The Truth Behind The Apparent Reality

Wild ConscienceWhen I was in the beginning of my scientific research I believed I should have studied in a University because it would be simpler to be accepted by the scientific community.

However, when I could discover the existence of our anti-conscience into the biggest part of our brain I understood why I had to learn everything based only on the superior knowledge given to me by the divine unconscious mind, which produces our dreams. The unconscious mind showed me the truth behind the apparent reality, relating science to religion. The anti-conscience is our wild conscience, which didn’t evolve like our human conscience.

The existence of this wild content and its interference in our conscious mind is the most important matter of our lives. However, nobody can see the truth behind the apparent reality.

The anti-conscience is an invisible enemy. It generates mental illnesses within our conscience whenever we follow its absurd thoughts. Even before generating a mental illness, it keeps interfering in our logical system.

The salvation for the human being is the obedience to divine wisdom. However, the logical traps of the anti-conscience make our human conscience follow the absurd thoughts that invade our conscious mind whenever we are depressed or revolted for some reason. We accept what is bad without criticism because we want to get revenge, because we want to get rid of our unbearable pain, and because we have no conditions to reasonably think about anything.

Even worse that this trap is the fact that the interference of absurd thoughts in our reasoning system doesn’t begin only if we are depressed or revolted. The anti-conscience uses many other ways to influence and control our behavior.

When you learn the dream language you start seeing the truth behind the apparent reality. You are able to practically read people’s minds, and you have trustful information about how your future will be unfolded, depending on your attitude.

This means that you start identifying the existence of the anti-conscience in everyone’s behavior, the same way you identify the influence of your anti-conscience in your reasoning system. You understand how the anti-conscience’s absurdity determines your behavior whenever you follow its absurd thoughts. You learn how to completely eliminate the influence of your wild side, without being a passive victim of various instinctive reactions.

This practice will give you relief, especially if you have serious psychological problems. By translating the meaning of your dreams and observing the influence of your anti-conscience into your conscience you will stop blaming yourself for various mistakes, since you will understand that these mistakes were imposed by your anti-conscience.

Those who are proud of their intelligence and their achievements cannot agree with the existence of absurdity into their own brain. They have a strong human conscience, since their anti-conscience didn’t manage to destroy a big portion of their conscience yet.

However, the mentally ill have already lost a big portion of their human conscience. They are relieved from heavy guilt when they understand that their absurd behavior is not the result of their own actions, but the result of their anti-conscience’s control. The anti-conscience is their animal personality; it doesn’t belong to their human conscience. This means that their conscience cannot be blamed for their mistakes and sins.

Everyone should prevent craziness, since everyone can become mentally ill at any time. However, nobody understands the importance of preventing the complete destruction of their human conscience before having psychological problems.

The unconscious mind shows you in your dreams the truth behind the apparent reality because it is God’s mind. Before seriously understanding the truth about the human nature, you have to understand that you are safe and you will be protected if you will obey the divine guidance.

God helps you trust His sanctity. First of all you understand that you can become a genius and attain spiritual perfection. When you have this knowledge, you understand that it will be advantageous for you to follow the guidance you have, even if it is against your initial plans. You realize you have to fight your anti-conscience, without being indifferent to its absurdity. This absurdity is causing numerous problems in your life.

You have to concentrate your attention on the brilliant future you will have when you will manage to finally eliminate the negative content you have inherited through consciousness. Before understanding the truth about the human nature you have to understand that you can evolve and you can become a perfect human being, even if you are mentally ill, and you already have made numerous mistakes.

You need this conviction so that you may look at the truth behind the apparent reality without being discouraged by the absurdity and the evilness you have inherited, and by the wickedness of the world. By understanding that there are solutions and you can attain a higher level of knowledge, you find the courage you need to fight your anti-conscience and the absurdity of the world.

If you have a strong human conscience you feel that you can control your behavior and you don’t need psychotherapy, but this is a dangerous impression. If you have an anti-conscience, this means that you can suddenly have panic attacks and dizziness. You can have a series of absurd thoughts, anxiety, and many unbearable sensations without any logical explanation.

