The Importance of Nightmares and Warnings in Dreams

NightmareMany people want to stop nightmares without trying to understand their meaning, as if nightmares were annoying images without any meaning or importance. This is a serious mistake. Thanks to the extraordinary discoveries of the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung we know that nightmares are serious warnings that must be respected.

Thanks to my discoveries after continuing his research today we also know that we have inherited a satanic conscience, the anti-conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our human conscience with the intention to take the place of our ego. We also know that we can absolutely trust the unconscious guidance in dreams because the unconscious mind is God’s mind, and God is wise and saintly.

The scientific translations accurately translate God’s words in dreams by following the unconscious logic, which is based on sanctity and wisdom.

Now we can understand the real dimension of the unconscious warnings when we have nightmares and bad dreams. Nightmares are serious alarms because we are making serious mistakes. We have to fight our anti-conscience by obeying the unconscious guidance. The fight between good and evil defines the human life.

Warnings are alarms too. They are not as frightening as nightmares because the dreamer who has a warning in a dream is not in a position as dangerous as the position of the dreamer who must be alarmed by a scary nightmare.

I will use a few sentences from a nightmare dreamt by a young man and my translations to give you an example of the real importance and of a nightmare.

Started sleeping in a bed,

You represent your ego in dreams.
When you are sleeping in a dream this means that you are resting instead of curing your mental illness.

had a very heavy head.

The head is related to craziness. Since your head was heavy, this means that the absurd content you have inherited was causing damages into your brain and psyche.

When something is too heavy, it cannot be moved. The fact that your head became so heavy means that your head lost the capacity to control your movements. It became heavy like a rock, and dead like a rock.

This dream is showing you that a mental illness has many unbearable consequences. You must be serious and change your behavior if you want to prevent a severe mental illness, and get rid of all the symptoms of craziness generated by your anti-conscience.

I wanted to turn around, it was almost impossible to move myself, everything was so heavy.

The fact that you couldn’t move means that your ego was paralyzed by the absurdity of your anti-conscience. This means that your ego lost the control of your brain and psyche and now only your anti-conscience acts in your place.

This is a serious warning.

A terrible kind of gravity, I wanted to wake up and I wanted it to stop,

The gravity was pushing your head and your body down, what means that your ego was possessed by your anti-conscience, which lives down in the bottom of the human psyche.

Your ego wanted to react and treat your mental illness, but it was too late. Your ego had no power.

I saw something red that didn’t make sense.

The red color represents excitement or anger. In this case it represents anger.

This read thing was an alarming sign showing you that you were in a dangerous situation.

I heard police sirens

The police in dreams represent your self-defense. The sirens represent great danger. The sirens indicate that you were in a very dangerous situation, needing urgent support.

There was a situation in my dreams that kept being in the scenes all the time, like an important fact that I ignore and don’t want to pay attention to, in every dream I was annoyed by it.

This situation that was in all scenes all the time represents a crime. Schizophrenics have repeated nightmares with the scenes of their crimes.

This dream is showing you the consequences of schizophrenia because you must be serious and stop being lazy. You have no idea about how dangerous a mental illness is. You have to do everything you can to escape schizophrenia. This is the worst thing that can happen to a human being. Schizophrenia is hell.

If you won’t be serious and obey the unconscious guidance you won’t be able to save your sanity. You have to stop being indifferent to the guidance you have in your dreams and do what the unconscious mind is showing you. If you keep making dangerous mistakes you cannot preserve your sanity.


This dreamer was repeating a serious mistake, and this is why he had this nightmare. Many people repeat their mistakes because their anti-conscience doesn’t let them evolve. This is why they are alarmed by scary nightmares.

It is very hard to change our behavior. By theoretically understanding that we have to change, we are simply recognizing the existence of a problem and the necessity to solve it in a certain way. We still have to make many efforts to stop making a behavioral mistake.

Dream warnings are important life lessons that help us understand why we have to do something important for our own safety. A nightmare is a very serious warning.

The dreamer of my example is preventing schizophrenia and becoming more intelligent thanks to dream therapy. This nightmare represents the repetition of a serious mistake that he had stopped making. He stopped making it for a while and he had positive dreams. However, with time he started acting like he used to do before the dream therapy, and this is why he had to be alarmed by this nightmare.

The process of transformation you pass through when you follow dream therapy has ups and downs, especially in the beginning. You may have a series of bad dreams and then, finally have positive dreams, but after a certain period of time, have a nightmare.

This happens because in the beginning of your treatment you start doing what is necessary for your process of transformation, but later you forget how important it is. You stop paying attention to various details, and you simply act the way you usually do, without trying to change your behavior and act like a conscious human being.

You have this tendency to repeat old mistakes because your anti-conscience keeps bothering you during your process of transformation. It doesn’t let you follow the unconscious guidance. You have to be serious and obedient, especially if you are mentally ill like the dreamer of my example.

