Uncovering The Truth Behind Hypocrisy And Greed

HypocrisyIn the beginning I disliked studying the meaning of terror. This was a sad obligation. However, I had discovered the existence of a wild conscience into the biggest part of the human brain, which generates mental illnesses that end up on terror.

I had to be able to fight absurdity without losing my human conscience. I also had to become more sensitive. When I was a young adult I was insensitive and cruel, but I couldn’t understand this hidden truth.

I related the knowledge given to me by the unconscious mind to the knowledge I could acquire with the experiences I had in life, and to the knowledge I could have by reading numerous scientific books about many different scientific fields. Everything was related, and everything confirmed the same truths.

One of the most important facts in my life biography is the fact that my father was schizophrenic. He was very generous and kind with me because I looked like him, but he was a monster with everyone else. When I decided to abandon my country (Brazil) and live in Greece (where I have many relatives because my parents are Greek) I didn’t meet my father during eleven years. I got married, I had a son, and many things changed in my life.

When I went back to Brazil for a visit and I met him again, I verified that he had lost his mind. His house was completely dirty, but he didn’t mind living there.

He used to stay in a five stars hotel when I was a teen and my parents got divorced. He still had money, but he had completely lost his human conscience, even though he could work normally. He paid for my room in a luxurious hotel in his city when I told him that I couldn’t stay at his house the way it was. There was trash everywhere, but my father got used with what was dirty.

My father’s mental illness was the main reason why I could discover how to cure schizophrenia.

Another fact that was very important in my life was the psychosis of one of my best friends, Arnold, who put an end to his own life when he was 26-years-old. He fought his mental illness for five years under the heavy medications given by his psychiatrist, but he was not helped with them.

Arnold seemed to be balanced and intelligent when we were teens and we had a gang. He had the best parents of the world, and two very kind sisters. He didn’t seem to be someone who could someday lose his mind.

However, certain day he started breaking everything in his house and hitting his sisters. He was interned in a clinic and he had electroshock therapy. He never recuperated his human conscience again. He became idiotic. His words didn’t make sense.

Arnold’s case was a very important lesson for me. I had to be very careful if I didn’t want to end up like him.

I also understood that I had to discover how to prevent craziness, before someone would lose their human conscience like Arnold.

The third example next to me was the case of one of my uncles; the only person in the family who had noticed my extraordinary literary talent. My uncle Leonid became hysteric when he lost his position as a consul. He started drinking (alcohol) without stopping.

We had many conversations before his hysteria, and after it. I had met him when I was 16-years-old in my first visit to Europe. Anyone could predict that he wouldn’t have a good end. He was an extravagant exhibitionist.

I met him again when I was 19-years-old and he was mentally ill. He looked like a beggar. He had hysteric crises. However, he had the courage to keep living after his big failure.

He loved my poems. He used to play the guitar and sing. However, he did many strange things like walking barefoot in the streets of Athens during summertime, besides drinking too much.

My uncle’s case showed me the tragic destiny of those who visibly inherit a powerful anti-conscience. He was too absurd, besides being very intelligent.

I should also mention the fact that I suffered from a tragic car accident when I was 15-years-old and the friend who was next to me in the car suddenly died, while she was only 21-years-old. Since then, I had to face the death of many young friends and relatives who were close to me like her. I studied their live biographies and I had information about the reasons why they had to die in my dreams.

I had to understand the meaning of terror, and the meaning of death. Everything completed my studies about the meaning of dreams and their healing power. I had to learn the dark side of the truth in order to understand how to put an end to all mental illnesses and to the terror they generate.

I also was a victim of terror in my daily life, since my husband was murdered. The murderer paid others to pretend that my husband had a heart attack. The murderer was a man who was in love with me. I was in love with him too, but I was not sure if he loved me or not, and he had the same doubts.

God made me clearly understand that I had to forget that man because both of us were married, and I had no right to steal another woman’s husband. I had to be loyal to my husband and I had to be a good mother for my son. Period.

God made me believe that my husband’s death was His decision, explaining me in dreams the reasons why my husband had to die. I understood that my husband died because he wouldn’t be able to solve his psychological problems. He was saved from psychosis before becoming psychotic.

