The Meaning of Dreams and Your Evolution as a Human Being

EvolutionThe meaning of dreams is more important than what you could possibly imagine. There are revealing dreams that can be completely understood only after a long period of time.

The information they contain cannot be immediately understood because these dreams talk about future experiences that didn’t happen yet. You will evaluate their importance when you will see what they had predicted actually happening in your daily reality.

A dream reflects what is happening into your brain and psyche, and also what will happen in the future. You learn many hidden truths about those who are around you. You also learn what is important for your evolution as a human being. This information is serious and can be trusted.

The dream symbols that reflect an evolutionary process are the mountain, the airplane, the river, and the watch.

The mountain represents a challenge that the dreamer must face in order to evolve as a human being.

The airplane represents a trip to a higher level of knowledge, what happens when the dreamer finally abandons his/her old ideas, and erroneous conclusions.

The river represents the confrontation with the anti-conscience. The dreamer must cross the river by using a bridge in order to meet his/her anti-conscience at the other side of the river, and verify the existence of his wild self.

The watch indicates that the dreamer is passing through an important period of time and now something very important will happen in his/her life.

There are many other dream symbols that indicate that you are passing through an evolutionary process because the truth is that dream translation is a process of mind empowerment. When you translate the meaning of your dreams and you follow the unconscious guidance you pass through an evolutionary process. You become more intelligent and sensitive.

You have a direct communication with God. You understand how to be a good person in all circumstances and always have a wise behavior.

You learn how to prevent accidents and other misfortunes. You learn how to prevent a premature death. You can predict the future development of your reality. You can also change your destiny depending on your attitude.

The importance of dream translation is not only psychotherapeutical. Your dreams help you evolve without limits. Through dream translation you understand that attaining spiritual perfection is as important as developing your intelligence.

The divine guidance is based on wisdom and sanctity. You have explanations that help you avoid repeating the common mistakes of the human race.

You understand that all religions are in fact a psychotherapeutical treatment, the same way that your dreams work like psychotherapy. Each religion is a different attempt to tame our wild anti-conscience and help us transform our wild self into a human being. At the same time, each religion teaches us an important aspect of our spiritual evolution.

The information we have from different religions shows us that our process of spiritual transformation is complex. All religions are right, even when they seem to have contradictory characteristics. This happens because the truth about our spiritual evolution is complex. It cannot be explained in only one way.

There is a relationship between all religions. When you add all the missing explanations you can see the entire truth. These missing explanations were found thanks to the information I had in dreams. There is a point where all religions fit together. They complete a plan.

All religions explain the same mystery. Human beings are in fact demons with a tiny human conscience. We live in order to transform the demon we come from into a human being, so that we may be able to attain sanctity.

Your dreams help you understand the relationship existent between your evolution as a human being, your spiritual reality, your future, and your happiness. You understand the limitations of the material life, and the unlimited possibilities of evolution you have at your disposal if you will pay attention to your spiritual reality.

Your spiritual reality makes miracles.

For example, alternative medicine is replacing traditional medicine in many ways. The scientific method of dream interpretation is a psychotherapeutical method that works like alternative medicine because it cures incurable diseases, besides curing severe mental illnesses and simple psychological problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in dreams.

There are many other examples of the use of our spiritual reality in order to cure physical problems, independently of our material reality. This fact proves the existence of our spiritual reality and it also proves the power of this reality.

When you cure a mental illness or a physical disease through dream interpretation according to the scientific method you use the power of your spiritual reality. Your spiritual reality is the link between God and yourself.

The real dimension of dreams surpasses your expectations because your dreams are produced by God, exactly like many civilizations believed in ancient times. The remarkable Native American culture was based on respecting the dream messages. The meaning of dreams was mentioned in numerous Biblical narrations. Our dreams contain superior guidance that comes from God and must be respected.

The materialistic mindset of the current civilization imposes an indifferent behavior concerning our spiritual reality. However, you should understand that this indifference is negative. You must care about your spiritual evolution, and you have to discover the power of your spiritual reality, which is based on your contact with God.

God is always hoping that you will desire to be a good person and obey His guidance without complaining, but trying to understand the importance of your transformation into a perfect human being who never makes mistakes.

Your dreams help you understand that everything in your life is related to your evolution as a human being. You live in order to become a wise human being. This is your mission in life.

Your dreams help you understand the abstract dimension of your reality and use its power. The material and the spiritual reality are related. This is why we can change the material reality by changing our spiritual reality, without touching material aspects.

A disease is eliminated when the dreamer stops making a costly mistake and changes his attitude, without medications or surgical operations. The obedience to the divine guidance in dreams is a magical treatment.

God cures physical diseases based on the goodness of the dreamer. If you want to be physically healthy you must learn how to cultivate real goodness in your heart.

You may believe that you already are a good person, but if you are in a difficult position, this is because your conclusions are far from the truth. Real goodness is very difficult to be cultivated. You are used with a selfish mindset that makes you accept cruelty with indifference. Real goodness depends on many factors.

The unconscious mind helps you understand how to cultivate real goodness in your heart. The unconscious mind also helps you understand the positive effects of goodness, which is pure medicine.

You may be used with relativity and believe that we cannot define what is good or bad because everything depends on various details. However, this is an erroneous impression.

The unconscious mind shows you in your dreams that what is good is only good and what is bad always becomes worse with time. You understand the big difference existent between what is good or bad depending on the real intentions of each person’s actions.

The unconscious mind helps you read people’s minds, analyze all aspects of your reality, and understand your religion. Now you can really understand the importance of dream warnings, nightmares, and predictions. Your dreams, your daily life, and your spiritual reality are connected.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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