The Psychological Meaning Of Indifference

IndifferenceMany people like stories about detectives and mysterious murders like the novels written by Agatha Christie. They seem to be exciting adventures. She writes abut a murder in a train full of suspects, where the eccentric Belgian detective Poirot tries to discover the murderer, or about a string of murders in a cruise ship. Poirot is one of her central heroes.

Her style is very interesting. She manages to create suspense. Her readers keep looking for the responsible for a murder in an obscure story where everyone seems to have a reason to be guilty. Or, her readers keep looking for the responsible of a series of strange crimes that cannot be logically explained.

In the end, she shows her readers the reasons why some people come to the point of killing someone else, and how they can be discovered. These reasons usually are the desire to get revenge of someone else because they were victims of their actions. Other times the reasons why someone commits a crime are uncontrollable emotions and misconceptions. Agatha Christie reveals how various frustrations and the hatred they generate in an individual transform this person into a mysterious murderer.

This is a tragic topic, but her stories don’t seem to be uncomfortable and sad. They are interesting investigations of the truth, without any personal feeling for anyone in the story. She analyzes various tragedies as an observer who merely cares about finding out the truth, without judging anyone, without thinking about the tragic aspect of the horrors she is describing, and without feeling the pain of the victims of terror.

Another known example is the personage created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the detective Sherlock Holmes, the hero who uses disguises and forensic science skills to discover mysterious murderers, especially in difficult cases that require a lot more than his astute observations. Forensic science is the use of a series of different scientific fields like anthropology, biology, chemistry, engineering, genetics, medicine, pathology, phonetics, psychiatry, and toxicology in criminal investigations. It seems to be quite interesting.

Conan Doyle not only writes intriguing stories; he also gives a humoristic tone to many aspects, transforming his narrations into pleasant stories, even though he describes terrible murders, which many times are committed by maniac murderers who commit a series of similar crimes.

His descriptions reflect total indifference to the fact that he is talking about tragic real cases of the world, even though his personages are his creations. He is totally indifferent to the destiny of the murderer’s victims and also indifferent to the murderer’s destiny. Doyle writes horror stories as if he was describing comic life situations.

His narrations are far from being like the Greek tragedies, which didn’t distort the tragic aspect of terror. On the contrary; these tragedies were lessons. They were trying to prevent terror by reflecting the result of inconsequential actions. However, the materialistic and atheistic mindset that formed the modern civilization transformed terror into something that doesn’t shock anyone.

There are many other writers who entertain numerous curious readers with their novels about mysterious murders. Many horror stories and movies entertain our indifferent population, as if there was something interesting and exciting on terror and despair.

We are indifferent to the meaning of terror because we have inherited an absurd wild conscience that is insensitive and cruel. Our lack of sensitivity and our absurdity prevent us from understanding that these stories about murders and horrors shouldn’t be presented in a pleasant way. They shouldn’t be considered to be common facts that don’t deserve special attention, sadness, fear, and compassion.

However, these stories are quite similar to the stories of the real world. Our newspapers describe crimes and wars without any literary talent, but with the same indifference observed in stories about mysterious murders.

All smart detectives try to discover the responsible for all crimes, without caring about anything else besides discovering the murderer. They are totally indifferent to the terror they are dealing with. The same way, our newspapers present the tragedies of the world in parallel with pleasant and hypocritical ads, as if terror was part of the routine and we should think about something else after reading the horrible news.

Our cruel world keeps gradually killing the victims of craziness in asylums and prisons, without caring about their destiny. The same indifference is observed concerning the victims of poverty. Nobody cares about the human rights of those who cannot pay taxes.

I had to understand the truth about the human indifference to terror, violence, immorality, and poverty in order to discover the depth of the human absurdity and evilness.

When I was in the beginning of my research about the meaning of dreams and their healing power I observed that since I started caring about the meaning of my dreams (in 1984) I started understanding many things about my behavior and my environment. Everything became clearer when I decided to precisely follow only Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, after following many other methods, without having positive results.

Only Jung’s method seemed to explain the meaning of dreams. His method could be applied to all types of dreams, while other methods seemed to work only for certain types of dreams.

