Achieving Excellent Mental Health Based on Safe Guidance

Mental HealthThe scientific method of dream interpretation relates science to religion and philosophy to art. Thanks to the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams you will achieve excellent mental health because your dreams are produced by God.

The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams is God’s mind. This is a surprising scientific and religious truth that is changing the route of the human history. Now that I could clarify Carl Jung’s discoveries and discover a lot more, you can easily solve your psychological problems and become a self-confident person through dream translation.

You will also pass through a process of spiritual purification. The unconscious mind will help you eliminate the immorality and the violence that characterize your conscience. You will become a pure and wise human being. Your conscience will always be clean.

This is why you will always be in a good mood. You will be glad with yourself. This is also how you will find peace. You cannot find peace when you are sad with yourself.

Thanks to God’s guidance in your own dreams you will understand that sound mental health is based on respecting the importance of goodness. While the ignorant, evil, and crazy world makes you believe that goodness is a waste of time, the truth is that you depend on your own goodness in order to maintain your mental stability.

You may theoretically agree that you should really respect goodness more than anything else, since you are a human being who has human feelings. However, you have inherited a satanic conscience, the anti-conscience, which is your wild conscience. It didn’t evolve like your human conscience and it keeps trying to control your behavior.

Your human conscience is one-sided and must be developed. You are lazy and selfish, you don’t want to make efforts, you don’t want to change your behavior, and you have idiotic thoughts because your human conscience is under-developed.

On the other hand, you follow your dangerous imagination. You like to believe in illusions.

You also are a victim of the hypocritical world and its lies. You believe in theories and suppositions that are very far from your reality.

You live in a dangerous world camouflaged by hypocrisy and indifference, but ruled by craziness and terror.

However, you want to find happiness in life. You want to forget what is happening in the world and live in a private paradise. You are a big victim of a tragic reality.

You have to urgently eliminate your anti-conscience before it will manage to generate a mental illness within your conscience. If you already are mentally ill you must be serious and follow dream therapy based on the scientific method without wasting time. Your anti-conscience keeps destroying your capacity to think logically with the absurdity it imposes to your conscience when it manages to invade the conscious realm.

The divine unconscious mind will help you eliminate what is bad from your brain and psyche. Independently of your situation, you need the safe guidance of the unconscious mind because your anti-conscience can cause a mental illness at any time, or because you may already be mentally ill without knowing this fact.

Since you have inherited absurdity into your anti-conscience, this means that you must be afraid of being controlled by the craziness of your anti-conscience. This craziness can invade your human conscience and completely destroy your capacity to think logically.

You may also face the unbearable symptoms of craziness, which are dizziness, fainting, panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations. You cannot disregard the dangerous effect of your anti-conscience into your psychological system.

When I published my ebook Craziness Prevention, after nineteen years of research and miraculous cures through dream therapy many people couldn’t understand why I decided to give this strange title to my first scientific ebook. This ebook is pure salvation. I spent nineteen years trying to find clear answers for all questions, so that I could really help everyone prevent all mental illnesses, after discovering the existence of the wild side of the human conscience.

I teach you the dream language and how to follow God’s guidance in dreams. God is your doctor. God will help you prevent craziness and achieve excellent mental health through dream messages.

You are the human being concentrated into your human conscience. You have to tame the wild animal you came from and transform this beast into a human being. Your human conscience was originated from your anti-conscience, but transformed into human content by God.

Your anti-conscience is a demon. It is a killer like a shark or a lion, with the difference that it can think. This means that it is the worst enemy you could have. This enemy pretends to be yourself. You have to differentiate yourself from your anti-conscience.

You are the human being who has human characteristics and loves what is good. You are the human being who wants to find happiness in life. Your anti-conscience is a demon that wants to destroy everything and end up on terror because it is violent and absurd.

Since you have inherited an anti-conscience, you have to get rid of it without wasting time, even if you believe that you are a normal person and you don’t need psychotherapy. You never know for how long you will be able to keep your fragile sanity, which depends on many factors.

Your anti-conscience is poison. You have to eliminate this poison from your brain and psyche so that you may have the chance to evolve and become a perfect human being.

The unconscious mind cures mental illnesses by showing to the dreamers how their anti-conscience influences their behavior, and by teaching them how to eliminate their anti-conscience through consciousness. This means that their human conscience becomes more powerful than their anti-conscience because they understand their mistakes, and they learn how to correct their behavior.

The dream images speak more than one thousand words. They tell the dreamer exactly what he/she must learn, and in a way that will be really meaningful for him.

Think about your dreams. Remember how impressed you were after having vivid dreams that seemed to be so real that you couldn’t believe that they were just dreams.

The divine messages in dreams have an impressing effect for the dreamer because they have to help the dreamer wake up and see something very important that he is not seeing. Many times when I translate dreams for the public and I try to understand the unconscious messages, I verify that the unconscious mind explains simple truths in a complicated way to make the dreamer think about the real importance of simple truths.

For example, the unconscious mind wants to tell the dreamer: ‘You have to stop being lazy and work on the transformation of your personality’.

The unconscious mind will produce a vivid and meaningful dream with a snake in a tree. This vivid dream will tell the dreamer that he will pass through a bitter experience to stop making a serious mistake (snake) because this mistake is destroying his life (the tree).

The snake in dreams represents the intervention of divine providence. The dreamer is punished by a bad event in order to stop making a mistake that would have tragic future consequences, but this punishment saves him/her from eternal suffering.

The dreamer will remember the dream about the snake, and think about it. Even without understanding the meaning of this dream, the dreamer already was impressed by the dream images and scenes.

When the dreamer will understand the unconscious messages thanks to the accurate translation of the meaning of the dream images, he will verify how wise the divine guidance really is. He will stop making a dangerous mistake, before having to be punished by a bad event (the snake ).

Every dream is very important. You should learn the dream language and understand how to do what will be positive and never see yourself in a bad position. Your contact with God through dream messages is a true privilege you will be grateful for.

The divine unconscious mind helps all dreamers find peace based on goodness. This is why the unconscious psychotherapy completely eliminates all the absurdity existent in our wild conscience.

The importance of peace in life is neglected by many people because they don’t understand that without peace they cannot be happy.

Now that you know the content of the human brain, you can understand that your thoughts and your behavior are the result of the actuation of many predetermined behavioral patterns. What seems to be original in your personality is in fact the repetition of old behavioral traces.

You imitate the violent behavior of our ancestors, and you repeat their mistakes. You have exactly the same violent reactions of the past generations, besides the different details of your life biography.

Now that you know these truths you can understand the importance of finding peace and excellent mental health based on divine guidance before making costly mistakes.

Everything is difficult and dangerous in life. You should learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method, so that you may be protected by the divine guidance. You will escape the tragic destiny of those who become mentally ill, and end up on frustrations and despair.

Human beings are in fact idiotic primates. This is why we are destroying our planet and killing our population. We are barbarous individualists.

You have to learn how to develop your intelligence and sensitivity through dream translation, so that you may evolve. Why should you waste your time making mistakes and then, suffering because of their consequences?

You have to be different. You have to stop repeating the mistakes of the human race, find happiness in life, and keep this happiness forever within yourself.

The unconscious guidance in your dreams will help you discover the power of your spiritual reality. You will never make mistakes and sins. You will always be wise, in all circumstances.

God transforms you into a superior human being. You become a genius and a sensitive person at the same time.

You will always be glad with yourself and your behavior. The world will also be grateful for your existence. This is how you will find real peace.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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