The Truth About The Human Nature And God’s Plan

Dream TranslationMany people doubted of my work because I didn’t study in an average University while I declare that I can cure all mental illnesses through dream translation. However, I prove that today’s psychiatrists ignore the content of the human brain.

I prove that their conclusions are based on suppositions and that their dangerous medications completely ruin the immune system of their patients.

Today’s psychiatrists are unable to help their patients completely recuperate their conscience.

This is not an accusation. This is the bitter truth about what is happening until today; but it is not our psychiatrists’ fault.

Mental illnesses are invincible enemies. Only God knows how to cure a mental illness.

I prove that only the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams can give us a clear image of what is happening in our brain and psyche because it is God’s mind. Nobody else can understand the complex functioning of our brain.

I had to study alone and abandon the safe field of the globally accepted knowledge of my historical time because only this way I would be able to understand the truth. I had to be totally original and obey only the divine guidance in dreams. My dangerous research helped me discover the anti-conscience, our wild conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our conscience.

The truth about the human nature is quite shocking. The biggest part of our brain belongs to our anti-conscience, which is a true demon. This means that we are very far from balance.

Even our tiny human conscience is deficient because it is based on only one psychological function from the four we have at our disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

We also half use a second psychological function, but we don’t have a global vision of our reality by using one psychological function and a half. We have to develop all our psychological functions in order to understand our reality.

Our absurdity is clearly reflected in the crazy world we have created. Wars, crimes, poverty, robberies, suicide attempts, and many other horrors keep proving our insanity. Our world is absurd because we are idiotic and evil. We have to develop our human conscience and learn the importance of goodness.

We can eliminate our absurd and evil anti-conscience by following the divine guidance in dreams. This means that we can eliminate our satanic nature and learn how to become wise, pure, calm, and peaceful.

The process of transformation we pass through dream translation gives us consciousness. This process transports the psychical energy of our anti-conscience to our conscience. When we eliminate our anti-conscience, our human conscience becomes more powerful.

We acquire consciousness thanks to the unconscious guidance in dreams because we understand our mistakes. We learn how to stop making the same mistakes. We stop being slaves of automatic reactions. We learn how to develop the psychological functions we are not using.

Anyone can cure any mental illness by following the divine guidance in dreams. Everyone can become a psychiatrist and psychologist by precisely following the unconscious psychotherapy. The real doctor is God, the dream producer, and not the dream translator.

Only God’s psychotherapy in dreams is absolutely safe and really effective for everyone. We will never be able to understand how to cure a mental illness without divine guidance. Our anti-conscience is a powerful enemy because it occupies the biggest part of our brain, it can read our thoughts, and it can also send absurd thoughts to our conscience.

If we want to escape our anti-conscience’s traps we have to humbly obey the divine guidance in dreams. God can solve all problems, but He depends on our cooperation. This happens because we have to acquire consciousness.

We have to understand what we are doing. We have to follow a path of self-discovery and evolution, besides solving our psychological problems and our daily problems.

I had to study alone and cure many people into practice through dream therapy for two decades because this was part of God’s plan. I was simply obeying the superior guidance I had. Otherwise, an ignorant and young literature writer like me would never be able to continue Carl Jung’s research and discover the anti-conscience, besides discovering the unconscious sanctity, which Jung couldn’t perceive.

My religious education in a Catholic school for twelve years helped me recognize God’s words in dreams when I was 28-years-old, even though I had passed through a period of atheism during my adolescence.

My atheism lasted six years; exactly the period of time during which I was writing a philosophical literary book that worked like psychotherapy for me and was inspired by the unconscious mind. The divine unconscious mind gives us artistic talents, besides producing our dreams.

This book contained numerous dream symbols. It helped me better understand the dream language when I became a dream expert.

God’s plan for the elimination of craziness and terror on Earth is ancient and long. I carried on an important part of this plan because I was prepared to be able to face the battle with the terrible anti-conscience without losing my conscience.

This way, I could discover how we can completely eliminate our anti-conscience even before having psychological problems, and prevent a mental illness. I also learned how we can eliminate our anti-conscience when we have psychological problems and unbearable symptoms.

This was how I could simplify the dream language and the process of psychotherapy you have to follow until you will get rid of your absurd anti-conscience. You only have to learn my dynamic method of instant translation from images into words, derived from Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation.

Now everything is clear. You can immediately translate the meaning of all dreams. You can also submit your dreams for professional dream translation and have my support.

After eliminating your anti-conscience you will have the chance to evolve and become a true genius, even if you believe you are not intelligent. Your anti-conscience steals all of your brain power.

When you will eliminate the negative content you have inherited into your wild conscience you will become a wise and sensitive human being. You will have an excellent memory. You will become always more intelligent.

Everyone falls in love with dream translation when they understand how precious the unconscious messages are. I’m sure that all psychiatrists, psychologists, and other doctors will use the scientific method of dream interpretation to translate their patients’ dreams, and their own dreams about their patients when they will understand the power of dreams.

