Identifying Signs of Mental Illness and Finding Sound Mental Health

Signs of Mental Illness The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research, helps you understand how your brain works and what determines your behavior. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is God’s mind and tries to help your human conscience evolve.

You have inherited a wild conscience, which didn’t evolve like your human conscience and remains in a primitive condition. I named it anti-conscience because it works against your conscience. Your anti-conscience is always trying to destroy your capacity to think logically through craziness. It has satanic characteristics, and occupies the biggest part of your brain.

You can identify signs of mental illness in your mind and behavior, besides also being able to identify the same signs in other people’s minds and behavior, by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation.

This method is totally different from the methods used by those who cannot understand the dream logic. You will verify the superiority of the scientific translations.

I will give you a few lessons to show you how you can perceive if you are becoming mentally ill and prevent a mental illness before its total formation. You will also learn how to prevent a severe mental illness in case you already are mentally ill and you need an urgent treatment.

However, you need the unconscious guidance in your dreams. Each case has numerous different details that are very important, but that won’t be covered here. This general list of signs cannot really help you if you won’t pass through a process of psychological transformation. You have to translate the meaning of your dreams and stop making mistakes.

The fist signs of mental illness are visible when:

1. You are frequently sad or depressed

2. You cannot concentrate your attention on anything

3. You indifferently accept strange ideas you wouldn’t accept before

4. You keep remembering traumatic experiences

5. You have repetitive thoughts

6. You keep forgetting the same things and making mistakes all the time

7. You laugh for no apparent reason

These first signs reflect the initial invasion of your anti-conscience into your human conscience. Your anti-conscience tries to destroy your capacity to think logically by sending you many absurd ideas and strange sensations. You feel that something is going wrong, without understanding what is happening to you.

The invasion of you anti-conscience into your human conscience is the invasion of poison into your reasoning system.

You have to resist the temptation to follow the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience because you are revolted with your suffering and these thoughts seem to give you solutions. All mental illnesses begin with a traumatic experience, your revolt, and the acceptance of the absurd thoughts sent by your primitive anti-conscience.

If you won’t do anything to fight your anti-conscience, you will have worst psychological problems.

Here are the signs of neurosis, which indicate that you already are mentally ill because your anti-conscience managed to destroy a big portion of your human conscience:

1. You are always afraid of everything and everyone

2. You care too much about the opinion that other people have about yourself

3. You keep thinking about irrelevant matters

4. You have numerous repetitive thoughts

5. You become easily angry or irritated

6. You have violent reactions

7. You suspect of conspiracies against yourself

8. You do absurd things that you try to hide from your social environment because you know that nobody would understand you

9. You don’t trust your memory

10. You have problems when you do things that usually work automatically like walking or eating

11. You keep having small accidents

These symptoms denote abnormalities that can become worse without treatment.

The invasion of your absurd and evil anti-conscience into the conscious field is catastrophic. You must prevent this invasion before it’s too late.

If your conscience already was invaded by your anti-conscience you have to be very serious and do everything you can to send it away. The unconscious mind will help you achieve this goal, by giving you the guidance you need in your own dreams.

Everything you have learned in your religion tries to protect your mental health. The same way, God’s words in your dreams help you understand how to cultivate real goodness in your heart and stop making the mistakes imposed by your wild nature.

You learn how to stop being violent by showing compassion. You show compassion thanks to the comprehension of the inferiority that characterizes your enemies. You understand that your enemies are controlled by their wild anti-conscience and you cannot expect conscious reactions from them.

You also understand that violence generates terror. You learn how to defend peace.

Your mental health depends on your capacity to be loyal to your moral principals. Your morals protect your sanity and preserve your dignity.

The unconscious mind gives you all the explanations you need. The revolt you feel because someone didn’t treat you well will completely disappear. You will verify that your own behavior was responsible for every tear. This bitter lesson was helping you become a better person.

If you want to avoid having bitter lessons in life, you must obey the divine guidance in dreams and the religious lessons you had. All religions help us tame our absurd and evil anti-conscience, which is an idiotic wild beast that can think.

You should believe in your religion, and you should translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method, so that you may have a real vision of your psychological problems and their solutions.

You will realize that instead of believing that you are a big victim of your tragic destiny, you should learn how to be a hero and transform your pain into victory. The sings or mental illness will make you stop being indifferent to your mental condition.

Nightmares and bad dreams reflect the mistakes you make, without understanding what you are doing. Enlightening long dreams with many dream symbols give you important information about the future. Impressing vivid dreams help you deal with difficult situations and fight your anti-conscience.

Now that I could complete Carl Jung’s research and understand the meaning of life and death thanks to revelations in dreams, you have clear guidance about all matters. Now you know that your mental health is the most important matter of your life.

Your mental health depends on your capacity to forgive your enemies without exploding of anger and without getting revenge. You must be afraid of violence. Never be violent, for any reason.

Your mental health depends on your capacity to be human even when you are attacked. You must be sensitive if you want to find balance.

You must be afraid of your insatiable ego. Never try to please your absurd ego. Your ego will lead you to terror and despair in the end. Only if you will obey God’s guidance will you find salvation. You should remember this lesson whenever you will be tempted to act without taking other people’s feelings and rights into consideration.

Your selfish desires are very dangerous. If you want to have advantages in life, you should learn how to be a genius. You have this capacity. Keep following the divine guidance after eliminating your mental illness, and you will soon use all of your brain power.

You will be in a privileged position. Nobody is mentally healthy on Earth, unless they have attained sanctity, after completely eliminating their evil and absurd anti-conscience. Through dream therapy you eliminate your anti-conscience by following God’s guidance in dreams, the same way that someone who dedicates his or her life to religiosity attains a higher level of spirituality. Your dreams help you transform your personality and purify your spirit.

This means that you stop being threatened by your wild nature, which generates mental illnesses within your human conscience whenever you accept what is bad. You stop being a slave of your material reality like an animal. You understand the importance of wisdom and goodness. You are always reasonable, calm, and gentle.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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