The Spiritual Dimension Of Dreams And Their Psychotherapeutical Effect

SpiritualityCarl Jung managed to discover the real meaning of the mysterious dream language as I could prove after continuing his research, while following his method. I had to continue his scientific research in order to discover the spiritual dimension of dreams, besides confirming their psychotherapeutical effect.

Today we know that all dreams are sent by God to our human conscience in order to help our conscience escape the traps of our anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience. The anti-conscience is a terrible enemy, but we cannot understand how dangerous it is. It is our wild personality, which works independently of our human conscience.

The divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind. God is our doctor, our teacher, and our spiritual guide. This is a scientific and religious truth already proved and confirmed numerous times.

You will escape the traps of your anti-conscience if you will prefer to be good and respect the unconscious wisdom. You have to pay attention to the meaning of your dreams if you want to find salvation.

You are involved in your daily life and you think about it all the time. Your anti-conscience keeps bothering you, without letting you think without its annoying and dangerous interruptions. This is why God sends precious messages to your conscience when you are sleeping and He can have your attention. You can clearly understand God’s words in dreams now that I simplified Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation.

God talks about your mental health and your spiritual evolution. You have nightmares when you are making costly mistakes. You have recurring dreams when you keep postponing an important obligation. You have positive dreams that reflect your progress when you obey the unconscious guidance and you do what helps you eliminate your wild side.

Your dreams reflect what is happening in your mind and in your life. If you believe that your nightmares are absurd because there is nothing wrong in your life, this is because you are not paying attention to your mistakes.

You may believe that everything is fine, but perhaps you are with the wrong partner and you have the intention to get married to the wrong person. You can be exhausted because you have to work many hours in a job you hate, but you believe you should be glad because you have a good salary. You have numerous problems because you keep making mistakes, but you believe you are fine and you have no reason to be alarmed by a nightmare.

You like to believe in illusions because they are pleasant, while your objective reality is very sad. You live in a cruel world and you have inherited absurdity and evilness into your wild conscience, which works in parallel with your human conscience. All dreams have a protective function because you need protection.

Your conscience is idiotic because it is under-developed and one-sided. You have to develop your human conscience and your intelligence by obeying the guidance of your natural psychotherapist and spiritual guide; the divine unconscious mind. You will also develop your sensitivity. You will understand that your mental health depends on your sensitivity; more than on your sensibility.

When you obey the divine wisdom in order to escape your anti-conscience’s traps and evolve, you have positive dreams that help you predict the future and prepare the positive results you desire. You understand the real meaning of life, and the meaning of death. You pay attention to the importance of your existence.

The materialistic world doesn’t let you pay attention to the fact that you are alive. Your mind is constantly busy with your daily problems. The unconscious mind must fight your tendency to be indifferent to the wisdom you could absorb if you would pay attention to the meaning of your dreams, and subsequently, to the meaning of your life.

When you think about your spiritual reality you feel somehow lost, without really understanding this matter. Your spiritual reality is a reality that doesn’t depend on the material world. You have a spirit, which is the most important part of yourself, but you cannot see it. Your spirit is what gives you a certain attitude.

For example, you can have the spirit of a poet. This means that you are able to criticize your reality in a philosophical way, and you are also able to reflect your reality in a beautiful way.

Your spirit is the result of your actions. Your spirit is the way you feel, the way you think, and the way you act. It defines your personality and your actions. You can have the spirit of a poet, but still have an evil spirit if you ignore the importance of goodness. Your mental health and your dignity depend on the compassion you will show to all human beings and on the preservation of your moral principals.

Real wisdom is based on goodness because only goodness can help you find authentic happiness in life. Only if you will respect the laws that protect your moral image will you protect your mental stability.

However, the atheistic and materialistic mindset of the absurd modern civilization is very far from wisdom. The modern civilization works based on violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed. You tend to follow this absurd mindset (based on the impositions of the world’s anti-conscience) while you believe that you are a reasonable person because you think like everyone else.

You will be able to understand why goodness is so important for your evolution and for your happiness when you will learn how to understand God’s words in dreams. The scientific method of dream interpretation doesn’t distort the meaning of the symbolic unconscious messages like other methods that are not based on the dream logic.

The scientific method of dream interpretation accurately translates the unconscious messages in dreams because Carl Jung really managed to understand the mysterious unconscious language, and I really managed to clarify all the obscure points in his work after discovering the sanctity of the unconscious mind, and after discovering the existence of our violent and immoral anti-conscience into the biggest part of our brain.

First of all the unconscious mind works like a psychotherapist, helping your human conscience get rid of the invasions of your anti-conscience into your human conscience. Then, you learn how to completely eliminate your anti-conscience. You become a wise and sensitive human being.