You should be afraid of this possibility. You have inherited an anti-conscience, which works against your human conscience. You never know when and why it may manage to destroy a big portion of your conscience.

When I was fighting the absurdity of my anti-conscience (in 1989) I verified that an average human being cannot bear the attacks of the anti-conscience once it manages to destroy a big portion of their conscience. The anti-conscience causes so many abnormalities in our psychological system that we are unable to keep our human conscience alive.

I could survive in order to give you lessons today because I was obeying the unconscious mind. My courageous victory helps you avoid facing your anti-conscience, even before you will be attacked by the absurd content you have inherited.

However, most people cannot believe that they could lose their mind before having serious psychological problems. Only a few wise people care about preventing craziness because most people don’t want to believe in the existence of craziness into the human brain.

Nobody wants to pay attention to the craziness and terror that govern our world, the same way nobody wants to recognize their incapacity to discern what is good or bad.

I dedicated my work to young people, trying to help the new generations prevent mental illnesses before having to deal with their anti-conscience’s attacks. However, teens are indifferent to their absurdity. Their parents are also indifferent to what could happen to them if they have a weak human conscience and their anti-conscience will manage to destroy a big portion of their conscience while they are still young.

This happens because nobody knows the truth about our mental health and the dangers we are exposed to in a crazy world. Many people try to overcome serious psychological problems alone because they don’t want to admit they need help. Other people believe that mental illnesses can be cured, without understanding what mental illnesses really are.

Mental illnesses are invisible and imperceptible diseases. You have to be an expert in order to detect the signs of absurdity in the human behavior.

You should become a dream expert like me. You will be able to understand how the human brain words and easily detect abnormalities in the human behavior.

I give you clear lessons about how you can follow my steps and use the scientific method of dream interpretation to cure others, after finding sound mental health yourself. You will use the dream messages to solve your daily problems, your psychological problems, the psychological problems of everyone around you, and achieve many other goals.

The unconscious mind can solve all problems because it is God’s mind. You only have to learn the dream language and follow the divine guidance in order to successfully solve all the problems of your life, and all the problems of the world. Everything only depends on your cooperation.

The ignorant world makes you doubt you can find solutions in dreams because the meaning of dreams was distorted by many impostors during our long history. However, the accurate translation of the dream images based on Carl Jung’s discoveries and on my discoveries after continuing his research proves to the world that our dreams are produced by God. Carl Jung didn’t have a religious attitude after discovering the divine origin of the unconscious mind, but I did.

This is why I could continue his research and discover a lot more. Only someone who would have a religious attitude and truly believe in God’s existence would be able to face the satanic anti-conscience without getting lost into the labyrinth of craziness. I was praying all the time during the fight with my dangerous anti-conscience in 1989.

I couldn’t forget even for a second that I was fighting craziness. This is why my human conscience was not completely destroyed and I could develop my intelligence, instead of becoming schizophrenic.

I knew that nobody would believe in my dangerous fight against the anti-conscience by obeying the divine guidance. How would I be able to prove to all scientists of the world that the experiences I had fighting craziness were real? Personal experiences are not taken into consideration by the scientific community of our historical time.

However, when I finally completed my research and I could finally publish my work (after nineteen years of research and cures) I understood that nobody cares about how I could discover the anti-conscience. Everyone mainly cares about using this knowledge to solve their own problems.

Since the scientific method of dream interpretation helps all dreamers understand the divine guidance in dreams and in symbolic signs of their reality, everyone verifies into practice that this method eliminates the unbearable symptoms of craziness.

If you need urgent help, I can translate your dreams for you before you will study the dream language. This way you will verify that the scientific dream translations really help you solve your problems and become more intelligent.

Everyone decides to study the dream language after verifying into practice the therapeutical value of the unconscious guidance in dreams. Even if you won’t become a dream expert, you will understand how the human brain works and a lot more, besides being able to solve your own problems without complications.

You will be with God. You will do only what will be positive for you and for your community. You will be protected from all dangers.

You will also help God feel better for seeing that you are following His guidance and becoming a superior human being. God is very sad with the human indifference to what is bad, and with the human indifference to His wise guidance.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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