God’s Words In Dreams And Your Destiny

Absolution Carl Jung managed to discover the real meaning of the symbolic dream language, as I prove in my work. His research and his work cannot be compared to the work of average scientists.

After continuing Jung’s research I could discover the sanctity of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and is God’s mind.

I could also discover the existence of a satanic primitive conscience into the biggest part of the human brain.

I found real proof of God’s existence, since God is the dream producer, and I found real proof of God’s sanctity.

This is why I completely trusted the unconscious mind and I was extremely obedient to the guidance I had in my dreams.

I also found real proof of Satan’s existence into the biggest part of the human brain, since we have inherited a wild conscience that has satanic characteristics. I named this satanic conscience ‘anti-conscience’ because it tries to destroy our human conscience.

The existence of a satanic primitive conscience in the human brain explains why human beings become crazy and commit barbarous crimes. Our thoughts and our behavior are not always controlled by our human conscience. This means that we cannot be considered responsible for our crimes when we are under the control of our satanic anti-conscience.

The existence of a satanic conscience into the biggest part of the human brain in parallel with the existence of our human conscience represents absolution for the human race.

Our tiny human conscience is not responsible for our thoughts and actions when our anti-conscience manages to destroy a big portion of our human conscience. All human beings are in fact innocent. We are induced to be bad by our wild conscience and by the crazy world.

However, we are not really innocent because we must prevent the anti-conscience from destroying our conscience. We have the moral obligation to fight absurdity and evilness because we have a human conscience.

We are responsible for losing our conscience when we don’t offer resistance to the evilness imposed by our anti-conscience. However, after losing our human conscience, we cannot be blamed for our actions.

Nobody should go to prison. Nobody can be condemned for their barbarous crimes. The real responsible for the absurdity that characterizes the human behavior is our satanic anti-conscience. Our anti-conscience doesn’t let our human conscience evolve and have a positive behavior.

The religious meaning of this scientific discovery is the absolution for the human being who is induced to be bad and has no chances to fight the anti-conscience’s absurdity.

Absolution for the victims of violence.

Absolution for the weak and the poor.

However, the religious meaning of this discovery also is eternal hell for those who could fight their anti-conscience because they had all the necessary conditions to win this battle, but failed. God expects more from those who have the necessary conditions to fight the absurdity of their anti-conscience and have a powerful position in our world.

For example, the members of the Catholic and the Orthodox Church won’t be forgiven. They had the obligation to help the world find salvation and defend the importance of religion. However, they were contaminated by the materialism of the commercial world. This is why Satan governs the Catholic and the Orthodox Church today.

God is revolted with the human race because nobody precisely obeys his guidance. God believes that all human beings should help Him eliminate their wild conscience. However, nobody fights Satan.

God is revolted with the members of all religions because they have distorted His words, but I ignore many details about other religions. I talk about my religion because I’m Catholic and Orthodox, since I was baptized in both Churches.

I have to transmit God’s disgust and revolt with those who should defend His guidance in the cruel world, but didn’t do anything to defend His justice.

God’s justice is based on sanctity.

The religious meaning of the existence of a satanic primitive conscience into the biggest part of the human brain represents absolution for those who cannot fight Satan, but eternal hell for those who have the moral obligation to win this fight and help others win this battle.

The existence of a satanic conscience into the biggest part of the human brain clearly indicates that we need protection from absurdity and evilness from the beginning of our lives. We should respect our religion more than the hypocritical laws of the unfair world.

However, religion is an adornment in our crazy world. Nobody believes they should make all their decisions based on their religion.

This means that we live based on erroneous ideas.

My scientific discoveries reveal that God exists and we are judged according to His laws. God decides our destiny depending on our intentions and actions.

God cannot force us to eliminate our satanic anti-conscience because He is not a dictator and if we would be forced to be good, our goodness would be artificial. However, we are punished through pain and suffering until we will become somehow sensitive and we will be able to somehow understand the meaning of goodness.

In other words, we are punished for our cruelty until we will understand we must stop causing pain to everyone around us.

The terms ‘eternal hell’ are too heavy. I was talking about more than one thousand years of hell. Or, perhaps one million years. If you don’t think one million years are an eternity, forgive me for exaggerating.

We know we cannot live on Earth more than one hundred years, but we ignore how many years our spirit can live on hell. According to what I could understand from the unconscious answers in dreams, those who are destined to face eternal hell must suffer more than one thousand years before having the chance to reincarnate. This is why the Catholic and Orthodox Church talk about eternal hell. It really is eternal, even though it has a limit.

The fact that reincarnation is true was confirmed in dreams, but I don’t know after how many years someone can reincarnate. It seems that the time we spend on Earth is extremely short comparing to what happens after our death.

I’m not only a scientist. I’m also a prophet.

I cannot scientifically prove what happens with the human spirit after death, but I’m sure that God showed me the truth in my dreams. I could relate this information to many other details, which were scientifically explained. I had information about why many of my relatives and friends who were close to me had died when they were still young.

I learned how to prevent premature deaths.

