world, without criticizing your reality.

A person like you cannot understand what is true or false, besides being extremely ignorant. However, you are afraid to realize that you cannot trust your own judgment.

How can you abandon all the knowledge you have and stop believing that this knowledge is valuable? How can you abandon your own conscience and trust God’s guidance instead of doing what you believe you should do?

You don’t want to believe that you have a wild conscience constantly trying to destroy your capacity to think logically. You listen to your ego’s self-defensive complaints, believing that you must trust the knowledge you have instead of trusting the unconscious wisdom.

This attitude doesn’t let you learn more. If you don’t want to stop believing in the lies you had learned when you were young and in the false conclusions of the past, you won’t be able to discern the truth; you will believe in illusions. You cannot learn anything else if you are blocked by false knowledge.

You have to recognize the superiority of God’s wisdom and at the same time, you have to humbly recognize that an individual like you cannot really know what is good or bad, and how to surely find sound mental health and happiness in life.

On the other hand, your personal philosophy of life influences your behavior in many ways. The same way you are afraid to abandon your old ideas, you also are afraid to truly love someone. You have a cold and selfish philosophy of life. You cannot understand the importance of compassion, goodness, sincerity, and real love.

God helps you eliminate the absurdity and the evilness you have inherited into your anti-conscience, by teaching you the importance of goodness. You have many lessons that help you absorb the abstract information given to you thanks to your sensitivity. You stop being indifferent, impatient, and proud.

You are used with the aggressive behavior imposed by the selfish mindset of the materialistic and atheistic modern civilization, and you believe you must act this way if you want to defend yourself. God shows you that you can better defend yourself when you stop being a slave of your violent anti-conscience. By being violent with those who are violent with you, you don’t put an end to violence. You repeat your enemies’ mistakes.

Through dream translation you discover that the best ways to solve all problems are always based on sensitivity and wisdom. You stop believing in the selfish and cruel concepts of your historical time.

God knows everything and shows you everything in your dreams. You can understand why someone suffers from multiple personality disorder and why one of their personalities is very dangerous. You can understand why someone suffers from a strange phobia and how they can stop being so afraid of something.

The psychological explanation for the meaning of every phobia is clearly revealed when we translate the meaning of the feared object based on the dream language. The treatment of phobias through dream translation is the simplest treatment you could find because everything about a phobia already is explained thanks to the symbolic meaning of the feared object.

For example, thalassophobia is the fear of the craziness existent into the wild side of the human conscience. All phobias have Greek names. This is another facility for me because I speak Greek. The word thalassophobia in Greek means ‘fear of the sea’. Since I know the meaning of the sea in dreams, I know that the individual who suffers from thalassophobia is afraid of the absurd content existent into his/her anti-conscience.

I treated a case of thalassophobia when I was in the beginning of my long journey, curing numerous people through dream therapy. This patient was repressing her revolt and accumulating anger into her psyche without expressing her revolt, but she was very afraid of an explosion. This is why she was very afraid of the sea.

She was afraid of all the hatred she had accumulated into her anti-conscience. She couldn’t even walk in the beach because being near the sea was unbearable for her. The sea was her worst enemy.

She was easily cured through dream therapy because the divine unconscious mind helped her eliminate her anger and forgive her enemies. She found peace and she got married. Today she is the happy mother of two children. She is not afraid of anything. She is a strong and self-confident woman.

Dreams give you explanations for all unexplained phenomena. You understand why everything happens in a certain way and how to eliminate all abnormalities.

You also understand how to feel the human pain, without indifferently observing your reality as a cold observer who has no heart. You learn how to effectively help others instead of believing that you cannot do anything to change the world.

You are a very important person. Your life and your work are very important. Your existence will stop being insignificant when you will follow God’s guidance in you dreams and you will transform your personality. You will stop being impotent and weak.

You will become a powerful and successful person because you will follow the wise divine guidance. In the beginning you may have to accept suffering in order to become a calm, peaceful, and sensitive person. Changing your behavior is an unpleasant experience, but you will verify your own superiority when you will attain a higher level of knowledge.

First of all you have to abandon the ridiculous knowledge of the hypocritical world and your erroneous conclusions based on traumatic experiences and false impressions. You have to be a good student and learn the valuable lessons of the divine unconscious mind.

When you will attain a higher level of knowledge you will also be sensitive enough in order to understand the importance of many details that today you cannot perceive. You will deeply understand the importance of goodness and spiritual perfection.

You will find peace instead of being contaminated by anger, and you will always have a peaceful attitude. You will respect God’s justice, which is based on sanctity and not on hypocrisy like the supposed ‘justice’ of the crazy world. Thus, you won’t be a sinner. You will be a wise and sensitive human being who will help God save humanity thanks to your brilliant personality and your wisdom.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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