The Real Dimension of Dreams and A New Historical Time

New Historical TimeCarl Jung managed to decipher the enigmatic meaning of the dream language and I managed to continue his research, discovering the satanic origin of the human conscience.

After observing the wisdom of the unconscious mind, Jung had concluded that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams had a divine origin. However, he didn’t have a religious attitude. He ignored the existence of the anti-conscience, our evil and absurd wild conscience that didn’t evolve like our human conscience.

Only because I precisely obeyed the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams could I discover the existence of the satanic anti-conscience without losing my mind.

The fact that we have inherited a satanic conscience means that we are not human. We are if fact demons.

We must indispensably follow psychotherapy during our lives in order to become really human. We live in order to transform our satanic anti-conscience into a positive component of our human conscience.

God transformed a part of our satanic conscience into a conscience with human characteristics.

This means that the conscience you have as a human being is God’s gift. Without this conscience you would be only a demon. This is a shocking truth.

Your human conscience must help God transform your satanic anti-conscience into a sensitive conscience that works based on human feelings. Otherwise, your anti-conscience will destroy the human conscience you have received from God and you will return to your wild nature, forever losing your human identity.

Thanks to the guidance of the divine unconscious mind I could understand how the anti-conscience manages to generate mental illnesses within our conscience and how to prevent or cure all mental illnesses through dream therapy. You only have to follow my example and obey the divine guidance in your dreams in order to find sound mental health that lasts for life.

I could perceive the unconscious sanctity because I was a literature writer and I had studied in a Catholic school. I concluded that all human beings must obey the divine guidance in dreams. This is why I precisely obeyed the unconscious mind, even against my will.

I recognized my absurdity, my evilness, and the depth of my ignorance. I was afraid of my absurdity, especially because my father was schizophrenic and I didn’t want to have the same tragic destiny he did.

God gave me a very heavy cross, telling me that I had to pass through numerous crucifixions because I was a terrible sinner. I had to attain sanctity in order to prove God’s existence to the atheistic and materialistic world, and help God put an end to craziness and terror.

I would never decide to continue Carl Jung’s research if this was not part of God’s plan for the elimination of craziness and terror on Earth. I could continue Jung’s dangerous fight with mental illnesses through dream translation only because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance.

God is very real. You should believe in His existence and respect His guidance in your dreams and in your religion.

When I learned the truth about the human nature, I wanted to become an inexistent nothing and abandon everything. God expected too much from me, without giving me any chance to disobey the guidance I had.

However, I understood that I had to obey the divine guidance because this was the only way I could preserve my sanity. My neurosis already had the characteristics of schizophrenia.

I also understood that I deserved my suffering because I really was a monster. I was selfish, lazy, indifferent, impatient, demanding, too proud of my intelligence (even though I was an idiot), impatient, intolerant, cruel, arrogant, and violent.

I couldn’t believe that someday God would manage to transform a monster like me into a saintly creature. This intention seemed to be more than absurd.

I could see the entire content of my brain and psyche. I was shocked for finding so much absurdity, hatred, and immorality in my own brain. I couldn’t believe that this content belonged to me.

However, I saw that it was part of myself. I understood that this content was poisonous and I couldn’t control it. It was very difficult to tame my anti-conscience and stop being tortured by the unbearable symptoms it generates. I don’t know how God managed to win this battle. I was the one who was fighting the absurdity of the anti-conscience, but I was always praying and precisely obeying the guidance I had. My victory is not really mine.

I was always sad with my mission and with everything I had to deal with. I obeyed the unconscious guidance besides hating my position because I understood that God always was right, and I always was wrong.

I told God that I would pay for all the sins of humanity and help him eliminate evilness on Earth. I agreed that I deserved this mission.

I had abandoned my religion. I was ready to commit adultery. I was a lazy mother. I was totally indifferent to the destiny of humanity. I was selfish, disgusting, and cruel. I deserved to be the one who would pay for all the crimes of the human race.

Without God’s guidance I would spread terror and suffering. I had no doubt that my actions had to be controlled by superior guidance.

Thanks to my obedience to God’s guidance I became a sensitive, humble, calm, and wise human being. God makes miracles.

A new historical time is beginning now that God finally managed to teach me the real meaning of dreams and how to fight mental illnesses. I’m transmitting this knowledge to the world and saving the world from its tragic destiny.

