Eliminating The Absurdity You Have Inherited

PrimitiveAfter continuing Carl Jung’s research I could understand how our brain and psyche work, and the real importance of the meaning of dreams. I could also understand the religious importance of my scientific discoveries.

God is the dream producer. God speaks in dreams. This is a fact that can be observed into practice by all human beings now that the real meaning of dreams was clarified.

I discovered the sanctity of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and gives us artistic talents because I had studied in a Catholic school and I had an extraordinary literary talent since 7-years-old. Carl Jung was a scientist, and he ignored the existence of the anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience. I had to continue his research by obeying the divine guidance in dreams to discover the existence of the anti-conscience into the biggest part of our brain and psyche.

I precisely obeyed the divine guidance like a soldier because I was almost schizophrenic like my father. Only a miracle could help me save my sanity. I had to make this miracle become true thanks to my obedience.

My fight against my anti-conscience was very important not only for me. I had to win this battle and prove the existence of the anti-conscience to the ignorant world. The fact that I could discover the anti-conscience is a true miracle made by God. I was only putting God’s plan into practice because I was very obedient. I would never be able to discover anything alone.

Our tiny human conscience cannot survive the anti-conscience’s attacks when we discover its existence. The anti-conscience generates unbearable symptoms. The fact that I learned how to eliminate the anti-conscience by following the unconscious guidance in dreams puts an end to all mental illnesses.

Now we know that all mental illnesses are generated by the anti-conscience, which is a demon. This demon is the first live conscience, which refuses to change its behavior.

We inherit this demon in our own brain because our human conscience was originated from a satanic conscience. This satanic conscience resulted from the accidental formation of the first live conscience by chance. Whatever is disorganized can only have disastrous results.

God managed to differentiate Himself from His demoniac nature and attain sanctity. He learned how to organize a live conscience and help it attain wisdom, but He depends on the obedience of this conscience, since a thinking conscience works based on its own will.

Our primitive anti-conscience refuses to obey God’s guidance, but our human conscience must agree with this obedience. We have to understand the importance of goodness since we have at least one psychological function working based on human characteristics.

However, our idiotic and selfish conscience refuses to obey God’s guidance. We prefer what is bad, like our idiotic and evil anti-conscience. This is why we cannot find salvation.

I will give you a better explanation. Thanks to Charles Darwin’s discoveries we know that we are animals. We are primates. However, we are rational animals. We differ from other animals only because we can think.

Other animals have feelings, sensations, and intuition, but they cannot think like us. We know that the human race passed through a long process of transformation from the beginning of our existence on Earth like other animals. The prehistoric man was totally different from the modern man.

We believe we have evolved and we are more intelligent than the prehistoric man. However, a certain percentage of our brain didn’t evolve like our human conscience. The biggest part of our brain remains in a primitive condition, without having evolved since the first formation of the live conscience.

Consciousness is a process that depends on the will of the conscience that must acquire consciousness. If a conscience is not interested on learning, it won’t learn anything. The process of consciousness depends on conscious will. It depends on the decisions of the thinking conscience.

The fact that the first live conscience could think doesn’t mean that it kept evolving and learning. It had no motivation to learn anything, and it couldn’t understand the value of learning. It was an animal conscience, extremely violent, which became evil with the frustrations and deceptions of life.

The anti-conscience is a sneaky demon that thinks like a prehistoric man, and is still active in your brain. It generates mental illnesses by invading your conscience and sending you absurd thoughts with absurd suggestions. Its intention is to destroy your capacity to think logically and take the place of your ego. This way, it will always control your behavior instead of being tamed by your human conscience.

Now that I could discover the existence of this poisonous conscience (which I named anti-conscience) you can eliminate all the absurdity you have inherited through dream translation. You can get rid of the wild part of your brain by transforming it into an evolved and positive part of your brain.

You cannot kill your anti-conscience because it is part of yourself. You have to tame the primitive part of your brain by obeying the divine guidance in your dreams and in your religion.

