Can You Prevent A Mental Illness? Do You Need This Precaution?

Dream Prediction You can prevent a mental illness by following the guidance of the divine unconscious mind in your dreams. Everyone needs this precaution because we inherit absurdity into the biggest part of our brain, which remains in a primitive condition.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams, and thanks to my discoveries after continuing his research today you can prevent a mental illness before having psychological problems. You can also cure a mental illness by following dream therapy.

You can submit your dreams for professional dream translation and psychotherapy. You can also study the dream language and have this precious knowledge forever.

Young people should be the first ones to learn how to prevent a mental illness, since they don’t have the psychological problems that torture most adults in our world. All teenagers should follow the unconscious guidance in their dreams from the beginning of their adolescence.

However, only those who are tortured by strange fears and are afraid of their reactions care about following psychotherapy. We are not used with the idea to prevent a mental illness.

First of all, we don’t believe we could become mentally ill. Most people totally disregard even the most serious reasons to be afraid of a mental illness.

For example, everyone should understand that if their parents are mentally ill, they obviously have the tendency to become mentally ill like their parents, even if they would take into consideration only the fact that all children imitate their parents’ behavior.

Now we know that we inherit absurdity into our anti-conscience, which is the wild side of our conscience. Therefore, we can clearer understand that if our parents are mentally ill, we are more inclined to become mentally ill than those who have normal parents and have a normal childhood and adolescence. The abnormal tendencies we have inherited will have the chance to control our behavior because of our traumatic experiences with our absurd parents.

When both our parents are mentally ill, or when one of them is mentally ill, we have to follow dream therapy before having to deal with strange symptoms and with the battle against our anti-conscience.

Mental illnesses are invisible and imperceptible diseases in the beginning of their formation. We all know that most mental illnesses cannot be cured, but we don’t care about preventing a mental illness.

Everyone understands they should care about preventing a disease when they understand they could be in danger. For example, in hospitals infection prevention is part of the routine. Pregnant woman must know what precautions to be taken during pregnancy in order to protect their baby. All babies get many vaccines in order to prevent known diseases.

Since most people in our world have psychological problems, this means that we should care about trying to avoid becoming mentally ill like them.

Since our world is so absurd and cruel, we should visibly perceive the necessity of psychotherapy for everyone. However, we are not used with the necessity to prevent a mental illness. First of all, nobody believes they can prevent a mental illness.

The same way, nobody believes that someone can be cured from a mental illness when they lose their mind because mental illnesses are invincible enemies. Once someone starts having mental health problems, they usually become forever dependent of medications, or forever dependent of a certain psychotherapy that is never able to completely eliminate their problems and help them find sound mental health.

The scientific method of dream interpretation represents true salvation for the world because now we can understand God’s words in dreams. Now we know the origin of all mental illnesses and how to surely eliminate the roots of absurdity from our brain.

Everything was already explained in all religions of the world. For example, the baptism in Christianism is a mystery based on the recognition that we are sinners from birth. We learn that we must respect various rules in order to prevent mistakes and sins. However, we forget this truth when we grow up and we have to fight for survival.

All religions teach us that we must evolve. We are imperfect, but we must learn how to be good. We have to attain higher levels of knowledge. We must love our God and respect His teachings.

However, we prefer to follow our selfish and ignorant conscience, which is constantly influenced or controlled by our absurd and evil anti-conscience. This is why we disregard the wisdom contained in all religions, and we prefer to be independent atheists. We don’t want to obey the divine guidance.

We prefer to ignore our absurdity and build a world based on our selfish desires. This is why our world is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed. This is why there is poverty on Earth.

We have to recognize our own absurdity and humbly follow the wise guidance we have in our own dreams and in our religion. All religions purify our spirit.

Now that everyone can understand God’s words in dreams because I managed to simplify Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation, everyone can easily verify the relationship existent between the wisdom contained in all religions and the wisdom found in dreams.

God’s words are superior. God speaks through images because an image speaks more than a thousand words.

An image reflects the truth; it doesn’t merely speak about the truth like words do. Words cannot be as descriptive as an image. Words can only use the reader’s imagination, without giving him/her a precise reflection of the truth.

God’s images are not static. They are scenes. Dream images compose scenes that give us information in a symbolic form.

The meaning of the images that appear in a dream usually is totally different from the meaning the same images have in our daily life. The logical sequence we have to follow in order to understand the meaning of these images must be the same sequence followed by the unconscious mind; the dream producer.

The dream logic is based on sanctity because God is wise and perfect. When we translate the meaning of a dream we have to follow God’s reasoning system, and not the reasoning system of our ignorant and selfish conscience. The meaning of the dream story is totally different from the meaning it seems to have when we look at the dream based on the logic of our ignorant conscience.

Now that I simplified the dream language you can easily understand the dream logic and follow God’s reasoning system. This way, you can understand how your own brain works, and how to control your behavior, without being a victim of your anti-conscience.

You will surely keep your mental stability forever, and never have psychological problems in your life. After eliminating your dangerous anti-conscience through consciousness, you will become a perfect human being.

You will have many other advantages, besides saving your sanity. Dream translation is a safe and guaranteed method of mind empowerment because your human conscience becomes more intelligent. You can become a true genius by following the divine guidance in your own dreams. You will be able to solve problems that seem to have no solution.

You will also be able to read people’s minds and understand everything about everyone around you only by analyzing a few details in their behavior. You will know how to interpret the human behavior and have more information about your social environment.

You will also have information about important people for you in your own dreams, and in signs of our daily reality that can be translated like dreams. These signs give you more information about what is happening with someone you care about, or they show you how the future will be unfolded.

Dream predictions are impressing demonstrations of God’s existence, especially when we are able to prevent serious problems thanks to a prediction in a dream. The psychotherapy of the unconscious mind attains fields that human beings cannot attain.

You learn how to definitively stop making a serious mistake after predicting a bad event and managing to escape the tragic consequences of this event thanks to the unconscious guidance. The divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams uses your daily experiences to help you transform your psyche, the same way it uses dreams to send secret messages to your conscience.

After understanding that God is protecting you, you will accept changing your behavior instead of indifferently repeating the same mistakes. God uses everything He can to help you save your sanity and become a better person.

This means that your initial intention to prevent a mental illness when you start translating the meaning of your dreams helps you in numerous ways. Thanks to this practice you will avoid serious problems that keep torturing the human race, besides becoming a superior person.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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