Trusting The Information You Have In Your Dreams

DreamWhen you translate your dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation you understand that the information you have can be trusted. This information opens your mind.

You verify that the unconscious mind (the dream producer) knows everything about your psyche and your life.

You can trust this information because it is based on sanctity .

Those who belonged to ancient civilizations and believed in the divine origin of the dream messages were right.

The atheistic modern civilization doesn’t believe in the importance of the meaning of dreams especially because numerous impostors pretend to understand the complex dream language, while only a genius like Carl Jung could discover the real meaning of the symbolic dream language. The dream language is complex.

I always mention his name because my work is based on his discoveries. I would never be able to discover the meaning of dreams without his lessons.

I found Carl Jung’s extraordinary work ready and I precisely followed his steps. I concentrated my attention only on the meaning of dreams as a psychotherapeutical method, without using the meaning of dreams as a complementation for the cure of a mental illness like psychologists do. I believed in the importance of the meaning of dreams as an independent science.

I understood that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams had a divine origin, and that I should completely trust the dream messages. Carl Jung believed that God was a good counselor for the human being, but that we have to make our decisions based on our own conscience. I concluded that God is wise, while we are ignorant, absurd, and evil. I concluded that we must obey the divine guidance in dreams, and never do what our idiotic human conscience desires.

Thanks to my obedience to the divine unconscious mind I could continue Carl Jung’s research and discover a lot more, even though I was ignorant and neurotic when I started seriously studying dream interpretation, in 1984. I also was young. I was only 23-years-old.

God speaks in dreams like a doctor, like a poet, and like a priest. The complicated dream language could be simplified only because I could complete Jung’s research and discover the anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our conscience. I could discover the anti-conscience and survive only because I precisely obeyed the guidance I had in my dreams and signs of my reality.

My work is based on my obedience to Carl Jung’s lessons and mainly, on my obedience to the unconscious messages in dreams and signs of my reality, which I interpreted like dreams. The unconscious mind is everywhere because the unconscious mind is God’s mind. You can have information about many important facts and predict the future only by translating the symbolic meaning of your reality the same way you translate the symbolic meaning of dreams.

Jung had identified the signs of the anti-conscience’s existence, and this is why he named a dream symbol as ‘the shadow’. However, he couldn’t suppose that the anti-conscience is not only a shadow, but Satan itself. Our anti-conscience is absurd, evil, violent, cruel, and immoral. The existence of this wild conscience into the biggest part of our brain indicates that we are not really human. We are in fact demons with a tiny human conscience.

This is a shocking truth that our ego cannot accept, but the acceptance of the truth is indispensable if we want to find real balance. Now that I could complete this part of Carl Jung’s research, the meaning of dreams became very clear. You can easily learn the symbolic dream language and have a direct contact with God. You can learn how to stop being a demon and become a sensitive and wise human being. You can become a genius and attain spiritual perfection.

Now that you know that your position is the position of a demon, you can finally understand God’s lessons in dreams, and become a real human being. This is how you will find sound mental health that lasts forever, peace, and happiness. You will stop making the tragic mistakes of the human race and discover the importance and the power of your spiritual reality.

God works like a doctor and a spiritual guide, but there is also another dimension in this contact with a superior creature. When you discover God you stop being insignificant. Your existence becomes so important that you suddenly understand the real meaning of life.

Your dreams help you see your reality as it really is, and transform your behavior. You understand that every minute is very important. You understand that in the past you were wasting your time without understanding what you were doing.

When you find God you have a purpose in life. You have the true conviction that there is salvation for you. You are not alone and lost in the crowd, without knowing you destiny.

Through dream translation you understand who you really are. You discover how to follow a positive destiny. You also learn how to become a better person. You stop being ignorant. You stop being a victim of your wild side and a victim of the crazy world.

You have the moral obligation to fight the absurdity you have inherited and the absurdity of the world. Even though you are a demon, you also are a human being because God had the patience to transform one of your psychological functions according to human characteristics.

As a human being who received a human conscience from God, you must have a wise attitude and escape the tragic destiny you would have if you would be a slave of your wild nature. You have to transform your satanic side into a human being like your human side.

This is the basic meaning of the information you have in dreams when you learn the meaning of the symbolic dream language according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me. You understand how you can stop being a victim of your wild nature. You learn how to become a wise, calm, sensitive, humble, friendly, and always kind human being.

You should follow dream therapy and translate the meaning of your dreams everyday. The scientific translations are the result of arduous research. Carl Jung wrote many books about his research, but only a few people in the world had the patience to read these books. They are not popular because the world doesn’t care about how he could find everything he could discover. Everyone cares only about the practical effect of this knowledge.

I didn’t write in English all the steps I had to follow until I could continue Jung’s research from the beginning, but I have this information written in Portuguese. I’m Brazilian, and this is why I always write my personal documents in my favorite language, which I know very well. Perhaps someday I may publish this information in English for those who have the curiosity to understand the long and very difficult process I had to follow. I could finally publish my work only after two decades of research and cures through dream therapy.

I concentrated my attention on publishing lessons that help everyone understand how to use the knowledge they find in the dream messages, but my work is as scientific as Carl Jung’s work, even though I didn’t publish all the details of my long and complicated research.

I have already told you many times in my articles that the meaning of dreams cures the mentally ill. Since all human beings are in fact demons, this means that we are basically mentally ill from birth, and we tend to become more mentally ill with time.

Dream therapy cures those who are suffering because their satanic anti-conscience managed to destroy their human conscience. Dream therapy also helps everyone prevent a mental illness and find sound mental health that lasts forever.

This happens because God is an excellent doctor. A dream is so meaningful for the dreamer that a dream image is worth a thousand words. We don’t know how God manages to convince a dreamer that he/she must stop making a mistake, or how God manages to explain everything about the person the dreamer loves in a dream. The effect that the dream images have on the dreamer is a mystery.

God knows what every dreamer must understand in order to solve their problems and stop being victims of their wild side. God also knows everything about the person the dreamer loves and how they can have a perfect love relationship. God knows how the future will be unfolded and this is why many dream predictions help all dreamers change their lives. Everyone finds peace and happiness.

All this information doesn’t come from an ignorant mind. The information given in dreams reaches new dimensions. This information covers all points of your life. You understand how your brain works and what determines your behavior. You learn how to control your behavior and how to read people’s minds. You learn how to have physical health. Then, you discover that the symbols of your reality give you information like dreams.

So, you understand that all this information is in fact completing a big puzzle. When you put all the pieces together you have an image that reflects all your problems and how your future will be unfolded. The general image of all your problems and the vision of what could happen in the future help you understand what you have to do. You understand how to avoid what is bad and how to solve every problem. The solutions you find help you become a perfect human being.

God is your savior, but you must agree with His psychotherapy. You have many warnings in dreams showing you that you keep repeating the same mistakes because you don’t want to change your behavior. If you will become revolted with these warnings instead of understanding that the unconscious mind must correct your behavior, you won’t reap all the benefits you can have thanks to the divine guidance.

You should remember your satanic origin and always recognize that you must be corrected until you will become perfect. Your humble attitude before this necessity is indispensable.

The warnings of the divine unconscious mind help you correct your behavior, even when you insist on repeating the same mistakes. God is an excellent doctor, who never gives up.

The mysterious effect of the dream messages cures your psyche thanks to the knowledge you acquire, and thanks to the sensitivity you develop. The unconscious explanations help you understand why you must transform your personality.

You will keep having warnings and explanations about your mistakes until you will finally stop making mistakes. Then, you will be able to find happiness in life. The beginning is difficult because you are very far from perfection, but the end result is impressing.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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