The primitive part of your brain is constantly causing serious problems to your conscience, since it keeps trying to destroy your conscience. It also is causing serious problems to your life.

The anti-conscience influences your mind and behavior, and it has enough energy to cause strange situations, accidents, and other misfortunes. The anti-conscience does everything it can to make you lose your mind with all the problems you will have, because it wants to generate terror and despair. This is how it destroys your conscience.

God speaks in dreams in order to send you important secret messages about what your anti-conscience is doing against your conscience and how you can win the battle against this demon. You live in order to eliminate the absurd tendencies you have inherited, and become a perfect human being.

The fastest you eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness, better is your life. Dream translation is a process of consciousness because you understand all your mistakes, and the mistakes of everyone around you. You understand how to stop making these mistakes and evolve. You also understand how to protect yourself from other people’s mistakes.

In other words, you are able to see your invisible anti-conscience and everyone’s anti-conscience. You acquire a third eye.

You should always obey God’s guidance in your dreams, even when your conscience disagrees with this guidance. You are ignorant and imperfect. You are constantly influenced by your evil side. Even your human conscience is deficient because it is under-developed and one-sided.

God is wise and saintly. God is trying to save your human conscience and help you become a sensitive genius. You have only advantages when you obey the divine guidance, but in the beginning you have to change your behavior. This part is quite unpleasant, uncomfortable, and difficult.

You hate behavioral changes like your satanic anti-conscience. However, you have to behave like a conscious human being, and not like a demon. This is how you will manage to tame the demon existent into your anti-conscience.

In the beginning of your path you have to accept suffering to change your behavior instead of being indifferent like before. You cannot become a wise human being if you won’t eliminate your anger, your selfishness, your laziness, and all your negative reactions.

You are far from perfection. You have to correct your behavior and stop making mistakes.

This is indispensable if you want to evolve. If you indifferently repeat the same mistakes, you will never manage to win the battle against your destructive wild nature and use all of your brain power.

You have to be intelligent and pay attention to numerous details, so that you may completely develop your human conscience. You cannot follow your dangerous imagination and waste your time with suppositions. You have to seriously analyze your reality as it is, so that you may understand what is happening to you.

You will have to pay attention to all the details of your reality, and you will also have to pay attention to your own behavior because you must control your behavior in all situations. You won’t like this necessity because you will have to work. However, when you will finally understand the importance of paying attention to all the details of your reality (because you will be able to understand their meaning) you will be enlightened. You will already feel like a genius.

When you will start seeing positive results in your behavior and relationships, when you will observe that you are becoming more intelligent and you can better understand your reality, you will feel self-confident and protected. You will be satisfied with your capacity to pay attention to all details and understand many things that help you predict the future and understand other people’s intentions.

Therefore, don’t be lazy. You will find a real treasure through dream translation because you will find your intelligence. The beginning is dark and incomprehensible. However, as you keep translating the meaning of your dreams, you find light. You start seeing many things you couldn’t see before. At a certain point, you will be enlightened by the sunlight. You will understand everything you couldn’t understand in the beginning. This is how the process of consciousness works.

Consciousness is a process of enlightenment. You gradually discover light, and you are gradually able to see all the content of your psyche. You also have a deeper and better vision of the world. You stop being naïve and ignorant.

This process helps you transform the absurd and evil content of your anti-conscience into positive content that can belong to your conscience. You stop having automatic instinctive reactions.

God gives you numerous explanations about why you have to accept following His guidance in your own dreams. He is not a dictator.

You are able to understand that God is right because you have human characteristics. You can understand the importance of peace. You want to be happy. You love what is good. Therefore you (the human being concentrated into your human conscience) must help God transform the demon you came from into a human being like you.

This is how you will get rid of your primitive anti-conscience and stop being bothered by its absurd thoughts and by the unbearable symptoms it generates. You will eliminate your worst enemy through consciousness.