Freud’s method of dream interpretation seemed to be useful when we could find parts in the dream that could be considered to be wish fulfillments. However, this method couldn’t be applied to mysterious dreams.

Adler’s method was based on our intention to be in a superior social position. He always analyzed everything based on our ego’s superiority complex, or based on our ego’s inferiority complex. His explanations were clear descriptions of the human selfishness, which seemed to explain the human behavior in many ways, but his method of dream interpretation was visibly incomplete.

The same could be observed in all the other methods. There was always a basic explanation that seemed to justify everything. Only Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation seemed to reveal the real meaning of all dreams, independently of a predefined intention.

I understood that our dreams were mainly talking about things we didn’t want to admit. All dreams seemed to analyze our absurd desires.

Everything dramatically changed for me when I decided to abandon all the other methods and follow only Jung’s method (in 1986). I also decided to write down all my dreams in a dream journal, instead of writing down only the dreams that seemed to be interesting.

I had the impression that not all dreams were important. Some dreams seemed to be so confusing that I didn’t think I should write them down. I understood that this was a mistake after reading again Jung’s books.

All dreams contain important messages; even the short ones, and even the dreams that seem to be too confusing. We have to analyze the meaning of dreams based on the logic of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. We cannot understand the meaning of dreams based on the logic of our conscience. This means that we have to follow a different reasoning path. We also have to learn the meaning of the most important dream symbols.

I was precisely obeying the guidance of the unconscious mind in dreams as if the unconscious mind was a special organ. Only much later could I understand that the unconscious mind was the mind of a special being, since it is God’s mind. God is like a person, with the difference that He is perfect. He is not an animal like us.

I understood that we are under-developed primates and we must obey the unconscious guidance before understanding that the unconscious mind is God’s mind, in the end of 1988. I was forced to disagree with Carl Jung’s last conclusions because I had to continue his research instead of accepting ignorance like him.

I had problems with my right eye and with my feet because I didn’t want to disagree with Carl Jung, who was a named psychiatrist and psychologist. I didn’t feel I could disagree with him after studying everything he had discovered about the meaning of dreams and their healing power.

I verified that God was causing problems to my eye and to my feet because God sends us physical diseases when we disobey His guidance and we do what is dangerous for our mental health. This was when I clearly understood that God sends us physical diseases with the intention to force us to do what we have to do for our own salvation. The continuation of Carl Jung’s research was important for my mental stability. I had to understand how dangerous the anti-conscience really is, and learn how to eliminate this dangerous and poisonous primitive conscience.

I had to have the courage to disagree with Jung’s conclusions and completely trust the unconscious mind, since I could perceive the unconscious sanctity, which Jung couldn’t perceive because he was a cold scientist.

I was a literature writer who used to write inspired by the unconscious mind since 7-years-old. My literary talent was admired by everyone. I also had studied in a Catholic school with Silesian nuns for twelve years. I could understand the unconscious sanctity and pay attention to this important detail. Carl Jung could perceive only the unconscious wisdom, without understanding the saintly nature of the divine unconscious mind.

I had the intention to publish my first scientific book in the beginning of 1989, but I had to change my plans because I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience and generates all mental illnesses within our conscience. I had to learn how to eliminate the anti-conscience through resistance to absurdity and consciousness. This was necessary for me; otherwise I would surely become schizophrenic like my father. I had to understand the truth and accept following psychotherapy.

My studies and my experiences would also help me understand how to cure others by following the unconscious guidance. I had to learn how to be a doctor.

I believed that I was cured from my neurosis in 1988, but I was not completely cured through dream translation in only two years of systematic dream therapy as I had believed. I was only partially cured. My case was practically lost. I had inherited too much absurdity into my anti-conscience.

I had to keep following psychotherapy, until September of 1990, when I stopped being tortured by the unbearable symptoms of craziness and I started helping others through dream translation. I had to attain sanctity by helping others overcome severe mental illnesses and simpler mental disorders through dream translation. I helped them like a nun.

In the beginning nobody could believe that this method of psychotherapy was something really serious and effective. Most people didn’t even remember their dreams.

I was somehow coldly received whenever I would offer my help. In the beginning nobody could believe that their dreams could be really important or that I could really translate the meaning of their dreams.