God also explained the reasons why I wouldn’t be happy with the man I was in love with, even if I would live with him, besides showing me all my mistakes and sins. I discovered that I was a terrible monster.

This was a shocking discovery. I used to be proud of myself. I couldn’t imagine that my mental illness was so severe.

God made me completely forget that man especially because I had to fight schizophrenia exactly when he decided to kill my husband. My anti-conscience started generating unbearable symptoms like dizziness, fainting, visual and oral distortions, panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations. I had to bear these attacks praying all the time and showing resistance.

I learned the truth about my husband’s death only one year later thanks to a vivid dream. I accepted to stay far from that man, even after learning what he did, but we had many conversations by phone, and he practically admitted the truth.

However, he disagreed with my condition if he wanted to meet me. My condition was in fact God’s condition: he had to confess his crime to a Catholic priest I knew and I trusted. Nobody else would learn anything. He would be absolved after confessing his crime and he would be able to live with me, but he never agreed with this condition.

God knew that he would never agree with this confession, while I was hoping he would. That man was absurd and evil.

I precisely obeyed God’s guidance against my will, understanding that I was a terrible sinner, who didn’t deserve salvation. I had the chance to find sound mental health by obeying God’s guidance only because God needed my example and my courage in order to teach me the truth about our mental health, so that I could transmit my knowledge to the world.

I also had to prove God’s existence to the atheistic and materialistic world, besides having to prove to the world that we must obey God’s guidance in dreams in order to eliminate our satanic anti-conscience.

God always treated me as if I was the worst demon of the planet. I understood how violent and dangerous I was because I had inherited too much absurdity into my anti-conscience. I also understood that I should be grateful for having the chance to be cured and attain wisdom, even though I didn’t deserve any advantage in life.

God had to work very hard in order to make me understand the truth. I had to work very hard too. Everything was extremely difficult. However, I understood that everything was very important because I had really managed to understand God’s words in dreams after continuing Carl Jung’s research.

Another very important detail in my life biography is the fact that I was an excellent literature writer. My literature was inspired by the divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams and gives us artistic talents. Thanks to my contact with the unconscious wisdom through literature, I could better understand the unconscious language and discover the unconscious sanctity.

I have to complete my list by mentioning that I studied in a Catholic school with Silesian nuns for twelve years; I kept studying there even after losing my faith when I had to face the tragic car accident. My atheism lasted six years; exactly the period of time during which I was writing a literary book that helped me understand that I couldn’t judge God’s decisions because I was ignorant.

I gradually understood that violence and terror govern our world, in parallel with hypocrisy and greed.

This was how I was prepared to be able to deal with craziness and terror based on divine guidance. This was the only way someone could discover the existence of our satanic anti-conscience, and finally put and end to terror on Earth.

Even though I was a cruel monster because I was insensitive and indifferent, God managed to help me develop my sensitivity especially thanks to my literary talent and thanks to my compassion for the poor. I also had to cure many people through dream therapy into practice for two decades, what helped me deeply feel the human pain.

My life biography clearly reflects God’s plan with the intention to help me discover everything I showed you. Even if I was a genius from birth, I would never be able to discover an independent wild conscience that works in parallel with our human conscience. This information had to come from a superior mind.

The anti-conscience pretends to belong to our conscience. We cannot understand that the absurd thoughts we have come from our absurd and evil anti-conscience when they invade the conscious realm.

Now that I could discover the anti-conscience’s existence and learn how it can be eliminated through dream translation, I give you many explanations about the absurd thoughts sent to your conscience by your anti-conscience, but before being able to discover that these thoughts don’t come from the conscious field I had to pass through numerous dangerous experiences. I also had to study hard for years and years, and cure many people without compensation.

However, everything worked like psychotherapy for me. I had to become sensitive and humble instead of being a cruel dictator. God is not unfair with anyone. I deserved my suffering.

Everyone in our world tries to avoid suffering. However, suffering is part of the human life. We live in order to stop being absurd, wild, and evil. We cannot be transformed into peaceful, wise, and sensitive human beings without suffering. We have to eliminate our absurd tendencies and stop making mistakes.

After eliminating our anti-conscience we have the chance to find peace and happiness. We also have the chance to evolve without being bothered by absurd thoughts, and without being attacked by unbearable symptoms.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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