From Nightmares to Positive Dreams

Positive DreamsMany people dislike their dreams because they have only bad dreams and nightmares.

Their nightmares indicate that they have certain psychological problems.

They have to follow dream therapy to understand how to correct their behavior. Their bad dreams work like alarms.

Nightmares reflect serious abnormalities in our psychological system, or terrible dangers that come from the outside world.

You may believe that ‘everything is fine’ and you have no reason to be alarmed by a nightmare, but you ignore a lot about yourself and the world. You have to learn the dream language if you want to understand everything about your psychological system and about everyone around you.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is a perfect doctor because it is in fact God’s mind. The divine unconscious mind works like a psychiatrist and psychologist because we are absurd from birth.

The impression that dreams have no meaning is based on ignorance. All dreams are extremely important, but you must learn the right method of dream interpretation (which was discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me) in order to understand the real dimension of dreams.

Many people feel relieved when they wake up from a nightmare and they verify it was just a dream. However, a dream reflects what is happening in your mind. Many dreams also predict the future development of your reality.

Therefore, a dream is not something as insignificant as you may believe. On the contrary; every dream gives you important information about your mental condition or about the dangers of the outside world that are threatening you, even when you don’t have bad dreams. All dreams contain important information.

Nightmares indicate serious problems. You have to eliminate what is causing abnormalities, even if you don’t believe you have psychological problems. By precisely following the guidance of the unconscious mind you will understand why your behavior is absurd and how to correct your behavior. You will become more intelligent and self-confident.

Nightmares and bad dreams are warnings. They help you avoid what is bad in your life. You pass through dangerous situations in your dreams, so that you may avoid dangerous situations in your daily life. These dangerous situations can lead you to mental illnesses, since your anti-conscience takes advantage of your weaknesses to destroy your conscience through craziness.

Many people have numerous dreams with warnings. This happens because they are in a dangerous situation and they need urgent help, but they keep making the same mistakes. The unconscious mind never gives up. It sends them warnings until they will finally stop making these mistakes.

If you have many nightmares and bad dreams you have to follow the unconscious guidance in your dreams, so that you may stop making costly mistakes. You are acting against yourself without understanding what you are doing. Your false impressions are very dangerous.

The divine unconscious mind will show you how to do what is positive for you. You will stop being a victim of the cruel world and a victim of you evil anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience. You will gradually become more intelligent as you follow the unconscious guidance because you will transform your anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience.

For example you tend to feel defeated when you think you have to stop being selfish because the world makes you believe you have to be selfish and care about feeding your ego. The commercial world doesn’t care about your mental health. The world cares only about selling you many things.

The divine unconscious mind shows you the truth in your dreams, without the camouflage of the hypocritical world. You understand the real reason why you are selfish and cruel in many situations.

Then, you understand that this behavior is not wise. You understand you should prefer to become a superior human being instead of being a selfish animal.

This comprehension enlightens your mind. You suddenly understand that you cannot imitate the behavior of the world. You have to be different. You have to avoid making mistakes if you want to stop suffering.

The more you understand about the absurdity of the world and the absurdity imposed by your anti-conscience to your conscience, better are your dreams. You stop having warnings. You have only enlightening lessons, without fears.

You are alarmed with nightmares when you are in danger, but you cannot understand what is happening to you. When you open your eyes and you stop making mistakes, you have dreams with secret information about many aspects of your reality, which are ignored by those who belong to your historical time. The divine unconscious mind gives you superior knowledge.

You also have dreams that help you understand your spiritual reality. While you will face the arduous battle against your dangerous anti-conscience and eliminate your wild side through consciousness, you will perceive the importance of your religion. You will understand that everything you had learned in your religion is true.

You have to stop being a violent animal and become a calm, wise, and sensitive human being who will always show compassion to everyone. Your religion teaches you how to be a good person, without explaining the details of your violent nature. Your religion gives you courage.

Your dreams give you scientific explanations about your wild tendencies. When you understand how far from mental health you really are, and how absurd the world you live in really is, you understand why you have to obey God’s guidance.

One of my patients concluded the following, after submitting a series of dreams for professional dream translation:

“I was thinking how identical the unconscious guidance and my religion are and I got annoyed at the society that distorted the religion so much.”

Since God is the dream producer, you can be sure that you will understand the similarity of the unconscious guidance with the guidance given by your religion. All religions were created by the same God to help us understand the complex components of our spiritual reality.

When you stop being a selfish and violent animal you have the chance to understand the existence of your spiritual reality. You understand the importance of goodness. Goodness gives you relief. You feel you are a privileged person because you are able to cultivate goodness in your heart.

Your goodness helps you always be happy with yourself and your actions. Your goodness helps you always act based on sensitivity and wisdom. This is how you can always preserve your mental health.

When you will attain this level you will understand how really privileged you are because you were transformed into a superior person instead of being an ignorant sinner.

Your goodness will give you peace, even when you will face difficult situations. You will always save the world with your goodness and your wisdom. You will help your enemies the same way you will help your friends. You will give solutions to everyone because you will be a sensitive genius.

When you will compare you behavior to the behavior of the average human being today, you will surely conclude that the world is very far from salvation. You have to help God save everyone.

Your example and your work are very important for God. When you become a wise human being you understand your moral obligation. You have to help those who are in an inferior position in our cruel world.

Your spiritual perfection makes you care about everyone in our world. When you become a sensitive human being you want to help everyone because you stop being indifferent and selfish.

At this point you have many positive dreams that reflect your progress and give you always more information about your complex reality. You never stop learning and evolving. Your intelligence has no limits.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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