A Real Dialogue with God and The Trip to the Self

Trip to the Self You are used with a distance between science and religion, but if you want to have a global vision of your reality, you must surpass the narrow-minded concepts of the absurd modern civilization. You should have an objective vision of your complex reality and relate science to religion, philosophy, and art.

The scientific method of dream interpretation based on Carl Jung’s discoveries and on my discoveries after continuing his research helps you understand God’s words in dreams. The ancient civilizations that trusted the meaning of dreams because they believed that dreams were sent by God, had a wise attitude.

Carl Jung discovered the meaning of the dream language like an archeologist discovers the meaning of the ancient language of a civilization that disappeared without leaving traces that could help us understand their vocabulary.

The accurate translation of the meaning of dreams helps you understand God’s words because these translations are not distorted by suppositions. When you learn how to translate the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method you can understand the wise messages contained in the dream images.

The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams and answers your questions in dreams is God’s mind. This means that you have a dialogue with God by translating the meaning of your dreams. You have to learn the dream language to understand the symbolic meaning of the dream images.

God works like a psychotherapist and a counselor, helping you eliminate your wild nature. Whatever happens to you in life is related to the necessity to eliminate your wild tendencies.

Thanks to dream translation you understand how to eliminate your violent animal nature. You understand the importance of your spiritual reality, finding sound mental health and physical health based on real goodness. Goodness is medicine. Real goodness is sanctity.

The knowledge of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams proves that it comes from a superior brain. You will be able to understand the superiority of this knowledge, and the power of goodness.

Your dreams reflect your life. Thanks to the information you have in dream messages you have the power to change your reality and triumph, even when everything is very difficult for you. Many people have found special solutions to problems they couldn’t imagine that someday they would be able to solve. The unconscious mind helps all dreamers become more intelligent, and discover many things they ignored.

The divine guidance in your dreams gives you advantages that surpass the human level.

All your dreams reflect the fight between the two sides of your conscience. God is always trying to help your human side win this battle. Therefore, your opinion about something is influenced by numerous factors.

You don’t really know who you are because you ignore the wild content you have inherited into your anti-conscience and how much it influences your behavior. You will learn who you really are when you will pass through a process of psychotherapy by translating the meaning of your dreams.

You can also learn a lot more if you’ll be serious and you will make a research through dream interpretation based on the scientific method. Carl Jung named this journey as the trip to the Self.

This is a trip of self-discovery for those who must understand the meaning of life because they have this necessity. If you are serious about learning the meaning of life, you will pass through various challenges in a series of dreams, and then find the treasure of wisdom.

In the fist stages of your trip you will have dreams about sleeping in the middle of the road. These dreams will reflect your tendency to rest instead of learning who you really are.

Then, you will have a dream about a dwarf. The dwarf represents a part of your personality that didn’t evolve because it stopped evolving. The dwarf will advise you that you should not believe that you have already learned enough about yourself. Only because you could discover the components of your personality and understand how your brain works, this doesn’t mean that you have already learned enough about yourself.

You still have a lot to learn, and you also have to transform your personality. The dwarf in a dream will show you that you must be persistent and continue your research. Otherwise, nothing of what you have discovered will have any meaning. You have to evolve. You still must be transformed into a perfect human being.

Another dream symbol that is part of the trip to the self is the statue. The statue in a dream represents a researcher who stopped his research without finishing what he had to do because he was paralyzed by his laziness.

The trip to the Self is long because it is a trip of self-discovery. Before being able to meet the wise unconscious mind (the Self, who is in fact God) you have to understand who you really are. You have to verify how imperfect you are, and humbly accept to be transformed into a wise human being when you will meet God.

The continuation of this trip is your transformation into a sensitive human being. You will learn how to always show compassion to everyone, without disregarding justice.

As you can see, the dreamer who follows the trip to the Self must face the tendency to stop the research all the time. Only those who want to seriously investigate the meaning of life and the meaning of their own existence make this long trip to the Self.

I continued Carl Jung’s research, proving that we have to obey the divine guidance in dreams, without doing what our ignorant and one-sided conscience desires. The real meaning of the trip to the self is a process of purification and enlightenment. The hero who makes this trip finds relief in the end.

You should be a hero who will make the trip to Self all the way to the end. This is a very important trip that will show you your destiny. After making this trip you will have a different contact with the divine unconscious mind.

You will observe that your communication with God gives you special advantages. You will find wisdom.

Your existence is special and meaningful. You have many extraordinary capacities that you are not using. Through dream translation you will develop your intelligence and your sensitivity, and understand the importance of your existence.

Your can change your reality and change the world thanks to your work. You only have to follow the wise guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams.

When I made the trip to the Self through dream interpretation looking for the meaning of life, I arrived at a cave. The cave represents the wild nature we have inherited. My destiny was to discover the existence of the anti-conscience, after continuing Carl Jung’s research.

Jung believed that the human conscience was able to control our behavior. He ignored the existence of the wild side of our conscience (anti-conscience), which is too powerful and is constantly invading our human conscience.

Now that I could discover the interference of the anti-conscience into our brain and behavior, we can eliminate this danger and put a definitive end to all mental illnesses. Now you can have a real dialogue with God and clearly understand His messages because you have a clear vision of what He is trying to show you in your dreams.

Now you know that the divine unconscious mind is correcting your behavior and helping you eliminate your wild tendencies. Now you know that this practice will help you become a wise and sensitive human being, able to find peace and happiness in life. Therefore, now everything is clear. You know that your own opinion is based on ignorance and influenced by numerous factors, while your obedience to God’s guidance in dreams will surely help you attain wisdom.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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