Dream translation is a process of consciousness that eliminates the evilness and the absurdity of our anti-conscience. I was able to clearly understand this process because I had the right attitude. A scientist would never understand how humble he/she had to be in order to have access to this knowledge.

God is very demanding, and He doesn’t accept negotiations. I had to obey His guidance like a soldier, always recognizing my inferiority and always remembering that I had to fight craziness and terror.

This is how I could discover how to eliminate the satanic anti-conscience through consciousness. This discovery will put an end to the barbarous modern civilization, and mark the beginning of a new historical time based on wisdom and peace.

Everyone will learn how to understand God’s guidance in dreams. This is not difficult now that I simplified Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation, clarifying all the obscure points in his work.

Since everyone will learn the dream language and obey the divine guidance, everyone will find sound mental health. This means that we will be able to peacefully solve all our problems. We will become really human.

Everything only depends on our attitude.

God was trying to show us the truth about the meaning of dreams and the meaning of life from the first days of our long history. However, there were numerous complications that prevented God from enlightening the world.

Satan is sneaky and powerful. Satan governs our living hell.

Our satanic anti-conscience is easily destroying everyone’s human conscience because nobody obeys God’s guidance. Nobody respects their religion.

Even those who supposedly represent God on Earth are controlled by their satanic anti-conscience. Everyone needs psychotherapy, but nobody accepts following it. This is why nobody could clearly understand the meaning of dreams.

The continuation of Carl Jung’s research helped me create a link between science and religion and decipher all mysteries. I could understand the real meaning of dreams because I was extremely obedient, without thinking about anything else, besides the necessity to help God put an end to craziness and terror.

Carl Jung taught me everything I know, but I had to discover many other things by myself by following the unconscious guidance, and by relating many different aspects of my reality to this information.

I, the young and ignorant could decipher mysteries that many others were trying to understand during years and years without being able to find explanations for their existence, because God obliged me to become a genius even though I was exaggeratedly lazy. I had to study and work very hard, without resting. This was how I stopped being indifferent to the human pain.

I could clearly understand the dream language and discover the satanic origin of the human conscience because I accepted to always obey the divine guidance without taking into consideration my own suffering. I can even tell you that I always obeyed the divine guidance against my will. I was always feeling the biggest victim of the world, and simply hating everything I had to do.

However, I had no doubt that my own suffering had no importance. I didn’t deserve to be saved. I was having the chance to save my sanity and become a hero instead of being mentally ill like my father and like most people in our world because God needed my example. He had prepared me for this mission through many ways, especially thanks to my literary talent.

I had the right attitude because I was prepared to react the right way. Everything in my life helped me understand how to behave when I would learn the truth.

The right attitude was missing from all dream interpreters of our history (except in a few exceptions). This is why humanity couldn’t understand the dream logic.

Carl Jung respected the unconscious wisdom, and this is why he could discover the real meaning of dreams and partially understand the dream logic. However, he didn’t obey the unconscious mind. This is why he couldn’t completely understand the unconscious logic. He believed that he should decide what to do based on his own conscience.

I understood that the human conscience is absurd because all psychological types tend to become neurotic with time. Every person loses consciousness with the various deceptions of life and the invasion of the absurd thoughts of the anti-conscience into their human conscience.

I also understood that it was safer to obey the divine guidance than to follow my own conscience, and keep making mistakes. You should follow my example and learn how to definitively stop making costly mistakes.

God is wise and saintly. Human beings are absurd and evil.

Now that we know this truth, and now that we know how to understand God’s words in dreams, we can finally learn how to find sound mental health and peace. Now we also know how to have the right attitude before God’s wisdom and sanctity. Everything only depends on our seriousness.

I was ignorant, neurotic, and only 23-years-old when I started following dream therapy based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, in 1984.

I could become a dream expert only in 1988. Then, I started writing the book Craziness Prevention with the intention to prove to the world that only Carl Jung could discover the real meaning of dreams and their healing power. I could finish writing this book and publish it (after rewriting it in English) only in 2007, on the internet, as an ebook. I also published more ebooks about my discoveries, instead of writing everything in only one ebook.

I learned how to cure severe mental illnesses, while today’s psychiatrists are unable to cure even simple mental illnesses like neurosis.

Who was I?

