Solving Psychological Problems and Evolving

Evolving Your dreams help you solve your psychological problems and evolve. You stop being blinded by the ignorance of your historical time and by the hypocrisy of the materialistic world. The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams helps you eliminate the violence and the immorality existent into the wild part of your brain.

Your anti-conscience is your wild conscience, which didn’t evolve like your human conscience. This part of your brain and psyche must pass through a process of transformation thanks to the process of transformation of your human conscience.

Your conscience must follow the divine guidance in dreams in order to find peace and sound mental health. Otherwise, the dangerous influence of your anti-conscience can generate a mental illness within your conscience and difficult life situations.

You have to recognize your vast ignorance and obey the divine guidance in order to escape the control of your satanic anti-conscience, which makes you accept what is bad. This is how it generates mental illnesses. The acceptance of whatever is bad in your life is a very dangerous attitude.

Even though the hypocritical world makes you believe that you should be selfish and take advantage of all the opportunities you may have in life to achieve your goals, if you will accept what is bad you will gradually enter into the labyrinth of craziness and lose consciousness.

Your anti-conscience is a devil. It sends you absurd thoughts but it presents what is bad as if it was a self-defensive method. It gives another definition to what is good or bad. Your anti-conscience plays with logical assumptions that seem to make sense, while they are totally absurd.

Your idiotic conscience cannot see the absurdity hidden behind the logical assumptions of your anti-conscience.

The unconscious mind helps you clearly understand what is good or bad, and why. You have numerous lessons and explanations in dreams. These explanations help you feel safe. You understand that you can trust the unconscious wisdom and sanctity. You learn how to avoid following the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience.

If you want to find happiness in life and prepare your spirit for eternal life, you have to eliminate your wild nature while you are alive. If you are indifferent to your behavior and you don’t try to become a better person, your anti-conscience will take advantage of your indifference and control your behavior.

You don’t have an alternative. If you won’t follow God’s guidance, you will be influenced or controlled by you evil anti-conscience.

You position is the position of a sinner. You have to purify your spirit. The unconscious messages help you eliminate the absurdity and the evilness contained into your anti-conscience by teaching you the meaning of sensitivity and goodness.

The unconscious mind is God’s mind, trying to save you from eternal suffering. You have the chance to abandon the human misery and stop repeating the tragic mistakes of the human race by following the divine guidance in dreams.

God works like a psychotherapist, who helps you understand why you behave the way you do. You learn how you can change your behavior and become a wise human being, after understanding your mistakes.

The translation of the meaning of your own dreams helps you definitively stop having psychological problems because you stop making mistakes. You become strong and self-confident with all the information you have.

You understand the role of every part of your personality. You pay attention to your behavior and you identify absurd reactions. You stop doing what could have negative results and you do only what will guarantee your peace of mind and happiness.

Your dreams help you understand your behavior. You learn how to control your behavior instead of having instinctive reactions.

The process of transformation you have to pass through is long, but it can be simplified if you will obey the divine guidance with seriousness. You should be a good patient and student. You are very far from perfection. You should have a humble attitude.

You will learn how to be calm in all circumstances, without being induced to be violent by the poison of hatred and anger. This is how you will be able to find peace and happiness in life. Your mental stability depends on your attitude.

All mental illnesses are generated by your absurd anti-conscience when you have traumatic experiences because you want to get revenge. This tendency facilitates the invasion of your satanic anti-conscience into your human conscience.

If you want to guarantee your mental stability you have to eliminate your absurd and evil anti-conscience. Instead of being violent, you will always be calm, sensitive, and wise. The unconscious mind helps you pass through the necessary process of transformation without wasting your time with suppositions and mistakes.

You also have to stop being immoral. Immorality is craziness, but our world is ruled by violence and immorality. This is why there is terror on Earth.

The divine unconscious mind helps you eliminate the absurd immoral tendencies you have inherited, by purifying your spirit. Then, you understand the importance of real love.

The unconscious guidance in dreams is a true miracle, which proves God’s existence into practice. All the knowledge and the information you have in your dreams must come from a superior mind. This information is real, and you have many ways to verify its veracity into practice.

Carl Jung didn’t have a religious attitude before the divine wisdom, but you should have a religious attitude like me. I understood my position as a sinner.

God is not only a natural doctor. God is a perfect and saintly creature. Your contact with God’s sanctity is a privilege you must be grateful for.

God’s patience proves His sanctity. God is an excellent doctor, who explains many times the same things, through many different ways, until you will finally understand why you must change your behavior instead on insisting on doing things the way you always do. There is no human doctor who can be as patient as the divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams.

The biggest problem in your process of transformation is your insistence on repeating the same mistakes. You will verify that you repeat many mistakes in life, even if you believe that you are intelligent.

The unconscious mind helps you stop following absurd thoughts and become more intelligent. Only when you will completely develop your one-sided and under-developed human conscience through consciousness will you become really intelligent. This is a process carried on through dream translation. You acquire consciousness and your human conscience becomes stronger than your anti-conscience, until you manage to completely eliminate the roots of absurdity and evilness from your psyche.

You will attain spiritual perfection and become a genius. Your evolution will be impressing. You will be admired and imitated by the world. You will save the new generations and help God transform our world into a place where everywhere will be able to evolve and attain spiritual perfection.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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