The Real Meaning of Dreams and God’s Victory Over Satan

GodThe accurate translation of the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method is totally different from the dream interpretations based on suppositions. This is something you will verify from the beginning.

Do you believe that I would have the courage to declare to the world that I know how to cure all mental illnesses through dream translation? This is a very serious declaration. However, everybody verifies that the real doctor is not me. I’m merely a dream translator and a doctor helper. The real doctor is God’s mind. God is the dream producer.

Only God can cure invincible mental illnesses.

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me helps you understand God’s words in dreams. This is an extraordinary advantage you didn’t expect to have in life.

Carl Jung didn’t understand the real importance of his own discovery. I had to continue his research in order to prove to the world that he is the only one who discovered the real meaning of dreams.

I mainly have to prove to the world that we have to obey God’s guidance in dreams instead of considering the divine unconscious messages as if they were merely an advice, like Carl Jung did. Even though he understood that the unconscious mind was God’s mind he concluded that a human being must decide what to do based on his/her own conscience.

I discovered that the biggest part of our brain and psyche belongs to our anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience and has satanic characteristics. I concluded that our human conscience is idiotic after understanding Carl Jung’s definitions about the psychological types and their neuroses. Thus, I concluded that the human being must obey the divine guidance in dreams.

We are unable to understand what is good or bad.

My research and my discoveries prove to the world that we are insane and we have to pass through a process of psychological and spiritual transformation. We have to indispensably obey God’s guidance in dreams if we want to find sound mental health. We need this guidance. Alone we will never manage to win the battle against our powerful anti-conscience.

Do you know how many people have tried to have a direct communication with God without success?

The possibility to understand God’s words in dreams and have a dialogue with God through dream messages is a spectacular alternative that surpasses its scientific importance. God’s existence is a big relief for humanity.

Could you imagine that in a historical time based on atheism and materialism God would find a way to prove His existence through dream translation?

I simply obeyed God’s guidance in dreams with the same seriousness I precisely followed Carl Jung’s lessons. My work is not based on my own intelligence and my own speculations. I was an obedient patient who was fighting a severe mental illness and trying to attain sanctity because this was the treatment sent by God in my dreams. Therefore, my work is God’s solution. My only merit is my obedience.

I’m part of God’s plan for the elimination of craziness and terror on Earth. You are part of this plan too. You only have to follow the divine guidance in your dreams in order to discover what you can do in order to save yourself and save the world thanks to your brilliant example. You may even become an international hero.

The real meaning of dreams helps you understand your religion. All religions are very serious and true. Each religion teaches us a part of our complex spiritual reality. We have to pay attention to everything that belongs to our reality.

You will discover your spiritual reality. This is a reality that cannot be described based on words that follow the logic of our ignorant and under-developed conscience. This is why the dream language is poetic and philosophical. It follows the unconscious logic, which is based on wisdom and sanctity.

The real meaning of dreams is a surprising revelation. God used my work and my example to give you many lessons. Anyone could be in my place. My work is the result of the divine guidance. Otherwise, I had no chances to discover anything. I was young, ignorant, and neurotic when I started studying the meaning of dreams in 1984. I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience in January of 1989. This was the worst year of my life.

I manage to win the battle against my anti-conscience and I started curing many people through dream therapy since September of 1990. This was how I simplified the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung. I could finally publish my work only in 2007 in English, online.

The internet was a big surprise for me. It is a perfect way to transmit the knowledge I could acquire thanks to the divine guidance to the entire world. The internet is a fantastic alternative! When I was in the beginning of my research, the computer didn’t exist yet.

This was a perfect combination, which of course, didn’t happen by chance. Only when my work could be transmitted online was it finally ready.

You are lucky because you can learn everything I know and have a direct communication with God without complications. As a matter of fact, I should say that you are lucky because God’s work is ready and I could finally present it to the world.

My ignorance proves that I was guided by superior knowledge. Even if I was a genius from birth I wouldn’t be able to discover so much and survive after facing so many battles without superior guidance.

I had to deal with terror in order to learn how to put an end to terror. I had to study this subject for years. This is the worst subject one can study in life.

I also was a victim of terror through many ways. I had to face sneaky attacks from hidden enemies, understanding how really dangerous our world is. You never know how dangerous the world really is before being in a terrible situation because someone took advantage of their power and did something against you, without having this right.

If you cannot pay expensive lawyers and if you are not lucky enough, you will never manage to prove anything against your powerful enemies because they are more powerful than you. You have no chances to beat such enemies.

We live in a very dangerous world. Everyone must pass through a process of transformation through dream translation. We will change our world when we will manage to evolve.

Dream translation is salvation for you and salivation for the world. You will help God achieve what is impossible to be achieved because human beings are in fact idiotic demons. You will help God prove to the world that only sanctity and spiritual perfection can save humanity from misery.

When you will become a perfect human being you will understand that you have the moral obligation to confirm God’s victory over Satan. You will stop being an indifferent sinner and defend goodness in all situations with courage and determination.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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