What Can You Discover By Interpreting Your Dreams?

imagesYou cannot discover anything if you interpret your dreams based on your imagination, or based on false dream interpretation methods. However, if you will study the scientific method of dream interpretation (or if you will submit your dreams for professional dream translation) you will learn everything about yourself and the world around you.

You will also learn how your future will be unfolded and discover your perfect match (or improve your current relationship). Most importantly, you will find God and discover the meaning of life and death.

You will discover why you life followed a certain route, and how to change your destiny. I will give you a few examples from the dream therapy of various dreamers who submit their dreams for professional dream translation, without publishing their dreams and my translations because I cannot publicly expose my patients without their permission.

I will already expose a certain part of their life biographies. I cannot use more material for my lessons without permission. While my lessons are very general and they can be applied to numerous similar cases, I don’t expose anyone. However, if I will publish various revealing details of each case, I will violate a rule. I must respect every dreamer’s privacy.

You can find real examples of dreams and life biographies in the ebook
Dream Interpretation as a Science because these dreamers gave me their permission to anonymously publish their dreams and life biographies to give you real lessons in exchange for my professional dream translations in the summer of 2008.

For example, a certain dreamer started submitting her dreams for translation because she was divorced and she was feeling insecure. In the beginning all her dreams were about her past. She had a sad childhood.

Then, all her dreams were about her ex-husband. She had a series of dreams about him and their relationship.

Thanks to dream therapy, she understood that her husband was cruel because he didn’t love her, and many other details about his behavior and his personality. Then, she understood that she kept looking for men who had his personality traces, even though he was so cruel.

As you can see, the translation of the dream messages showed her that even though she had a traumatic experience with a cruel man, she was still looking for cruel men like her ex-husband, without understanding her mistake. She liked that type of man, without thinking about the consequences of being with men who had negative personality traces.

She didn’t think about the consequences of her actions because she avoided thinking. She belonged to a psychological type based on sensations. She didn’t develop her rationalism. She was frequently looking for material pleasures.

Then, she had a series of dreams about her sad childhood. She understood that she was a cold woman and she didn’t love her husband, the same way that he didn’t love her. She didn’t develop her feelings, the same way she didn’t develop her thoughts.

She was attracted to her husband, without really loving him. She didn’t believe in real love because she was materialistic.

She was a cold woman because her parents were cold with her when she was a child. She was afraid to truly love someone. She didn’t want to depend on someone else.

As you can see, the unconscious mind analyzes all the problems of the dreamer, and reveals their real causes. The unconscious mind is God’s mind. The lessons you find when you translate the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method help you understand messages that contain superior and safe guidance.

The unconscious mind reflects the origin of all problems, and the solutions for every problem.

Now I will talk about the case of another dreamer, who suffered from panic attacks and was cured through dream therapy, but who also has many other psychological problems. All his dreams contain many different dream scenes without a story.

Most of his dreams are about his friends, who are violent.

Other people in dreams represent parts of the dreamer’s personality. This dreamer’s violent friends represent violent parts of his own personality. This dreamer is discovering how violent he really is, and the consequences of violence.

He also had a series of dream talking about his mental illness. He has a serious tendency to acquire a severe mental illness. The unconscious mind is trying to prevent this tragic end.

The violent parts of his personality constantly control his behavior, taking the place of his ego. This dreamer is in danger. He can easily lose his mind if he will be too violent and do something terrible, which he will regret having done.

Every dreamer has dreams about the most important aspects in their personality and life. The unconscious mind helps all dreamers understand their mistakes, and the dangers that are threatening their peace of mind.

Another dreamer decided to follow dream therapy because she had a tendency to like immature men, and she wanted to find a mature boyfriend. She also hated her sister, who was irresponsible and was always trying to have fun. This dreamer was always angry because of her sister’s behavior.

She discovered that she liked immature men (and this is why all her boyfriends were immature) because she was immature, and because she had a masculine attitude in a relationship. She was not able to find a mature boyfriend because she didn’t want to have a feminine role in a relationship.