Right now they look at me as if I was a competitor. However, I’m in fact a helper. Everyone can simply learn everything I know and use this knowledge in their work.

The unconscious mind gives us information about our patients in dreams, even when they don’t cooperate with their psychotherapy and they don’t relate their dreams. I could understand the case of a psychotic friend who suffered from psychosis for more than twenty years thanks to the dreams I had about her case. She related two dreams once, but she never related more dreams during our meetings.

We had many conversations. We spent the summer every year in the same Greek island (I live in Greece). I knew all her family, we ate together, we went sailing together, to movies, and to many other places because we had a frequent contact.

This friend and I also traveled together to Brazil (my country). My son was with us. He was 14-years-old at the time. He helped me somehow, but he also caused many problems because he wanted to stay out late with my friends’ children who were teens like him. I had to be a mother for my son and for my psychotic friend. It was the first time she traveled alone with a friend somewhere, without her parents. She never went anywhere if she was not with her mother or father.

I followed her case during 13 years. She managed to partially recover her human conscience after this long treatment – without her cooperation. It was very hard to make her feel that she could trust me.

Besides my observations, all the information I had about her case was given by the unconscious mind in my dreams and signs of my reality. I would never suppose the real reason why this friend was psychotic for so many years if the unconscious mind wouldn’t reveal the truth in my dreams.

Certain day when we were at the beach, this friend finally trusted me, after many years of silence. She confessed what had happened to her in the past and caused the psychosis, confirming the information I had in my dreams. This was an impressing experience.

However, she didn’t tell me everything. I learned her real story thanks to the unconscious messages. The information I had in my dreams and signs of my reality (that I interpreted like dreams) helped me complete the missing parts of the puzzle and understand what exactly had happened to this psychotic friend.

Even though in the beginning her mother was afraid of my psychotherapy and she was quite rude with me, later she felt relieved. She showed me she was grateful because I was helping her daughter and she started completely trusting me.

I could mention many other cases, but the case of this psychotic friend was the most impressing one because it was impossible to deal with. She had various nervous crises, and she had the tendency to remain isolated, without any communication with the outside world for hours. She stopped behaving this way thanks to the information I was giving her, which was totally based on the unconscious guidance.

You can learn everything about your mental health and about everyone else’s mental condition even if you are not a doctor. Even though the functioning of the human brain is so complex, the unconscious mind simplifies everything in your dreams.

You have a true image of what is happening in your brain and why you behave the way you do. The same way, you have a clear image of what is happening in someone else’s brain.

Now that I could discover the real reason why we become mentally ill and how we can prevent mental illnesses or completely eliminate even severe mental illnesses, everyone will find sound mental health and peace. This discovery is not really mine, since it is the result of my obedience to divine guidance. Anyone could be in my place.

This is the beginning of a new historical time, totally different from the years characterized by the barbarous modern civilization. Now we know that the only psychiatrist and psychologist who can really eliminate all mental illnesses is the divine unconscious mind.

My achievements and my life biography simply prove that I was prepared to be able to continue Carl Jung’s research because this was part of God’s plan.

Besides being near the psychotic friend I already mentioned, I had to study the behavior of my father for all my life in order to understand schizophrenia. I also had to verify that anyone can lose their mind when my adored friend Arnold suddenly became psychotic. He was 22-years-old at the time.

He was very intelligent and reasonable. He seemed to be a normal person. However, certain day he started breaking everything in his house and he had electroshock therapy. He never recuperated his conscience since then. He committed suicide after following a treatment with a psychiatrist during five years.

I had to discover what causes craziness to help you and your family eliminate this danger forever. My studies are not based on human ignorance.

I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance like a soldier because I was afraid of my own absurdity. I didn’t want to have a tragic end.

My studies and the cures I could carry on by following the guidance of the divine unconscious mind give you safety and relief. By doing what the unconscious mind shows you in dream messages you will surely prevent a mental illness, or you will surely be cured if you already are mentally ill.

This method works for all cases because when you translate the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method you have a direct communication with God. You understand how you can begin a new life, far from the human misery.

After passing from the initial process of transformation of your journey, your dreams will change. The same way, your life will change.

You will realize that God had prepared a brilliant destiny for you. You will have an important position in our world.

Right now you underestimate your capacities and you cannot believe that a simple person like you can achieve the impossible. After transforming your personality and understanding God’s plan for your salvation and for the salvation of the human race, you will verify what you will be able to achieve.

You will be strong, intelligent, self-confident, wise, pure, and calm. You will always be in a good mood. At the same time, you will be sensitive and always show compassion to everyone.

God will show you what you can do to help Him save the world thanks to your work and your wisdom. He needs your cooperation. You will be part of His complicated plan for the elimination of craziness and terror on Earth. Only thanks to the execution of this plan will the world finally find peace.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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