I was an ignorant literature writer, but I was a very good student. The fact that I had to live in Greece instead of living in Brazil (my country) obliged me to study alone the matters of my interest instead of going to regular universities. On the other hand, my Brazilian friends were quite disappointed with their studies at these universities.

The truth is that my first studies about the meaning of dreams happened in 1979, when I was living in California with the intention to study the English language. A few days before traveling to the USA (from Brazil), I had a terrible nightmare. My mother had a similar nightmare the same night. We woke up scared in the middle of the night to talk about our nightmares. This is why I cared about the meaning of dreams.

I studied Sigmund Freud’s method of dream interpretation with curiosity. However, in the end I saw that his method couldn’t be applied to all types of dreams. It didn’t work in many cases, and it didn’t explain many things. I completely abandoned this matter after verifying this fact.

I cared about the meaning of dreams again only in 1984 because I was always depressed and angry. At that time I was pregnant. The fact that I would become a mother made me seriously look for psychotherapy. I would be responsible for another life, besides mine. This was a heavy responsibility. I needed help to be able to deal with it.

When I gave birth to my son and I saw that he was a real person I thought that if I knew how heavy it was to be responsible for someone else’s life I wouldn’t dare to become a mother. I had no idea about how to be a mother, even though I had read many books about this matter. The books didn’t explain all details.

Maternity was a practical experience that couldn’t be described. When I became a mother I saw in how many illusions I used to believe before having to deal with maternity into practice.

I was ignorant and naïve. However, God had prepared a brilliant destiny for me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to understand Carl Jung’s complicated, obscure, and time consuming method of dream interpretation. I would never continue his dangerous research, and never discover how to cure invincible mental illnesses.

My life biography proves to the world that I was miraculously enlightened by superior guidance. From being neurotic and depressed, I became a psychiatrist and psychologist able to cure mental illnesses that nobody can deal with. From being an idiot who made numerous mistakes, I became a genius and I learned how to attain sanctity .

Could you imagine that someone could do that by following dream therapy?

Nineteen years seemed to be too much time for me, but if you’ll seriously think about this matter, two decades are not an eternity. In two decades I could surpass the knowledge of my historical time and find solutions for problems that have no solution. What happened was a true miracle.

Do you believe that someone can learn how to cure mental illnesses based on a few years of studies in a university?

Of course not. We are so absurd that we cannot deal with all the absurdity we have inherited into the biggest part of our brain. We will never be able to cure terrible mental illnesses without God’s guidance in dreams. All attempts of today’s psychiatrists to cure mental illnesses (in other words, to tame the anti-conscience of their patients) are predestined to fail because the absurdity they have to deal with is invincible.


We have no conditions to understand how to be able to control our huge and powerful anti-conscience. Only God’s psychiatry can cure our satanic anti-conscience, but He depends on our cooperation.

If you want to understand the real dimension of dreams, you should remember that everything depends on your obedience. You can find sound mental health and become a genius.

I have already given you numerous explanations about everything. Besides writing ebooks, I’m also writing articles with free information for the public since March of 2007.

You can learn the basics only by following my free lessons. I’m very generous because this knowledge is precious and everyone must have it. On the other hand, you have to verify that this method really works in order to decide to learn the dream language.

After mastering the dream language you will clearly understand God’s words in your dreams. This means that you will have free psychotherapy, counseling, and spiritual guidance for life. This also means that you will help the world change with your example.

I’m glad to announce that thanks to the accurate translations based on the scientific method of dream interpretation God will finally govern our world. Everyone will respect their religion.

The meaning of dreams gives scientific explanations to all dreamers, helping them understand how to fight their evil anti-conscience, and learn how to cultivate their human feelings. In other words, the meaning of dreams helps all dreamers better understand the guidance they have in their religion.

Now that everyone can easily have a conversation with God thanks to dream messages, religiosity will replace hypocrisy. Goodness and wisdom will define the laws we will respect on Earth. Everything will be totally different.

You should be one of the first ones to transform your personality thanks to the wise guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams, since you are reading this information. I don’t know when the entire world will understand everything you are learning today because you are reading my words.

God used my example in order to reveal to the world the truth about the human nature, and in order to show to the world how every human being must behave before His wisdom and sanctity.

You must imitate my behavior and humbly admit that you are unable to decide alone what to do in life. Your obedience to God’s guidance is your salvation. God is always right because He is perfect. Don’t waste your time making costly mistakes, and never insist on your opinion.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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