When you will acquire consciousness of all the content of your brain and psyche, this content will stop being in the darkness of ignorance. It will come to the light of the conscious surface and it will be transformed according to human characteristics.

You have the moral obligation to transform your wild nature into peaceful human nature because this is why God gave you a human conscience. Your victory will be a compensation for God.

You have the obligation to be a compensation for God because without God’s existence and His work, you would be only an idiotic and self-destructive demon. You have to use the human conscience God gave you when you were born in order to transform your anti-conscience into a peaceful human being. You should be grateful for having a human conscience, and help God transform you into a perfect human being.

God is always sad because nobody obeys His guidance in our crazy world. He worked so hard creating our planet and giving human characteristics to a part of our satanic brain, but everything was made in vain.

We don’t accept passing through the indispensable process of transformation we have to face. We want to have many material pleasures, without caring about anything else.

This is the big drama of God’s existence, and the big drama of the human race. God cannot eliminate our anti-conscience through consciousness because we don’t want to learn anything. We have the same behavior of our anti-conscience, even though we should act like human beings.

You should understand that God knows how to transform an imperfect creature like you into a perfect human being and trust the divine guidance. Don’t be indifferent to your mental health and to the meaning of your life.

If you are not transforming your personality and eliminating your wild nature, you are wasting your time. You also are becoming always more vulnerable to mental illnesses.

Your anti-conscience never stops trying to destroy your conscience because it feels trapped. It depends on your conscience’s will. Only if your human conscience will accept its absurd suggestions can your anti-conscience influence your mind and behavior.

Therefore, your anti-conscience never stops trying to control your behavior. It is so insistent (and so powerful because it occupies the biggest part of your brain) that it always manages to cause big damages to your human conscience. Your human conscience must learn how to offer resistance to your anti-conscience’s misleading thoughts thanks to God’s guidance in your dreams.

If you could see your anti-conscience speaking with your own voice in your mind and clearly understand that all the negative and absurd thoughts you have come from this demon, you would be very afraid of them. You wouldn’t believe that these thoughts could contain something useful.

However, you believe that these thoughts come from your own conscience. You cannot perceive the difference existent between the absurd thoughts sent by your anti-conscience and the thoughts that are produced by your human conscience.

The divine unconscious mind sends you dreams to help you understand the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience and send them away. You learn how to find sound mental health based on the dream messages.

For example, if you will have a dream about a mentally ill friend, you will understand that he represents a mentally ill part of your personality that behaves like him. This dream is a warning.

There is a part of your personality that has many psychological problems and belongs to your anti-conscience. This part of your personality is influencing your ego. In other words, you tend to imitate the behavior of this sick part of your personality.

After having this warning in a dream you will pay attention to your behavior and you will stop having uncontrollable negative reactions. You will tame your wild behavior.

When a part of your personality is mentally ill this means that it was contaminated by the absurdity of your anti-conscience. Now this part of your personality must pass through a process of psychotherapy in order to stop thinking and acting like your anti-conscience.

Your thoughts and your behavior work together. Through dream translation you will understand how the negative thoughts of your anti-conscience influence your behavior, and how to stop listening to the demon.

You will learn how to become a perfect human being in a short period of time. You only have to obey the divine guidance.

However, if you are mentally ill (like me when I started following dream therapy) you will have to pass through a longer process of transformation. You will need more time to complete this process depending on the severity of your mental illness, but you will get there. The unconscious psychotherapy is perfect; God never makes mistakes.

You should care about eliminating your wild conscience and all the absurdity you have inherited, even if you are not mentally ill. The bitter truth is that you are mentally ill from birth, since you have inherited absurdity and evilness into the biggest part of your brain, but you believe you are a normal person because average people are as absurd as you are.

You don’t have the chance to compare yourself with the mentally healthy because they are rare. You have to develop your human conscience in order to become a balanced person.

