The Importance of God’s Existence and The Divine Messages in Dreams

Wisdom Carl Jung didn’t want to abandon the scientific field and this is why he didn’t have a religious attitude after discovering that our dreams are produced by God. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams possesses undoubtable wisdom. Jung could recognize this truth, but he was afraid of the unconscious mind.

I could perceive the unconscious sanctity thanks to my religious education in a Catholic school, and thanks to my literary talent.

I concluded that we are safe when we obey the divine guidance in dreams, while we are in great danger if we do what our ignorant and one-sided human conscience desires.

I discovered the anti-conscience, which is the wild side of the human conscience. Carl Jung couldn’t see the anti-conscience. He stopped his research at certain point because he was afraid to find craziness. He knew that there is absurdity from birth in the human brain.

I continued Carl Jung’s research and I found the craziness existent into the biggest part of our brain. I could survive after having to deal with this dangerous content because I was precisely obeying the divine guidance.

I saw into practice that the unconscious mind cures our psyche, eliminating the absurdity existent into our anti-conscience through consciousness. I also cured many people through dream translation by obeying the unconscious guidance. This method is effective, safe, and very simple thanks to my work.

Now that I could discover the anti-conscience and simplify the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, everything is simple and fast. Now everyone can easily understand God’s words in dreams.

God cures everyone through dream messages.

The fact that your dreams are produced by God helps you feel safe and protected. You are not alone in the darkness of your ignorance, without knowing what to do. You have information and explanations in dreams. You understand the meaning of your life and what you have to do in order to evolve and find happiness.

In the beginning of my research I believed that the unconscious mind was a wise mind that produces our dreams to help us develop our intelligence, as if it was an organ at our disposal, even though I understood that it didn’t belong to the human mind.

The unconscious mind was a mysterious resource of trustful information. I had verified this fact into practice in my daily life many times. I had proof that the information we have in dreams is real and has the capacity to help us prevent a negative future consequence.

When I finally understood that the unconscious mind was alive and it was a saintly mind I had an explanation that helped me really trust the information I had in dreams. This explanation eliminated all my fears.

You have to feel safe when you follow the divine guidance. If you don’t trust your doctor you cannot be completely cured. Your psychological transformation depends on your cooperation with the unconscious mind. You have to follow the unconscious treatment in order to see the positive results you desire.

You have to admit your ignorance and learn how to be wise thanks to the lessons of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams.

Average psychologists never tell you what to do. They simply help you understand your psychological problems and deal with them. Average psychiatrists don’t have an internal vision of what is happening into your brain and psyche. They try to cure invincible mental illnesses based on suppositions and tests that come from the outside world.

The wise unconscious mind shows you what you have to do and why. You have many explanations in dreams. You only have to obey the divine guidance in order to positively change your behavior. You will never be controlled by hatred and anger. You will learn how to be a wise and sensitive human being.

You will develop your intelligence and your sensitivity. The dream messages will help you preserve your sanity and evolve.

Many times the obedience to God’s guidance will be difficult and painful for you because you are making mistakes and you will have to correct your behavior and stop doing the things you usually do. This is hard, but necessary.

For example, if you are always with violent and cruel people, you are influenced by their negative behavior and by the negative tendencies you have inherited. These negative tendencies belong to your wild side. They find a perfect opportunity to invade your conscience when you are near violence and indifference to human pain.

You have to find new, peaceful friends, instead of being always with people who are not helping you become a better person. Finding these friends is not a simple matter. You will have to work looking for places where you could meet people who are totally different from those who belong to your social environment.

You won’t like to change your lifestyle, even if you will recognize that your friends are aggressive and superficial. You have to understand the importance of the unconscious guidance in your dreams and trust God’s wisdom. You have to accept making many efforts to change your behavior and your life.

You have to precisely obey the divine guidance with gratitude because you are sure that God will save you. God won’t abandon you if you will respect the guidance you have.

However, it is not a simple matter to do what is better for you, even when you understand that you are responsible for your own suffering. You tend to dislike changing you behavior. You keep repeating the same mistakes until you will finally understand that if you won’t change your behavior you cannot find the solutions you need.

If you keep forgetting everything everywhere, if you keep suffering from small accidents, and if you easily get lost even when you are in your own neighborhood, this means that you have a hidden suicidal tendency and you need urgent psychotherapy.

If you are materialistic, you work hard, you are proud of your intelligence, and you don’t believe in the existence of the spiritual reality you are in great danger the same way, because you are not transforming your personality.

The unconscious mind will help you understand how to deal with absurd reactions, which are not the result of your conscious decisions. You will understand how to always control your behavior.

God is a very serious psychiatrist who shows you what is happening into your brain and psyche. All psychiatrists and psychologists must learn the dream language with gratitude, so that they may be able to really help their patients. God cures everyone through dream messages; even cases that seem to be impossible to be cured.

God makes miracles.

All dreams are important lessons that give you an internal image of your psychological system. Your dreams also give you a true image of what is happening around you, in the outside world.