Human beings are slaves of their habits and hate behavioral changes. This is a negative tendency that comes from our wild nature.

You have to keep this truth in mind and fight your negative tendency against behavioral changes. If you act in a dangerous way, you cannot protect yourself, and you cannot evolve. You have to accept changing your behavior and learn how to be serious, so that you may avoid what is bad.

This is hard in the beginning, but later you’ll be glad with yourself and your behavior. Wisdom is better than regret.

Now I will give you an example of the importance of a dream warning, by using a few sentences from a dream dreamt by a young woman and my translations. You should learn the various details of the dreamer’s personality and life. This way you would better understand the meaning of this dream, but I cannot expose my patients. I’m only using a few sentences of her dream to give you a lesson:

A family (not people I know in my daily life) came to the mountains that belong partially to my country and partially to other states (it is a territory of never ending military operations).

This family is composed by various parts of your personality that have something in common, that act the same way.

The mountains represent challenges.

The military operations indicate that there is great danger in these challenges, which you have to face in order to become a better person.

They stayed in a cave.

The cave in dreams is related to the animal nature and the primitive mistakes of the human race.

This means that these parts of your personality that have similar characteristics were facing a dangerous challenge, while repeating the primitive mistakes of the human race. They were not successfully facing this challenge, while there was great danger in the challenges represented by the mountains with military equipment.

Sounds of explosions were heard from far away.

These explosions represent the explosions of anger, which are very dangerous.

Two little girls did not want to stay with everyone else because they were bored,

These two little girls have a dangerous reaction after the explosions. They are bored instead of being afraid because they think that the explosions are only experiments.

These two little girls are immature parts of your personality, which are feminine and superficial. These immature parts of your personality don’t understand the dangers of the situation you are in.

they went to walk around and were abducted by the military people.

The military people are masculine (mature) parts of your personality that are violent.

They abduct the immature parts of your personality based on their violence. This means that these violent parts of your personality don’t educate the immature parts of your personality; they repress them. This is not the solution for your problems. You must transform the immature parts of your personality into mature ones, instead of repressing their silly ideas and feelings.

These parts of your personality must pass through psychotherapy and learn how to be mature and wise.

Later on there were found and returned back, they were alright.

Later these parts went back to their family, what means that they were free again after a certain verification. They were not transformed, they were simply examined. This means that these two parts of your personality are dangerous because they are immature and they face dangers without understanding what they are doing.

The number two in dreams is related to the two psychological functions that are not working in your conscience, which are your feelings and your sensations. These two little girls represent two parts of your personality that are immature because they have a wild behavior that belongs to your anti-conscience. Their behavior is not conscious because they are characterized by the psychological functions that were not developed in your conscience.

Therefore, these parts of your personality make many mistakes because they are guided by your wild feelings and sensations. These two parts of your personality must be transformed so that you may face dangerous challenges without being in danger, but with safety.

Putting everything together:

Various parts of your personality have something in common, and act the same way.

These parts of your personality are facing dangerous challenges.

They are repeating the primitive mistakes of the human race. They are not successfully facing the challenges. They are not eliminating your anger, but ignoring its effect.

Two immature parts of your personality don’t understand the dangers of the situation you are in.

The violent parts of your personality don’t educate the immature parts of your personality; they repress them. You must transform the immature parts of your personality into mature ones, instead of repressing their childish reactions.

These parts of your personality make many mistakes because they are guided by your wild feelings and sensations. These two parts of your personality must be transformed, so that you may face dangerous challenges with safety.


As you can see the scientific translations reveal the psychological problems of the dreamers, helping them understand how to solve these problems and change their behavior. The unconscious mind shows to the dreamers that they must be careful. They are making costly mistakes that generate tragic consequences.

The first dreamer was making worst mistakes, and this is why he had a nightmare. The second dreamer was making a mistake not as dangerous as the mistake of the first dreamer. This is why she had a dream warning.

I could give you many other examples to show you that the meaning of a dream always contains important messages for the dreamer. Dreams are medicine. The unconscious guidance saves all dreamers from suffering, and prevents a mental illness. If they already are mentally ill, their dreams will help them stop facing the unbearable symptoms generated by their anti-conscience, and find sound mental health. Dream therapy puts an end to panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations, the same way it helps the dreamer prevent these symptoms.

You should be intelligent and prevent a mental illness, even if you believe that you are a balanced person. Everyone is far from real balance. You have to seriously pay attention to your dreams. You also have to translate their meaning according to the scientific method, so that you may preserve your mental stability and use all of your brain power.

Your dreams contain divine guidance. If you have nightmares or bad dreams this means that you are making dangerous mistakes. Nightmares and dream warnings are trying to open your eyes and help you protect your sanity.

Those who try to stop having nightmares and ignore their existence without trying to understand the wise messages they contain, are despising their salvation.

A dream has a deep psychological effect on the mental health of the dreamer. A dream can mark the dreamer’s life and completely change its route. All dreams are extremely important, for many reasons.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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