Why Most Dreams are Warnings and How to Have Positive Dreams

DreamMany people dislike their dreams because they usually have bad dreams or scary nightmares. They try to get rid of their nightmares without understanding that their dreams have a protective function. Everyone must translate the meaning of their dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation.

All dreams help the dreamers keep their sanity and avoid falling into dangerous traps. Most dreams are warnings because the dreamers are making mistakes.

If you want to have positive dreams, you have to do what is positive for you and your life. Your dreams reflect your attitude, and also dangers that come from the outside world.

Most dreams are warnings because there are too many dangers threatening your sanity, but you ignore their importance. You have inherited absurdity into the biggest part of your brain. Your dreams reflect dangers because your mental stability is in a dangerous position.

For example, I will show you a part of a dream dreamt by a young man and my translations:

I heard a siren of a car in front of us but didn’t see the car,

The siren is an alarm that indicates urgency.

The car in front of you represents someone else’s life. This means that someone else’s life urgently needs hospitalization.

Then my father takes a picture of what is happening in front of us.

When you take a picture in a dream this means that you are memorizing something that cannot be part of your present life or your future anymore.

This means that your conscience was memorizing someone else’s lost life because he was taking a picture of the car in front of you that had a siren – because another car crashed and those who were in it needed hospitalization.

In other words, your conscience indifferently memorized what happened with someone else’s life with the intention to never think about this matter again (since when you take a picture in a dream this means that what you are memorizing won’t be part of your life again).

Your conscience believes that you won’t see people dying before your eyes again, but this is not true. If you will be violent and you will repeat the mistakes of your psychological type (one-sided conscience) you will see many people dying before your eyes many times. These people will be the victims of your craziness.


This dreamer had to be alarmed because he is making dangerous mistakes and his mental stability is in danger. He is a young man who couldn’t suspect that he had already lost a big portion of his human conscience with the invasion of his anti-conscience into the conscious region.

This example shows you that dream warnings must be respected. Bad dreams reflect bad situations in your life, and negative alterations in the functioning of your brain.

You will have positive dreams that will help you become more intelligent and understand the meaning of many mysteries after transforming your personality. In the beginning the unconscious mind must correct your mistakes.

After passing through a process of psychotherapy through dream messages, you will have dreams about interesting facts that will help you solve problems you couldn’t solve before. You will also understand the real importance of your spiritual reality.

You will understand that the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams and works like a natural psychotherapist is God’s mind. The positive dreams you will have after transforming your personality will reflect your spiritual evolution. You will become more sensitive.

Sensitivity is based on compassion. When you become a perfect human being you understand that you have to show compassion to everyone because everyone is a poor sinner who cannot have a perfect behavior like you, since they didn’t pass through psychotherapy.

Everyone inherits a wild conscience that keeps stealing the place of their ego.

You will be able to control your behavior and never let your anti-conscience take the place of your ego, but other people cannot imitate your behavior because they didn’t follow dream therapy like you. You will have to show understanding.

Someday everyone will follow dream therapy and avoid falling into logical traps, but until this day will come you will be an exception in a world where most people are mentally ill.

Your superiority will put you in the position of a judge. You will analyze other people’s behavior and read their minds. You will always show compassion after understanding their inferiority because they are controlled by their wild nature.

Your dreams will help you predict the future and prepare the best life conditions for yourself, even when you will have to bear the animal nature of many human beings who are not really human. You will also help everyone around you understand something important for their own transformation.

When you will attain a higher level of knowledge and sensitivity you will have a different vision of your reality. You will have the chance to pay attention to many details. You will understand the importance of all the details that compose your reality.

You will understand how other people feel. Therefore, your actions will be based on giving support and relief to those who are around you. You will have positive dreams because your actions will be wise.

You will look at all human beings with compassion. You will understand that everyone needs help. This means that you will be a superior human being in a superior position. You will be in the position of a savior. You will have more capacities and talents than average people.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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