However, since they were in a very difficult situation, they accepted to do something to at least have a friend helping them. I was a good friend, helping everyone overcome their psychological problems and solve their daily problems based on the unconscious guidance in their dreams.

When everyone started seeing the benefits of dream translation, they started remembering always more dreams, with all their details. They became excited with the knowledge that the unconscious mind was giving them. I had to learn how to translate the meaning of dreams based on the complicated method discovered by Carl Jung extremely fast because there was no way I would manage to translate so many dreams for so many people without working faster.

Nobody had time for psychotherapy. They had numerous daily problems, besides being mentally ill. Even though they liked dream translation, they couldn’t spend all day learning the meaning of their dreams, and I couldn’t spend all day translating one person’s dreams.

Many times I had to translate too many dreams for the same dreamer in a short period of time. I understood I could translate only the meaning of the dream symbols and this way understand the basic messages of the unconscious mind in all dreams when I had to translate a dream collection.

I was working without payment, as a helper, because I had the privilege to have this knowledge. This work was part of the long process of psychotherapy I had to pass through even after becoming a mentally healthy person. I had to become more sensitive. I had to suffer with the human pain. I had to attain sanctity if I wanted to be really balanced. This was indispensable for me.

In the beginning of my psychotherapy my heart was frozen. I had no feelings. I started having some feelings thanks to the unconscious treatment, but I was too insensitive and cruel. I had to make many efforts in order to become a really sensitive person. This is why I had to help many people find solutions while they were facing tragic life situations. I had to feel their pain. I was not an indifferent observer. All cases were depressing.

I understood that I had to seriously work on simplifying Carl Jung’s complicated and time consuming method. Otherwise, it couldn’t have any practical value. Nobody would have the patience to follow this method, no matter how miraculous it was. I was very patient and persistent because I saw that I couldn’t have a better alternative. However, other people wouldn’t show the same patience and persistence I did.

This fantastic method of psychotherapy and mind empowerment, which also works as a process of spiritual evolution would surely be neglected by the materialistic and impatient world. I had to transform it into a method that anyone could use without following so many steps and wasting so much time.

I was immensely helped by the divine unconscious mind because our communication improved to a degree that surprised me.

After discovering the anti-conscience I had a very clear vision of the meaning of dreams and our mental health. This was when my communication with God improved. I created a notebook with codes taken from the book of a Brazilian spiritual guide (Francisco Candido Xavier) in order to have a direct communication with the unconscious mind, without depending only on dreaming.

I used my notebook to understand the unconscious messages, but it was very hard to understand God’s words. I had to spend three hours trying to understand one sentence. I had to translate all codes into words and the sentences formed with these words didn’t seem to make sense. I had to make corrections after relating one word to another. I was very patient because I saw that this method was working. I was 28-years-old at that time.

The unconscious mind always was very serious and sad. All unconscious messages were about craziness and terror. This was a very sad topic, but I understood that I had to pay attention to the unconscious words.

I was hoping that after talking about terror God would talk about goodness, but God kept talking about craziness, terror, despair, and poverty. I had a lot to learn.

I realized that I was indifferent to the existence of terror on Earth, like everyone who is not immediately affected by it. Since then, I started studying this subject. God made me deeply analyze the meaning of terror.

I understood how dangerous our indifference to terror really is. We shouldn’t believe that stories about mysterious murders (resulted from the control of the anti-conscience) could be considered exciting and entertaining. Those who commit a series of crimes are completely controlled by their satanic primitive conscience, which thinks like a demon. They are not responsible for their actions, since their anti-conscience managed to destroy their human conscience.

I discovered that our satanic anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of our brain and generates mental illnesses within our conscience. We have to eliminate this dangerous enemy before losing our conscience. We cannot be indifferent to what is bad if we want to escape the logical traps of our absurd and evil anti-conscience.

The psychological meaning of indifference reveals how dangerous our insensitivity is, since it is not only responsible for our cruelty with others. Our indifference to terror eliminates the first barrier for the anti-conscience, which is trying to destroy our conscience through craziness. We accept terror without understanding what we are doing.

I understood that we have many nightmares and bad dreams because we cannot imagine what is happening in our brain. We ignore everything about our mental condition. Nightmares and bad dreams are trying to prevent mental illnesses and sad life situations.