The spiritual dimension of your dreams is based on the comprehension of the lessons you had in your religion. All religions work like psychotherapy and spiritual guidance. You live in order to eliminate your wild and absurd nature, and learn how to become a peaceful, humble, and friendly person.

God helps you act like a hero and have many positive results you couldn’t expect. You learn how to develop your intelligence and your sensitivity. You pay attention to everyone’s existence and to everyone’s pain. You are not indifferent to the human pain. You become a helper. You stop following the selfish mindset of the absurd modern civilization, which is unable to understand the importance of real goodness.

The barbarous mindset of the current civilization is the result of the anti-conscience’s control. This is why there are so many wars and so many crimes in our world.

God helps you escape the tragic destiny of the human race and eliminate your wild nature. Then, you will help God save the world thanks to your existence. Your existence and your actions are very important for God. Your intentions and actions define your destiny and the destiny of the world.

Your presence stops being insignificant when you obey the divine guidance and you learn how to attain higher levels of knowledge. This is why your existence is very important for the world.

Through dream translation you will learn how to pay attention to your spirit. You will stop living in a hurry, without paying attention to what is happening to your life.

Your spiritual health depends on your goodness. However, since you have inherited many absurd tendencies into your wild conscience, you cannot understand the real meaning of goodness. God teaches you the real importance of goodness in your dreams. You learn how to have a saintly spirit. This is how you are able to find peace, love, and happiness.

You should be grateful because God transforms you into a perfect creature, but you are lazy and this is why in the beginning you are not able to understand how really grateful you must be. You will surely understand this truth in the end of your psychotherapy, but until the end you will have to change your behavior and your life.

You hate behavioral changes and you are a slave of your habits. You don’t want to make efforts to stop repeating the same mistakes. You like to be inconsequential and irresponsible. You like to follow your dangerous imagination. God is an excellent doctor and spiritual guide, but you not a good patient and student. You will tend to believe that transforming your personality is too hard.

However, you are forgetting that God is an excellent doctor, even when you are not a good patient and student. The dream messages have a profound psychotherapeutical effect. They also wake up your spirituality. You pay attention to the human pain, and you better understand the lessons of your religion.

I will never forget my revolt when the divine unconscious mind showed me that I had to show compassion to my father. My father was schizophrenic, but he didn’t admit this truth. Everybody hated him. I was revolted with his behavior. He was a cruel dictator; a selfish and absurd dictator. Why should I show compassion to this monster?

He used to be a good father for me because I looked like him, but he was a monster with everyone else; especially with my mother. He always was very generous and kind with me only because I was exactly like him, but I was a victim of his absurdity, since he had a disgusting behavior with everyone else. When he didn’t like someone he would simply remain silent, without answering any question and without even looking at the person. He was rude and cruel with many people. However, in some situations he pretended to be very calm and extremely kind. He was an actor. I hated his personality.

When the unconscious mind told me that I was cruel because I was not showing compassion to my father, I couldn’t accept that I was making a mistake. I didn’t feel that someone like my father deserved compassion.

Only when I remembered the religious lessons I had, could I understand my mistake. I remembered that we have to show compassion to all human beings, without exceptions. At that point, I started understanding the spiritual dimension of dreams and the meaning of compassion.

First of all God let me feel compassion, as if I was a superior creature. I had to forgive my father and understand that he was not responsible for his absurdity. He was a victim of his anti-conscience, and a victim of the cruel world.

I understood I should show compassion for my father because I had to be a good daughter. I had to understand that he was mentally ill, but this was not his fault.

Then, God showed me that I was mentally ill too. How could I condemn somebody else? I started analyzing my own personality and my behavior. I discovered that I was cruel and indifferent, exactly like my father. I also was absurd and selfish. I was in fact worse than my father. I understood that I needed the divine guidance to escape craziness.

I could transform my personality and escape schizophrenia based on the complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung. I could also cure many people through dream therapy for two decades based on Jung’s method, while I was simplifying all the existing complications. His method was too time consuming. I had to work faster, and I had to help everyone immediately find solutions thanks to the unconscious guidance.

Now that I managed to simplify the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and now that I discovered a lot more (simplifying also the process of psychotherapy you must follow) you can easily follow the unconscious treatment and purify your spirit.

The purification of your spirit guarantees a peaceful life for your spirit after death, besides helping you begin a new life on Earth after eliminating your dangerous wild side. This purification eliminates your sins. You stop making mistakes without understanding your faults.

You are surely making many mistakes in your judgment and behavior. You have to learn how to have a clear mind and how to always do what will be positive for you and for your community. You also have to pay attention to the importance of goodness and understand how your goodness can help you evolve, even though you live in a cruel world.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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