Are You Mentally Healthy? Illusions and Hidden Truths

Mentally Healthy You don’t think logically all the time, even if you have a strong human conscience. You human conscience is one-sided and works based on only one psychological function, from the four psychological functions you have at your disposal.

Your wild conscience (the anti-conscience) is working in parallel with your conscience, and sending you many absurd thoughts all the time.

Your human conscience is constantly influenced by the evilness and the absurdity of your anti-conscience, since your conscience is idiotic and it must be developed.

You have to consciously use all you psychological functions in order to use all of your brain power and stop being influenced by your wild nature.

This is the image you have when you learn how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. You understand how to eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness. This means that through dream translation you start using the psychological functions you are not using now.

Your psychological functions are: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition. You must use all these psychological functions at the same time if you want to be considered a balanced person. However, you use only one of them, and also a little bit of another psychological function not completely developed in your conscience.

You disregard the psychological functions that are totally different from the psychological function that is well-developed in your conscience. For example, if you belong to a psychological type based on thoughts, this means that your feelings are not conscious. They belong to the wild side of your conscience. This means that you don’t care about the way you feel. You don’t understand the importance of your feelings.

You have to learn how to pay attention to your feelings and how to transform their wild characteristics into human characteristics.

Through dream translation you will understand that you believe in many illusions, even if you try to be smart. You believe in the lies of the hypocritical world. You believe in your imagination. You are manipulated by everyone’s falsity. You are not a mentally healthy person. You have to transform your personality so that you may always act based on wisdom.

You will learn how to identify signs that denounce absurdity in someone’s behavior. You will also have information about how to deal with this dangerous situation and protect yourself.

You may believe that there are balanced people in our world even though some people are absurd, but the truth is that nobody is mentally healthy in our crazy world, which is ruled by violence, immorality, and greed.

You should not believe that some people are normal because they have a positive behavior in their work and they are successful professionals. If you’ll observe these people in other moments of their lives, you will verify that their behavior is not reasonable at all. They act in an immature, aggressive, or idiotic way in many occasions.

They seem to be balanced when they are with others, but in their private lives they are totally different from who they seem to be to the outside world. Everyone wears a social mask. Everyone is an actor.

There is no sincerity in anyone’s behavior. You cannot trust human beings.

You believe that you are aware of this fact, but you tend to forget it in numerous situations. On the other hand, you ignore what exists inside the human brain or how your brain works. You don’t know how hypocritical human beings can be. Therefore, you are easily manipulated by the hypocrisy of the world, even if you believe that you are smart and you can see everything. You are also a victim of the absurdity you have inherited.

Even those who suffer from severe mental illnesses seem to be balanced when they are working. They seem to be perfectly normal. The abnormalities in their behavior are not visible when they are doing many activities that depend on basic reasoning and mechanical logical conclusions. They act like responsible and serious people in many circumstances.

The same happens with every individual, even if he/she doesn’t seem to be mentally ill. Everyone seems to be balanced to the world’s eyes. However, in many circumstances every person shows abnormal behavior; when they are far from their social environment.

They act in a sneaky, gross, violent, or childish way. They are absurd with their family. They are egoistic with their friends. They take advantage of people they have never met before. However, they hide their negative side from the eyes of the world. Nobody suspects that their real personality is so different from the personality they present to the world.

They seem to be honest to the eyes of those who superficially observe their behavior during their daily lives, especially when they are working for their survival.

This means that you never know who everyone really is; unless you learn how to read people’s minds through dream translation. You’ll learn how to understand many important facts about people you have never met before only by observing various details in their behavior.

You will observe that everyone is very far from balance. You will recognize the influence of everyone’s anti-conscience in their behavior.

Everyone needs guidance in order to understand what it means to be mentally healthy. We don’t know how a mentally healthy person is supposed to be.

Your dreams criticize your behavior and your thoughts, showing you how much you are influenced by the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience. You learn how to stop being manipulated by your primitive conscience, and by the hypocritical world.

The hypocritical world imposes many illusions to your conscience. Everyone is controlled or influenced by the absurd thoughts of their anti-conscience, even if they don’t seem to be mentally ill based on the absurd criteria of the atheistic and materialistic modern civilization. Nobody knows the real meaning of mental health.

The unconscious mind shows you how your brain and psyche work by using examples from your daily life. Your relatives and your friends have a symbolic meaning in your dreams. All objects and animals have a symbolic meaning in dreams. You have to learn the dream language in order to understand the unconscious lessons.

You will discover many hidden truths.

Even when you have simple dreams about people and places that belong to your daily life, your dreams contain important information about many issues. You have to translate the meaning of all dream images according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. This is not a problem today. I greatly simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation after two decades of hard work.

The divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams will remind you many things you forgot about yourself and your plans. You will follow a long path of self-discovery and understand the reasons why your life followed a certain route.

Your destiny depends on the psychological functions you must develop. Everything in your life is previously prepared to help you pay attention to the psychological functions you disregard.

Therefore, you have to learn how to develop all your psychological functions the fastest possible, so that you may become a mentally healthy person, who will always act based on wisdom and goodness. If you are unable to use all your psychological functions you are unable to analyze all the components of your reality. You have a limited vision, which cannot help you understand the entire truth as it is.

A partial vision of your reality is very dangerous because it doesn’t show you everything you should know. If you believe that your partial vision is the absolute truth and you don’t analyze all the aspects of your reality, you will surely make many mistakes.

Carl Jung was a genius who managed to discover the real meaning of dreams and the psychological types that define our behavior. There are many people who claim that they can define different psychological types and predict their reactions, but only a genius like Carl Jung could understand the meaning of this difference and the neurosis that threatens each psychological type. He discovered how someone can prevent or cure neurosis through dream interpretation.

The knowledge given by Carl Jung to the world is really special because he managed to understand the unconscious language in dreams, and he respected the unconscious wisdom.

He didn’t respect the unconscious sanctity because he believed that God was evil and saintly at the same time, which is a contradiction and goes against all religious lessons we had in various different religions of the world.

Jung couldn’t see the anti-conscience, which I could discover after continuing his research into the unknown region of the human psyche. The anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within our conscience. The saintly unconscious mind tries to save our human conscience from the attacks of our evil and absurd anti-conscience.

God’s nature is based on sanctity. All the evilness and the absurdity existent in the human brain come from our anti-conscience, which is a wild animal that can think, but has no human feelings. The anti-conscience is a demon. It is extremely violent and evil. It keeps trying to destroy our conscience through many ways.

Now that you have this information you can understand the meaning of dreams and the importance of the unconscious messages. The fight between your human conscience with your evil anti-conscience is reflected in most dreams because this is the most important fight of your life.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries and thanks to my discoveries after continuing his research you can learn how to identify the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience. So, now you can avoid following the behavior imposed by your anti-conscience.

You will eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience through consciousness. The unconscious mind shows you all the mistakes you make because you don’t pay attention to various details that compose your reality. When you have this vision, you stop making these mistakes and you learn how to attain higher levels of knowledge.

Your dreams give you precious lessons. They show you in which ways you are absurd because you don’t pay attention to something you should carefully analyze. You learn how to pay attention to revealing details.

For example, the influence of the anti-conscience is visible in someone’s behavior:

* Whenever this person starts acting in a way that is totally different from the way they usually do.

* Whenever this person starts laughing for no apparent reason.

* Whenever this person is rude, even though they usually are helpful and polite.

These three basic signs indicate that someone is under the control of their anti-conscience without understanding this fact. There are numerous other signs you must learn.

The unconscious mind gives you many behavioral lessons and explanations about the way your brain and psyche work, and what determines your behavior. You also understand how to analyze other people’s behavior the same way you analyze yours.

The truth is that everyone is very far from sound mental health and real goodness, but the unconscious mind makes miracles. All dreams give to all dreamers important lessons that transform their personality and their lives. You will observe this fact especially if you’ll translate many people’s dreams and you will help them put the unconscious guidance into practice.

Everyone dreams about what is important for them. The unconscious mind helps everyone solve their basic problems and then, develop their intelligence.

You can become a mentally healthy person through dream translation, and also help many other people find sound mental health with this method. I greatly simplified the dream language and I clarified all the obscure points existent in Carl Jung’s work. My research and my discoveries complete his research. I prove that Carl Jung’s dream theories were scientific discoveries; they were not suppositions.

I also prove God’s existence thanks to the sanctity and the wisdom that characterize the dream messages. Now that we can clearly understand God’s words in dreams and now that we know that we have a satanic origin we can understand the meaning of many mysteries.

God sends us wise messages in dreams in order to help us save our sanity and eliminate our satanic anti-conscience, so that we may attain wisdom.

Why should God help demons become sensitive human beings? This practice is a big sacrifice for anyone; especially for a saintly creature. Why should God deal with our horrible mental illnesses and try to help us transform our anti-conscience into a positive component of our human conscience?

Why should God try to save the human race from terror?

God’s generosity with the ungrateful human race proves His compassion and sanctity.

It’s hard to be a doctor and cure invincible mental illnesses, which are generated by the evilness and the absurdity of the wild conscience of every person. God is a big hero.