Our scientists cannot understand the scientific explanations for many unexplained phenomena. Fortunately, we have trustful answers for all questions in dreams.

Now we don’t need to depend on the ridiculous knowledge of our barbarous historical time, marked by wars, numerous horrors, and numerous crimes. Now we can learn the truth about everything in our own dreams because the real meaning of the dream language was clearly comprehended.

Even though I cannot give you scientific proof about what happens to our spirit after death, I can scientifically prove the existence of the satanic anti-conscience into the biggest part of the human brain through numerous ways.

The anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within our conscience by sending numerous absurd thoughts to our human conscience whenever it manages to invade our conscience. It also generates many problems to our daily lives, accidents, and other misfortunes because it has satanic energy. It becomes more powerful when it manages to destroy a big portion of our human conscience.

The anti-conscience is an idiotic and self-destructive conscience. This is why it always ends up on terror and despair.

Everyone must learn how to eliminate their anti-conscience through consciousness, so that they may get rid of the poisonous influence of their absurd and evil primitive conscience. Now that I could discover its existence, we can finally stop being our anti-conscience’s victims.

This discovery was God’s gift to the world. I was merely obeying to the guidance I had.

The divine unconscious mind is God’s mind. This is why the unconscious mind cures everyone through dream messages. All dreamers acquire consciousness by following the unconscious guidance. This process of consciousness through dream translation helps us gradually eliminate our wild conscience.

Now we know how we can eliminate the anti-conscience (and the mental illnesses it generates) by obeying God’s guidance in dreams. Without God’s plan we would never be able to discover the truth.

Do you believe you could be able to discover you had inherited a satanic primitive conscience in your own brain, which works independently of your conscience?

Nobody could ever discover the existence of another conscience in their brain.

I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience only because I was precisely obeying the divine guidance in dreams and signs of my reality, which I interpreted like dreams. I was obedient like a soldier because I was afraid of the absurdity I had inherited. I understood its catastrophic energy and I understood that I had to be very careful.

This is all I could understand. An ignorant human being like me wouldn’t be able to understand the mysterious functioning of the human brain and discover the existence of an independent conscience besides our human conscience in our brain. I believe you agree with the fact that even if I was a genius from birth I would never be able to discover the existence of a wild conscience that works in parallel with our human conscience.

However, I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience when I was 28-years-old (in 1989) thanks to the information I had in dreams.

Of course this discovery was not the result of my own speculations. How could an ignorant young woman like me discover the existence of a wild conscience that works in parallel with our human conscience?

I was simply obeying God’s guidance in dreams and signs of my reality. I worked very hard trying to understand this guidance and putting it into practice, but I had no idea why I had to do many things.

I could gradually understand God’s plan with time. I knew that God couldn’t explain many things to an ignorant creature like me. I had to be obedient, even when I couldn’t understand why I had to do something in a certain way.

I knew I was fighting craziness because I had inherited absurdity, and I had to eliminate this absurdity. I also knew that I had the obligation to win this battle because God needed my example in order to teach others how to fight craziness and find sound mental health.

However, I ignored numerous details. Only later could I understand everything.

I would never be able to discover the existence of the anti-conscience by myself. And even if I would, I would never be able to survive after discovering its existence without God’s protection.

The anti-conscience generates unbearable symptoms. Besides sending numerous absurd thoughts to our conscience, it cases dizziness, fainting, visual and oral distortions, panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations. When someone faces the anti-conscience their conscience is attacked with all these symptoms in the sequence I have described them.

Who can survive all these attacks and maintain their mental stability?

The fact that I could discover the anti-conscience and keep my conscience alive while facing these unbearable symptoms is a true miracle. My success is the result of God’s perfect plan. I was precisely putting God’s plan into practice because I was extremely obedient. I understood the seriousness of my fight against craziness and the importance of my victory for God.

My own cure was only a detail. God wouldn’t help me so much with the intention to save me, and I didn’t deserve to be saved. He wanted to use my example to show the truth to the world. I had to learn how to eliminate my anti-conscience so that I could show everyone how they can eliminate their anti-conscience and all the mental illnesses it generates.

My only merit is my obedience, and even this merit is not really mine because I had no alternative in the situation I was. I would never agree with God’s plan if He had asked me (because this plan was based on my suffering) but I had no doubt that this plan was perfect.

I don’t know how God managed to make this complicated plan work into practice. Everything was extremely difficult and dangerous. I managed to survive the horrible attacks of the anti-conscience because I was praying all the time.

If I would relate the experiences I had to face (in 1989, when I was only 28-years-old) you wouldn’t believe that I managed to bear so many unbearable symptoms and act like a normal person, while I was working in a store with clothes for women, in a central street of Athens that was very popular. There were always customers in the store.

The fight against the anti-conscience gave me practical knowledge that no one had. I managed to easily cure many people through dream therapy thanks to this special knowledge since 1990, when I was cured, and I started helping others. The vision I had helped me clarify all the obscure points existent in Carl Jung’s work and help everyone eliminate their dangerous anti-conscience.

