The Meaning of Dreams and The Meaning of Sanctity

SanctityThe meaning of all dreams must be translated based on the scientific method of dream interpretation, which was discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research. This method respects the dream language. This is why the scientific translations transcribe God’s words in dreams. The accurate scientific translations help you understand the meaning of sanctity .

You are used with your own selfish tendency and with the selfishness of the hypocritical world. You have inherited a wild conscience (anti-conscience) that keeps trying to make you accept its evil and absurd ideas because it wants to destroy your capacity to think logically.

Therefore, you cannot understand the importance of real goodness. You are used to consider goodness a foolish attitude, while evilness seems to be a smart way to solve your problems without respecting the silly taboos imposed by the moral principals of goodness. You are induced to believe that sometimes dishonesty is necessary.

This happens because you unavoidably follow the mindset of your historical time, which is based on the absurd criteria of the atheistic and materialistic modern civilization, a barbarous civilization characterized by wars, crimes, and many other horrors. Therefore, you don’t have enough sensitivity to be able to understand the lies of the hypocritical world, and in parallel, the existence of a spiritual reality, which is more important than your daily life as a rational animal.

You live in a country protected by military forces, what means that you protect your life based on violence. There is no peace on Earth. There is only a certain agreement between various nations, but many wars happen at the same time. Some nations are always fighting.

If you’ll think about the way you accept violence in your life, you will be shocked with what you will discover. The heroes on TV and comics are supermen or superwomen who use the power of violence to fight their enemies. Violence is part of movies, part of the daily news, and part of your animal nature.

When you are tired or angry you stop having a positive attitude. You cannot control your behavior all the time, independently of your life conditions.

You have to understand how to always have a positive attitude, in all circumstances, even when you are not feeling fine. There are many things you should care about, but you don’t think that they are important.

When you learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams and you understand the precious messages of the unconscious mind, which has a divine origin, you have lessons about the importance of goodness and the meaning of sanctity.

You understand how far from goodness humanity is, while goodness means sound mental health. This means that nobody is mentally healthy on Earth. When you have this vision, you perceive your own mistakes, and you change your attitude thanks to the vision you have.

You stop thinking based on the criteria of the modern civilization. You start thinking like the wise unconscious mind; based on goodness and wisdom.

Most people in our hypocritical world are controlled by their anti-conscience and this is why they believe that evilness is an advantageous attitude in many situations. However, there is nothing good on what is evil. Evilness is poison. It generates hatred and terror.

The unconscious mind takes off the mask of the hypocritical world showing you the truth as it is. Through dream translation you uncover the camouflage of superficiality and indifference imposed by the hypocritical world.

You also understand how unprotected you are in a world that works based on selfishness and greed.

Evilness is based on selfishness and greed. This means that if you are following the mindset of the atheistic modern civilization you are passively agreeing with the predominance of evilness in our world. The absurd mindset of the current civilization makes you feed your ego and disregard the problems of the poor.

The meaning of your dreams will help you understand how to stop being materialistic and indifferent to the human pain. You will become a sensitive human being, and help everyone you can.

You will verify that those who believe that evilness is advantageous in many ways face many unbearable problems, which are the consequences of their mistakes. Goodness always is a wise attitude, exactly because you are always safe when you respect your morals. You are in danger when you disregard other people’s feelings and their rights.

The unconscious mind helps you verify that you should love goodness and wisdom, and never disrespect anyone. You should love peace and humbleness instead of feeding your selfish ego.

Your ego is a dangerous idol. Its absurdity is based on its selfishness. The ego’s selfishness never ends. If you’ll try to always please your ego, you will become mentally ill. Your ego is insatiable and always dissatisfied with its position, no matter how many privileges you may have.

You should learn how to be generous and sincere. You should desire to live in a world where everyone will be generous and sincere because goodness will prevail. Your dreams help you understand the importance of your spiritual evolution.

You will verify that the knowledge you have access to when you translate the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method is superior knowledge. The unconscious mind shows you many things at the same time in every dream image.

All dreams help you transform your personality. Even when you have another purpose in mind because for example, you are trying to learn how to approach someone you like, you will at the same time pass through a process of psychological transformation. You will have information about the person you love, and pass through psychotherapy.

The unconscious mind helps you change your behavior and become a calm, kind, sensitive, intelligent, and friendly human being. You become a happy person. You always are in a good mood because your conscience is clean and you are glad with yourself.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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