God is sending us dreams with precious information for years and years, but only now that Carl Jung managed to discover scientific explanations for the meaning of the symbolic dream language can we understand the real value of the information contained in dreams. This information works like psychotherapy because we have explanations and guidance. We understand what to do to solve our problems.

The unconscious mind gives to all dreamers exactly the expiations they need in order to understand how to stop making mistakes and evolve.

You have the privilege to be able to clearly understand the dream language and verify this truth into practice. Now that my work is ready after two decades of research and cures, you can understand Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation better than him, who was a pioneer. I clarified his obscure definitions, and I simplified the process of psychotherapy you must follow through dream therapy, so that you may solve your problems without wasting time.

I can translate your dreams for you and provide you with psychotherapy if you have problems that need urgent solutions. Later you will study the dream language and have this precious knowledge protecting you and enlightening your path forever.

If you are not desperate, but you feel that you need psychological help you can simply study my dynamic method of instant translation from images into words (derived from Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation) and learn how to follow the unconscious guidance without depending on a dream translator.

All dreams are extremely important because they contain divine guidance. All dream scenes give an important message to the dreamer. The impression that dreams have no meaning or that their meaning depends on the opinion of the dream interpreter, or on the opinion of the dreamer is based on ignorance.

All dreams have a specific meaning, which can be discovered when we learn the meaning of the symbolic dream language and we follow the dream logic.

Only Carl Jung could understand the complex symbolism of the dream language. His method is complicated because the dream interpreter must translate the meaning of numerous details in order to be able to understand the meaning of a dream. This is not a simple matter. I could simplify Jung’s method only after discovering the meaning of many dream symbols.

Otherwise, I couldn’t immediately understand the meaning of a dream. I had to compare many dreams from different dreamers to find out the meaning of numerous dream symbols. This work was tiring and long. You are lucky because I’m simply giving you the results I found after comparing more than too many dreams and treating mental illnesses based on the unconscious guidance in dream messages.

Now you can easily understand the dream language and follow the unconscious guidance. This is a privilege you must be grateful for. It was very hard for me to arrive to this point. I had to climb many mountains, one after another to be able to give you this gift in the end.

Even if you won’t be able to completely understand the meaning of a dream, only by understanding the messages given to you when you translate the meaning of the most important dream symbols you will already have precious information.

For example, when you read a document written in a foreign language you may be able to understand only a few words, but these few words will help you understand what the document is about. You will have some information. This information may be insufficient, but at least you will understand something about the content of this document.

The same way, when you are able to understand a few dream images of a long dream, you will be able to have certain information that will help you in your journey. When you’ll have another dream about the same matter, you will be able to understand this old dream, which you were not able to understand from the beginning. You will then have another vision about your reality.

This is why it is important to write down your dreams in a dream journal and compare one to another after following dream therapy for a certain period of time. You will observe that you will be able to translate many old dreams because you have more information about a certain matter in a series of dreams, what helps you understand the intention of the unconscious mind in the beginning of this dream series.

Later you will learn how to avoid the mistakes you made in your first translations and learn how to immediately discover the true meaning of all dream images without having to wait for your next dreams to understand the meaning of the first ones.

Later you will also be able to translate the meaning of a dream without having to write it down, the same way that when someone studies a certain language for a long time, someday they become experts.

You will also learn how to read the signs of your daily reality and have information about the future and about many important matters only by translating the symbolic meaning of the facts of your daily life the same way you translate dreams, without sleeping and dreaming.

The symbolic dream language is always the same: in dreams, in your reality, in art works, in philosophical thoughts, and in religious texts. You only have to learn the meaning of the symbolic dream language to have information about other people, outside dangers and other problems that may be against your plans, how to change your destiny, how to prevent mental illnesses and diseases, how to avoid accidents and other misfortunes, how to find your perfect match and have a perfect love relationship, and everything that is important for you.

I wouldn’t work so hard during nineteen years without any recognition if I was not so sure that the scientific method of dream interpretation is a true miracle.

After discovering so many hidden truths I understood that I had the moral obligation to transmit my knowledge to the world. This is why I accepted the obligation to become a doctor when the unconscious mind showed me that I had to save others.

The scientific method of dream interpretation puts an end to absurd thoughts, panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is a perfect psychiatrist and psychologist. We can absolutely trust the guidance we have in dream messages.

This is why I’m not afraid to deal with invincible mental illnesses.

All psychiatrists and psychologists must study the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung in order to deal with mental health problems. Only the divine unconscious mind knows how to eliminate the absurdity we have inherited. We are unable to eliminate our own absurdity, or to eliminate someone else’s absurdity without superior guidance.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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