You can read God’s words in dreams like me now that I simplified Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation. God will show you how you can eliminate your wild nature and become a peaceful, sensitive, wise, friendly, humble, sincere, generous, and calm human being.

God’s existence is a fact. Everything I’m teaching you is not my invention. Everyone can observe that the dream messages come from a superior mind now that I could discover the anti-conscience and better understand the dream language.

You will learn how to stop listening to your negative wild conscience and develop your human conscience. You won’t have to bear the unbearable symptoms generated by the anti-conscience because it won’t manage to destroy your conscience.

Dream translation is a process of consciousness and mind development. All dreams contain very important messages that give you exactly the information you need to fight the absurdity imposed by your anti-conscience. You become more intelligent thanks to this information because you have a better vision of your reality.

Your memory increases because you have to remember numerous details. You start using all of your brain power. You learn how to think, feel, and sense at the same time. You discover you have many capacities you ignored.

When you start following dream therapy you understand why your past was marked by certain characteristics. You also understand the importance of traumatic experiences and how to eliminate the negative influence of these experiences in your behavior.

After developing your intelligence and understanding the meaning of life, you stop making mistakes. You begin a new life. This is how the process of consciousness through dream translation works.

First of all you understand what is negative in your brain and psyche. Then, you eliminate your negative characteristics by transforming them into positive reactions. You begin a new life, totally different from your previous life. A meaningful life, without sins.

You will understand that the fight between good and evil characterizes the human life. Everything you have learned in your religion is true. You should respect your religion more than anything else.

Even though the materialistic and atheistic modern civilization doesn’t believe in God’s existence and it tries to eliminate the importance of what is bad, my scientific research proves that God speaks in dreams and that all mental illnesses are caused by the evilness we have inherited into our wild conscience.

Our human conscience must fight our anti-conscience and transform this absurd and evil conscience into human conscience. We have to help God tame our wild side.

Evilness generates craziness. Goodness is the only antidote against evilness and craziness. The divine unconscious mind helps you understand how to develop the positive characteristics of your psyche, showing you different aspects of your complex existence.

You learn how to become a philosopher and an artist. You also learn how to become an inventor. You stop thinking based on the narrow limits of your historical time.

Your mind opens because you become more sensitive. Your sensitivity gives you information that your reasoning cannot understand.

Right now all your thoughts are superficial. You think about your environment and the people around you. You keep thinking about your personal problems and your ambitions. Your mind is always busy with memories and suppositions.

When you will get rid of the annoying thoughts of your anti-conscience, and when you will start using the capacities you are not using now, you will think about solutions for various problems. You won’t waste your time with your imagination.

You will easily find the solutions you need because you will think based on your reality as it is, without being misled by annoying distractions. This is one of the biggest advantages you will have when you will become more intelligent and sensitive thanks to dream therapy. You will be able to easily find solutions to all problems, without being blocked by negative thoughts.

You will be amazed with all the solutions you will find this way. You will easily find the solutions you need because you will think based on goodness. Goodness and sound mental health are synonyms. Goodness is wisdom.

The negative thoughts of your absurd and evil anti-conscience make you look for solutions based on dishonesty and selfishness. All mental illnesses begin with tragic mistakes made by your ignorant and one-sided human conscience, after the invasion of your anti-conscience into your conscience. You make costly mistakes because you listen to the absurd thoughts sent by your absurd and evil anti-conscience, without condemning their cruelty.

In the beginning the anti-conscience’s misleading thoughts seem to be sensible. They are camouflaged into solutions for your problems. These thoughts have the intention to imprison your conscience into the labyrinth of craziness, but they seem to be smart dishonest ways that will easily help you achieve your goals.

When you will stop having these thoughts, you will easily find solutions based on goodness because you will think based on goodness all the time. You will have a wise and pure nature. You won’t be contaminated by the poison of hatred and violence. You won’t be selfish. You will desire to genuinely help others as if you were in their shoes. Your superiority will give you the right attitude in all occasions.

God sends you important messages in dreams to help you solve your psychological problems and all the problems of your life. After solving your problems and becoming more intelligent, you will help everyone around you because you will become self-confident and strong.

You will do everything you can for humanity because you won’t be indifferent to the destiny of the human race. You will be grateful because you had the chance to evolve and you will help everyone else evolve the same way.

You will understand that our brain power goes wasted because our anti-conscience basically steals all of our brain power. Therefore, you will help everyone have the chance to use all their capacities. You will especially care about helping everyone stop suffering because of the dangerous interventions of their anti-conscience in their conscience and behavior.

You will do something for the world, depending on your capacities. You won’t be a passive observer. Your work will help humanity escape the tragic destiny imposed by our wild nature.

Your work will also help you purify your spirit and get prepared for a wonderful life after death.

You have extraordinary capacities that must be developed. Right now you cannot understand how powerful you are and how much you can achieve. You will be surprised with yourself when you will have the chance to develop your hidden talents and begin a new life, without sins.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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