My direct communication with God through codes made me become very serious and pay attention to what is bad, without closing my eyes. I understood how shocking the existence of terror in our world really is, and I also understood that the existence of poverty is the main reason why terror always has the chance to prevail in our world.

My research didn’t seem to be so important in the beginning, but it became extremely important when I started finding solutions and explanations. I couldn’t imagine that someday I would become a dream expert and cure mental illnesses based on dream translation, but everything in my life was a preparation for this mission.

I had to discover the sanctity of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. I also had to discover our wild conscience and understand how it manages to generate mental illnesses within our conscience.

The fact that I had to abandon my country (Brazil) in 1980 (when I was 19-years-old) and give up becoming a famous literature writer had a tremendous impact in my life. I felt like a bird without wings. I lost my language and my privileged social position.

I had to begin again in a foreign country (Greece). Even though my family is Greek, I didn’t feel really comfortable in Greece. I had to get adapted to a different culture and learn the complicated dream language. I could speak and read, but writing this language was a difficult matter for me; and even for all Greeks.

The complicated Greek language helped me get adapted to the complicated dream language. The Greek mythology helped me better understand the symbolic meaning of the dream images.

However, I had to be Brazilian and study in a Catholic school for twelve years in order to be prepared for the hard battle I had to carry on when I would become an adult. I also had to understand the importance of poverty, and how unfair our selfish and cruel world really is. There were many beggars in my city (Sao Paulo) when I was a child and a teen.

The exaggerated poverty of many Brazilians was as dramatic as the poverty of the Africans. Poverty is a horror that is still torturing many people in our world. Unfortunately, it keeps becoming worse with time instead of disappearing from our world.

My childhood and adolescence in a country where so many people were starving, while another part of the population was wealthy and indifferent to the destiny of the poor, was very important for the formation of my personality. I understood from the beginning of my life that I had to put an end to poverty.

I had everything I needed and a lot more. I had to be a hero and save the poor. I always had this intention because it was inspired by the unconscious mind. I wouldn’t have this idea by myself.

I started writing a literary book after facing a tragic car accident when I was 15-years-old, which was entitled ‘The Philanthropic Beggar’. The tragic accident transformed my life into an unbearable obligation. I wished I had died in the place of my friend Marina, who was next to me in the car and died with the crush. After the accident living became so painful for me that I didn’t know how to keep being alive. I lost my identity. I didn’t know what had meaning or not. I felt like a ghost.

This accident marked the beginning of my fight with my anti-conscience, even though I was not aware of this fact when I was a teen. I could understand this fight only thanks to dream translation, many years later.

The story of the philanthropic beggar helped me understand the meaning of life when I was a revolted teen. I was writing this book inspired by the unconscious mind that produces our dreams.

When I became a dream expert I understood that I was a prophet because my book contained special wisdom, which became visible when I managed to analyze the meaning of the dream symbols that composed the story of the philanthropic beggar. Everything was a preparation for my fight against the anti-conscience by obeying God’s guidance in dreams and signs of my reality when I became 28-years-old.

I had to put many pieces together in order to discover the meaning of the big puzzle that was forming my reality.

I understood that we should cry instead of considering tragic stories of schizophrenic murderers who also suffer from multiple personality disorder as if they were entertaining stories.

We are indifferent to terror, the same way we are indifferent to poverty – which is terror itself, and to all the horrors that characterize our crazy world, because we are influenced or controlled by our cruel anti-conscience, which is a demon. This is the scientific explanation for the existence of terror on Earth.

We must eliminate terror instead of being indifferent to its existence. We must eliminate our anti-conscience through dream therapy in order to become really human. God is an excellent psychiatrist and a very patient priest able to make miracles. We cannot keep being indifferent to the horrors of our world now that we know why we are so indifferent to the human pain.

If you want to escape the logical traps of your anti-conscience and evolve, you cannot be insensitive. You have to criticize your reality based on real knowledge and based on human warmth.

Your mental health and your happiness depend on your goodness. Only if you will stop following the absurd mindset of the hypocritical modern civilization will you understand the real meaning of life. You cannot be considered a balanced person if you are indifferent to terror and violence. You have to be sensitive and show compassion to everyone.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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