Reading God’s Words in Dreams and Finding Protection

ProtectionThe information you have in dreams helps you in so many ways that you will surely realize that your dreams are sent by God. When you translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation you verify that all dreams contain meaningful messages.

These messages give you detailed information about what is happening in your psychological system and in the world around you. They also talk about your past, your traumas, and the problems you are facing now. Thus, you understand from the beginning that the unconscious words reflect the truth.

God knows everything about you, your life, and everyone around you. You find solutions for all problems in dreams.

You may have the tendency to dislike believing in God’s existence because you follow the atheistic and materialistic mindset of the modern civilization. You probably consider science more important than religion. Perhaps you believe that it is strange to read a document about a scientific method of dream interpretation, which declares that our dreams are produced by God. God is not a scientifically proven truth.

However, the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method translates God’s words because it is based on real research, and not on the dream interpreter’s imagination. Carl Jung looked for the meaning of dreams like an archeologist who was trying to understand the meaning that the dream images had for the human race. I precisely followed his steps, proving that his method is efficient and real.

I was cured from my severe neurosis, which already had characteristics of schizophrenia, and I became a psychiatrist and psychologist. I started curing others through dream translation without payment, since September of 1990. I completed Carl Jung’s research and I simplified the dream language before publishing my work online, in 2007 and 2008, after nineteen years of studies and real cures through dream therapy.

I looked for the meaning of many dream symbols that Jung didn’t explain. I also discovered the wild side of the human conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our human conscience.

I could better understand the dream language because I was a literature writer since my childhood and I had an extraordinary literary talent. All my writings were inspired by the unconscious mind, which sends us therapeutical dreams and gives us artistic talents with the intention to help us escape craziness, and have the chance to evolve.

I also was a designer since my childhood. Many of my drawings helped me better understand my psychological reality. I found important dream symbols in my drawings and in all the personages of a literary book I started writing after suffering from a tragic car accident, when I was 15-years-old. This book helped me completely understand the meaning of the symbolic dream language and relate the information I had in dreams to our mental health, based on Carl Jung’s lessons.

My work proves to the world that Jung was a special scientist. The real importance of his work was not properly evaluated by the ignorant, superficial, and hypocritical world. My work proves to the world that Jung discovered the right code for the comprehension of the real meaning of the dream language according to the meaning given by the dream producer; the unconscious mind.

Only Jung didn’t distort the meaning of dreams with his suppositions, like all the other dream interpreters and scientists of the world. Everyone must learn his method of dream interpretation based on my simplifications, after continuing his mission.

The real translation of the dream language accurately transcribes God’s words. This is an important scientific proof of God’s existence, which can be verified into practice when you learn the dream language and you start understanding the meaning of your own dreams.

You verify that your dreams talk about your past and about all the details that were important for you. You understand from the beginning that your doctor already knows everything about your psychological system and how you can be cured. God is an excellent psychiatrist and psychologist; the only one who can cure invincible mental illnesses.

My work also proves to the world that human beings are unable to cure mental illnesses without divine guidance because there is craziness into the biggest part of the human brain.

This means that we are absurd from birth. Absurd creatures cannot understand how to find sound mental health without being guided by a mentally healthy and wise mind; the divine unconscious mind. We indispensably need superior guidance.

Alone we will never find peace. We are unable to put an end to terror, violence, immorality, poverty, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed because we are absurd and evil. Craziness and evilness are synonyms.

We are wild and under-developed primates who have inherited a satanic anti-conscience. Our anti-conscience keeps trying to destroy the human conscience we received from God. We received this conscience from God in order to transform our wild side into human content by obeying God’s guidance in our religion and in our dreams.

However, we refuse to respect our religion. On the other hand, only now I am scientifically proving God’s existence thanks to the fast dream translations based on my dynamic method, derived from Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation.

His method is so complicated and obscure that it doesn’t have a practical value for average people. Only now that I simplified the dream language can you easily understand the dream language and have a direct communication with God without complications.

My work solves a basic problem because it is the result of my obedience to God’s guidance. I would never be able to simplify Jung’s method without divine guidance. My work is God’s gift to the world. I was an obedient servant.

God is the best psychiatrist you can find, but God also is your spiritual guide. You have to transform your personality and become a better person. You have to understand the meaning of goodness, so that you may defend its importance into practice.

Your goodness is more important than anything else for your evolution as a human being, but you tend to believe that goodness is something you should give to those you like. You disregard those you dislike, and you never show compassion before their pain.

God will show you that you have to behave like an angel in all occasions, with everyone, even with your worst enemies. And not only that; you have to love your enemies the same way you love your children even when they do something you dislike.

You have to show compassion to everyone, without exceptions.