You may believe you are very intelligent and safe, but you never know when or how you can be attacked by your anti-conscience, depending on what may happen to your life. You never know when your anti-conscience will manage to become powerful enough to cause big damages to your conscience.

There is no specific age for the appearance of a mental illness within someone’s conscience. The anti-conscience can suddenly control the behavior of a person who seemed to be balanced for many years, especially if this person will have unexpected traumatic experiences.

If you don’t believe in the existence of the anti-conscience you should read more about multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, and psychosis. I give you information about these mental illnesses in my articles and in my lens collection. You wouldn’t be indifferent to your anti-conscience’s existence if you could see this demon.

When someone’s conscience is completely destroyed by their satanic anti-conscience, they have the behavior of a demon. This is not visible in the beginning, but at certain point of their lives they do something extremely absurd and violent. Their lack of balance becomes clearly visible.

In the beginning nobody can perceive that someone’s human conscience already was destroyed by their anti-conscience. However, someday the entire world understands that this person lost their mind because their shocking behavior reveals the truth. Other times, they hide themselves. They have to be discovered.

The intriguing aspect in the behavior of those who are controlled by their anti-conscience is the fact that they can work normally, as if they didn’t have any psychological problem. Their abnormal behavior is visible only in situations when they can hide themselves from their social environment.

They act as if they were conscious human beings but they act hypnotized by their anti-conscience. They hide their crimes because they know that they would be condemned by the world, without understanding the real importance of their actions.

If you don’t want to be in the position of those who lose their human conscience and are controlled by their anti-conscience, you must care about preventing craziness. Your anti-conscience is constantly trying to transform you into a monster. The crazy world is also constantly attacking your mental health with its absurd impositions.

Will you escape the tragic destiny of those who have inherited so much absurdity in their anti-conscience that they cannot but acquire a severe mental illness?

You have to be intelligent and understand that this is a serious danger. A mental illness represents despair and panic. You cannot rest before eliminating this danger.

The beginning of your process of transformation is hard, but you will have a big compensation. The positive behavior you will adopt will become part of your nature. You will be able to use all of your brain power thanks to this process, besides getting rid of your anti-conscience once and for all.

You only have to accept doing a few things you never do. For example, if you are antisocial you have to learn how to be friendly. If you are materialistic you have to learn how to pay attention to your spiritual reality.

If you will think about all the benefits you will have when you will have a perfect behavior and a clear mind, you won’t conclude that the beginning is really hard. I simplified the dream language and the process of psychotherapy you have to follow. The beginning is not as hard as it seems to be.

I’m trying to open your eyes because you have to take action. If you are merely reading my words without putting my lessons into practice this means that you can understand only a small percentage of all the information I’m giving you. You have to seriously care about understanding the unconscious messages in your dreams, without being superficial.

Even if you will never acquire a severe mental illness, you are constantly tortured by your anti-conscience, without understanding this fact. You are also wasting your intelligence because you are not using three psychological functions from the four you have at your disposal.

You have numerous reasons to seriously care about eliminating the absurdity you have inherited. Don’t be indifferent to your mental health because all psychological problems are hard to deal with.

Most people look for psychotherapy only when they are suffering. Don’t be like them. Since you know you are exposed to mental illnesses because you have inherited absurdity into the biggest part of your brain, don’t you think you have to be prudent and prevent this content from destroying your conscience?

The mentally ill are finding salvation thanks to the miraculous method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, but fighting a mental illness is a hard battle. I’m trying to save the new generations and those who could preserve their human conscience without being contaminated by the absurdity of their anti-conscience, before they will lose their conscience. The basic psychotherapy for people who have simple psychological problems takes only eight months; but we cannot cure severe mental illness in a short period of time. We need at least five years of psychotherapy in order to cure schizophrenia through dream translation.

However, most people are indifferent to this information. Everybody looks for salvation when they already are in a bad situation.

Only a few souls care about learning the precious dream language before having psychological problems. This is a big irony, since now everyone can prevent all mental illnesses before having to deal with despair.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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