You are safe when you obey the divine guidance because you can trust God’s sanctity. You know that God is surely helping you evolve. God is not a selfish and violent human being. God is a superior creature, exactly as described by all religions of the world. God wants to help you triumph over life’s challenges and evolve.

Your dreams help you understand the relationship existent between science and religion, and also between science, philosophy, and art. Every discipline teaches you something important in a different manner. The same way, God gives you information and guidance through many ways in your dreams.

For example, when I was in the beginning of my research I dreamt that I gave diamonds to one of my classmates in elementary school, who was not a good student. This dream was showing me that I had the capacity to find diamonds, and then give them to those who had no conditions to find diamonds by themselves.

Diamonds in dreams represent wisdom.

This is the universal meaning of this dream because it is very rich in symbolism and it contains a very important and rare dream symbol: the diamonds.

I was as strong as an athlete. I had the courage to precisely obey the divine guidance and fight craziness. God demanded too much from me because I was too strong and I could win all battles. Average people wouldn’t bear to deal with so many unpredictable symptoms.

I could bear the fight against the anti-conscience that generates mental illnesses within our conscience by obeying the divine guidance because I didn’t doubt for a second that I was safe. I knew that I was doing what would save me from absurdity and evilness. I was sure that God would help me find sound mental health and purify my spirit.

This is why I was able to find diamonds, which represent God’s wisdom. I had this dream in the beginning of 1988, before discovering the anti-conscience (in January of 1989). Therefore, this dream was a prediction.

I fund sound mental health and I started curing many people from depression, neurosis, psychosis, schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses through dream translation since September of 1990. I gave the wisdom I found in the dream messages to those who needed this wisdom by translating their dreams for them. I helped them solve their problems based on the unconscious guidance in their dreams.

This dream also had a psychological meaning:

I represent my ego in dreams.

My classmate represents a childish and superficial part of my personality that was not a good student like my ego. So, my ego helped this childish part of my personality find the unconscious wisdom. My ego had the capacity to discover the unconscious wisdom in dreams, while this childish part of my personality couldn’t find this wisdom without my ego’s help.

Dreams that contain important dream symbols give us information about universal truths, besides giving us information about our personal problems.

The universal translation of this dream also has a poetic and philosophical meaning, which characterizes the dream language.

I who had the capacity to find God’s wisdom in dreams had the moral obligation to give the wisdom I found to those who had no conditions to achieve this goal.

I was in a privileged position, since I could save others. However, I had to be very strong in order to bear this position. It was unbearable to deal with invincible mental illnesses. Mental illnesses generate terror and despair.
The real doctor was God (the dream producer) but I was into contact with the dreamers and I had to be a doctor too. Some cases were shocking. All cases were depressing.

God never paid attention to my suffering because I was a terrible sinner and I had to learn how to be really human. I had the moral obligation to help others because I was strong and I could win the fight against the anti-conscience.

In the beginning I was somehow proud of myself after having this dream because I understood how important my position was. I was giving diamonds to someone who was not as intelligent and strong as I was. In other words, I was giving God’s wisdom to the weak.

However, the deeper universal meaning of this dream cannot help me feel that my generosity should be applauded. This dream was in fact showing me that I didn’t found God’s wisdom for myself, but because I had to give this wisdom to the world.

God used my work and my courage because He wanted to save the world from suffering, and not because He wanted to save a terrible sinner like me. I didn’t deserve the diamonds I found.

God gave me the chance to find His wisdom in dreams because I was strong. God had to give me this treasure because He needed a hero who would manage to find His wisdom and fight the anti-conscience, in order to give His wisdom to the weak and the poor.

The diamonds were not for me. I was in the position of a savior only because God needed my heroism.

On the other hand, my heroism worked like psychotherapy for me because I was practically already schizophrenic like my father when the unconscious mind cured my dangerous neurosis, which had signs of schizophrenia. Therefore, I was not being a hero only with the intention to help the world, but because this was the only way I could save my mental stability and recuperate my sensitivity.

In the beginning of my psychotherapy I had many dreams about zombies that had no blood. They represented insensitive parts of my personality that were totally disconnected from the external reality because they had no human warmth. These parts of my personality were cold and cruel.

I had to pass through a very difficult process of transformation in order to develop my human conscience and eliminate my dangerous anti-conscience. I understood that I couldn’t have a positive destiny if I was so violent and cruel.

My consolation was the fact that I had a direct communication with God. Even though I usually disagreed with God’s guidance because I wanted to avoid suffering, I always understood that God was right, while I was probably wrong, even when I believed I was right.

I never had the minimum doubt I should do only what God was showing me. I knew I couldn’t trust my own decisions.

However, I was sure I would win all battles because God was guiding me. My victory was guaranteed because God can achieve the impossible. I only had to precisely obey His guidance.

I was sure that I would obey the divine guidance forever because I was grateful for God’s existence. I would have a tragic destiny without the divine guidance. God saved me from craziness and terror.

You should believe in God with the same confidence I did. Your faith is very important, especially when you will disagree with God’s wisdom because you don’t want to change your behavior.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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