Your goodness helps you keep your mental stability because it doesn’t let you agree with the satanic ideas sent by your anti-conscience whenever you face challenging situations. When you try to become a perfect human being you don’t make costly mistakes that can put your mental stability in danger.

However, trying to become a better person in a crazy world is a dangerous adventure you cannot face alone. It’s very hard to be good in a selfish world, especially because you have inherited absurdity into your own brain. You have to obey the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams, even if you will disagree with God’s wisdom.

God will save your sanity and help you use all of your brain power. Even if in the beginning you won’t understand God’s plan for your psychotherapy, you should always believe that God knows what is better for you because God is wise and saintly, while you are an imperfect creature. Many times you won’t be able to evaluate God’s wisdom from the beginning because you ignore how your future will be unfolded, and many other things that God cannot explain in a few words.

If you will obey the divine guidance even against your will, in the future you will surely verify why you had to have this attitude, when many things will happen, and give you the explanations you were looking for. You have to trust God’s sanctity and truly believe in your savior.

Your anti-conscience is a sneaky monster, which plays with your reasoning system, trying to destroy your human conscience and control your behavior. You must trust the divine unconscious mind if you want to escape the logical traps of your anti-conscience.

You have numerous advantages when you follow the divine guidance because God is your protector. This fact will definitively prove into practice for you that God produces your dreams in order to save your life. When you will verify that you were protected thanks to divine providence, you will verify that God is alive and He always protects you if you do what is positive for you.

You will be so grateful because you could avoid a negative fact or event that you will become religious. Then, you will understand that religion is as important as science.

You will also understand that only because the ignorant population of our crazy world cannot see any real relationship between science and religion, this doesn’t mean that this relationship doesn’t exist. Many people believe that we are advanced creatures when they compare our technological progress with times when human beings couldn’t have so many facilities.

However, the truth is that we are very far from wisdom. The scientific method of dream interpretation helps you discover God’s language in your dreams, so that you may really evolve.

God follows a different logic; and not the absurd and ignorant logic of our conscience. The dream logic is based on sanctity.

I could better understand the dream language because I had studied in a Catholic school with Silesian nuns since I was 6-years-old until I became 17-years-old and a half. I was a very intelligent and talented child, but when I became 15-years-old I lost my faith and I became a revolted teen. I was a victim of a tragic car accident with my friends. One of my young friends died. This was the worst experience of my life.

My atheism lasted six years, exactly the period of time during which I was writing a strange literary book, where all personages were important dream symbols. I couldn’t imagine at that time that my words were in fact the words of the divine unconscious mind, which was sending me my magical inspiration.

My father was a schizophrenic dictator, very cruel with everyone, especially with my mother. He was very generous and kind only with me because I was exactly like him. Nobody had any doubt that I was his daughter; we were identical.

I was an excellent student and I was religious before facing the car accident, but I had to pass through atheism in order to recognize God’s existence when I would be able to understand the meaning of dreams better than Carl Jung, whose steps I was precisely following since 1986.

I started reading his books in 1984, but I was also reading many other scientific researches about the meaning of dreams. Only in 1986 I started following only Jung’s method and keeping a daily dream journal.

I became a dream expert in 1988, when I was 27-years-old, but I could really understand the meaning of dreams in 1989, when I discovered the dangerous anti-conscience that Jung couldn’t see. I could complete his work not only because I could better understand the dream language, but especially because I understood how we can eliminate our dangerous anti-conscience.

By reading God’s words in dreams I could discover Satan into the biggest part of the human brain. My work proves the satanic origin of the human conscience.

Now I will show you why our world is totally absurd and why you must be afraid of the false knowledge of the hypocritical world. You should trust only the wise messages of the divine unconscious mind in your dreams and in signs of your reality that you can interpret like dreams.

I have already mentioned numerous times that only because there is poverty and terror on Earth, we have undoubtable proof that we are insane. Human beings are monsters. Poverty and terror are synonyms. This shocking reality should alarm the indifferent population of our commercial world.

However, human beings are indifferent to other people’s pain because we are not really human. We have inherited a satanic anti-conscience into the biggest part of our brain, which keeps trying to control our behavior. Our indifference to poverty and terror is a shocking proof of our demoniac nature.

Another shocking proof that should alarm our population is the existence of immorality. Immorality is craziness, and generates terror.

The indifferent part of our population that has some protection tries to forget the existence of so many horrors in our world, and is always looking for material pleasures. This is a crazy world where money is more powerful than human sensibility and sensitivity.

Immorality prevails everywhere, while we want to have a happy family. We want to protect our children from the immorality of the world. However, we feel that there is nothing we can do to change the world.

