The Power of Dreams and Your Brain Power

Power of DreamsDream interpretation based on the scientific method is the comprehension of a new dimension in life. Thanks to this knowledge you understand that everything is related in your world. This vision gives you the power to predict the future, change your destiny, and increase your brain power.

For example, the unconscious mind uses the example of other people in order to give you important lessons about your own behavior. You verify that you have the same behavior of those who are around you, even if you disagree with them.

This fact is not the result of pure chance. The people who are around you reflect your psychological characteristics. Your destiny and all the situations of your life are related to your psychological reality because you have to transform the wild tendencies you have inherited into positive behavior. Your destiny was previously traced based on the characteristics of your psychological type.

Your psychological type defines your behavior. Your personality is based on the psychological function that was completely developed into your conscience.

Your psychological functions are:

1. Thoughts

2. Feelings

3. Sensations

4. Intuition

You use only one of these four psychological functions, and a little bit of a second one, while the other two belong to our wild conscience and must be transformed into human content.

Our planet was especially created by God (who produces our dreams) with the intention to help us transform our satanic anti-conscience into a positive component of our human conscience. This means that everything in your life is very well-organized with the intention to help you eliminate your anti-conscience and become a wise human being.

You need all the help you can have in order to achieve this goal because your satanic anti-conscience is constantly trying to destroy your human conscience through craziness. The fight between your human conscience and your anti-conscience defines the meaning of your life and the meaning of your dreams.

The people who are around you give you behavioral lessons about yourself. They help you understand your mistakes. In rare cases, they also help you imitate their positive example.

Those who are around you give you practical behavioral lessons. By observing their example, you can understand your own behavior, whenever you imitate their example. The unconscious mind uses their example in your dreams to give you explanations about your psychological system. They are near you because their example is important for you. Your dreams help you verify that in many situations you really are like your friends and relatives. You understand how to stop making the mistakes you observe in their behavior.

Your parents are more important than anyone else. You have inherited their personality traces. If they are mentally ill, this means that you have inherited their mental illness. You tend to repeat your parents’ mistakes, even when you try to be completely different. You have to learn how to develop your personality, without repeating their mistakes.

Your psychological type can be totally different from the psychological type of your parents, but you can repeat their mistakes because when you become neurotic you are controlled by the parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience. These parts of your personality have the psychological functions that were not developed in your human conscience.

For example, if you belong to a psychological type based on thoughts and your second half-developed psychological function is intuition, this means that your feelings and your sensations belong to the parts of your personality controlled by your anti-conscience. When you become neurotic these parts of your personality take the place of your ego and make you behave in a totally different way from the way you usually behave.

This is why you make mistakes that you wouldn’t make if you were acting based on your human conscience, without the interference of the absurd parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience. You repeat your parents’ mistakes besides belonging to a different psychological type because whey you become neurotic you behave like those who don’t belong to your psychological type.

You need psychotherapy in order to prevent neurosis and evolve. The unconscious mind helps you understand how to avoid all the dangers of the way. You learn how to find happiness in life by learning how to avoid what is bad. You also become more intelligent, developing all the psychological functions you have at your disposal.

The power of dreams is changing the destiny of humanity. Carl Jung discovered the real meaning of dreams and their healing power, but our dreams not only a psychotherapeutical treatment. They teach us the symbolic meaning of our reality. This symbolic meaning gives us information about many important matters.

The symbolic meaning of your reality can be understood when you learn the dream language. For example, you understand that you are in danger whenever a dream symbol that represents danger appears in your daily life.

Let’s suppose that you saw a spider somewhere. The spider in a dream represents the necessity to act fast and do something that cannot be postponed, so that you may be able to avoid future problems. Whenever you see a spider in your daily reality you have the same warning. What happens in your daily life can be interpreted as if it was part of a dream, and give you information about truths you ignore. The warning represented by the spider in your daily reality will help you prevent negative outcomes as if it was a dream.

Your dreams give you more information about everything because they reflect what exists behind the apparent reality. You are able to understand how your reality is formed. You only have to relate all the aspects of your reality based on the information you have in dreams and in signs of your daily reality to understand what will happen in the future, and how you should behave.

The power of dreams has no limits. The knowledge you have access to doesn’t come from the suppositions of the ignorant and hypocritical world. The knowledge you have in dreams gives you precious information that comes from God. This knowledge shows you aspects of your reality and aspects of your own behavior that you ignored, or aspects that you have never paid attention to, opening your eyes.

This knowledge gives you all the explanations you need in a few words. You understand that everything follows a certain sequence in your reality and that everything has a predetermined purpose.

Therefore, you stop living as if everything that happened to you was the result of pure chance. You learn how to prepare your future according to what will be positive for you. You understand the limitations of the ignorant world and how to avoid repeating the tragic mistakes of the human race.

You also become a savior. When you use all of your brain power and you cultivate your sensitivity to its fullest, you become a superior person. You save others thanks to your work and thanks to your attitude. This practice purifies your spirit and helps you get prepared for the continuation of your life after death, in another level.

The existence of your spirit is as real as the existence of God. Now that you can easily have a communication with God through dream messages you can verify this truth, and stop believing in the illusions imposed by the atheistic and materialistic world.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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