She was childish, and she didn’t help any men approach her. She had a distant attitude. This means that a man had to expose himself to approach her. A mature man wouldn’t expose himself this way. So, this dreamer started understanding that the attitude she was expecting to find in a boyfriend couldn’t be found in a mature man.

She also had a series of dreams about her sister. As I told you before, other people in dreams represent parts of the dreamer’s personality. Her sister represents a part of her personality that behaves like her.

Her sister is a part of her personality that doesn’t want to take life seriously and insists on reading romances and imagining unreal things. This part of her personality is as irresponsible as her sister because it doesn’t want to pay attention to the negative side of life.

This dreamer learned how to transform her behavior thanks to various dreams that were gradually giving her behavioral lessons. She also learned how to forgive her sister and how to stop imitating her behavior.

The unconscious mind helps all dreamers stop making mistakes. All dreamers understand what they have to do in order to change their lives.

Everything depends on the way you behave. If you want to have positive results in life you must have a positive attitude.

Your positive behavior will help you understand the importance of goodness and wisdom. You will verify that everything you have learned in your religion was true. Authentic happiness in life depends on your attitude.

You have to be calm and sensitive if you want to be balanced. If you are nervous and impatient, you are very far from sound mental health. It doesn’t matter if the world believes that anger is a ‘normal’ reaction in many circumstances. The world is hypocritical and ignorant.

The bitter truth is that the human race is very far from sound mental health because everyone inherits absurdity into the biggest part of their brain. Through dream therapy you learn how to escape the tragic destiny of the human race, and how to prepare your spirit for another life after death.

Now that science can explain religious mysteries, the true meaning of life and death is comprehensible. You live in order to stop being a wild animal and become a wise and sensitive human being.

This is how you will be able to attain sanctity and abandon our evil and absurd world after death. Since there is a God, and since our world is a living hell (which is visible when we pay attention to the victims of terror) this means that there is also a paradise for those who attain sanctity while they are alive. God exists. The human being is Satan. Earth is hell. Thus, there is a paradise for those who can abandon the satanic nature of their wild side.

Nobody cares about what will happen with them after death, but this should be a very important matter for everyone. We all know that someday we will die.

We couldn’t discover our destiny based on the limited knowledge of our historical time. Fortunately, the comprehension of God’s words in dreams puts an end to human ignorance. Now we can understand many things we were unable to understand before, because we didn’t have trustful information about this matter.

You will verify that the information you have in dreams is linked to your life biography. This information helps you prevent bad events and dangerous situations. Thus, you will believe in God’s words and understand that you have trustful information about all matters in dreams.

The scientific dream translations are complicated because they depend on the analysis of numerous details. This is why Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is so complex.

Jung worked like an archaeologist who discovered the meaning of an ancient language. He was the only one who didn’t distort the meaning of dreams with his personal opinion. Now that I could clarify his confusing and obscure method (which only intellectuals had the courage to precisely follow) everyone can easily understand God’s words in dreams.

Through dream translation you will learn how to be mentally healthy in a crazy world. You will also learn how to save the world thanks to your work, your example, and your wisdom. You will have a happy family and many friends. You will also purify your spirit and find God’s miraculous support in all situations of your life.

Most importantly, you will pass through the process of transformation you have to follow during your life on Earth, and stop being a slave of your material reality. The scientific method of dream interpretation represents the end of human suffering and the end of our living hell.

My work is in fact God’s work. I was simply obeying the guidance I had. Anyone could be in my place.

You can take advantage of my long research and discoveries and easily find the solutions you need without wasting time.

The unconscious mind will start cleaning your conscience. You will discover why you behave the way you do, why your life followed a certain route, why your parents represent the worst parts of your personality, and many other things that will show you how your destiny is traced.

Then, you will analyze more details of your life biography and more details about your personality.

The divine unconscious mind will make you remember your past, and correct all false impressions. You will understand why you had old traumas. Then, the unconscious mind will heal your psyche thanks to the comprehension of the meaning of your suffering.

You will understand that your personal story reflects the repetition of the mistakes and sins of the human race. You will then abandon the tiny world where you usually live, surrounded by your daily activities, and understand your position as a sinner who must eliminate all the negative reactions you have inherited. This is how your spirit will be purified and you will definitively stop making mistakes.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com

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