This absurd situation is responsible for the existence of so many mental illnesses, in combination with the dangerous influence of our anti-conscience into our conscious mind. We are constantly attacked by our wild side, while we live in a crazy world ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference, financial power, and greed.

We live in a world where poverty obliges the biggest part of the population to survive under unbearable life conditions. Another percentage of our population lives under bearable life conditions, while having numerous psychological problems. They need a lot more but they cannot have more than the necessary for their survival. How can these people evolve?

There is no organization in our absurd world. All countries have military forces. Many wars keep happening in our daily reality, and many wars have already happened in our long history. I’m sure you will be able to find many other examples of our insanity if you will think about everything that is happening on Earth.

If you want to escape this living hell you must become a perfect human being and save the world with your work and your wisdom. If your main intention is to make money so that you may be protected and have your privileges you are wasting your time, and you are in a very dangerous position.

You cannot protect your mental health if you are following the absurd mindset of the barbarous modern civilization.

You have to study the dream language for a while the same way you study a foreign language when you need this knowledge for some reason. When you will understand the dream language you will be able to follow God’s logic in your dreams.

God speaks through metaphors. For example, I translated a dream for a young man. He was facing many adventures in the dream and doing absurd things because he was trying to avoid an obligation. This is a common dream.

The divine unconscious mind reflects the absurdity of the dreamer by showing him how absurd his actions are. He tries to go to dangerous places and he does absurd things to achieve his goals, only because he doesn’t want to change his personality.

This type of dream warning helps the dreamer pay attention to his actions. This dream helped the dreamer understand that there was no way to make a combination between violence and compassion because both are opposite emotional expressions. He cannot avoid passing through a process of transformation.

How can this dream help the dreamer understand that he must accept the psychological treatment of the unconscious mind? The unconscious mind knows what type of information the dreamer needs in order to understand his psychological problems and stop making mistakes.

The information given to the dreamer by the unconscious mind is exactly the information he needs. The dreamer perceives that the unconscious mind is showing him what will help him solve his problems.

Now he understands that he cannot follow his imagination and try to avoid suffering because he doesn’t want to become a better person. Now he can see that if he will be violent and indifferent, he won’t be able to evolve. He understood that there was no meaning on trying to avoid changing his behavior. He must learn how to be a responsible and sensitive man.

The unconscious mind made the dreamer pass through many adventures in his dreams, so that he could understand all the dangers existent in his immature attitude.

I mentioned this example to show you that the same way that this dreamer was doing absurd things because he was trying to avoid changing his behavior, everyone in our world does absurd things because they try to link values that don’t fit together and they prefer to walk around their problems instead of finally solving them.

This is why our psychologists try to cure post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers by teaching them how to be indifferent to the horrors of a war. This is an absurd intention. All psychologists should condemn violence. We cannot put an end to mental illnesses in parallel with violence and terror.

Another example of our absurdity is our acceptance of hypocrisy in our daily lives as if it was indispensable and obvious. We all know that nobody is really sincere because everyone is afraid of other people’s judgment and many people want to hide many things from the world.

We also know that most people are false and pretend to be someone they are not. However, we believe in our own lies and in the lies of the world, even though we know that everyone is false and everything is based on what the world leaders want to present to the world.

We believe that our lies are reasonable solutions. Of course we cannot be sincere with our boss. Of course we cannot be sincere with our customers. We are hypocritical actors who accept hypocrisy while believing that this is a smart and unavoidable decision.

You can stop following the global absurdity and have a positive destiny only if you will follow the divine guidance in your dreams. I told you the story of my life and all the preparation I had to discover the existence of the wild side of the human conscience, even though I couldn’t suppose that everything was a preparation.

God chose me because I would surely become schizophrenic like my father. I needed urgent psychotherapy. God gave me an extraordinary literary talent in order to help me preserve my sanity and my sensitivity. I needed all the help I could have, and nothing seemed to be enough.

Only a miracle could save me from schizophrenia. God made this miracle happen by showing me the truth about the human nature.

I accepted to precisely obey God’s guidance, even against my will. This was my salvation.

If you want to find salvation like me, you have to be humble and seriously obey the divine guidance, without doubting that God surely knows what is better for you and for the world.

This is very difficult because God will show you that you have to make drastic changes. You have to remember that you are in an absurd world, and you cannot trust the knowledge that comes from the hypocritical world. You also have to remember that you cannot trust your own brain because you have inherited absurdity.

If you want to have a direct communication with God you must remember that you are an imperfect sinner. This recognition is indispensable because you are very far from wisdom and your savior cannot give you many explanations from the beginning. Since you have already verified that God is saintly and wise, you should always remember this conclusion and obey your doctor with confidence.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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